best carp fishing clothing

The Best Carp Fishing Clothing for Comfort in 2021 (Warm Clothing for Carp Fishing Fully Reviewed)

There’s two ways to look good down on the bank. The first is to pull in the biggest carp on a regular basis. The second is to be kitted out in the best carp fishing clothing. One of these things we can control, the other is up to you. There are many brands in the fishing tackle industry that will take a bog standard fleece, stick their name on it and charge three times more!

In this article we are going to look at the best carp fishing clothing so you can stay comfortable and make the most out of your session at an affordable price.

best carp fishing clothing

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Best carp fishing clothing in 2021:

1. TACVASEN Windproof Men's Military Fleece

2. Kelmon Men's Outdoor Softshell Hooded Tactical Jacket

3. JACK PYKE Fieldman Fleece Hoodie

4. Viper TACTICAL Tactical Fleece Hoodie

5. TACVASEN Military

6.TACVASEN Men's Outdoor Softshell Trousers

7. Mens Thick Fleece Camouflage Camo Tracksuit Bottoms

The following table shows some more information on our chosen clothing:

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What is the best carp fishing clothing?

Essentially for something to be considered the best carp fishing clothing, it has to tick a few boxes. Our first port of call must be that the clothing is comfortable. It doesn’t matter if your latest jacket is all singing and dancing with lots of pockets, bells and whistles. If it is uncomfortable to wear then it is going to spoil your day. 

We also want our clothing to offer us a degree of protection from the elements. And don’t for one minute think that just means being waterproof. We are sure you know already, if you are a regular angler, the sun can be just as punishing for your wellbeing. That said it doesn’t matter how comfy something is, if it is wet inside then it isn’t going to be pleasant to wear. So generally, especially with the U.K climate, waterproof fishing clothing is a must.

If you intend on long sessions over a matter of days then carp fishing clothing that you can sleep in is definitely a consideration. In this instance you need a breathable material that will insulate you when carp fishing in the winter or not cause you to sweat buckets in the summer. 

Basically, clothing that ensures comfort in your sleeping bag is a must.

The final thing that you will want to look for in the best carp fishing clothing is that it must look good. Is that a bit subjective? Well we weren’t actually talking about looking good for other anglers. In fact, the best carp fishing clothing ideally means that you won’t be seen. There’s a time for being bright and noticed, and it isn’t when you are on the bank!

Why do carp anglers wear green?

There is in fact a very good reason. It’s to blend in. Carp are no dopes. They do perceive things on the bank. By wearing dull and drab colours that are the same as the ‘background’ you reduce your profile. It might make a difference, it might not, but why take the chance? It might just mean the difference between you catching or not.

What are the best fishing clothing brands?

Let’s be frank. The fish don’t care about designer labels and neither should you. The best carp fishing clothing isn’t reliant on being made by a particular manufacturer. It literally is all about what it does that counts. IF you can find fishing clothing that is comfortable, waterproof and gives an element of concealment then you will have achieved your aim.

Instead of going for expensive labels, save your money for that big pit reel or rod that you’ve always wanted instead.

Here are our suggestions for the best carp fishing clothing...


TACVASEN Windproof Men's Military Fleece

A soft fleece on cooler days is an absolute joy. The beauty of a fleece is that you can use it as a jacket in its own right, or wear it as one of several layers if the temperature has really dropped. This fleece is available in a range of colours (be fashionable and go green). It features a nice hood too to stop your ears getting chilly.

One feature that we think is great is the amount of zipped pockets. These are dead useful for holding some easy-to-hand fishing gear or just the mobile phone. The material will do a really good job of keeping the wind out and the elasticated cuffs and hem will stop any draughts.

The best carp fishing clothing should keep you warm whether in your brolly system or out bankside, fortunately this does exactly that.


Kelmon Men's Outdoor Softshell Hooded Tactical Jacket

In this trendy jacket you’ll get to stay warm, dry and pretty inconspicuous whilst you are on the bank. The material has a really distinctive camouflage woodland pattern which means you will blend in seamlessly with the backdrop. The shell is made from polyester giving a degree of waterproofing and wind resistance.

Strong zips ensure that the jacket stays nice and snug even when you are moving around. It’s complimented by a toasty microfibre lining which is snug and kind to your skin. The fit is fairly loose so there’s plenty of room for a jumper or hoodie underneath.


JACK PYKE Fieldman Fleece Hoodie

Speaking of hoodies, here we are! When we said we were going to talk about the best carp fishing clothing, this is what we had in mind. This hoodie from Jack Pyke is soft, stretchy and super comfortable. In fact, it’s perfect for sleeping in, it is basically a socially acceptable and fish friendly pyjama top!

It is machine washable so if it has seen a lot of use you will be able to give it a quick spritz without too much difficulty. The hood also comes with a drawstring, so if it’s a bit gusty you can make sure that it stays firmly fixed on your head. We really like the leaf pattern fabric that the hoodie is made from, it isn’t too bold and compliments it quite well.


Viper TACTICAL Tactical Fleece Hoodie

This is a hoodie for those fishermen who mean business. It is made from acrylic, which is soft, warm and dries really quickly if it gets wet. The front pockets are a kangaroo style pouch, meaning its ideal for keeping all of your things together in one easy to reach place.

The hood is thick and double walled providing the ultimate in head protection. At the bottom of each sleeve you will find holes, so if you haven’t got gloves or just like the look you can stick your thumbs through them and keep a snig fit and your hands warm. Just don’t hold a carp with them!


TACVASEN Military Style Men's Camo Combat Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Pockets

As we said in our buyers guide sometimes it’s not just the wind and rain that you need to be careful of. It is a sunny day and you are being kind to your skin, then you may want to cover up. This T-shirt emulates a military style, and if its good enough for them in Afghanistan then it should be good enough to carp fish in.

The arms are in a camouflage patter and the bulk of the shirt is olive green. The raised collar of the shirt gives decent neck protection from the wind and the sunshine, and can be zipped down if you are lucky and the temperature rises above 15 degrees (not often in the British summer).


It’s not all about what’s on top. You also should consider what you are going to wear on your legs. If you wear jeans and they get wet, they are wet for the day. Have you ever tried to sleep in jeans? Uncomfortable is the word. You wont have a problem with these. They are 100% waterproof and windproof too.

They are lined with a fleece material which will keep you warm but also has the added benefit of giving you some knee protection if you are kneeling to unhook a fish or bait up.

The material is strong and substantial, preventing wear even in areas with constant use. The pockets are zippable too so anything that you don’t want to lose can be kept nice and secure. Speaking of pockets there are two side mounted combat pockets which are ideal for items that you will want to hand quickly.


Mens Thick Fleece Camouflage Camo Tracksuit Bottoms

Cargo pants and fishing go together extremely well. When they come as a pair of super comfy jogging bottoms, we can’t complain. These soft cotton joggers are machine washable and come in a pleasing woodland finish, so your top can match your bottom.

The joggers are made from a single piece of material, so there is a reduction in seams, adding to your comfort. Noise on the bank is important too, the beauty of these trousers is that are ‘non rustle’ so you can be invisible in more than one way. The thick fleece should keep you warm, and is comfortable enough to sleep in if you are using a bedchair or bivvy.


There isn’t any one thing that makes up the best carp fishing clothing. The important thing is to dress for the conditions and also to dress for your planned activity too. If you have a bivvy and are intending to spend the night with a head torch potentially worn, then something that is comfortable and warm might take priority over something waterproof. Likewise if you intend to be sat out in all weathers then you will need to focus less on softness and more on keeping dry.

So there you have it, our top choices for the best carp fishing clothing in 2021. 

If you need any fishing tackle please consider visiting one of our recommended online fishing tackle shops.

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