The 13 Best Pike Fishing Rods - (Full Guide On Pike Dead Bait, Spinning, Lure, Boat & LRF rods)

best pike rods

You haven't had a proper fight with a fish until you have caught a pike. Even the small ones put a serious bend in your rod.

To catch these toothy predators, you will have to up your game, and yes, that includes levelling up your tackle.

In this article, we are going to show you a complete range of the best pike fishing rods.

We'll cover every discipline and method used to catch a pike and talk you through what you need to look out for.

Let's dive right in…

Strapped For Time?

This article is a 9 minute read so if you are in a rush, here's a summary of the top Pike rods we recommend...

Please read on to see more information on pike fishing rods as well as more detail on our chosen products.

What To Look for In a Pike Rod?

Overall, pike rods have to be pretty heavy-duty. Even jack pike average around 3-5lbs. This means that you will have to go for a rod with a pretty strong test curve and the backbone needed to pull in bigger, harder-fighting fish.

Stronger pike rods generally need better pike reels, so make sure that any rod you choose can accommodate something that has got the necessary muscle to deal with hard runs and pulls as you battle one of the hardest fighting species around.

What Are the Different Types of Pike Rod?

You can catch pike using several different techniques. Here's a quick guide to the different types of pike rods: -

Dead Bait Pike Fishing Rods

Dead bait rods are pretty hardcore with a stiff blank.


The weight of a dead bait, plus the terminal tackle (typically 3-6oz), means that you'll need plenty of power. Not to mention that when you hook a fish, you'll be fighting both the fish plus the additional weight of your gear.

Lure Rods for Pike Fishing

Pike will annihilate almost anything that swims… And you'll want to take advantage of this fact. Lures aren't the heaviest, so you'll need to find a rod that has enough 'whip' to cast out your lure but has enough strength to easily handle a feisty pike.

With lure rods, you are going to want to choose something lightweight. You'll be holding it and casting it for a while. This can soon get tiring with heavier rods.

best pike lure rods

Pike lure rods ready to cast

LRF Rods for Pike

Speaking of light rods. LRF (light rock fishing) rods first gained traction with the sea fishing community. These are designed to cast really small, lightweight paddle tails into relatively shallow areas.

These are fast action and are generally much shorter and thinner than rods that you would traditionally use for pike fishing.

Boat Rods

If the fish don't come to you, you will have to go to the fish.

Pike often reside in large bodies of water like lakes and reservoirs. If you are familiar with the depths, you can take a boat to areas known to hold fish.

Because you can get really close, the need for a rod that casts a long way is no longer required. Boat rods tend to be short, robust, and easy to handle in close confinement.

best pike boat rods

Fishing for pike from a boat

Telescopic Pike Rods

Sometimes you are going to want the option to roam and travel around.

Give that a try with a 14-foot rod! Telescopic rods need to shrink to a manageable size and can be a great option for the occasional trip.

Telescopic rods have upped their game in terms of quality in recent years. What was once a fair novelty item can now be considered a worthy member of your fishing arsenal.

A good telescopic rod for pike fishing will be a little pricey as there is a direct relationship between cost and quality in this instance.

Pike Fly Fishing Rods

Pike are predators who'll go for anything big and bushy. Trout fishermen have succeeded in catching predatory fish using this method for years, with pike falling for this tactic more often than you would think.

Pike flies tend to be pretty big and heavy with lead heads and huge tails. You'll need a fly fishing rod at the heavier end of the scale (in terms of line rating) to cater for this.

We'd advise a #6wt rod as a bare minimum.

best pike fly rods

Fishing for pike with a fly rod can be an exciting method

What Size Rod Do You Need for Pike?

This all depends on your chosen discipline and style of fishing. You don't want to go too short, but smaller rods tend to have a stiffer action which is exactly what you'll need.

At the bottom end of the scale, 8-9ft should be good enough. If you are casting or want to go a little bigger, 12 ft is about the maximum we'd suggest.

What Is the Best Rod Action for Pike?

Medium fast is about as quick as we'd go for a pike rod. Any more than that, and the tip becomes a little too whippy and uncontrollable.

Medium action rods are great if you are fishing for specimens. But a medium-fast will give you the flexibility to catch all sizes of pike.

best action for rods

The different rod action types

What Is the Best Test Curve for A Pike Rod?

Remember how we said you want pulling power? Well, here's the answer.

We'd strongly recommend opting for a rod around the 3lbs test mark. You can go half a pound on either side if it suits you, but consider this a great starting point.

Best Pike Fishing Rods

Having considered all of the information in this article so far, it is now time to take you through the 13 best Pike fishing rods that we have used.

We have drawn upon our experiences of these rods as well feedback and reviews from other users to decide on the top 13 rods. The rods chosen cater for a wide range of different Pike angling circumstances and budgets.

The Best Pike Deadbait Rods

Best Pike Deadbait Rod

Fox Predator Elite Deadbait X Rod

This rod is perfect for pike for several reasons.

First, the test curve, at 3.25lbs it is just right for throwing a heavy bait a long way.

It also has the necessary muscle to haul in any pike all the way up to specimen size.

With large line guides and a medium-fast action, you'll be able to get plenty of distance in your cast.

At 12ft, it is the upper end of the scale, but this length is right in the ballpark as a good all-rounder. It will allow you to fish both large and smaller waters with ease.

The high-quality carbon blank, paired up with the EVA handle and screw-in reel seat, makes this a pleasure to fish with.

best pike deadbait rod

Abu Garcia Beast X Pike Deadbait Rod

Abu Garcia is a well-established name in fishing.

With a classic cork handle and a powerful M40 carbon blank, there isn't a pike that swims that can't be conquered.

Our choice of test curve is the 3.25, 12-foot version. 

As with the fox predator, it will give you a nice balance in your setup.

Everything on this rod screams quality. We love fuji line guides. The non-stick coating really aids in casting distance and silky smooth retrieves.

The standout feature is the 'through' action. This means the rod primarily takes the strain across the entire length of the blank, giving you plenty of 'oomph' to haul in massive fish.

Best Pike Rods For Deadbaiting

Daiwa Black Widow Deadbait Rod

For the money, this is one of the best pike fishing rods out there.

Daiwa is definitely a 'premium' brand, so this offers excellent value.

We'd opt for the 3lb test curve. 

Again it's 12 foot and is definitely one that you want in your winter lineup.

It just screams quality.

The matte black blank is about as good as it gets. With a medium 'through' action, it is great for the money. There have been a few steps taken to keep the weight down.

The rod features lightweight stainless frame guides, lightweight rings, and a classic cork handle.

The Best Pike Lure/Spinning Rod UK


Daiwa Saltist Spin Rod

With its low profile 'fighting butt' and strong 40T blank, this rod promises to be every inch the pike catcher!

The EVA handle, and blank are supremely lightweight, keeping you casting comfortably all day long. 

One key feature that you need in spinning rods is a secure reel seat. This screw-in competition reel seat will keep your reel locked firmly in place.

The Seaguide CCS guides are wide, reducing line friction during the cast. As a result, you can expect a decent distance even with lighter lures such as spinners and plugs.

Daiwa Ninja Spin Rod

Daiwa Ninja Spin Rod

Here's another from one of our favourite pike fishing brands.

This truly is a case of 'you get what you pay for'.

Invest in one of these, and you are guaranteed to be getting one of the best pike spinning rods on the market.

The blank is described as progressive. This means it bends at the tip and will slowly arc through to the centre as more pressure is applied. 

This is great for heard fighting pike that may make the occasional break for freedom. You'll also get a decent cast out of it.

This rod is packed with quality components. These include Fuji line guides, a Fuji DPS reel seat, and a high modulus carbon blank.

best pike fishing spinning rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Spin Rod

Ah, good old Shakespeare. For a cost-effective yet really great pike fishing rod, this is the one.

The rod is half graphite. As a result, it is light in hand. The weight is further reduced by a patented skeleton reel seat.

The reel seat is a screw type, keeping your reel nice and stable regardless of how many casts you make.

We love the classic look of this rod. The cork handle is comfortable in hand and pretty lightweight, giving plenty of grip when you strike into a big one.

The clear tip design means that you can use it for different situations. We've dead baited under a float, used it for spinning, and even indulged in some light ledgering too.

It's a great all-rounder as well as one of the best pike fishing rods on the market.

Best Pike LRF Rods

best pike fishing LRF rod

Daiwa Saltist LRF Rod

Ok, when discussing pike fishing, this might not be what you are used to seeing. But bear with us.

LRF fishing is where you fish with tiny lures around structures or features that may hold fish.

It required a short rod with very fast action.

Exactly like this one.

The fighting butt is extremely short. The rod is lightweight, allowing you to easily cast time after time without fatigue.

You'll be casting a couple of grams at most, so anything that helps casting distance is a big plus.

The rod comes with Fuji rings with non-stick guides and a solid carbon tip to whip those little paddle tails as far as possible. Catch a big one on this, and you'll know about it.

Best Pike Fishing Boat Rod

Best Pike Fishing Boat Rod

Fox Predator Elite Boat Rod

At 10ft, this is pushing the maximum length we tend to use on a boat but with it's super strong test curve. It's a rod that is superb for playing larger fish.

We have included it because it is really powerful, giving you leverage to pull fish from deep down all the way to the surface.

The butt section forms part of the rod's action, giving you the option of adding pressure even when there are only a few yards of line underneath.

Best Telescopic Pike Rod


Wychwood Agitator

This is on the cusp of being a budget pike fishing rod but it still has a few features that we really love.

The traditional cork handle has been shortened to make the rod easier to handle for traveling or when confined by a boat. 

And the carbon inlay reel seat is lightweight and will keep your reel secure.

Braid can be a great choice when Pike fishing, its lower profile lets it sink quicker. The eyes on the Agitator are specially modified to allow you to take advantage.

Speaking of braid… Why not check out our article on the best pike fishing lines, and see if you see something you like?

Pike telescopic

Fish Rig Max Telescopic Spin & Bait

The Fish Rig Max is a truly versatile fishing rod with a compact telescopic design.

Created with a high-module carbon rod blank and hybrid silicone lined eyes, the Fish Rig Max is the ideal travel companion for anglers who prefer fishing with a spinning or bait cast reel. 

The rod doesn't just have to be for travelling though.

With the rod coming equipped with 3 tips, compatibility is one of the key advantages to this pike rod.

With casting weights between 0-15g, 10-30g, and 20-50g it really is a versatile option. 

The Fish Rig Max also comes complete with a stylish carry case which finishes of a package that is a worthy consideration for all types of Pike fishing.

Best Pike Fly Rod

Best fly fishing pike rod

Wychwood RS Competition Fly Rod

As we discussed, you will need a pike fly fishing rod with a good line rating.

In this case, #7 wt offers a great compromise between easy casting and distance.

10 feet represents a nice optimal setup for pike fishing. 

Four-piece construction means it is easy to store and transport, and the high modulus blank allows for big casts and even bigger fish.

You'll see plenty of good quality features such as line alignment guides, an anodised reel seat, and high-quality rod whippings as standard.

One of the best pike fly fishing rods for the money.

Best Pike Rod For Beginners

Hunter Pro

Hunter Pro 6ft 7ft Pike Spinning Fishing Rod

As a new angler, it is hard to know which style will suit. So here's the solution...

Pick a rod that will let you do a little of everything.

This rod isn't expensive and, at just 7 feet long, is light enough to carry almost anywhere to have a bash at the odd pike. 

Despite the cost, it is surprisingly good quality. You should be able to cast a few plugs and even have a go at live or dead baiting under a float.

It features ceramic-lined guides, an aluminium screw-in reel seat, and a tough EVA handle. All of these features are found in 'premium' rods.

Best Budget Pike Rod

best budget pike fishing rod

Shakespeare Beta 2 Piece Spin

Budget? Yes… High quality? Definitely.

A good pike fishing rod doesn't have to cost the earth. And here's proof.

Shakespeare has once again come up with the goods and made something special.

This two-piece budget pike fishing rod has everything we previously discussed. A nice medium 'through' action will give you plenty of pulling power, and at 9ft, it is just the right length for catching pike. 

It also features a strong screw lock reel seat and a high-quality EVA handle. For the money, this could be one of the best pike fishing rods going.

Final Thoughts

The best pike fishing rods need to be strong enough to handle hard fighters but agile enough to let you fish the way you want to.

All of the rods on our list satisfy these criteria, and you won't be disappointed. Remember, however, the rod is only half the battle.

The reel is equally as important, be sure to check out our article on pike rod & reel combos if you are looking at investing in both.

Thanks for reading.

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