The Best Spod Braid - (11 Top Braids For Spodding & Spombs)

best braid for spodding

"I know…" said Jesus to the apostles… "Here's how I'll catch more fish and feed the five thousand!

What we'll do is fling a missile full of bait over the horizon."

Alright, so he didn't, but spodding will help you to catch bigger and better fish.

It has become a hugely popular technique in recent years, but to catch, you've got to do it right.

This includes having exactly the right tackle. 

In this article, we are looking at the best spod braid along with some great suggestions to send that bait on its way! Let's dive right in…

Strapped For Time?

If you haven't got the time to read the full article you can skip to our recommended spod braids below.

Alternatively, please read on to see more information on what to look for in the best spod braid as well as detail on our chosen products.

What Breaking Strain Braid Is Best For Spodding?

This all depends on the weight of your spod or sbomb and how far you intend to cast.

Because braid is relatively low in diameter, you can really crank up the breaking strain without too much penalty when it comes to spool capacity.

Our advice?

Fill your boots. As a minimum, we tend to opt for a 20 - 30lb braid. It is still thinner than mono and will allow you to cast weights all the way up to 3oz.

Do you have to use braid for spodding?

No, you don't have to. But it would be a great choice.

Why? Here are a few reasons…

Braid has zero stretch.

If you are spodding, you are going to be fishing a heavy-weight at a distance. So bite detection is somewhat suppressed. The answer? Choose a line like braid that still keeps you in inch-perfect contact with your hook bait.

Braid cuts through the wind.

A big weight with a big bait makes lots of drag, so you are going to want to do all in your power to squeeze every last yard out of your cast. Braid offers low wind resistance and cuts through the air.

Spool size. 

Braid is low in diameter. As a result, you can fit more of it onto a spool. Casting far requires big spools and big rods. Braid will give you plenty of 'spare' without having to forego spool capacity.

big pit reel spool

A nice big spool perfect for spod braid

Do you need a shock leader when spodding?

Technically, you don't, but there a couple of reasons why it is advisable to use one. Firstly it helps prevent crack offs on the cast which can be costly both in time to set-up another rig and money with the lost equipment.

Secondly it reduces the wear and tear on your rod and mainline as the leader absorbs the intense forces that would otherwise be taken by this gear.

We have a full guide on shock leaders for spodding that will explain more. 

The Best Spod Braid

As you are about to see, there is plenty of choices out there when it comes to braid. But which is the best spod braid?

The true answer is it depends on several factors. This isn't just limited to obvious things like breaking strain and cost.

You want to also consider features such as visibility, durability and how much you will need.

Based on all of these factors, here are some that tick all boxes...

best spod braid

Korda SLR Spod/Marker Braid

Remember how we talked about low stretch and low diameter line?

This is exactly the kind of thing that we had in mind.

Korda is well known in the carp fishing game, and for a good reason. 

This braid is lightweight and about as fine as it gets for each given breaking strain.

With 300m on a spool, you'll have plenty of spare left on your reel, even with the biggest casts.

One feature which we were particularly pleased with was the colour.

Sub green is optimal for the overwhelming majority of venues, making it a great choice for carp fishing.

Best braids for spodding

Fox Tackle NEW Exocet MK2 Spod Braid

Look, we know what you are thinking.

They've gone on and on about colour and visibility, and yet this spod braid is bright yellow!

Hear us out.

If you are a fan of fishing at night or in low light conditions, dark coloured braids will be hard to see. 

This will allow you, but not the fish, to keep tabs on your line.

Because it floats, it means you are less likely to encounter underwater obstructions when reeling in too.

We'll be honest, we wouldn't have this running all the way to our rig, but provided you can tie on a decent shock leader then performance-wise, this is one of the best spod braids out there.

Korda Spod Braid

Korda Spod

Another good spod braid from Korda. This is packed full of the things that we love.

The fluoro green colour won't be for everyone, but it is especially good in low light conditions.

Korda state that the reason it is bright is to stop seagulls from trying to snaffle your best carp bait while it is on the way.

We guess it works as we've never caught one! 

You'll note that the diameter is 0.016mm. That's one of the lowest on our list. At 20lb, you will almost certainly want to attach a shock leader!

Best carp braids for spodding

NGT Spod Braid 30lb

30lbs, 300m and a low diameter? What more could you ask for?

Next Generation Tackle has offered something that is wallet-friendly yet high in performance.

We like that you will squeeze 20% more distance out of your existing rod and reel setup.

What's more, this line is covered in a non-stick Teflon coating. 

One of the key criticisms of braid is its poor abrasion resistance. With this line, you aren't going to have a problem.

Berkley Whiplash

Berkley Whiplash 8 Braid

Looking for something just a little different? Well, here it is.

Berkely, a US brand, has produced one of the best spod braids out there. How is it different?

Well, for a start, this braid is round in cross-section.

This means that it is less prone to kinking and twisting (if you've ever had a tangle in braid, you'll know how vital this is).

Because it is woven with 8 strands, it is much more durable and will last a lot longer.

Depending on the size of your big pit reel, you can order spools all the way up to 2000 yards too! That might be overkill, but you won't need to ever buy another.

best spod and spomb braids

RidgeMonkey Transmit Spod & Marker Braid

By seeing the line, you'll be able to gain consistency and accuracy in your casts.

This braid is pretty hard to miss, especially when you consider that it floats.

It is slightly thicker than some in diameter, but that said, don't let it be a deal-breaker as it will still leave plenty of room on your spool. 

This braid is about as stiff as it gets, with zero stretch ensuring that every bit of power is transferred from your high powered spod rod to the spod itself.

Seaknight W8

SeaKnight W8 8 Strands Braid

Want an 8 strand braid but don't fancy paying the premium prices often involved?

Here is the answer.

Just like the Berkley braid, this also happens to be round and dark green. It's almost like they copied it.

Interestingly, this line is treated with an advanced membrane treatment, unlike Berkley, giving great abrasion resistance.

It is also low memory which will reduce the number of tangles.

Best spod braid for carp fishing

ESP Spod Braid

If you are looking for the best spod braid, you'll never go far wrong with anything manufactured using Dyneema.

These fibres are the industry gold standard, and it shows in the performance of this braid.

The diameter is slightly lower than its competitors, but it still has the same breaking strain.

It might cost a little more, but you can cast safe in the knowledge that it has robustness capable of withstanding multiple huge casts.

Hercules Braid

Hercules Braided Fishing Line-4 Strands

Now, this is what we are talking about.

For spodding braid on a budget, there is no better choice. We really love the grey colour.

When submerged, it absorbs all light waves making it pretty invisible!

Ok, so it is only a four-strand, but that said, due to the quality of materials used, you aren't going to notice a colossal difference.

There is a teeny bit of stretch in this braid, so it could be a fantastic choice for those who find regular braid a little hard. 

best carp braid for spodding

PB Products Spod Braid

This isn't half bad. This spod braid certainly fits into our' low diameter' category.

As a result, you can expect huge casts but still, get a good idea of where your spod is heading due to this braid's orange colour.

The best use would be to pair it with another good carp rod, with a different colour braid. That way, you can keep a good eye on what is going on and avoid tangles.

Berkley X9

Berkley X9 Braided Fishing Line

Why use eight strand braid when you can have nine?

This is a premium spod braid, and it shows.

It feels a lot softer than many of the other budget braids, meaning you can tie a knot in it easily and join it to other lines with little effort.

We do have an axe to grind with Berkley….

Why, oh why did you make it white? This is about as visible as it gets. It would be best deployed in winter when the water and visibility are degraded.

Final Thoughts

Your choice of braid will directly influence how many fish you catch. Spodding is long distance and high power, so you will need the best spod braid to keep up!

Pick based on the weight of your rig, the colour required and how far you expect to cast.

Try to keep the diameter low, and if you are struggling, remember you've always got the option for a shock leader.

Thanks for reading and tight lines (or braids!) 

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