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The Best Carp Fishing Rucksacks - (A Full Buyers Guide on the Top Fishing Rucksacks)

The beauty of angling is that you can fish how you want. Some people prefer to recline in a sedentary position on the bank for most of the day waiting for the fish to come to them.

But often the most successful anglers are those who go to the fish, and to do that they need to be able to move, quickly and easily.

If you are tackled up with your bivvy, seat box, keepnet, landing net, kettle, sleeping bag, camera mount and the kitchen sink behind you, then moving and be able to take your gear with you isn’t really an option.

However if you’ve got everything you need packed conveniently on your back you have the benefit of being mobile. And for that you are going to need a carp fishing rucksack. 

Best Carp Fishing Rucksacks

In this article we are going to take a look at what goes into the best carp fishing rucksacks and give you some really good ideas if you are looking to purchase one.

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Strapped For Time?

Not got the time to read the full article? Then the quick answer to the question is as follows:

The best all round carp fishing rucksack is the Wychwood Comforter Rucksack. It features several handy pockets, and is very lightweight. Its balance of space, size and features makes this rucksack the perfect 'all-rounder' to cater for the majority of a carp fisherman's needs. More information on this fantastic rucksack can be found in the article below.

If you have time, read on to find out more information about other key benefits you will find in a carp fishing rucksack...

For ease, check out the following summary table detailing some more recommend carp fishing rucksacks available to buy on Amazon:

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What is a Carp Fishing Rucksack?

Well, technically you can use anything that would fit on your back and call it a ‘fishing backpack’, but then that said technically you could also use a carrier bag. But would it be suitable for the purpose?

The answer is of course no. When you are fishing, often you need to be able to move quickly with something that is lightweight, comfortable and most importantly organised. And this is the difference between normal rucksacks and the best carp fishing rucksack.

All fishing backpacks are not created equal, and if your rigs, floats, hook-lengths, split shot and bait are all collected in the bottom of your bag, you might as well have stayed back by the bivvy with your kitchen sink.

A carp fishing rucksack is one where you can be methodical in your approach and ‘admin’, it will accommodate everything that you need to enjoy your day. It must be purpose designed for an angler and be created with that task in mind.

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What to look for in a carp fishing rucksack?

The best carp fishing rucksack will have several features that set it apart from normal fishing bags. First things first, it is not a rucksack if you can’t carry it on your back. For that it must have two straps.

Speaking of straps, you may have quite a bit of gear to take with you, which could include additional luggage and a rod holdall which, added together, can be heavy. For that reason, you want the straps to be comfortable to give you every opportunity of getting to the bank without having to call a paramedic!

Where day-glo colours might be acceptable when you are mountaineering, this is not what you want in a carp fishing rucksack. If you spend the day chasing the fish, and they spend their day fleeing a luminous pink spot on the horizon then you are going to end up frustrated.

The best colour of fishing backpack will be one that makes you as inconspicuous as possible. Drab colours are best, green fishing backpacks and black in particular will fit the bill nicely.

We’ve saved the most important feature until last. You are going to want to be mobile and have everything to hand, it’s no secret that the most successful anglers are those who are organised.

The best carp fishing backpack will be one that facilitates this. The more pockets, loops and clips it has, the better. Often a fishing rucksack will come with custom pockets, designed specifically for angling equipment.

On a side note, you may find that a carryall is needed on long sessions to supplement your rucksack in order to cater for all your fishing gear. The following list is the top 5 best sellers on amazon that may interest you...

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What size of carp fishing rucksack?

We as carp anglers are often guilty of taking far too much gear. Often following the adage of ‘better to have it and not need it’, than the other way round. However, you’ll find a certain freedom in using a fishing rucksack, both physically and in fact mentally. Think minimalism. Taking only what you need, you’ll be surprised at how little is necessary to actually catch fish.

When discussing specific sizes of carp fishing rucksacks, approach it with this in mind. You will want one that adequately stores all of your gear and allows you to reach that tackle easily. As to how much you take, and what you need, that is up to you.

Rucksacks’ sizes are generally given in litres, a measure of volume instead of dimensions. The greater the volume, the more you can fit inside.

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Best Overall Carp Fishing Rucksack 

wychwood carp rucksack


The main reason this fantastic rucksack is our 'chosen one' as the best carp fishing rucksack is 3-fold. Firstly its lightweight design easily caters for day sessions and also the roaming / stalking situations some find themselves in.

Secondly, it actually holds enough gear for the average overnight session as well due to its well thought out spacious design with a large main compartment and 4 storage pockets.

Finally, its price point positions itself, with all of its features, as one of the best value Carp Fishing rucksacks on the market today.

For me, this is a top-notch, well designed rucksack that any carp fisherman (regardless of experience) should consider purchasing.

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Best Large Carp Fishing Rucksack 

XPR Multi Compartment Rucksack by NGT

NGT are becoming quite a well-known name in carp fishing. Offering solutions and innovation at a low price point. This carp fishing rucksack is simple, yet quite effective. With a huge 50 litres capacity, you should have ample room to fit a fairly large quantity of tackle. This fishing rucksack comes in an olive-green colour, making you blend in with the surrounding foliage. It is divided into 4 main sections.

There is the main section for bigger items, a top section for bits that you will want to keep handy and for those essentials and smaller pieces of tackle, it has two side pockets. The bag is constructed from waterproof vinyl, meaning your tackle will stay nice and dry, regardless of the weather.

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Best Military Style Carp Fishing Rucksack

Military Tactical Backpack.

When it comes to ‘personal admin’ the military know best, and if it works for them it will work for you. This tactical backpack could be ideal for those who want to light. It doesn’t have a huge capacity, coming in at 25 litres means it represents a nice middle ground between capacity and mobility, for a lightweight summer fishing backpack it could be the ideal choice.

This backpack comes in a range of colours including black, green, or if you want to go proper military choose the DPM fishing rucksack. The shoulder straps are padded with a breathable mesh back, which means you can wear it all day without too much discomfort. The rucksack is divided into 4 compartments of varying sizes, meaning easy organisation.

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Best Budget Carp Fishing Rucksack

Fishing Tackle Backpack by LAOZI

This backpack is ever so slightly different, it is cylindrical in shape, so you are never going to lose something tucked away down in a corner. This carp fishing backpack is constructed of sturdy and waterproof polyester.

It features one main compartment for bigger items and then has 4 smaller pockets for bits and bats. This is supplemented by several outer ‘loops’ that will let you tuck smaller thinner items onto the exterior within easy reach. This bag isn’t huge, with an interior volume of about 30 litres.

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A Carp Fishing Rucksack complete with tackle boxes.

Multifunctional Fishing Tackle Bag by LIXADA

When we talked about fishing rucksacks being custom designed, this is exactly what we meant. This bag is available in a range of sizes, so you will be able to find one that easily fits all your gear.

Organisation is a breeze with this bag as it has removeable dividers, so you can rearrange it until you achieve fishing ‘zen’. The bag also comes with 4 tackle boxes for various bits and bats, or replace them with your own seeing as it is purpose built. It is constructed from lightweight polyester and is available in several colours.

Despite Lixada not being one of the more 'well known' fishing brands on the market, they have certainly produced here a quality Rucksack that is certainly worth considering.


A carp fishing rucksack, just like a fishing seat box, is a deeply personal thing. What works for one angler will not work for another so it requires a little thought. Part of fishing well is to be confident, and confidence comes in part from being organised.

If your fishing rucksack is comfortable, suitable for the conditions and allows you to store everything you need, and most importantly, you can reach things when you need them, then you will have made the right choice.   

So there you have it, our top 5 choice for the best carp fishing rucksacks on the market today.

All of the fishing tackle featured in this article can be found at one of the following online shops...

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