The Best Pole Elastics - (Full Guide on Top Carp & Match Fishing Pole Elastic)


There are generally two times that you need elastic to hold up no matter what.

The first is in your underwear. The second is when you are pole fishing.

As to which is the most annoying when it breaks, we will leave it up to you.

In this article, we are talking pole elastic.

We want to show you some great options for a range of fishing applications and ultimately answer the question of what are the best pole elastics you can buy?

Quick answer...

This article is a full guide on everything you need to know about pole elastic. If you are in a rush, you can skip straight to our choices for the best pole elastics below.

Alternatively, please read on for our comprehensive guide.

What Are the Different Types of Pole Elastic?

Generally, you'll find two different types of pole elastic. Either solid elastic or hollow elastic. Each type is further subdivided into a range of ratings.

These are normally light, medium and heavy. Each type of pole elastic has different qualities. Here's a quick guide giving key details: -

The different types of pole elastic:

Elastic Type Rating Number How it is Used
Solid Elastic – Light #3 - #8 Used on smaller venues for bag fillers such as roach and skimmers
Solid Elastic - Heavy #8 - #20 Primarily used for bigger, harder fighting species. Ideal for carp, bream, tench and chub
Hollow Elastic – Light #1 - #5 Ideal for smaller species, but due to its stretch can often handle larger fish
Hollow Elastic – Medium #6 -#12 A good all-around elastic for a variety of species.
Hollow Elastic - Large #12 - #20+ For bigger species. Specimen chub, carp and barbel.

What Is the Difference Between Solid And Hollow Pole Elastic?

The main difference between solid and hollow pole elastic is how much stretch is available.

Hollow elastics can stretch much further than solid elastics, allowing you to land bigger fish on lighter elastics. Hollow elastic tends to be a little more expensive than solid elastic.

Durability is also a key factor. You'll find that hollow elastic lasts a lot longer when compared to solid elastic.

You'll also find a greater degree of flexibility in hollow pole elastic. Looking at our table above, you'll notice that there is a greater range of ratings for hollow elastic when compared with solid pole elastic.

How Do You Put Elastic on A Fishing Pole?

There are three general methods commonly employed to connect pole elastic to a fishing pole. The three connection types are: -

Dacron Connectors

These connectors are attached with a lasso. They also stop the line wrapping around the end of your pole, which is vital if you want to avoid both breakages and tangles.

Instead of you trawling through information, we thought it would be easier to show you how to do it in real life. Here's a quick 1-minute video telling you everything you need to know: -

Tying a 'Crows Foot'

Crows foot knots are the 'old school' way of tying pole elastic to your pole. It is so named because of the triple ended knot formed as part of the connection. Here's a quick video showing this method: -

Using a Plastic Connector

Plastic connectors are the future of attaching pole elastic. They are really easy to set up and use. They are rapidly becoming the go-to choice, even for match fishermen.

Here's how it is done: -

What Strength Is Pole Elastic?

You'll find that pole elastic 'strength' varies wildly by type and manufacturer. That's not good when you choose the best pole elastic for your given application. To help you out, here is a general rule of thumb…

As a rough guide, you should aim to pick a strength of pole elastic that is double the breaking strain of your rig. So for a 4lb breaking strain, you'll need pole elastic around a #8 rating. For bigger species with a 10lb trace or rig, you'll need #20.

There are a lot of variables involved as to how 'strong' pole elastic is. The pole will also do some work, as will your connectors and how efficient you are at shipping in and out.

How Do I Choose The Right Pole Elastic?

Choosing the right pole elastic depends on the following criteria: -

  • The breaking strain of your rig
  • The type of pole you have
  • Target species
  • Connection type
  • Skill level
  • Budget

Choosing the right pole elastic starts from the hook up. First, consider what you are trying to catch, and pick a corresponding rig or hook length that will allow you to do this.

Then, look at your elastic. Use the above general rule of thumb as a good place to start, and from there, pick an elastic that will offer the necessary stretch and qualities you seek.

Your pole will also play a part. Most poles have a rating attached, giving you details of the correct pole elastic to use.

Why not go as heavy as possible?

Be warned, avoid doing this, and for a very good reason. If you pick an elastic that is too heavy for your pole, you may very well find that your pole gives way and breaks before the elastic does!

How Long Does Pole Elastic Last?

Pole elastic can last as short as one season or several. The truth is that it all depends on how well you treat it and look after it. The most common points of failure tend to be the ends and joins at connectors, so check these before each session.

It is also worth considering using pole elastic lubricant to prevent micro cuts or abrasions that will worsen over time.

Want to know how to maintain your pole? Here's a great article

Can You Double Up Pole Elastic?

While you can double up pole elastic, it is not really recommended.

For a start, while you may double the strength, you decrease the stretch by half. Secondly, you could create an imbalance, which will create a twisting moment. This could damage your pole.

Pole fishing is all about producing consistent results. Doubling up is anything but consistent. Even the best pole elastic isn't particularly expensive, so consider investing in a few different types instead of doubling up.

Is Pole Elastic Colour Coded?

Pole elastic colouring, while following a general standard, isn't universal, and different manufacturers have different ideas for colour coding.

However, there is a general convention that you'll see most manufacturers use. It looks a little like this: -

What colour is the strongest pole elastic?

Colour Rating (approximately) Strength
Yellow 3 – 5 light
Pink/Purple 4 – 6 Light-medium
Blue 5 – 8 Medium
White 6 – 10 Medium -heavy
Grey 10 – 14 Heavy
Black 12+ Specimen

The Best Pole Elastics

Whether you are having a fast and furious day and are looking to bag up with countless skimmers, or you are after a tussle with a nice carp, you are going to want the very best pole elastic you can get your hands on.

Here are our suggestions, based on experience, none of which will let you down.

Best All-round Elastic


best pole elastic for fishing

When pole fishing, you rely on your elastic to be quick and responsive. It isn't just when the fish are swimming away from you either.

When they come towards you, your elastic can often make up for any shortfalls in your shipping technique.

This is where this elastic comes into its own.

The twin-core hollow system gives excellent responsiveness and retracts quicker than most elastics. It is super stretchy too.

The pink and green are both worthy contenders if you are looking for a solid all-rounder.

Speaking of shipping techniques, want to know what makes it easier? A nice pole roller. You can find out more here.

Check out the following video courtesy of MAP that showcases the orange, 3-6 rated pole elastic... 

Elastic Ratings

  • 3-6 Elastic Orange
  • 5-8 Elastic Yellow
  • 6-10 Elastic White
  • 6-8 Elastic Pink
  • 10-14 Elastic Green
  • 12-16 Elastic Black
  • 14-18 Elastic Blue
  • 16-20 Elastic Purple


best pole elastic for fishing

Preston has long been a go-to choice for high quality yet affordable fishing gear.

This elastic is pretty much the middle of the road regarding performance and quality.

The hollow elastic doesn't require lubrication making it maintenance free.

One thing we really like is Preston's pragmaticism in rating these elastics.

You'll find the six different strengths provided all sit in a nice average of what you'd expect based on pole ratings and weights.

What we love about Preston Innovations as a business is that they are always looking at how they can improve their range.

An example of this is the fact that they looked at this great pole elastic and introduced a lighter rated version (size 7) based on angler feedback.

You can checkout a brief video on this here...

Elastic Ratings

  • Size 7
  • Size 9
  • Size 11
  • Size 13
  • Size 15
  • Size 17
  • Size 19

#3. Connekt Hollow Duo-Wall Hyperlastic

best pole elastic for fishing

Remember our colour coding table for pole elastic above? Remember how we said this varies by manufacturer. This is what we were talking about.

Connekt has turned the ratings on their head, so be sure to select your elastic by the numbers instead of by colour.

This elastic is very reasonably priced and actually has excellent performance. The selections available are all a little on the heavy side.

Still, the blue elastic should give you plenty of options and scope to catch a variety of different sized fish.

The colours are nice, bright and easy to spot, so you'll have a great idea about what is going on at the end of your pole.

Elastic Ratings

  • BLUE dia. 1.80mm rating 5-8 Silvers & Winter F1 Carp
  • WHITE dia. 2.00mm rating 8-10 Stock Carp & Large Silvers
  • PINK dia. 2.25mm rating 10-14 Small Carp 2-6lbs
  • YELLOW dia. 2.50mm rating 14-16 Carp 3-8lbs
  • GREEN dia. 2.75mm rating 16-18 Carp 4-10lbs  
  • ORANGE dia. 3.00mm rating 18-20 Carp above 10lb

Best Pole Elastic For Silverfish

Best Elastic For Silverfish


best pole elastic for fishing

Drennan has been around in fishing since Noah had a rowing boat, so it makes sense to turn to them as a trusted solution. They are also one of the best fishing pole brands.

We particularly like the highly visible fluorescent colour. The 'aqua' is perfect for F1s and silverfish.

The nice thing is each elastic comes with an included bungee bead making connection really easy.

They've even been kind enough to include a handy 'how to' guide.

Thanks Drennan!

Elastic Ratings

  • Aqua 4 to 6
  • Green 6 to 8
  • Yellow 10 to 12
  • Pink 14 to 16
  • Red 18 to 20

Best Pole Elastic For F1 Fishing

Best Elastic For F1''s


best pole elastic for fishing

F1s are a bit of a hard one to cater for. While some are the size of a big roach, others can grow to impressive sizes that will smash your elastic (or pole) if you aren't careful.

So, what's the answer?

Solid elastics tend to have less stretch and tire fish out more readily, but they aren't as flexible.

Preston has developed a hybrid elastic that is the best of both worlds. This elastic is quick to recover and comes pre-lubricated to account for any sudden runs by a sizeable F1.

Being a hybrid, it is a little more powerful than your usual hollow cores but still has enough stretch to make using it easy.

Never encountered an F1? There's some great information on F1 carp here.

The following video demonstrates the Dura slip hybrid elastic in use...

Elastic Ratings

  • Size 5
  • Size 7
  • Size 9
  • Size 11
  • Size 13
  • Size 15
  • Size 17
  • Size 19

Best Pole Elastic For Carp

Best Elastic For Carp

#6. Polemaster Carp Bungee Pole Elastic Hollow care

best pole elastic for fishing

If you hook a big carp and it makes a run for it, you can find your potions limited when pole fishing.

Ideally, you want something that is neither too powerful to put stress on your pole nor so loose that it allows the carp to bolt.

Slow and steady wins the race, and this elastic is perfectly suited.

The hollow care pink is rated at 14 – 16, so in theory, it should easily handle anything up to 20-30lbs with ease.

Again, being good guys, Drennan also includes a connector bead so you can get rigged up and ready in no time.

Checkout this great video by Drennan of the bungee elastic in action...

Elastic Ratings

  • Aqua 4 to 6
  • Green 6 to 8
  • Yellow 10 to 12
  • Pink 14 to 16
  • Red 18 to 20

Best Pole Elastic For Margin Fishing

Best Elastic For Margins


best pole elastic for fishing

Imagine an elastic that increases in rating the harder the fish pulls?

Well, you won't need to, as this is it. This elastic has a liquid core that solidifies as it is compressed, adding more pulling force the harder the fish pulls.

Margin fishing can be fraught as you don't have the necessary sections to add and ship out if you hook into a big fish.

This elastic removes that problem as you will gain plenty of stretches to start off before it tapers down and puts real pressure on hard fighting fish.

It's pretty revolutionary stuff.

Here's what margin fishing with a pole is all about, and what you'll need to do it efficiently.

Elastic Ratings

  • Yellow 3-5
  • Pink 4-6
  • F1 Orange – 4-8
  • Blue 5-8
  • White 6-10
  • Grey 10-14
  • Black 12-16
  • Purple 14-18
  • Red 16-20
  • Brown 20+ Power

Best Hybrid Pole Elastic

Best Hybrid Elastic


best pole elastic for fishing

This elastic is a real jack of all trades. In fact, it is more stretchy than the equivalent hollow elastic of the same rating.

In essence, you are getting excellent durability with all of the nice features of a hollow elastic in one package.

At 6m per pack, it also offers fantastic value. 3m is nearly always enough, so you are getting two elastics for the price of one!

Elastic Ratings

  • Size 4-6 (1.2mm)
  • Size 6-8 (1.4mm)
  • Size 8-10 (1.6mm)
  • Size 10-12 (1.8mm)
  • Size 12-14 (2.0mm)
  • Size 14-16 (2.2mm)
  • Size 16-18 (2.4mm)
  • Size 18-20 (2.6mm)

Best Pole Elastic Fishing Kit

Best Elastic Fishing Kit


best pole elastic for fishing

Looking for an all in one flexible solution?

This kit from Middy contains everything you need to get cracking (and not cracked off).

With 6 elastics of various ratings, complete with connectors, bungs and non-stick bushes, it is superb value. It is all you'll need to get going.

This kit would be absolutely perfect for someone just starting out in pole fishing, and due to its low price, it will allow you to experiment until you find your feet.

Elastic Ratings

  • Size 4-8 (Purple)
  • Size 8-10 (Orange)
  • Size 12-14 (Yellow)
  • Size 14-16 (Pink)
  • Size 16-18 (Red)
  • Size 18-22 (Blue)

Final Thoughts

When reading about pole elastics, you'll probably have discovered an almost scientific quality to them. 

In fact, when it comes to the 'best' pole elastics, it is often a matter of highly contested debate. 

All in the above list are worth your time, so find one that suits you and give it a go. If you are in need of new pole, we have a great article on fishing poles that won't break the bank right here.

Thanks for reading.

All of the fishing tackle featured in this article can be found at one of the following online shops...

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