The 7 Best Rod Pods For Carp Fishing (Full Guide On Carp Rod Pods & Supports)

Best Rod Pods For Carp Fishing

Sitting comfortably? If not, why not? I'll tell you why...

You've got a rod pod that isn't working properly! 

The best rod pods for carp fishing will keep your rods stable and secure and will allow you to easily detect bites.

They should also be easy to mount regardless of the terrain.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about carp rod pods and even offer some great suggestions.

Strapped For Time?

If you haven't got the time to read the full article. This is what this section is for. So the answer to the question is as follows...

The best overall rod pod:

  • JRC Cocoon Carbon Quad-Pod
  • The best compact rod pod:

    The best budget rod pod:

    The best rod pod for big pit reels

    Read on to see more information on what to look for in the best rod pods as well as detail on our chosen products.

    What Are The Different Types Of Rod Pods?

    All rod pods aren't created equal. They are more than just a simple rod rest!

    There are lots of different types, and the kind you pick can heavily influence your fishing. Here are some of the types available: -

    Goal Post Rod Pods

    We all know what goalposts look like, don't we? (Don't start rugby fans, we are talking football here). Well, transpose that to a good rod pod, and that is pretty much what you've got.

    Imagine a football pitch with a goal at either end. The bottom or middle of each goal is connected with a long thin central support. That's what a goal post style rod pod looks like.

    best rod pods

    An example of a goal-post type rod pod

    Compact Rod Pods

    Compact rod pods are great for those anglers who've already got a fair amount to carry. They can be similar in shape to both goal post rod pods and cross-type rod pods.

    So, what's the difference?

    Well, it all boils down to portability. Compact rod pods tend to come as modular units. Each section detaches and breaks down for ease of storage and transport.

    best rod pods

    An example of a compact type rod pod

    Cross-Type Rod Pods

    Cross-type rod pods are slightly more stable than their square-framed brethren. Each leg is supported not just by its opposite number but by the other legs too.

    You gain a lot in stability, but they can be slightly more complex to assemble, especially if you've opted for a compact version.

    best rod pods

    An example of a cross-type rod pod

    Do I need a rod pod?

    In all honesty, if you are anything more than a casual angler, then, yes, you most probably do.

    We've all been there, smashing a bank stick in at the front and then at the back…

    Before spending the next 20 minutes trying to get it 'just right' without the rod tip being a foot underwater.

    If you are doing this for multiple rods, that's a good half an hour of wasted fishing time.

    Compare the above to the following…

    Open rod pod, place rods on top. Fish.

    Which sounds better to you?

    best rod pod

    In this situation a rod pod is by far the best option

    How many rods fit on a rod pod?

    This actually depends on the size of your rod pod. Most rod pods will fit a minimum of two rods. Some are custom made to hold three.

    How can you tell?

    It's actually really easy. Take a look at the top of the rod pod. The number of screw holes it has will determine the number of rods that it will hold.

    Rod pods don't just hold the rods either. They provide a super stable mount for a good quality bite alarm. You can see some fantastic bite alarm examples right here.

    The Best Rod Pods

    Now that we've dealt with the basic rod pods and how many rods you can fit, let's look at a few really worthwhile options...

    Best Overall Rod Pod

    best overall rod pod

    JRC Cocoon Carbon Quad-Pod

    This is a big boy's toy. Make no mistake.

    Casual 'once a month' anglers need to look away now.

    This is a premium carp fishing rod pod that is certainly not budget.

    Whatever terrain you fish, this rod pod will have you covered. It is stable and supremely secure.

    One real standout feature is its construction. It is made from lightweight carbon, and as a result, is surprisingly portable. Even more so, considering that it comes in its own low-profile carry case.

    The central leg splay system will allow you to set it level easily, and the spiked feet will be great for everything from muddy banks to wooden 'pegs'.

    I really liked the oversized cam levers used to tweak and secure the legs. There's nothing worse than having a battle when you've got wet hands!

    You'll fit a total of three carp rods on here easily. If you've got the money, go for it! It's a great choice.

    Best Compact Rod Pod

    Best Compact Rod Pod

    Avid Lock Down Compact Pod

    You'll already know that carp fishing comes with plenty of gear.

    The last thing you need is to be lugging yet more down to the bank.

    This rod pod is the answer.

    The legs fold up neatly into the central bar, which also happens to be fully adjustable. When folded down, it is about the size of a very flat shoe box. 

    There are a few nice features that you don't see often.

    Fish with OCD much?

    Yeah, us too!

    The answer?

    How's about an integrated spirit level to make sure that your rods are rock solid and level?

    You'll easily be able to mount several mods on this bit of kit. We really like that it has an oversized buzzer bar included too! Compact doesn't mean your fishing will be restricted in any way!

    This compact rod pod also comes with a nice snazzy bag! Nice!

    Best Budget Rod Pod

    best budget rod pod

    Leeda Rogue 3 in 1 Rod Pod

    If you are on a budget, then you can still fish the way that you like.

    Leeda has been around for years, and while this is budget price, it is far from budget quality.


    If it is stability you want, it is stability you shall have. 

    This rod pod boasts a total of 8 feet, mixing the best of a 'cross' style rod pod along with a 'goalpost' style rod pod.


    Probably but when your rods are sat pretty, you aren't going to care.

    We really like the nice wide supplied buzz bars, giving ample room for even the biggest of carp rods.

    The pod itself is made from relatively lightweight aluminium, so it won't be prone to corrosion and rust regardless of how wet it gets while you are tucked up in your bivvy.

    Best Rod Pod for Big Pit Reels

    Best Spod Rods

    JRC Extreme TX Pod

    If you are fishing at a distance, you will probably have to up your game, literally.

    By having a rod pod with extra-long front legs, you can really get those rod tips up, keeping your line free of the surface and ensuring better rig presentation.

    Also, those spools can be pretty chunky, so you are going to need something with a little more 'room' to keep them well off the ground.

    Really? How big are big pit spools? Don't take our word for it. Check out our article on big pit reels and see for yourself!

    As with other premium rod pod suggestions on our list, this pod comes with big cams for easy adjustment and a non-glare black coating, so you won't spook wary carp as you get it set up.

    One attractive feature is the ability to individually alter each leg. As a result, you can give it a quick tweak to match the surrounding topography.

    Even the included storage bag is noteworthy. You'll find ample room inside, not only for the rod pod but for your carp fishing bite alarms too! 

    Other recommended rod pods

    Sonik Vader Rod Pod

    Sonik Sports Vader

    No, it isn't Darth's younger brother… For those of you in the know, you'll already know that Sonik produces a range that competes with the best carp rods on the market. 

    If you are investing all that money, you'll want to protect your investment. Holding your rods safe and secure is the best way to do it.

    This cross-style rod pod is great for the money and is available in both two and three-rod versions. There are things we like and one or two things we don't.

    It is really wide and secure. Now, depending on where you like to fish, that might be a good or bad thing. The bigger 'footprint' your rod pod makes, the harder it will be to get it stable.

    The legs are adjustable, but only in height, meaning you will have to spend a little time fine-tuning before you can start your session.

    The screw mounts are universal and recessed, however, so once you have got it straight, owners of a decent bite indicator should have no problem attaching their accessories. 

    A1 Rod Rack

    Solar Tackle A1 Rod Rack

    When held against the Sonik Vader rod pod, we struggle to see any real material difference here.

    Oh, that's right, the price.

    Ok, this is slightly better quality and much more durable than the Sonik series. 

    Another of the cross-type rod pods, this would be ideal if you are fishing on relatively flat terrain.

    It could be an excellent choice if you are a fan of big commercials with wooded or paved pegs.

    You'll also find that it includes variable uprights. This will allow you to fish at a distance or at close range.

    best carp fishing rod pods

    Nash Rod Pod

    Nash has been around for a while now and has made their name by producing premium quality fishing tackle for decades.

    This rod pod is actually pretty substantial.

    It's goal type, but we really like the rock-solid and chunky fixings that connect the two' goals' together.

    You might not realise it to look at, but this is a compact rod pod. The legs and bars are all 'fold-out,' making it super portable.

    You can even skip the centre support bar completely when fishing on soft ground.

    Final Thoughts

    The best rod pods for carp fishing are more than simple rod rests. Think of them more like a rod holding system.

    The stability and security of your rods and your catch rate depend on them being solid.

    Pick something light enough to carry and allows you to fish on different terrain, and you won't go far wrong.

    Thanks for reading…

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