Best Tripods for Beach Fishing

The 13 Best Sea Fishing Tripods - (Full Guide On Top Beach Tripods)

Confucius once said, "Three-legged man strongest against even biggest fish".

Alright, he didn't, but if he did, he'd have been exactly right. A good fishing tripod will stand up to all the rigours of the sea and allow you to fish hands-free.

If you've ever held a heavy beach caster for more than a minute or watched in horror as your rod mount falls over, you'll know what we are talking about.

This article will take a whistle-stop tour of the 13 best sea fishing tripods, explain some key features, and offer our recommendations on why they are a great choice. 

Let's get set up and cast out…

Best sea fishing tripods

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What To Look for In the Best Sea Fishing Tripods

Theresa May had it right… Well, kind of...

In a nutshell, what you want overall is the following…

"Strong and stable"… Not "weak and wobbly."

Here are the features you need to look for: -

Strong Legs

Sea fishing is a lot more rough and ready than other disciplines. The fish, the rods, the line and the terrain all tend to be a bit heavier. Considering the pull of the tide, beach winds and uneven ground, you need a sea fishing tripod with strong legs. 


Rods come in many sizes. So, you'll want something that can definitely accommodate yours.

And there's more…

If it is blowing a gale, you will need the option to lower your rods and get them out of the wind. A tripod that is easily adjusted will allow you to do this.

It's also worth pointing out, there are many decent tripod accessories on the market today that will help adjust an adaptable tripod to your needs.


Those beach casters can get pretty pricey. It only takes one fall for your ring whipping to end up cracked or worse (ask us how we know!). Be sure to pick a beach casting tripod that will hold your rods tight and secure.

If your rod has taken a spill, you might be in the market for a new one. We've got a great article on the best sea fishing rods on the market right here.

Best Overall Sea Fishing Tripod

Best telescopic tripod

1. Ian Gold Telescopic Double Tripod

If you are the kind of angler who loves to throw 8oz leads over the horizon, you are undoubtedly going to have long, heavy-duty rods.

The best way to ensure stability with something heavy is to spread the weight over a larger area.

This is exactly what this wide sea fishing tripod achieves.

The rod rest arm is much wider than usual, keeping your rods well apart and nice and secure. 

There isn't much in the way of adjustability. Just a sliding rod cup holder. But that said, with big rods, you will be limited at the best of times anyway.

The front and rear legs are both tipped with a spike. This is essential for driving into the ground, especially on windy days, to ensure that your sea fishing rods don't go anywhere!

Imax Blue Tripod

2. IMAX FR 7ft Blue Telescopic Beach Tripod

Now, this is a thing of beauty and encompasses all of the features we just mentioned.

This sea fishing tripod is made of lightweight aluminium.

It's strong and stable yet light enough to easily carry down with the rest of your gear.

One standout feature is the pointed legs. You can get great stability on clean ground like sand or shale, but it also enables you to get it set up on rocks without too much difficulty.

Other little extras make it especially great. It has a trace holder, so while you have your rods cast out, you can get busy baiting up a replacement, meaning you constantly have a hook in the water.

It is also highly adjustable, giving you plenty of scope to fish however you want.

Most Popular Sea Fishing Tripod

Most popular sea fishing tripod

3. IMAX FR Surf-Lite Tripod

Possibly one of the best sea fishing tripods on the market… Hence why it is so popular.

This sea fishing rod rest is telescopic, allowing you to reduce it by 50% for easy storage and transport.

Both the deep rod cups and the support arms at the top rotate through 90° to fit parallel with the rearmost leg.

Why's that great?

It means that you can easily fit it into your rod bag.

Speaking of legs, they are all strong and highly adjustable, meaning you can fish with comfort on a flat beach or a rocky ledge.

The deep cups mean that your rod will be rock solid and stable, straight from the first cast to your last.

Best Value Sea Fishing Tripod

6ft Sea Fishing tripods

4. 6ft Sea Fishing Tripod For 2 Rods

Don't confuse the words 'cheap' with 'poor quality' as this is not the case.

For the money, this is one of the best sea fishing tripods on the market.

Ok, it isn't quite as adjustable as the more 'premium' sea fishing tripods, but it will still perform admirably. 

Adjustment is achieved in two ways; by sliding the substantial and durable rod cups up and down the back leg or moving the front legs to the optimal position.

The thick and high-quality aluminium legs will offer both stability and a high degree of corrosion resistance, which is vital when fishing on saltwater.

Top 10 best sea fishing tripods

5. Leeda Icon Twin Head Tripod

Leeda has been in the game since Adam was a lad, and for a good reason.

They make some of the best fishing gear on the market.

Want an example?

This high-quality sea fishing tripod.

There's plenty to love. The aluminium frame is strong and lightweight, the black colour is particularly eye-catching too.

One great feature that we love is the rubberised rod rests. The last thing you want is scratches and dings on your rod blanks. This will work well to prevent it.

The tripod is adjustable too! The deep butt cups slide up and down the rear leg, allowing you to alter the height of your quiver tips.

Lineaffe Aluminium Telescopic Tripod

6. Lineaeffe Nero Tripod

As budget sea fishing tripods go, this is one of the best that we have seen.

At 2 metres fully extended, it will hold any size of rod securely. We really like the 'T-bar' between the rear and front legs.

This ensures utter stability and gives you the optimum distance between the legs for rock-solid sea fishing.

You can raise and lower the substantial rod cups on the rear leg and extend the forward rod rests to give you maximum elevation if you are trying to keep your line off the water.

The rod rest feet are pointy, allowing you to fish across a variety of differing terrains.
Why not save yourself a few quid, and then you can treat yourself to a better sea fishing reel?

Best sea tripod

7. Shakespeare Salt Beach Rest

Shakespeare is a well-established brand in fishing. Producing cheap yet really high-quality sea fishing tripods, amongst other things.

There's a lot to love about this.

When it comes to adjustability, it is one of the best sea fishing tripods for the money.

You can alter the butt caps, stabilising arms and angle between the legs easily. It is as stable as they come.

We love little extras. This comes with a strong carrying case, keeping it safe and secure as you make your way down to your sea fishing mark.

It's really lightweight too, which makes that walk a lot easier.

Best Beach Fishing Sea Tripods

8. Ron Thompson Telescopic Beach Tripod

So, this is a pretty basic sea fishing tripod, but ultimately you get what you pay for.

It is great value and we would consider this very much 'budget'.

There aren't many amazing features, but if you are fishing on clean ground and just need something affordable, this will fit the bill.

The rod cups are fixed. Any alterations you make are achieved by using the telescopic sections within each leg. 

It can get a little fiddly, but overall once you've got it set, it is super stable. We like that the bolts for the bottom cups and rod holder are metal wingnuts.

Plastic can sometimes slip or get damaged with over-tightening.

Parker Sea Tripod

9. Parker 4ft Surfmaster Match Fishing Tripod

Sometimes you don't want something massive.

If it is a long walk to your favourite sea fishing mark, or your rods don't warrant applying for planning permission, then this is a great choice.

At 4ft tall, it is slightly more compact for easy transport and storage.

One really nice feature is the 'U' shaped rod holders. Once you have cast out, there will be zero play or movement in your rods, making bite detection much easier and more accurate.

One great feature that really stands out is the thickness of the rear leg. It is spike tipped and strong enough to allow you to really drive it deep into the ground, ensuring ultimate stability.

Best beach tripod

10. Dam Telescopic Blue Surf Tripod

Dam has produced something really special here.

The best sea fishing tripods tend to have supports between the legs, preventing any leg from going astray.

This is exactly what you'll see with this sea fishing rod rest.

Made from anodised blue aluminium, it really looks the part.

You can adjust both the height of the rod cups and the width of the legs.

The attached supports ensure it is 'calibrated' to offer maximum stability. You can even have the legs at different angles!

One criticism we do have is the rod holders' depth, but if you've wound in the slack, the pressure of your line should keep it rooted to the rest.

Parker Sea Tripod

11. Parker Angling 2 Rod 3-5ft Fishing Tripod

Another budget favourite. Sea fishing tripods don't have to cost more than your rod!

This is sizeable and extends up to 5 feet. and is adjustable up to a point.

This is achieved by tightening and loosening wingnuts that keep the telescopic legs held in place.

This isn't the most heavy-duty of sea fishing rod tripods, but it should be more than suitable for the occasional trip down to the beach.

Those who are hardcore sea fishing anglers might be a little happier with one of our other, more substantial suggestions.

best sea fishing tripod

12. Axia 2 Rod Match Tripod

Nothing new or fancy here. Just great support for your sea fishing rods.

This is what we'd refer to as a mid-range sea fishing tripod. It isn't packed with features, but those that it does have perform really well.

The "U" rod holders completely eliminate the risk of your rods being pulled out of the sides.

Combined with the deep rod cups and you've got a strong setup.

Adjustment is possible in a couple of ways. Either move the rear leg backwards or slide the rod cups up for a little more elevation.

The rear leg acts as a sand spike, anchoring your tripod, while the front legs allow adjustment and stability.

Best Budget Sea Fishing Tripod

13. NGT 6ft 2 Rod Beachcaster Tripod

Another mid-priced beach tripod would be ideal for beginners looking to get something that will allow them to progress to heavier rods in the future.

At 6 feet tall, it is substantial enough to support practically any rod.

The legs are round, which makes stowing it in your rod holder easier.

Because it has few moving parts, it should be pretty stable and reduces the risk of it becoming unserviceable if you do get the odd patch of rust due to the corrosive nature of seawater.

It's basic, but we like it!

Final Thoughts…

The best sea fishing tripods will be adjustable, sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Make sure whatever you choose has these three features, and then move on to the 'finer points' such as size, rod cup depth and 'extras'.

Remember, rod rest holders should stay exactly where you put them for the day, so look for features that make this more likely.

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