The 7 Best Carp Landing Nets - (Complete Guide on Top Landing Nets For Carp Fishing)

best carp fishing landing nets

You haven’t caught a fish until it is in the net. We have all been there, after a lengthy battle and victory within reach, only to fail at the final hurdle.

Is there any worse feeling than the one that was practically ‘in the bag’ only for it to escape at the last minute? If your landing net isn’t up to the job it’s going to lead to heartbreak at the worst possible time.

If you are progressing with your angling then your landing net should (fingers crossed) be seeing a lot of use. And if you are using something often then it makes sense that it should be as easy to use as possible.

Best Landing Nets for Carp Fishing

This article will take you through everything you need to know when picking the best carp landing net. Size, net type, weight, and colour are included in this complete guide.

We'll also provide you with some top suggestions that have been tried and tested and include options based on different circumstances and budgets.

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What to look for with the best carp landing nets?

There are many facets to what makes up a good landing net. We are going to explore some of the various things that go into making the best carp landing net, and then give you a few ideas with regard to choices.

What size landing net?

Size is not always the most important aspect, but we have included it first as the obvious consideration. If you are catching bigger fish, then you will probably want a bigger landing net. Aside from making it easier for you, it is also kinder to the fish, as they aren’t bent double in an unnatural angle.

Think of landing a fish in terms of sinking a basketball. If you have a bigger hoop you have more chance of scoring. Therefore it is safe to say that the best carp landing net will have a bigger hoop.

The longer the landing net, the easier your task. In simple terms, you will have to reel in less if you can meet your fish halfway with a decent-sized landing net pole. It doesn’t have to be that length permanently.

For ease of transport and storage, whilst also retaining some length a telescopic landing net might be the ideal choice. Either way you want to ensure your choice of landing net is big enough to land your target fish but also folds small enough to fit into your rod holdall.

The following picture shows the 4 most popular sizes for carp landing nets with the 42 inch size being the top in terms of popularity:

best carp fishing landing net sizes

What type of fishing net?

Speaking of basketballs, what about the net? If you are a conscientious angler (and we know that you are) you will want to take the best possible care of your catch. That includes protecting delicate fins and scales. By ensuring that your net is lined with fish-friendly material you can ensure that our fishy friends stay in tip top condition.

Added benefits to go along with your choice of landing net include how quickly it dries. Nobody wants to be loading a wet smelly net into the back of the car.

Is landing net weight important?

Weight is also worth bearing in mind. If you are after specimens you are going to need something that can take the strain. This is not only the weight of the fish either. When a net is saturated it can easily add another 5lbs to the amount you have to lift.

The spreader bar on the net must be able to maintain the net’s shape, and perhaps more importantly the attachment to your landing net pole must also be up to the task.

With the weight being part of your carp fishing landing net choice, the landing net handle will no doubt play an important role too.

What colour landing net?

Your ultimate aim should be to land a carp quickly. Dark colours make this even more easy, bright colours on the other hand can frighten the fish into making another run for it, prolonging the fight, which isn’t actually what we want.

Whether you choose to go for a black landing net, a green landing net, or something in between, the best carp landing net will ideally be a dark colour.

How to land a carp with a large landing net?

We won’t beat around the bush here. The best way to land a carp is quickly, but not in a way where you rush and snatch at the fish as this could lead to disaster! Also, the longer that a fish is played, the more tired it is.

If you overplay a fish it can become too tired to swim, and fish must have water running over their gills in order to breathe so not overplaying them is important for fish safety.

To make the whole process quicker you want to be able to reach it with the net as soon as possible, and be able to safely encompass the fish in one quick pass (but again, only if the fish is ready). For this reason, the best carp landing net is one that has a big diameter and a large handle.

Once the fish has begun to come towards you it is time to start thinking about picking up your landing net. Most fish will tend to stop fighting and lie on their side when they are ready to be landed. It is good to have your net submerged in readiness for landing and to pass the fish over the submerged net before lifting and claiming your catch. 

On a side note, always make sure you have the right-sized unhooking mat or carp fishing cradle to fully protect the fish on the bank.

The following video shows how to land a carp in a coarse/match fishing situation:

Video courtesy of Go fishing online

The following video shows how to land larger carp with specific carp fishing gear:

Video courtesy of Get Fishing

Our pick of the best carp fishing landing nets

Now some carp fisherman may be thinking a landing net is just a landing net and it really doesn't matter what one you choose because they are all pretty much the same. To clarify, in our opinion it does matter.

All the factors we described above are key considerations in choosing the right carp landing net for your specific angling situation. The right size, pole type, strength, and length all could be the difference on whether you land a fish or not.

The following 7 landing nets are tried and tested by us and considered some of the best on the market today:

Best Overall Carp Landing Net

best carp landing net

#1. Trakker Carp Fishing EQ Carbon Landing Net

If Carlsberg made landing nets, the Trakker EQ Carbon would be it. It isn’t the cheapest net in our lineup, but it's packed with features that make it a joy to use.

This is a great net for the discerning angler and our favourite we have tested in a long time.

The landing net is super light with the strength to cope with the largest of fish, yet it is still compact enough to handle like a dream.

The lightweight and durable netting on the Trakker EQ Landing Net is designed with fish conservation in mind.

The tight weave on the net is easier for fish to swim into, allowing you to land more fish in one scoop. The top corners of the net are also reinforced to prevent tearing. 

The carbon handle and 42'' spreader arms provide a stable base for the net and provide added strength to prevent slipping while playing the fish.

Designed to be really easy to set up and take down the Trakker EQ is the ultimate landing net for the piscatorial connoisseur.

Check out the following video by Trakker showcasing this excellent landing net:

Best Lightweight Carp Landing Net

Fox EOS Landing Net

#2. Fox EOS 42inch Compact Landing Net

The Fox EOS Compact Landing Net is the perfect choice for anglers looking for a lightweight and compact net that doesn't take up too much space in your holdall.

Forged from lightweight, but durable aluminium, the spreader block is solid yet easy to use and set up even in the coldest of conditions.

The net itself has a shallow mesh and is available in 42 and 46 inches.

The net comes complete with a handy net bag which rounds off a fantastic product suitable for all carp fishing situations

the best carp fishing landing nets

#3. Korum Power 1.8m Carp Landing Net

The Korum Power is a landing net of real quality with a 'built to last' feel about it. 

It is made of a super-soft, 5 mm micro-mesh net with reinforced carp-sack-style material along the edges for extra strength. 

It has shrink wrap on the front and back for a better grip, a matt black finish with a solid thread fixation, and a super-strong Korum spreader block with openings for isotopes. 

The nylon sheath will help to protect it when transporting and prevent odours from being spread. All in all a great landing net at a great price.

best carp nets

#4. JRC Stealth Landing Net

This great landing net by JRC is a lightweight 2-piece landing net, constructed of high-quality carbon fiber.

It has a specially designed heavy-duty spreader block that is easy on the hands while keeping the net in perfect position.

The arms are strong and durable with a soft weedy green mesh head that protects the fish and won't tear any scales. Extremely durable and non-stretch, this landing nets tension cord should last you through hundreds if not thousands of sessions.

Subtle logo positioning on the net head keeps the brand presence subtle and classy. The net head size is 42 inches with a handle length of 1.85 metres across 2 sections.

The Japanese shrink rubber grip is a quality addition to a quality carp landing net that we highly recommend.

Sonik Vader X Landing Net

#5. Sonik Vader X Meshed Slimline

Sonik Sports is one of the newer brands in the fishing tackle market that is fast getting a reputation for quality gear at good prices.

This great landing net, which is part of the popular Vader X range, is another reason why the brand is growing.

This lightweight and stiff-handled net is ideal for anglers who are looking for a high-performance landing net at an affordable price.

The net is built with a carbon composite spreader block and is finished with an anodised and laser etched butt cap. 

The net comes supplied with a slim carry sleeve that finishes off a great product that does everything you need it to and won't let you down.

saber landing net

#6. Saber 42" Carp Fishing Landing Net

This great offering from Saber boasts a strong yet light 6ft 2-piece compact handle with abbreviated Japanese shrink wrap, tipped whippings that, altogether, oozes quality.

A strong and robust, composite spreader block provides strength and longevity in an area that is quite often the weak spot on a landing net. 

At 42 inches, this landing net is more than capable of landing the largest of specimens. With it coming complete with a drawstring stink/carry bag, this great landing net is well worth considering.

Best Budget Carp Landing Net

best budget carp landing net

#7. 42" Carp Fishing Landing Net by NGT

NGT is fast getting a reputation for decent fishing gear at affordable prices. This great carp landing net is no exception.

The colour of the mesh is green, giving it a very low visibility profile in the water. The mesh is also knotless and ultra-fine, so it should keep the scales of any specimen in great condition. 

One nice feature which we liked was that this is a landing net with a ‘stink bag’ included. As the mesh is fine it can hold water so NGT has kindly provided you with a waterproof bag, keeping any water inside, instead of in your car boot.

Final Thoughts

The best carp landing nets are the ones that get the job done quickly with a minimum of fuss. We want to be able to land the fish, unhook it easily, and ideally (if big enough) get the net on the weighing scales.

A good carp landing net will be strong enough to hold the fish and light enough that we can hold it with one hand whilst we play the fish with our other. 

If you are succeeding in your quest to be a competent angler your net should be seeing a lot of use and is an essential tool, so don’t skimp on it.

All of the fishing tackle featured in this article can be found at one of the following online shops...

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