The 7 Best Brolly Systems for Carp Fishing – (Complete Guide On Umbrella Carp Shelters)

Best Brolly System

In your minds eye, you are reclined in your fishing chair, eagerly watching your rods, longing for your bite alarms to scream into action and dreaming of when they do, a fish of a lifetime could be on.

The sun is shining… No wait, what’s wrong with this picture? Ah that’s right, you are fishing in the UK and the heavens have opened!... 

You can’t control the weather, but what you can absolutely control is how you deal with it. By equipping yourself with the best brolly system available, you can ensure that your session remains uninterrupted, whatever the weather.

In this article we’re going to look at which features go into making the best brolly system, why you will want to use one, and have even given a few suggestions on what we consider some of the best on the market today.

Strapped For Time?

Not got the time to read the full article? Here is a selection of some of our top picks...

Most Popular: Fox EOS 60" Brolly System

Easiest To Set up: Fox Easy Brolly

Good Budget Option: Daiwa Mission Overnighter

You can also skip straight to more detail on our chosen brolly systems here.

Whilst the fish don’t mind being wet, we as carp anglers do. We’ll be honest, it’s sometimes quite nice to be sat there amidst a downpour, safely ensconced under your brolly, observing the lake, reading a book or even playing a fishing game on your phone, impervious to the weather.

Its like that cosy feeling you get at home when it's stormy outside, except you are fishing. But this relies on one key thing, being safe in the knowledge that you are sat under the best brolly system.

What is the difference between a bivvy and a brolly system?

Well let’s get this out of the way first, a brolly system and a carp bivvy are two different things. Whilst some of the best brolly systems have ample room, they are ever so slightly smaller and lighter than a bivvy (but in the right circumstances this is a good thing).

A brolly system is a waterproof shelter designed primarily to protect you, and possibly your tackle, from the elements.

Brolly systems tend to be a little bit more open than a bivvy. They are much more portable and generally are highly adaptable. They are shaped in such a way as to allow water to run from their surface easily.

difference between a brolly system and bivvy

Why use a brolly system?

Are you sure you fish in the UK? If so you’ll be familiar with the concept of having four seasons in one day. Depending on your location you might find the weather is highly volatile.

The best weather for carp fishing, however, may also be conducive to using a brolly system as a mixture of rain, and at times, high temperatures will certainly need you under some cover at points during your session.

As to why you should choose a brolly system over other solutions? Well, in comparison to a bivvy it is much lighter whilst giving many of the same benefits.

Many good brolly systems will easily fit into your carp rod holdall. The ability to move locations fairly quickly, without the need of a carp barrow, is another bonus. It's no good spending an hour getting all set up with a bivvy, only to discover the fish are on the other side of the lake.

The best brolly system will give you flexibility to reposition yourself in order to follow the fish.

Checkout this video guide on carp brolly systems for more info...

What to look for in a brolly system

The best brolly system will have several important features. First of all (and it should be obvious) you want your brolly to be waterproof. Features such as taped seams and drainage systems ensure that it stays watertight.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the ‘mm’ rating, the more waterproof the brolly. It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t want to be sitting or putting your gear on wet ground. A groundsheet keeps everything under the brolly nice, dry and protects against rising damp.

Ease of transportation and setting up is a feature manufacturers are keen to develop in the best brolly systems. Most now are of the ‘pop up’ variety and bear little resemblance to a normal umbrella. If it’s compact enough to fit into a holdall, or be carried easily, then life is so much easier.

The final thing you are looking for is protection from all of the elements, yes that includes wind and sunshine. Side walls should mitigate any elements that don’t come directly from above. Being dry, but cold due to wind exposure can be nearly as bad as being wet. A pegging system to prevent the 100m sprint in gusts is also a lovely feature.

The Best Brolly Systems for Carp Fishing:

Our choices for the best brolly systems have nothing to do with being the most expensive or indeed being the most popular brand. What we have chosen is based on a number of factors including ease of use, quality of product, useful features and price point.

All being considered, we are hoping that one of our chosen 7 will suit your specific angling requirements...


Best overall brolly system

JRC Stealth Classic Brolly System

Stealth Classic Brolly System 2G by JRC

This brolly system is packed with little touches that, all in all, make it a joy to use. At 8kg it is lightweight and even comes with a carry bag, making transportation easy.

It has added protection, and not just from the elements, a removable mosquito panel at the front will stop you being driven mad by uninvited guests.

Three zipped panels allow you to control the level of protection and airflow. It even comes with a set of pegs. Check out this following video showcasing some of the features on the Stealth Classic...

All in all the Stealth Classic really is a classic and as such sits proudly as one of the best brolly systems available on the market today.

EOS 60 Inch Brolly System by Fox

EOS 60 Inch Brolly System by Fox

Fox have played a blinder with this system, giving a range of features whilst also keeping the cost relatively low. It has a front panel, which can be rolled up to create an open shelter, giving you a combined brolly and shelter in one.

PVC side windows come as an optional extra meaning you can enjoy the sunshine (if it’s there). An integrated, fitted groundsheet completes a fantastic package from a brand that really knows what it takes to make a quality brolly system.


Best brolly system for winter fishing

JRC Extreme TX Brolly System

Extreme TX Brolly by JRC

This is quite an advanced brolly system. It features taped seams, so no annoying drips. JRC boast a setup time of two minutes, meaning you can spend less time fighting with poles and pegs and more time fishing. 

With a wide footprint of 2.5 metres you’ll be able to fit quite a lot of gear under cover. And at 1.3 metres high, you’ll have ample headroom.

One area where brollies tend to give first is at the zips, but JRC have been kind enough to ensure theirs are heavy duty.

With the option to add an overwrap as well, this brolly system is a great choice if you intend to do a few winter carp fishing sessions.

best brolly systems for carp fishing

ESP Hideout Brolly System

The ESP Hideout Brolly System is a versatile system that can be used in a variety of ways.

Whether you want to use the front panels or not, they are easy to roll up and get out of the way. 

Combine this with the removable door and the ability to adjust the height of the brolly and you have a system that is perfect for all conditions.  

With the product weighing just 4.15kg, and it's space saving nature meaning it will fit into most quivers, this brolly system is great for those wishing to fish light.

carp fishing brolly systems

Fox Easy Brolly

The Fox Easy Brolly is a perfect shelter for short session anglers. Constructed on an oval frame, this great brolly features unique quick clips that allow for speed when setting up. 

For maximum internal space, the Easy Brolly features a space saving rib mechanism for rib-length adjustment to suit your space requirements.

The brolly system is supplied with a lightweight groundsheet and heavy duty pegs and is made from 100% polyester.

Check out the following video that showcases some of the features the Easy Brolly brings to the table:

In summary, this is a fantastic, well thought out brolly system that is full of handy features and great on price. 

Solar Tackle Brolly System

Solar Tackle Undercover Camo Brolly System

The camo finish on this brolly means that you’ll be eye catching in all the right ways.

There is ample head space when seated in this system, so no stiff necks or bad backs. The product features a rain gutter ensuring that standing water, and therefore leaks, don’t become problematic.

There are multiple door options with full fabric and mozzi-mesh, which can also be set-up letter-box style. The roll-back sides and the entire front infill panel can also be removed if required.

Solar have really thought about the features on this great brolly system making it extremely versatile, quick to set up, light to carry and with enough space to fit a bedchair inside, if required. 


Best budget brolly system

the very best carp fishing brolly systems

Daiwa Mission Overnighter Shelter

The Daiwa Mission brolly system is a versatile and extremely durable fishing shelter that is ideal for a day or a one night session.

The canopy is made with polyester fabric which is highly durable, and the extended sides create an extra-large canopy that provides added protection from all angles. 

The taped seams and velcro attachable groundsheet supplied give this shelter an unmatched level of protection from the elements.

Finally, the telescopic storm rods are reinforced to withstand heavy-duty use and offer a variety of height adjustments for a custom fishing experience.

This really is a great brolly system and offers amazing value for the price.

Final Thoughts

With our weather here in the UK, it pays to be prepared. The best brolly system is not only reserved for purists and enthusiasts. Regardless of your level why let a shower get in the way of a day that would otherwise be enjoyed.

Enjoying your fishing is sometimes about comfort. With any luck hopefully our suggestions will keep you happy, comfortable, and most importantly, dry.

Thanks for reading.

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