Monk Lakes Kent

Monk Lakes Fishery Guide - A full overview on the rules, prices, tips & fish on this Kent fishery

Brief Lake Overview

Monk Lakes is a popular commercial fishery complex situated in Maidstone, Kent. The fishery boasts 7 day ticket lakes and 2 members only lakes as well as a 2km stretch of the River Beult.

The complex is set within the beautiful Kent countryside and offers some fantastic views. Spanning a total size of 120 acres, the Monks Lakes fishery is one of the largest in south east England.

The 7 day ticket lakes are known as Mallard, Bridges, Puma and Match Lakes 1, 2, 3 & 4.

The 2 private lakes are known as Gard & Snipe. Within the Monk Lakes complex, species present include: Carp, Catfish, Tench (Green & Golden), Barbel, Bream, Chub, Roach, Dace.

There are also Pike present although these are only within the stretch of River.

Contact Information


Monk Lakes,

Staplehurst Road,



TN12 9BS

Tel No: 

01622 833 332



Map of Monk Lakes

The following image is a satellite view of Monk Lakes fishery:

Map of Monks Lakes

Monk Lakes Opening Times

Monk Lakes opening times are as follows for day tickets:

January - March: 07:00am until sunset

April - September: 07.00am until 19:00

October - December: 07:00 until sunset

Monk Lakes Prices

Adult Day Ticket - £10.00 for 1 rod
Adult Day Ticket - £15.00 for 2 rods
Adult Day Ticket - £18.50 for 3 rods

Adult 24hrs - £25.00 for 2 rods
Adult 24hrs - £27.50 for 3 rods

Juniors, Disabled & OAPs Day Ticket - £8.00 for 1 rod (Not on Specimen Lake)
Juniors, Disabled & OAPs Day Ticket - £10.00 for 2 rods (as above)
Juniors, Disabled & OAPs 24hrs - £20.00 for 2 rods (as above)

Specimen Lake Adult Day Ticket - £25.00 for 2 rods
Specimen Lake Adult Day Ticket - £27.50 for 3 rods
Specimen Lake Adult 24hrs - £35.00 for 2 rods
Specimen Lake Adult 24hrs - £37.50 for 3 rods

Matches & Specimen Lake are by appointment only.  To book you need to call the shop on 01622 833 332.

In Total 164 Match Pegs are available on 4 match lakes. Peg Fee £8.00 (Min 8 anglers)

Monk Lakes Facilities

Monk Lakes provides some great facilities which you would expect from a top quality

commercial fishery. These include the following:


Plenty of parking is available that is relatively central to all lakes.

Disabled Access:

The complex contains swims that provide disabled access from platforms and also offers concessions for those registered as disabled.


Yes toilets are provided at Monk Lakes. Male & Female toilets are available as well as a portable disabled toilet block located in the car park.


Monk Lakes contains a cafe that offers a variety of hot and cold food, drinks, crisps, chocolate and sweets to take away. This includes bacon, egg, sausage, burger, chicken fillet wraps or baps.  

The opening times of the cafe are currently as follows:

Mondays and Tuesdays                      Closed

Wednesdays                                          0900 – 1900

Thursdays                                               0900 – 1900

Fridays                                                     0900 – 2300

Saturdays                                               0900 – 2300

Sundays                                                  0900 – 1900

Tackle Shop:

Monk Lakes houses a small tackle shop that sells both essential tackle and a range of fishing baits including: maggots, boilies, ground baits, canned meats. The shop can be contacted on 01622 833 332.

Monk Lakes Rules


•All nets, mats & weigh-slings brought onto the fishery must be bone dry
•Cars may be used on fishery but ONLY for unloading or loading tackle
•No dogs
•No bait boats
•BBQs may be used but ONLY if raised off ground & not before 6pm
•No keepnets, EXCEPT in matches
•ALL anglers must have a landing net
•No sacking of carp - ALL fish to be returned to the water immediately in net or sling
•No fixed leads
•Barbless hooks only
•No live bait or spinning on lakes
•No nuts or beans unless supplied by Monk Lakes
•No refunds
•ALL anglers must be in possession of a National Rod Licence
•No braided main line or lead core
•Ball games and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated - offenders will be banned
•A charge will be levied for non-anglers - genuine visitors accepted
•Large fish may only be photographed at mat level
•Please use the litter bins for your lines and litter


•Prior booking only
•No Juniors
•Minimum 42" landing net
•Minimum 15lb line
•Large specimen size padded unhooking mat
•Green Bivvies only

The Lakes

As stated previously, there are nine lakes in total at Monk Lakes Fishery making it one of the most visited fishing lakes in Kent.

Two of these lakes are private and for members only. More information on the two members only lakes (Gard & Snipe) can be obtained by contacting the tackle shop on 01622 833 332.

Information on the other seven lakes that are available to fish on a day ticket or night ticket basis are as follows: 

Mallard Lake

Mallard Lake

Mallard Lake is Monk Lakes specimen water.  It is a five-acre lake with a contoured bottom, deep holes to nine feet and lily patches. Natural margins are planted with reads, rushes & iris.

This lake is only for the most experienced anglers with the correct equipment to be in with a chance of catching and more importantly to limit any harm to the fish.

The lake offers the exceptional prize of Carp to 45lbs with only a few fish under the 20lb mark. The lake gets limited to ten anglers at any one time in order to limit intense pressure on the specimen fish.

Anglers can fish three rods so there should be plenty of space to put baits in different directions to maximise any chance of catching.

Prior booking is essential for this lake and to do so you can call the tackle shop on 01622 833 332.

Species Present:

Carp: Up to 45lb

Catfish: Up to 48lb

Bridges Lake

Bridges Lake

Bridges lake is sixteen acres in size and is designed for the pleasure angler in mind. The swims are set out in a way that every angler has a feature to fish to in a natural planting of submerged and marginal water plants.

Lakes features include reed and lily beds along with the five bridges to the islands. This lake responds well to all techniques, including Carp, float and feeder fishing. There is plenty of scope for Carp fishing with a good head of Mirrors, Ghost and Common Carp, which will give the night fishing anglers much pleasure.

Bridges Lake is designed to put all anglers in a natural setting within a very picturesque part of Kent with the River Beult running just meters away. There is plenty of space between swims on Bridges lake so you can be rest assured of privacy if you so wish. Species - Carp, Barbel, Bream, Tench, Dace.

Species Present:

Carp: To 30lb+

Barbel, Bream Tench & Dace.

Puma Lake

Puma Lake

Puma Lake is ten acres in size and is a pleasure fishing lake with three islands. The margins, some of which are quite shallow, are naturally planted with reeds, rushes & iris.

There is a central gravel bar within the contours of the lake with deeper spots also present. The bottom of this lake varies greatly with many underwater features, which will make use of your angling skills. There are also a number of lily beds completing a lake full of features.

Puma is stocked with a full compliment of coarse fish, with Carp weighing in at up to 30lbs.  In the dry weather, you will be able to drive around the site and park close to some swims on this lake. With water and power close by, this lake will be convenient for all, particularly for disabled anglers.

Species Present:

Carp: To 30lb+

Barbel, Bream Tench & Dace.

The Match Lakes

Monk Match Lakes

There are four match lakes in total at the Monk Lakes complex all of which hold a good mix of different species making them ideal for booking out for matches or indeed for beginners learning the sport.

MATCH LAKE 1 - The first of the match lakes is two and a half acres in size and offers 44 pegs with bank platforms. This match lake regularly gives big bags of mixed fish.

Access is ideal with tailor made platforms across the lake that are within easy walking distance from the car park. The lake has a good mix of the different species including Carp, Barbel, Bream, Tench & Chub.

MATCH LAKE 2 - The second match lake is four acres in size and is known as "The Barbel" lake. It has 46 pegs again with tailor made platforms for ease of access.

This lake also regularly provides big bags of mixed fish and is within easy walking distance from the car park. Species present within the lake include Carp, Barbel, Tench, Chub, Bream and Roach.

MATCH LAKE 3 - The third match lake is three and a half acres in size and houses 45 pegs, again from bank platforms. This lake has a good mix of the different species, including some large surprises! Species present include Carp, Barbel, Green & Golden Tench, Chub, Bream and Roach.

MATCH LAKE 4 - The fourth match lake is the smallest of all the Monk lakes at just one and a half acres in size. There are 29 pegs on this lake with the usual bank platforms providing ease of access. Species within the fourth match lake include Carp, Barbel, Bream and Tench.

The River 

Monk Lakes River

As stated previously, Monk Lakes is fortunate enough to house a 2km stretch of the River Beult. This is the place to fish if you want to get away from it all. The stretch is formed completely of natural clay and is known for its unusual plants and creatures, particularly dragonflies.

Fishing on this section of the river can be challenging yet rewarding. The two pools that have been constructed by the team at Monk Lakes, are particularly good in times of heavy rain, where the fish will congregate to get away from the current.

Feeder fishing with a swing or quiver tip works quite well on this beautiful stretch river. Species present include Carp, Roach, Bream & Pike.

Video Footage of Monk Lakes

This video from Anglers Mail TV is a little outdated being from 2014, however has some useful information in it...

This video from new direction tackle does promote their tackle a little but there are some useful footage of Mallards Lake and some of the fish present...

Tips for Monk Lakes

There are lots of features at Monk Lakes that are more than likely to hold fish. The three islands on Puma are always a good bet with the gravel bars equally worth a shot. In the colder months, finding one of the deeper holes may pay dividends so bring your plumbing gear!

Bridges lake fishes well to the islands and also in the margins. Historically fishing at the end of the lake that the wind is blowing tends to produce more fish. The Feeder, Float and Carp tactics all work work well on Puma & Bridges. 

Mallards is a tough lake that benefits from experience and good water craft. Casting to a feature is not always the best tactic on this tricky but rewarding water.

Other than the usual maggots, pellets and boilies (that all work well at Monks), Lob worm is a good bet. Also worth a go is sweetcorn (for the Barbel & Tench), bread and even prawns can work well if looking for a point of difference.

Monk Lakes Reviews

Anglers Mail "Top Five Fisheries in Kent"
Angling Times:
"One of Britain's best mixed coarse fisheries"

Final Thoughts

Monk Lakes is a well established, well run commercial fishery that caters for the experienced specimen hunter all the way through to the beginner learning their craft.

With a great choice of lakes, plenty of space, beautiful views and great facilities, Monk Lakes is well worth a visit.

If you need any fishing tackle, please check out one of our recommended fishing tackle shops.