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Identifying Fraud

There is always a potential for fraud when using the internet or dealing with money. The best way to avoid fraud is to exchange money and items face to face. Paypal is also a safe way of exchanging money if posting an item is preferred but avoid using PayPal family & friends and as the payment cannot be reversed when used. The utility that will cover you is PayPal – Service alongside ‘tracking your parcel’ when posting. Please familiarise yourself with PayPal’s help pages if you have any uncertainty.

Fraudsters like to use Western Union, MoneyGram and Ukash

People often use these companies to send money abroad to friends and family, or for trade. Be suspicious if a stranger asks you to pay or wants to pay you through one of these means.

Fraudsters might email or text asking for your personal details

TackleMart will never ask you for login, password, bank or credit card details via email or text. If someone pretending to be us asks, don’t share anything or click any links.

Fraudsters may offer you our buyer protection or an online payment system; we don’t offer these so its probably a scam.

Fraudsters may ask for extra cash for fees for example brokerage or Import duties! If a seller says you need to pay extra for fees, it’s a scam. They’ll probably take your money and never send your item.

Someone may want you to post abroad and offer you more money for doing it. Careful – it’s probably a scam.

Fraudsters might say they’ve sent you more than the asking price. If a buyer says they’ve sent you too much money then asks for the surplus back, it’s probably a scam.

If you get an email that makes you suspicious, check your bank account straightaway to see if any money’s gone in. If you pay the fraudster, you’ll lose that money and won’t get the money you’re owed.

Fraud is rare so please don’t let this page put you off… All we ask is just be vigilant.