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Featuring your advert

Featured Listing:

Cost: £1.50 per listing

Featuring your advert gives you all the options of a regular advert however it will always stay towards the top of the category and will always sit above all Regular adverts.  All featured adverts appear within multiple pages in the site and not just on the category selected. Featured adverts also benefit from being advertised across our social media platforms with a link to your listing. No personal information is disclosed within the extra advertising, just a link to the advert on the TackleMart site which means your ads exposure is greatly increased with no risk. 

  • Ideal for selling items quickly.
  • Ads remain towards the top of the specified category.
  • Ads are highlighted across the site increasing its exposure.
  • Ads appear across social media to increase exposure.
  • Featuring an advert considerably increases its likelihood of selling.