best fly rod for reservoir fishing

The 5 best fly rods for reservoir fishing in the UK - (complete guide on fly rods for distance casting)

We would probably all agree that fly fishing on a reservoir is challenging. But that’s what makes it fun?

Reservoirs are bigger, and as result, generally, that means we have to upscale everything. Our rods, our flies and maybe even our ideas? It is important to be correctly equipped,

In this article we are going to talk about what factors decide the best fly rod for reservoir fishing to help you make an informed purchase. Keep reading and we’ll give you the bigger picture.

best fly rod for reservoir fishing

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The Best Fly Rods for Reservoir Fishing:

1. Greys GR60 Fly Rod

2. Daiwa D Trout Fly Rods

3. SHAKESPEARE Omni Fly 7/8 WT Rod

4. Lixada Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

5. Maximumcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit

Please read on to find out what features to look out for in the best fly rods for reservoir fishing alongside more information on our chosen products.

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What is the best fly rod for reservoir fishing?

Well to answer that question we need to look at what makes reservoir fishing slightly different.

It’s no secret that reservoirs are bigger than your local trout pool. As a result, you may find that the fish are spread over a larger area. So, you’ll need to cover more water and maybe more mobile… If you can cast a bit further then you will be achieving this goal.  The best fly rod for reservoir fishing will be one that allows you to chuck a line a fair distance.

Could it be that simple?

...No. Common sense tells us that reservoirs are pretty deep. Unless the fish are on the top (which a lot of the time they aren’t) you will need a rod that is capable of throwing out a sinking line. Sinking lines tend to be significantly heavier. The best fly rod for reservoir fishing will cast line heavier than #5. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, casting a heavier line requires a stronger blank to give it the necessary pushing power to get all of that line out behind you and then through on the forward cast. Secondly, when you’ve brought your line in and are about to pull it back for the cast, with a sinking line there is still a fair bit of line under the water.

If you have a lightweight rod, you are in serious danger of placing too much pressure on it, if you are trying to fight against the tension of several yards of submerged and heavy line. The best fly rod for reservoir fishing will have the necessary strength to cast a heavy sinking line.

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So, we need a rod that can cast far and pull a heavy line? That’s it right?

There’s still more. As we have said, the fish tend to be more spread in reservoirs, so you are going to go a bit bigger on your fly. Have you ever tried to spot a midge 25 metres away? The trout fare no better. By casting a bigger fly, you increase the chances of it being noticed. Casting a gold headed cats’ whisker with a light rod is an exercise in endurance.

Whilst your arm will traditionally be less fatigued with a lighter rod, if you are having to cast it twice as hard to get a heavy fly out, your net gain is zero. The best fly rod for reservoir fishing will be able to cast bigger flies.

Finally, we’re British, so let’s talk about the weather. Reservoirs tend to be a bit breezy. If the wind is in your face, a small water affords you the chance of simply walking to the opposite bank to get the wind behind you. A reservoir? Enjoy your walk. You will need a rod that can punch a line through an oncoming wind. The best fly rod for reservoir fishing will make this easy.

What length is the best fly rod for reservoir fishing?

Based on all of the above a shorter rod isn’t going to cut it. As an absolute bare minimum, the best fly rod for reservoir fishing should be above 9ft. Longer isn’t always better and it’s more about the action, but any shorter than that and you will be costing yourself distance, and pulling power.

Alongside the length of the rod, of course the reel needs to equally be considered. Getting the right balance of fly rod and reel is very important in order to catch fish efficiently. As a secondary consideration, if you are using a longer, heavier, rod you could compensate this with ensuring some other gear is lighter. A decent fly fishing vest could help with this.

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What weight of line should I use with the best fly rod for reservoir fishing?

You can use any line, but go too light and you are going to have a hard day. As we have said a line weight of #5 is the lowest you should go. To get any measure of success the best fly rod for reservoir fishing will be around #7 to #8 casting weight.

If you are casting weight forward sinking lines that should give you the optimum amount of strength without you needing arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger to last a session.

How to cast a fly rod

They say a picture paints a thousand words. We’ll leave this one to the experts…

Our choices for the best fly fishing rods for reservoir fishing:


Greys GR60 Fly Rod

Best Fly Fishing Rod For Reservoirs

This is an amazing rod which we thoroughly recommended to cover every eventuality when fly fishing on reservoirs.

Greys offer quality and affordability; you’ll find both in this rod. A cork section on the butt of the rod keeps your casting wrist comfortable, as constant friction can become sore if you are casting a lot.

Four piece construction means the rod packs down into a tiny tube, perfect for portability and walking to your mark. Go for the 9’6” rod in an #8 weight for the best fly rod for reservoir fishing, in its class


Daiwa D Trout Fly Rods

Strong and reliable wins the race. This rod offers a medium-action blank mixing responsiveness with casting power. A hook keeper will allow you to stow your fly on the move and the matt black aluminium reel seat is corrosion resistant, prolonging the life of your rod.

This is a seriously good looking rod. Casting around a #7 weight line you’ll be able to power your fly out to the fish in short order.

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This is an excellent rod for a beginner. The blank isn’t too soft, not is it too stiff. In the words of Goldilocks “it’s just right”. With a weight rating of around #7 you will find that the line cuts through the air and it has punch to fish on larger waters. #7 weights are not the heaviest so if you are looking for a rod that will work equally well on smaller waters this is great.

The rod is coming up toward the 10ft mark, so is plenty long enough to get a line going a decent distance. The quality cork handle is ergonomic and comfortable in the hand. Single leg guides ensure minimum contact with the line, increasing the casting distance, which is just what you need on a big water.

Overall from what we have seen this could be the best fly rod for reservoir fishing...


Lixada Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

If you are just looking to get started then this set has all that you need in one kit. Walking around a reservoir can be a real pain if you have lots to carry. Fortunately this kit comes in its own carry case, with a reel and even a fly box.

The case has room to fit the lot, so you are packed and ready to go, just throw it over your shoulder and you are away (don’t forget your landing net).

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Maximumcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit

The #8 weight rod in this setup is around 9ft, small enough that you can use it on big and small waters. The rod is strong enough to get a thick line accelerating through the air with the flick of the wrist.

Featuring 5 layers of carbon composite in the blank, the rod offers 20% greater strength than others of the same size, and as we have said the best fly rod for reservoir fishing will need to pull a lot of submerged line from under the surface.

A heavier rod can be tiring so to compensate, Maxcatch have been kind enough to include a lightweight aluminium reel supplied in a neoprene case, the correctly weighted line and even a zinger and clipper set. Not bad for one kit.


We’ve learned that when reservoir fishing, a bit heavier is the order of the day. Hopefully that means heavier fish too. The best fly rod for reservoir fishing is one that allows you to reach the fish easily, and has the strength to deal with all of those features that a reservoir presents.

As always with game fishing, please familiarise yourself with the local catch and keep rules for your region if you goal is such.

If you are looking to upgrade your tackle or size of venue, the products we have suggested are an excellent place to start.

Thanks for reading.

Tight Lines!

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