The Best Carp Barrows - (Complete Guide On The Top Carp Fishing Wheelbarrows)

Best Carp Barrow

A wheelbarrow isn't often at the top of a carp anglers list when they are just starting out. But, the more you get into carp fishing, the more gear you start to accumulate.

If you are anything like myself, this can get to a stage where you feel like you have enough gear to move house, all for a single overnight session!

Unless you are fortunate enough to be fishing at a venue where you can park your car at your swim, you are going to need some help transporting your gear to the bank.

This is where a carp barrow comes into play. Believe it or not, there are many different shapes, sizes and designs of carp barrows on the market today and choosing the best can quite often be a tricky, yet important decision.

In this article, we will take you through all the features and considerations of choosing the best fishing barrow based on our many year's of carp fishing. 

We'll also provide some suggestions for tried and tested fishing barrows for different situations and budgets.

Quick answer

The best carp barrows should provide the following features:

  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • A decent sized wheel or wheels
  • Suitable handles
  • A support frame
  • Some storage options
  • Foldable for transport

You can skip to our choices for the best carp barrows below:

Alternatively, please read on for our comprehensive guide.

Things to consider when buying a carp barrow

On the face of it, most carp barrows look the same. However, there are some key elements of barrows that can make loading them a lot easier.

When you're choosing a barrow, it's important to think about these elements and how they'll affect how you pack the barrow and its stability when getting to your peg.

Here's what to consider when buying a carp barrow.

Sides or no sides?

You may notice that all of the barrows on our list below have sides, but some barrows don't. We prefer a barrow with side frames because they hold gear really securely. Also, many of the side frames on barrows are adjustable.

Having that extra support for large items like a brolly system or bivvy can often pay dividends.

So, even if you have loads of gear, the side frames won't be an issue. While some fishing barrows without side frames seem like a great deal, often not having these frames is a pain.

Undercarriage storage

A lot of barrows come with under-slung storage bags that are perfect for items you won't need every day while fishing. However, some of the budget barrows don't have these storage bags, but they can be bought separately.  

Not only is it a great use of space on a barrow, but it also lowers the centre of gravity and makes the barrow much more stable. It may even, on some sessions, eradicate the need for a carp rucksack saving you space and carriage weight.

If you don't think you'll use these barrow bags, that's fine. Still, if you have a lot of fishing gear, having these bags for stability reasons alone is worth it.

Number of wheels?

Some barrows come with one wheel, others have two. Two smaller wheels can act like one bigger wheel and help make the barrow really stable. This may be an important consideration if you are an angler that suffers from a bad back.  

Having just one wheel offers less resistance when turning corners and navigating obstructions.

Ultimately though it comes down to personal preference.

Adjustable handles

Most barrows nowadays come with adjustable handles, but you may find a few models that don't. Many anglers think they'll never need to adjust the height of these handles, which is largely true, sort of.

Having adjustable handles means you can change them once and make the barrow perfect for your height and then never touch them again. 

However, having the option to adjust the handles of your barrow makes a massive difference when carrying heavy gear, and we wouldn't use a barrow without them.

'Y bar' or not for a carp barrow?

Some carp barrows have a rear 'Y bar' that is designed for your carp rod holdall. While these do work brilliantly, they can get in the way when you're loading the rest of your gear. Again, some anglers swear by 'Y bars' and wouldn't have a barrow without them, others aren't as fussed.

Motorised carp barrows

We're sure you've seen carp barrows with electric motors. This motor helps to drive the barrow. It also helps you balance the load because you aren't pushing the barrow as much. 

Motorised carp barrows aren't cheap, but they are really handy. If you struggle with pushing your gear or you're planning some longer fishing trips where you'll need a lot of gear, a motorised carp barrow could be a valuable investment.

So now let's look at some of the best carp barrows on the market today...

The Best Carp Fishing Barrows

Best Overall Barrow
best overall carp fishing barrow

#1. Fox Specimen Explorer

Key Features:

  • Expandable Wheelbarrow Pannier Rack
  • Sturdy and torsion-resistant steel frame
  • Quick-release wheel system with pneumatic tyres
  • Swivelling mud feet
  • Compact and slim design. Fits in any car boot

The Fox Explorer has been uniquely designed to be both versatile and compact.

The adjustability of the barrow makes it a favourite for those that fish, day, short, or longer sessions as you simply adapt the barrow to the amount of gear you are carrying.

The central (underneath) barrow bag is well made and exceptionally useful. There are also 2 further storage pockets adjacent to the wheels which, again, is handy for carrying smaller items such as phones, keys, sunglasses etc.

These storage solutions have also been well thought out as you can easily gain access to them without moving them from the barrow itself.

We really like this barrow as it ticks all the features and qualities that make the tedious job of lugging your gear to the swim, an easy one. It makes light work of carrying those awkward items such as bedchairs and rod holdalls.

Check out this video that outlines some of the great features of the Fox Explorer:

Here is what we like and dislike about the carp barrow based on our own experiences...


  • Great versatility
  • Stong and sturdy
  • Superb extra storage options
  • Compact for easy storage


  • Not the cheapest
Alternative Fox Carp Barrow:
Best Budget Barrow
Best budget carp barrow

#2. Leeda Specimen Barrow

Key Features:

  • Strong steel construction
  • Single wheel design
  • Folds totally flat for storage
  • Removable wheel and handles for transport
  • This compact, strong and robust barrow is ideal for those anglers who do short sessions or are limited on space in transport.

    By limited on space, we mean, literally, this barrow can be folded down and taken apart to next to nothing.

    However, the benefits of the space-saving nature of this barrow doesn't trade-off with strength or quality.

    The single wheel design makes the barrow both lightweight and very maneuverable and its strong steel construction allows for a good deal of weight to be added if needs be.

    For the price, this is an excellent carp barrow that won't let you down.

    Here is what we like and dislike about the carp barrow based on our own experiences...


    • Great space-saving properties
    • The steel frame is strong and sturdy
    • Great value


    • Lacks some of the additional features found in more premium models
    Alternative Budget Carp Barrow:
    Last updated on 24 June 2024 03:35
    Best carp fishing barrows

    #3. Prestige Carp Porter MKII

    Key Features:

    • Corner locking handle
    • Provision for optional Y bar
    • Lightweight but strong
    • Front frame reinforcing bars
    • Folds flat, removable wheels in seconds
    • Strap tie points
    • Folding bars allows for great versatility
    • Includes spare kit and bungees

    The ever-popular Prestige Carp Porter MKII is the perfect solution to carrying your gear, no matter where you are.

    It features a corner locking handle that eliminates any movement when lifting and an optional height adjusting Y bar with securing strap to comfortably carry all your gear. 

    The front frame reinforcing bars give this porter the strength needed to carry heavy loads and keep your gear stable when transporting. 

    The barrow is lightweight and folds flat for space-saving storage when not in use. The removable wheels can be conveniently stored away and the product comes supplied with a spare kit and bungees.

    The carp porter is well known for being one of the more versatile and adaptable barrows on the market today. We particularly like the different options and addons that this barrow provides including the ability to motorise the carp porter if you so wish.

    All in all a popular and well know carp barrow this which we recommend you take a look at.

    Check out the following video from the boys at Korda that showcases the fantastic features of the Carp Porter MK2. 

    Here is what we like and dislike about the carp porter based on our own experiences...


    • Lightweight but strong
    • Folds down nicely for easy storage
    • Amazing versatility via the optional bolt-ons
    • Folding bars really help to load your gear correctly


    • You have to purchase a lot of the add-ons separately
    Best fishing barrows for carp

    #4. JRC Contact Barrow

    Key Features:

    • Black powdered non-glare coating
    • 600D nylon barrow bag included
    • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
    • Unique Handle folding system

    The Contact Fishing Barrow is the ultimate all-in-one solution for any carp fishing enthusiast with a decent amount of gear.

    This black, non-glare, coloured barrow comes with a 600D nylon bag, which is large enough to store a good amount of tackle and 'bits & pieces'. 

    The heavy-duty steel frame will provide you with years of reliable use and the unique handle folding system makes transporting this sturdy barrow easy.

    Check out the following video that demonstrates some of the great features of the JRC Contact Barrow

    Here is what we like and dislike about the JRC contact based on our own experiences...


    • Well made storage bag comes with the barrow
    • Good, solid, and sturdy build
    • Really easy to fold down in literally 5 seconds
    • The non-glare finish is a nice touch


    • We would prefer a puncture-proof wheel
    Alternative Carp Barrow:
    NGT Carp Barrow

    #5. NGT Carp Fishing Barrow

    Key Features:

  • Extendable and height-adjustable front bar
  • Foldable sidebars
  • Removable handles
  • Option to fit 1 or 2 wheels (short and long bar included)
  • Removable under barrow storage bag
  • The reason this NGT barrow is one of the best carp barrows on the market today is because of its versatility. It can fold down like most of the barrows on this list. However, the sidebars are also removable, as are the handles.

    This means that this carp barrow will easily fit into any car. However, it also means that you can pack this barrow however you like. 

    We also love that this barrow comes with two wheels, but you have the option of only using one too. The NGT Carp fishing barrow is very well priced, customisable, and nice & stable too.

    To top off the awesomeness of this barrow, it is incredibly lightweight as well. This is the workhorse you need on the bank!

    In summary, this is a solid, versatile barrow made by an upcoming brand that is honest with price. This barrow really won't disappoint and we highly recommend it. 

    Check out this video clip on this great Carp Barrow:

    Here is what we like and dislike about this NGT barrow based on our own experiences...


    • Can choose between 1 or 2 wheels
    • Foldable sidebars
    • Can adjust the height on the front bar
    • Good value for the features this barrow includes


    • The wheel axle isn't as strong as some of the premium models
    Alternative NGT Fishing Barrow:
    in stock
    3 new from £94.95
    as of 24 June 2024 03:35
    Last updated on 24 June 2024 03:35
    best barrows for carp fishing

    #6. JRC Easy Rider Carp Barrow

    Key Features:

    • 3 barrow bags included
    • Extending side and front frames
    • Strong steel construction
    • Folds fully flat and is kept together with magnets
    • Supplied with 2 straps
    • Wide wheel for more stability
    • Includes rain cover
    • Small quick access pocket for phone and keys
    • 600D 100% polyester

    The Easy Rider makes carrying all your fishing gear and the kitchen sink so easy! The frame is made from steel that provides a strong base for your gear.

    Cleverly, this barrow also has the option to add loads of storage bags that don't get in the way. Three, specially designed, barrow bags are available to purchase to load your gear into.

    The Easy Rider has one massive pneumatic wheel that will have no problem on the bank. It has extendable side and front frames for even more loading capacity. 

    Finally, it also has adjustable handles for the taller guys. If you're looking for a fishing barrow that can carry a week or two's worth of gear, this is it!

    Check out this video clip of the JRC Extreme in action on the bank:

    Here is what we like and dislike about the Easy Rider based on our own experiences...


    • Loads of storage options
    • Really strong, large wheel
    • Extendable side and front frames are really handy
    • Includes a rain cover


    • Slightly heavier than some of the other models
    Alternative JRC Fishing Barrow:
    in stock
    6 new from £118.95
    as of 24 June 2024 03:35
    Last updated on 24 June 2024 03:35
    Best Electric Barrow
    Best Electric carp barrow

    #7. Nash Trax Evo Power Electric Barrow

    Key Features:

    • Variable speed trigger control
    • Maximum load capacity 110kg
    • Strong and well balanced
    • Extending front load bar for variable capacity
    • Fold-down front and sidebars
    • Integrated under-barrow storage bag

    The Nash Trax Evo Power Electric Barrow has got to be the ultimate in carp barrows based on two factors. Firstly, you have a large budget and secondly, you want to get your fishing gear to your swim with as little effort as possible.

    This barrow is powered by two 12 volt lead-acid batteries that have thoughtfully been placed in the centre for perfect balance. The product comes with two removable rear wheel kits as well as an adjustable propulsion option to ensure the barrow matches your required posture and speed.

    Wiring is internal to the frame keeping the barrow neat and free from any trailing wires. The control box is also fully waterproofed to eliminate any malfunctions in wet weather. 

    This carp barrow comes complete with under barrow storage bags, a mains charger, a battery bag, and a rear-wheel kit.

    This barrow is certainly not the cheapest on the market and indeed is actually quite the opposite.

    However, if you have the cash, and are fishing waters with a fair distance from car to swim, then we highly recommend to consider investing in this fantastic barrow that will make your life so much easier.

    Check out this video that showcases some of the great features of the Nash Trax Evo:

    Here is what we like and dislike about the Nash Trax Electric Barrow based on our own experiences...


    • The electric option makes transportation so easy
    • Good storage options
    • Extendable side and front bars add great versatility
    • Really strong with the ability to transport up to 110kg of gear


    • Obviously pricier than non motorised barrows
    • Could do with a rain cover included and we recommend you get one for longevity. One like this would suffice.
    Alternative Nash Carp Fishing Barrow:
    in stock
    2 new from £299.98
    as of 24 June 2024 03:35
    Last updated on 24 June 2024 03:35

    FAQs For Carp Fishing Barrows

    If you still have some questions on the best carp fishing barrows, check out the following frequently asked questions that we get asked a lot:

    How many wheels are best for a carp fishing barrow?

    This is often down to personal preference. Two wheels on a carp barrow add strength and stability whereas one wheel offers better maneuverability.

    How should I load a carp fishing barrow?

    The most important consideration when loading a carp barrow is to balance out the weight evenly so when lifted the barrow isn't shifting to one side.

    Bigger and heavier items should ideally be loaded first to keep the centre of gravity low, and if possible, the heaviest weight should be placed over the top of the wheel. Smaller, more fragile items then should be placed on top.

    Another important consideration is to ensure that you have your key items available to you quickly when you arrive at the bank. This allows for efficiency from the off.

    Check out this video from Nash, that shows how to load a carp barrow from scratch:

    Final Thoughts

    When carp fishing for sessions that require a lot of gear, it's really critical that you don't underestimate the importance of a good carp barrow.

    Carp barrows need to be strong, adaptable, lightweight, and easy to fold down.

    The list of the best carp barrows in this article has hopefully provided a good insight into some of the key features and recommended products to help you make the right decision before you make that important investment.

    Thanks for reading

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