5 Best Sea Fishing Waterproofs in the UK - (Sea Jackets, Bibs & Suits Reviewed)

best sea fishing waterproofs

Has the weather ever spoiled your session? Ever tried to untangle your multiplier with an icy drip down your neck?

All sound familiar?

If the answer is yes (and we know it is) then you will understand how great it is to have the best sea fishing waterproofs when fishing, especially when the heavens open.

In this article we’ll show you exactly what you should be looking for when deciding on the best sea fishing waterproofs to fish comfortably.

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What are the Best Sea Fishing Waterproofs?

It’s more than just keeping dry. If that was the only criteria a well placed bin bag would do the trick? The best sea fishing waterproofs should have a few key features to make your day pleasant. In an ideal world you will want: -

Breathable Fishing Waterproofs

If you’ve ever gone down the ‘budget’ route you’ll now about this already. When we perspire that moisture has to be allowed to escape. If it can’t, it pools.

If your fishing waterproofs aren’t breathable then you’ll end up soaked wet through, even when it is sunny.  Breathable fabric keeps water out and prevents the inside of your waterproofs ‘steaming up’. 

Comfortable Fishing Waterproofs

There’s only one thing worse than being cold and wet… Being cold, wet and uncomfortable. If the weather is taking a turn for the worst, you may be wearing your waterproofs for the day.

If you are going to be wearing something all day then you are going to want to be comfortable. Don’t forget, sea fishing isn’t a sedentary sport. If you are doing it right you will be up and about, moving, casting and hopefully fighting fish.

In order to do that enjoyably you need to be able to move. If it’s cold you might have a few layers on, and the best sea fishing waterproofs will give you ample room to accommodate all of these factors.

Washable Fishing Waterproofs

Let’s be honest. Sea fishing isn’t the cleanest sport. Yes we know, its really rough and ready, and that’s what we love about it. But not everyone will (including the Mrs, especially if you come home “smelling like the bins ‘round the back of Birdseye”… True quote!!).

Fishing clothes easily get adorned with bits of bait, scales, slime and sea water… all of which makes a heady mix if left to dry. The obvious solution is to peg your gear into the washing machine.

But if you are spending money on the best sea fishing waterproofs you ideally want it to come out in the same size and shape as it went in. Ensure that your gear is washable.

Finally, when choosing the right sea fishing waterproofs for you, it's also important to not forget your feet. We have an article dedicated to the best fishing boots right here that details more.

You may even be looking at wading into the sea to gain an advantage, if so, why not check out our article on the best fishing waders.

With all this in mind, here are some of our suggestions to the best sea fishing waterproofs: -

The Best Sea Fishing Waterproofs

Here are some of our suggestions to the best sea fishing waterproofs on the market today: -


Imax Thermo Suit

Imax Thermo Suit

These waterproofs are eye catching and pretty decent. The outer nylon shell is 100% waterproof, keeping you dry as a bone. The feature we liked the most is that it is a two-piece suit.

If you get a bit warm, or the weather abates you can remove the jacket and keep the bib style trousers on, so your legs are nice and toasty.

The best bit? It’s machine washable. Just turn it inside out on a 30-degree wash and you’ll keep it fresh as a daisy.

The suit is really thick and durable so the occasional hook prick won’t affect it greatly. It’s padded too, so less layer needed underneath


Svensen PL HighGrade Thermo Suit

Svensen PL HighGrade Thermo Suit

The outer shell of this jacket is lightweight polyester leaving you feeling unburdened and free to move. Lined with a taffeta inner fleece, you’ll stay really snug even when it’s cold.

Anywhere where wind could enter is fully adjustable, you’ll get a perfect fit in all areas by pulling a drawstring or Velcro strap or two. One super great feature is the zippers around the ankles.

You can put them on or take them off without having to remove your footwear. This is a big plus in our book.


Navis Marine PRO Foul Weather Gear

Navis Marine PRO Foul Weather Gear

Waterproof, windproof and breathable… What more could you want in the best sea fishing waterproofs?

The jacket comes lined with a fleece, but on days where it is just wet, and not cold and wet you are able to unzip the fleece giving you a lightweight waterproof outer shell.

The bib trousers have elasticated braces so regardless of whether you are sitting or standing they will cover you fully without any air gaps for the wind to sneak in.

The bib trousers feature a deep zip too, which is ideal if you find that you need to take a ‘comfort’ break out at the mark.


Helly Hansen Mandal Bib

Helly Hansen Mandal Bib

If you’ve got a waterproof jacket already or you just prefer to have something waterproof under your waist for handling fish and bait then these trousers are ideal.

Helly Hansen made their name in the sailing industry, and if it keeps fishermen and sailors dry it should work for you too! The trousers are lightweight and coated to resist pretty much any liquid and are fully washable.


Daiwa Igloo 2 Piece Suit

Daiwa Igloo 2 Piece Suit

If you are looking for the best waterproofs for sea fishing in absolutely any conditions then look no further. This is the solution. A bib and brace set of fleece lined trousers matches perfectly with a toasty insulated jacket.

The jacket has plenty of fleece lined pockets, so you’ll be able to stow your odds and sods and keep your hands warm at the same time. The jacket is breathable so even on warm days, you’ll stay dry.


Once you are wet, you’ll stay wet for the day. Not a good look or indeed a good feel. So, it pays to ensure that you stay as dry as possible, for as long as possible.

If you get a decent set of sea fishing clothing, you can stop worrying about if you will be comfortable or not and instead start focusing on the things that will catch you fish e.g. your chosen sea rod, pairing it with a well-balanced reel , picking a top bait and using it with a decent rig.

If you can keep yourself warm and dry, and find you can take the gear off and on easily then you’ll have the best waterproofs for sea fishing.

If it’s getting to that time of year where you are going to need them, why not be ahead of the game and be prepared for when the tide is just right, regardless of the weather.

So there you have it, our top 5 choices for the sea fishing waterproofs in 2023.

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