best 50lb carp lakes uk

9 Of The Best 50lb Carp Lakes UK (Specimen Carp Lake Guide)

Nobody enters the world of carp fishing saying 'I like to catch small fish'.

You can only begin exploring a venue for huge carp when you already know they are there.

Even when you arrive at a given location, there might be more than one lake, but which one holds those elusive 50lb carp?

Well, in this article, you are going to find out. Our guide to the top 50lb carp lakes UK has them in abundance. 

You'll find some real monsters lurking in the following suggestions. Some may have even have grown over 60lbs! 

best 50lb carp lakes in the uk

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Our list below has been researched in detail, and they still all hold fish greater than 50lb. With most, even if you miss your target, you can still be reasonably assured of catching something smaller that will still put a substantial bend in your rod.

And by 'smaller', we mean something over 30lb and even approaching the 40lb mark.

Choose your tactics, make sure you have every eventuality covered, then check our list and plan a session to remember.

The Best 50lb Carp Lakes UK

#1. Holme Fen Fishery - Meadow Lake

50lb carp lake uk

15 purpose-built swims? A large 26-acre gravel pit with various depths and features? To us, it sounds like carp heaven!

For feature-rich and exciting fishing Holme Fen Fishery, located in the Cambridgeshire countryside, is the place to go!

A former gravel pit, this venue is abundant with everything that makes carp fishing great. Sand bars, deep gulleys and mounds all combine to provide excellent fish-holding features.

You've just got to find them!

You'll have to be clever with your choice of rigs and particular with your bait presentation. This lake is absolutely gin-clear! In total, it boasts over a hundred fish weighing more than 40lb, with 20% suspected to top the +50lb mark.

It is well set up with the ability to park fairly close to each swim, allowing you to get your gear unloaded and set up ready to land a PB!

Meadows Lake
Meadows Lake
uk carp fisheries with 50lb carp in

Some pictures from Holme Fen Fishery

Holme Fen Fishery - Meadow Lake at a glance:

Location:  Huntingdon, PE28 3RE

Size:  A single 26-acre lake with 15 pegs

Lake Record:  68lb

How to book:  Sessions booked via website

Tel No:  N/A

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#2. Nash Church Lake

50lb carp lake uk

If you are looking for something that is a little smaller and quite exclusive, Nash Lakes are a great choice.

Up until recently, Church Lake was invite-only water. At 4.7 acres, this is an ideal venue for anglers looking to snag themselves a big carp without the uncertainty of wondering whether their bait is even being seen by the fish.

The venue is intimate, accommodating only 6 anglers at a time. The lake's bottom is predominantly silt, allowing for carp to grow to monstrous sizes as they feed on the natural protein-rich bloodworm located on the lake bed. 

The nutrient-rich bottom also has bars and depressions, not to mention weed beds, meaning that you are going to have to choose your methods wisely.

The lake is well equipped with a fully fitted kitchen, shower, and even charging point for your various electronics. Bait is also available to if you book in advance. 

Nash lakes is definitely one of the best exclusive carp lakes in England and indeed the UK.

50lb carp lake uk
UK best 50lb carp lakes
50lb carp lake uk

Some pictures from Church Lake

Church Lake at a glance:

Location:  Hullbridge, Hockley SS5 5LS

Size:  2 lakes spanning 4.7 acres

Lake Record:  61lb 6oz

How to book:  Sessions booked via website

Tel No:  01702 233 811

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#3. Elphicks Fishery North Lake

best 50lb carp lake UK

If it is a range you are after, Elphicks Fishery can provide. If it is specimens that you seek, then you'll find no better venue than the 6 acres 'North Lake' located within the venue.

The North Lake is the first you will see on entering the fishery. It features a total of 19 marked swims and is one of the UK's premier 50lb carp lakes.

It is easy to transport your gear to your chosen swim with an access road spanning the perimeter. With a 10 angler limit, you'll be able to enjoy the surroundings in relative peace and quiet.

It should be noted that North Lake is adults-only and doesn't permit guests or visitors. Sorry, darling, we'd love to have you along, but…

If you are in the Kent area and looking to bag a big carp, why not swing by our article detailing other great Kent fisheries?

50lb carp lakes uk
50lb carp lakes uk
50lb carp lakes uk

Some pictures from Elphicks North Lake

Elphicks North Lake at a glance:

Location:  Horsmonden, TN12 8EL

Size:  6 acres

Lake Record:  50lb+ (Rumours fish 60lb+)

How to book:  Call and book

Tel No:  01580 212 512

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#4. Linear Fisheries - Oxlease Lake

best 50lb carp lakes oxlease

We love Oxford, it's full of nice things. Including Oxlease lake.

This venue takes stocking to a whole new level. At 26 acres, the size of the lake isn't the only big thing about the venue.

Their website reports that they have in excess of sixty fish in excess of 30lb… And it gets better. The current record is 52lb with more suspected.

The fishery boasts a substantial tackle shop, so if you happen to forget something, then you can get fully kitted out and back to your fishing best.

The venue is also guest friendly, so you can bring your partner, and it also allows dogs. (it's up to you which you want to cuddle up to within your bivvy!).

Check out this great video on a spring session on Oxlease lake...

Linear Fisheries Oxlease Lake at a glance:

Location:  Witney, OX29 7QF

Size:  9 lakes spanning 300 acres

Lake Record:  52lb

How to book: Turn up and pay on bank

Tel No:  01865 548 199

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#5. Nirvana Lakes - Anglers Paradise

50lb carp lakes in the UK

When something is called 'nirvana', you expect it to be good. Fortunately, this venue lives up to its name.

The lake holds some huge fish, with mirrors reaching over 50lbs and commons following closely behind at 40lb+. Night fishing and overnight stays are permitted.

Anglers Paradise is part venue, part holiday park, so if you want to get away for a weekend and fish while you are doing it, it is ideal!

Even better, there is a heated swimming pool, spa and sauna/jacuzzi area, perfect for offloading the kids while dad goes for a fish! The venue also includes a large tackle shop selling bait, rigs and equipment.

To protect the venue, there are quite a few rules to follow. In particular, avoid barbed hooks, bait boats and particle baits.

Also, no sacking, which is a good thing considering the size of the fish.

50lb uk carp lakes
best 50lb carp lakes UK

Some pictures from Kracking Carp Lake

Anglers Paradise Nirvana Lake at a glance:

Location:  Beaworthy, EX21 5XT

Size:  6 lakes spanning 20 acres

Lake Record:  51lb on Kracking Carp Lake

How to book: Pre-Book Via Phone

Tel No:  01409 221 559

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#6. Willows Lake

best 50lb carp lake uk

Had you wanted to fish here 10 years ago, you wouldn't have been able to unless you were a member.

Nowadays, it is a day ticket water with a thriving population of numerous carp, some of which have grown huge.

With over 450 fish and a record fish of 59lb with many more suspected, this could be one of the best 50lb carp lakes the UK has to offer.

The lake has a total of 20 swims, offering an acre per peg. With 16 anglers at a time permitted, you'll always have the choice to move if your swim isn't coming up with the goods.

At certain times of the year, the water can get quite weedy. This won't stop the fishing, however, and boats are made available to land those big specimen carp.

50lb carp lakes UK
best uk 50lb carp lakes
carp lakes with 50lb fish in

Some pictures from Willows Lake

Willows Lake at a glance:

Location:  Mirfield, WF14 0NR

Size:  A single 25-acre lake

Lake Record:  59lb

How to book: Pre-Book Online

Tel No:  01430 440 034

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#7. RH Fisheries Monument 1

best 50lb carp lake uk - Monument 1

Monument 1 lake is very well stocked. Within its 8 acre boundaries, you'll find over 85 carp, all pushing well above the 30lb mark.

The venue features two named fish 'Richie' and 'Big Male', both of whom are now expected to have put on weight and be surpassing the 50lb+ mark.

Because of the venue's relatively small size, you have got a good chance of seeing a specimen.

This venue has pegs designed for disabled anglers. This also extends to the toilets and the lodge. It also features a well-stocked fishery shop along with boilies and hook baits.

The venue also features a power shower if you plan a session for a couple of days and want to stay fresh. Maximum sessions are limited to 36 hours at a time. 

UK carp fishing lakes for 50lb fish

The layout of Monument 1

A video of Monument 1 netting

Willows Lake at a glance:

Location:  Shifnal, TF11 8SD

Size:  15 swims

Lake Record:  53lb

How to book: Pre-Book Online

Tel No:  01952 463 141

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#8. Old Mill Lakes

50lb top carp lakes uk

Pay a visit to Old Mill Lakes, located in the Lincolnshire countryside, and you are in for a treat. The venue has a total of four lakes, but if you are looking for 50lb carp lakes, UK anglers should make a beeline for 'Birch'.

With over 80 fish ranging between 10 and 30lb, there is definitely carp that will test your curve.
Birch lake is formed in a 'U' shape, with the deepest spots being on the easterly arm and quite close to the bank.

Fish can be caught in the margins, and it is well worth casting between islands as carp patrol these regularly.

The lakes are fairly shallow at 10 feet as a maximum, and you'll be casting onto a mixture of clay, chalk and sand, so plenty of scope to try out different techniques.

Membership is available at this venue, but with so many large fish, you could consider it a really worthwhile investment.

Day tickets will set you back around £35 per day.

Uk carp lakes with 50lb fish in

Old Mill Lakes Layout

Aerial footage of Old Mill Lakes

Old Mill Lakes at a glance:

Location:  Market Rasen, LN8 3YJ

Size:  4 lakes, Birch 8 acres

Lake Record:  59lb

How to book: Pre-Book By Phone

Tel No:  07767 363 545

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#9. Bluebell Lakes

The best 50lb carp lake in the UK

Based near Peterborough, Bluebell Lakes features 6 different venues that all offer a great deal of specimen catching promise.

While all will produce carp above 30lb, the standout for the money is Kingfisher lake. This housed a former record-holding monster carp of 64lb!

You'll need to be selective about the method you use, the water is crystal clear, and when it comes to catching 50lb+ carp, you don't get second chances.

Swan Lake is another notable spot, the current resident called 'Dave' last tipped the scales at 58lb, but even if you don't spot him, there are plenty of 40 pounders to have a crack at! 

If you are looking to bag a beauty, the best techniques include particle baits and zig rigs.

There is catering available on site. The Café 'Bensons' is named after their record-breaking fish! You'll also be able to bring your bivvy.

The venue also features a well-stocked tackle shop. There are toilets and showers available for use on the premises.

The minimum ticket price is for 24 hours. They are serious about their fishing and don't want anglers disturbed by frequent coming and going.

50lb carp venues uk

54lb 11oz fish from Bluebell Lakes

Virtual Tour Of Bluebell Lakes

Bluebell Lakes at a glance:

Location:  Peterborough, PE8 5HP

Size:  6 lakes

Lake Record:  59lb

How to book: Buy ticket at venue before fishing

Tel No:  01832 226 042

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Final Thoughts

When fishing for specimens, the first thing you should do is look for specimen waters that have previous form, that way, you know that you are in with a chance from the moment you arrive.

Be sure to check availability and the rules before you go. Many large carp venues have a minimum tackle requirement to protect the fish.

You can find plenty of venues offering 'specimens', but you'll find the best 50lb carp lakes UK wide in the list above.

If you want a longer trip, it is well worth checking out our article on carp fishing holidays while you are here!

If you need any fishing tackle please consider visiting one of our recommended online fishing tackle shops.

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