The 5 Best Sea Fishing Tripod Accessories - (Full Guide on Sea Rod Rest Extras)

Best Sea Tripod Accessories

Sea fishing often makes you wish you had two pairs of hands. Well, today we’ve got an answer.

The three legs of your tripod.

How will this help?

Well, you are about to find out as we show you 5 of the best sea fishing tripod accessories to make your life easier when you are stood at your favourite fishing mark.

Take a look and thank us later…

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What Sea Fishing Tripod Accessories Are On The Market?

All sorts of things can be attached to a good sea fishing tripod. You will generally see two types of sea fishing tripod accessories: -

Things that let you have equipment quickly and readily to hand. Such as tripod nets and trays…


Accessories that make your tripod even better. Anything that allows you to support more rods or make your tripod more secure is always good.

And here’s the best bit…

In this article we are going to show you both! The best sea fishing tripod accessories await below….

What Are The Advantages Of Sea Fishing Tripod Accessories?

A beach is a big place, and if you are anything like us, you’ve no doubt got all sorts of fishing paraphernalia.

Here’s what we normally have strewn around the ground in the vicinity of our tripod: -

•Fishing knife
•A couple of rigs
•A lure or two
•Baiting needle

How many of these have we lost at some point?

All of them!

The answer?

A tripod net or tray!

Also, we sometimes wish we could fit another rod onto our tripod. Most come with two as standard, but you might want to take a lure fishing rod to cast while you wait for something to take the bait.

An extra rod holder will let you do this. If you are into lure fishing at sea, you might want to check this guide out on sea lures

Some tripods are good for rough ground, and some for clean. There are accessories for sea fishing tripods that will allow you to adapt and do both.

You’ll find examples of all we’ve just mentioned below.

Best Sea Fishing Tripod Accessories

The following are 5 great additions to your tripod that will make your sea fishing more efficient and organised...

Tripod Net

best tripod accessories - tripod net

Leeda Icon Tripod Net

Now, where did we put that bait?

Easy! It’s in your leg-mounted tripod net, along with everything else that you used to have to walk back to your fishing bag to get.

This sizeable and strong net will allow you to store all of that gear that you might need each time you reel in.

 Because you can keep it directly under your rods, you can be guaranteed to have all of your essentials close to hand.

We love that this is made of strong mesh. If you are storing bait in it, rainwater won’t collect and wash out all of those lovely scents… you know, those ones that make you so popular with the other half when you get home.

Tripod Tray

Lineaffe Side Tray

Lineaeffe Side Tray For Surf Tripods

Nets are great, but there are certain items that you don’t want anywhere near.


Bait needles can slip through. Barbed hooks can get stuck, and fishing knives can be a little hazardous.

Here’s the solution.

This fishing tripod leg-mounted tray will allow you to store things that are a bit too heavy (or sharp) in a net.

We like to stow a few gripper leads, a spare rig and our tools here. The added weight inside also helps keep your tripod super secure.

Trace Bar

best sea tripod accessories - trace bar

Ian Golds Tripod Trace Bar

Ever wound in and then spent 15 minutes baiting up again?

That’s 15 minutes that you could have been catching!

Here’s an idea.

Do the baiting up while you’ve already got two lines out! 

This trace bar allows you to suspend your traces and easily hook your bait.

Simply reel in, unclip your old rig, clip your fresh baited one on and cast out again in seconds. You’ll have a gap to stow your ‘spent’ rig too. Rinse and repeat!

This tripod trace bar has a universal fitting, meaning it will fit most sea fishing tripods too!
Which rigs to use? Why not go for a selection.

Have a read of our expert guidance on the best sea fishing rigs right here.

Leg Locks

best sea fishing tripod accessory leg lock

Ian Golds Leg Loc

Ever had a fight at night with a three-legged robot?

No, us neither, but we have come close on smooth ground with a sea fishing tripod.

Here is what to do.

Secure the three legs together, and enjoy the stability. 

This is one of the best sea fishing tripod accessories if you are fishing anywhere that the legs can’t get purchase, such as jetties or piers.

The holes for the legs are fully adjustable, meaning that they will fit various sea fishing tripods.

Sliding Leg Head

best tripod accessories - leg head

Ian Golds Sliding Luminous Leg Head - LUMI GLOW

You might have two rods baited and cast out, but where is your third?


Yes, we’ve been there. This is a great solution.

This leg-mounted sliding leg head will allow you to keep the third rod safe, secure… And out of the way.

It has a glow in the dark rod holder too, so you won’t need to waste your headtorch battery when you try and remember where your rods are.

It can also be really useful if you want to place a rod low to the beach. This is great in windy conditions when rod tips tend to bounce around.

It will fit practically any tripod, and it is worth every penny!

Final Thoughts

We love anything that makes life easier when sea fishing. All of our above suggestions are relatively cheap and will allow you to fish more effectively.

It’s all about having your gear to hand and keeping expensive items safe. If it ticks both those boxes, it is definitely the best sea fishing tripod accessory for you!

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