Electric Fishing Trolleys (Complete Guide)

In this article, we are looking at electric fishing trolleys.

These fishing trolleys may be a bit of an odd concept to many anglers out there, probably because they are quite rare.

Don't worry, though; we are in the fortunate position of having experienced using them on a number of sessions.

We’ll let you know all about electric fishing trolleys and even provide a couple of suggestions that are considered some of the best electric fishing trolleys on the market today.

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Is an electric fishing trolley worth it?

So you've been pushing your normal barrow for years and getting along just fine without a motor helping you. So, are electric fishing trolleys worth it? Well, here are some pros and cons of electric fishing trolleys and then our view on them.



We all know that pushing a heavy barrow around a lake can be a real pain, especially in muddy conditions. Electric fishing trolleys are perfect for muddy paths and uneven terrains around lakes and rivers.

They can make short work of getting to your swim with all of your gear. The electric motor will push the trolley through nearly anything and up very steep inclines, so they make it very easy to maneuver around.

Just like your old barrow, but better

As you'll see when we look at the trolleys, the companies making them are very familiar. Some have used existing barrow technology but added a motor.

A prime example of this is the Nash electric barrow. It uses the tried and tested load-bearing frame that Nash barrows have used for years. They have simply added a motor to the frame.

So, with an electric fishing trolley, you get the same space and feel as you always have had, but with the added addition of a powerful motor to help you get to your swim quickly and easily.

You can carry more

As your efforts are being assisted by an electric motor, you can carry more gear than ever. If you love to take lots of gear on your fishing trips, having an electric barrow means you can take it all to your swim and back to the car park in one trip. So, you can concentrate on catching fish and not hauling the kitchen sink around a lake!


The price

The price of an electric fishing trolley is more than a standard fishing trolley. However, the price is worth it for many anglers who want to make it easier for themselves to get to their swim and back to the car in a single trip.

Dead batteries

We don't really believe this is a massive con of these fishing trolleys, but we know that many anglers will think that the batteries dying while on the bank is a huge con.

The battery life of an electric fishing trolley is really good, though. And if the trolley does happen to give out while you're on the bank, well, it then becomes a normal fishing trolley.

Our thoughts on electric fishing trolleys

Electric fishing trolleys were invented to make getting your gear to your swim much easier.

We all know that getting seat boxes, bedchairs, rucksacks, bivvies, and rod holdalls to your chosen spot in one go is a skill in itself. It's the reason fishing barrows were invented. Electric fishing trolleys are simply the next evolution of this technology.

Granted, they are more expensive than a standard barrow, but once you use these barrows for a while, you quickly see how convenient they are. You can carry more, you can power through muddy terrain, and get gear to your swim far quicker than ever before.

If you do a lot of fishing, an electric barrow is worth considering. Whether you take light gear and like to stay on the move, or you like to bunker down in a swim for weeks at a time, an electric barrow can help conserve much-needed energy for fishing.

How do electric fishing trolleys work?

Electric fishing trolleys are very simple. They have a motor located in the wheel of the barrow and a battery underneath the barrow. You control the motor with a trigger on the handle.

The barrows we recommend have variable speed control. So, for more power, press the trigger in further, to stop, take your finger off of the trigger.

The barrow is pushed along by the motor. So it takes most of the weight off your shoulders, and you are left steering it down the path.

The motors on electric fishing trolleys don't go at the speed of light but will happily cruise along at a good walking pace. This means you very rarely lose control and they are very quick to get to grips with.

electric fishing trolley motor

An example of an electric fishing trolley motor

Can you convert a fishing trolley or barrow into a powered version?

The short answer is yes, but you will need some knowledge of electrics and maybe even some welding skills if you want to do it properly.

There are conversion kits for fishing trolleys available, though. These are well worth a look. The conversion kits are the easiest way of converting a standard fishing trolley into a powered one, but some clever anglers have used golf buggy motors to do it themselves.

Check out this video by Bespoke baits who shows exactly how to convert a fishing trolley into a powered version using pretty basic tools and a conversion kit.

What features to look for in an electric fishing trolley

When looking for an electric fishing trolley, there are some features to consider. These include the following:


If you're already filling your current barrow on every trip, you're going to need a barrow of a similar size or larger. There's no point in buying a smaller electric fishing trolley, as you'll need to make more trips from the car to the lake.

So, find a trolley that is as close to the size you have right now, or consider going bigger if you think you need the space for more gear.

Weight capacity

All barrows have a weight capacity that shouldn't be exceeded. Of course, many anglers push their fishing barrows to the limit on every trip and get away with it.

However, with an electric fishing trolley, it isn't just the steel frame that is going to take the weight; it is also the electric motor. If you overload your electric fishing trolley, you can damage the motor, which will be costly to fix. So try and find a barrow with a good weight capacity that suits your needs.

Power and battery life

You don't need a barrow that can travel at the speed of sound, but having one that can power through muddy situations and up hills is a good idea. You may never use the power of your barrow, but if you have it, you can use it.

Good battery life on an electric fishing barrow is also really important. Buying an electric barrow with a small battery is likely to lead to you pushing it back to the car after your fishing trip without the help of the motor.


Barrows are big pieces of kit, but they fold away small enough to fit in the back of your car. Your electric barrow should be no exception to this.

Find an electric barrow that can fold up easily once you're finished fishing but opens up for plenty of space while you are moving your gear from the car to your swim.

The best electric fishing trolleys

The following 2 trolleys are considered 2 of the best electric fishing trolleys currently available on the market today. They both cover all the required features that you need in a top-quality electric barrow. 

#1. Carp Porter - Powerporter 24V MK8

Carp Porter Power Porter MK8

Key Features:

  • 24V Power System
  • Dual Motors for Enhanced Traction
  • Puncture-proof Tyres
  • Adjustable Handle Height
  • Precision Speed Control
  • Extensive Storage
  • Robust Construction

For the angler looking for a practical, durable, and efficient way to transport their gear, the latest offering from the reputable Carp Porter stands out as a premium choice.

It's an investment in making every fishing trip more enjoyable and less of a burden, allowing you to focus on the catch rather than the carry.

The advanced lithium battery technology ensures extended usage time, and the adjustable handlebar and ergonomic design of the Powerporter Mk8 offers comfort and convenience during operation.

Additionally, the upgraded braking system enhances safety and control when navigating various terrains.

I personally like the the simple yet handy digital battery level indicator and the improved traction, compared to the previous version, really does make the MK8 feel like a significant upgrade.

In conclusion, the Powerporter 24V Barrow represents a pinnacle of innovation in fishing barrow technology and if you can overcome the hefty price tag, it is well worth the investment.

Here is what we like and dislike about the Power Porter MK8...


  • Improved & extended battery life
  • Excellent traction
  • Seems to glide effortlessly over all terrains
  • Lots of adjustable features
  • Lots of storage


  • One of the more expensive electric trolleys on the market

#2. Nash Tackle Power Barrow

Best electric fishing barrow

Key Features:

  • 2 x 12-volt batteries for power and longevity
  • Based on a popular Nash barrow frame
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Max load capacity of 110kg
  • Extending front load bar and fold-down front and sidebars

This Nash Power Barrow is one of the first power barrows on the market. Nash modelled it on a very popular barrow frame they have been making for a decade or more. 

The strong, tubular steel frame is already very stable, but now it has a motor attached to it. The motor is controlled by a trigger on the handle of the barrow. The trigger has a variable speed control which is very easy to get used to.

This barrow has always been very balanced, and the addition of the motor makes it feel even more so.

You can stack up to 110kg on this barrow, and now, thanks to the motor, you can barely feel it at all. The battery is also tucked away nicely under the main section of the barrow.

Plus, you get all the advantages of a usual barrow here. So, it can fold up when not in use. It comes with an under-barrow storage bag.

Has foldable and adjustable side and front bars, and the front bar is also extendable for an even more customisable layout.

This barrow is everything you love about Nash fishing barrows, but with the added motor to make it even easier to take all your gear to the swim in one trip.

Here is what we like and dislike about the Nash Power Barrow based on our own experiences...


  • Powerful and very controllable
  • Very easy to use
  • Strong and balanced
  • Like the old Nash barrows, but better


  • It's expensive
Alternative Nash Barrow:
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Final Thoughts

Electric fishing trolleys really do make the arduous task of getting your fishing gear to the swim so much easier. Yes, they are expensive, but if it’s within your budget we highly recommend you invest.

We love the Carp Porter Powerporter above. It is a barrow that many of us have used over the years, but with brand new technology attached. The barrow itself is extremely strong, and the addition of a motor really does make transportation almost fun rather than a chore.

We hope this guide has answered some of the questions you had about electric fishing trolleys.

Thanks for reading.

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Electric barrows can be found mostly in large tackle shops or online.

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