The Best Fishing Poles Under £500 - (Coarse & Match Fishing Poles on a Budget)

best fishing poles under £500

Poles used to be the sole territory of professional match anglers. They were considered expensive, impractical and, if you weren’t careful using one, you’d end up with a bad back.

Luckily all this has changed you can now get some of the best fishing poles under £500.

In this article we go through what to look for in a fishing pole and offer some suggestions on some affordable options.

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What is a fishing pole?

A fishing pole is a fixed line system. Essentially it's what none anglers consider a 'fishing rod' to be. A large stick with a line on the end. Of course, it’s much more complex than that.

A fishing pole doesn’t have a reel, or even that much line. You ‘cast’ simply by extending the pole out in detachable sections, you bring it in in exactly the same way. It’s called shipping in and out. You don’t really cast your rig with a pole, you ‘place’ it.

if you want to see how the best fishing poles are shipped in and out, check this video out below...

How do you play a fish using a pole?

The pole deals with the pull of the fish using super stretchy pole elastic. The angler supplements this by adding and removing sections as they play the fish. It’s a fine art, but if you master it you will catch more fish.

The best fishing poles are stiff enough to ship easily, but have enough tip action to play the fish.

Why use a fishing pole instead of a rod?

When using the best fishing poles, it's all about placing your pole float with precision. You can place your rig to inch perfect precision. You can also lift your rig in and out of exactly the same spot without ever having to reel in.

They are a really simple solution. Once you are rigged up you won’t get tangles either. Now, there is absolutely a time and a place for using a float rod in your fishing, but to get finite precision a pole does the trick.

How much do the best fishing poles cost?

If you had asked this ten years ago you would be lucky if you got any change from £2000. Nowadays you can get some of the best fishing poles really cheap, and as you will see, for much less than £500.

Ultimately the cost will depend on brand, length, material and quality. If you are just taking up the sport of angling and would like to start off with a pole, then choosing the right pole for a beginner can be more cost effective for you whilst you 'cut your teeth'.

For example a margin pole will cost less than a 16 metre all singing, all dancing luxury model. As such, its important to consider what waters you intend to fish on and what tactics you need to deploy to catch.

This way you can make an informed purchase without wasting any money on features you don't need.

One final point, all poles, regardless of price, are fairly delicate pieces of equipment and should be treated as such. For this reason its important you keep your pole clean and well maintained after every session on the bank.

What is the best fishing pole brand?

Whilst well known brands tend to be better, the best fishing poles don’t have to be branded or expensive. If they do the job, and easily and quickly catch fish then that is good enough.

If you want to go for a named brand, there a few that are well known on the match fishing circuit. Middy, Daiwa, Maver, Preston and Garbolino are very well known especially when it comes to fishing poles. 

For us though, in our experience the best fishing poles are made by MAP simply because they get the right balance of quality and price. WIth MAP you will always find everything that you need.

The Best Fishing Poles under £500


#1. Daiwa Power Carp X Pole


This pole is a true all-rounder. Daiwa have made their name as a big brand in the pole fishing market and with good reason.

The quality of this pole is truly hidden by its price tag and it performs just as well as some models that would be three or four times the cost.

For the money you will get nine sections which slot together to give you 13 metres of angling distance.

You’ll find the pole comes into its own when playing fish. The first five sections supplement the elastic with a parabolic curve action. The pole is designed to catch big fish (hence the ‘carp’ bit printed on the side) but will perform admirably for smaller species too.

At full length it is nice to hold, provided you get your posture sorted. For the best fishing pole if you have a budget this beast would make a really good choice


#2. Matrix Torque Carp Pole

Matrix Torque Carp Pole

Matrix are renowned for quality.

So when I saw a pole on the rack of my local tackle shop with their name on it at a price under £200, I had to look twice.

Yes, you did read right, under £200!

Apart from exceptional value for money this pole offers some other great features.

The inclusion of a mini strike section and the high elastic rating suggest it's built to handle the demands of catching larger fish, offering strength and flexibility.

However is still offers a degree of sensitivity in the hand that allows a bag of silvers to be caught without it feeling like a broom handle.

The ultra-durable carbon sections and glide tape finish are indicative of a high-quality construction that aims to provide a smooth fishing experience.

Overall, well done Matrix, you've made a decent pole that will serve the majority of casual course anglers at really really good price.


#3. Middy Muscle Tech 11.5 Metre

Middy Muscle Tech

Another great Middy pole here which is testament to their ability to produce great coarse fishing gear.

If you are looking to hook into something big then you’ll want a thick elastic and something that can handle it. 

This pole is super strong. It is rated to take up to 20 elastic which is more than sufficient for most types of pole fishing.

But this pole isn't just designed to deal with heavy duty fishing. It's fine balance make it just as useful when targeting silver fish.

The joints of the pole are reinforced to guard against stress and breakage. And shipping in and out is an absolute breeze as it is coated in a non-stick finish.

Seriously, this pole is top notch and for the price tag being under £300, it's a real bargain.


#4. Drennan Red Range Carp Pole


Drennan have a reputation of producing decent fishing gear since the 1960s.

This pole is no exception to this statement thanks to its solid build, subtle feel and balanced performance.

Okay so its not as long as some of the other offerings but its 11 metre length is ample enough for fishing most swims with a pole.

Priced competitively, the Red Range Carp Pole represents an excellent investment for anglers seeking quality without excessive expenditure.

It delivers a level of performance and reliability comparable to more expensive options, making it an accessible choice for those looking to enhance their fishing experience without overspending.

Best Beginners Budget Option


#5. Maver Reality 950

reality 950 Fishing Pole

Now at 9.5 metres in length you could argue that this is more of a margin pole.

And you are right, it is often used for margin fishing but it is also perfect length for newcomers to pole fishing to cut their teeth.

Maver are a quality brand that produce exceptional match and coarse fishing gear and this popular pole is no exception.

Attention to detail is evident in the pole's user-friendly design, which ensures a quick and easy setup, allowing you to make the most out of your time on the bank.

Its robust construction ensures durability and resilience, allowing you to confidently play larger fish when required. It is also sensitive enough to enjoy a session of silvers as well.

Despite its strength, the pole maintains a lightweight profile, ensuring ease of handling and a  reduction in angler fatigue during longer sessions.

And the best part?

It's price! 

If you are just starting out, this is an excellent choice.

A bit about Pole Rollers...

A pole roller is not only important to protect and maintain your fishing pole but it also helps with efficiency on the bank. Being able to ship and unship quickly will make a difference to the total amount of fish that you catch.

This is obviously more important when match fishing but when just general coarse fishing, using a pole roller just makes things easier.

There are many shapes and sizes of pole roller on the market today made by many different brands. For ease we have listed the top 5 best selling pole rollers on Amazon below:


Poles are still used by professionals; therefore, they often carry a bit of a designer price tag. But as we have proved they don’t have to be that expensive.

The best fishing pole for a basic need shouldn’t set you back any more than £500 provided you shop around.

At the end of the day a pole is only as good as the angler wielding it, so don’t feel you have to go too crazy to find the best.

Thanks for reading.

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