6 Best Fishing Scales - (Updated Guide For 2024)

We’ve all been there. You are stood with a group of fishing mates and one claims to have caught one “this big” … can you picture it? You probably have an image of one your gang with his arms spread wide whilst everyone subconsciously laughs into their pint.

But you don’t have to be that guy, you can get proof. By using fishing scales, you can accurately and easily remove any doubt.

This article is going to go through some great features of some of the best fishing scales.

best fishing scales

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What do we mean by the best fishing scales?

Let’s get to the point, when we say scales, we don’t mean the kind that you find on the side of a mirror carp.

Fishing scales are a tool used to accurately gauge how big your fish is. By using scales, you remove any doubt. Some fish are wider, some are longer, but by using weight as your datum, you are ensuring consistency and accuracy.

The best fishing scales are simply those that weight accurately and are easy to use.

How do fishing scales work?

Back in the good old days, fishing scales were powered purely by using a calibrated set of cogs and springs. If you knew how far a spring would stretch with a given force, you could work out how much something weighed based on how much it extended the spring. Now times are different.

Some of the best fishing scales are now digital. They work by converting the force of weight to an electrical impulse. The greater the impulse, the greater the weight.

Whilst similar in principle, fishing scales are slightly different then those you would find in most kitchens. With the best fishing scales, you don’t place anything ‘on’ the scale. In fact, the way they work is by suspending weight from a hook. The weight is then read from a screen. The best fishing scales will offer this data in a variety of formats.

How do you use fishing scales

The best fishing scales are generally really easy to use. First and foremost, the fish needs to be protected before even considering weighing it. The use of an unhooking mat or a cradle is an absolute necessity before placing the fish in a suitable holster, net or weigh sling. 

What is vitally important is that the fish is not injured whilst you are weighing so care really must be taken to protect the fish. It would be a poor end to catching your PB carp if you were to injure it in the process of finding out.

All fishing scales will come with a hook or loop that allows you to suspend the scales and hang the slung fish underneath. Let’s introduce an important piece of detail… As we have stated the fish must be held in something suitable in order to weigh it.

Whatever sling method you decide to use, you must take account of the weight of the sling or landing net, so you will need to weigh it empty. But the story doesn’t end there…

How to weigh your fish weight your fish in a sling or net

Depending on the method you use, you may be surprised to learn that a wet net can hold up to 4kg of water (or in fishing terms around 4lbs) … You certainly don’t want a false positive before you call the Guinness book of records. So as an addition to the above advice, weigh your net empty and wet. You’ll only need to do it once.

The best fishing scales sometimes have a feature where you can input your net weight and they will apply a correction.

Features in the best fishing scales

Ok let’s look at what goes into the best fishing scales. The first thing you want to ensure is accuracy. Digital scales are far better at this, they can provide data up to three decimal places. So even if your next catch is only 0.05lb over your previous biggest, you can be absolutely sure it’s a new personal best.

You need a secure means of holding the scales aloft whilst you perform your weighing. The best fishing scales should really have a substantial means by which to suspend your catch. Big loop and handles are ideal.

Alternatively, some scales have smaller loops that are designed to be threaded along a bank stick or pole. As a really good alternative look for “T-Bar” fishing scales. These make lifting a breeze (just mind your back).

Fishing scales should also be compact. You have enough tackle to carry and we can’t help but appreciate the irony if you choose a set that significantly increases the weight… Of your tackle box.

A big display is also a nice feature to have. The sooner you can get that weight read, the sooner the fish can go back into the water, which is only a good thing. Displays come in all shapes and sizes, but ideally what you want in the best digital fishing scales are ones that are backlit. Then you can weight your catch regardless of lighting conditions.

If you are new to weighing fish, take a peak at the video below to figure out what it is all about...

The Best Fishing Scales

As we've stated previously in this article, the best fishing scales are those that weigh accurately and are easy to use. Here are 6 of the best...

Best Overall Fishing Scales 


Reuben Heaton Standard Scales

This is our favourite and indeed a favourite of many an angler. In the 'Fishing Scales world', Reuben Heaton holds as much credibility for quality as the Rolls Royce in the motoring industry.

These scales claim to achieve accuracy of over one part in 250 which in Layman's terms means incredibly accurate! especially for a non-digital set of scales.

You can never go wrong with a set of Reubens and for this reason this is our number one choice as the best fishing scales in 2021. 

Best Budget Fishing Scales

Dr.  Meter Fishing Electronic Weighing Scales

This scale is a slightly bigger, and similar in features to some of our other offerings. The hook used to hang your sling is slightly more substantial.

The scale also features the ability to switch between units and zero your scale prior to weighing, which is a handy feature if you want to calibrate it with a wet sling attached.

best carp fishing scales

Advanta LCD Fishing Scale

Although cheap this scale represents really super value for money. It is light and compact, so won’t take up much space amongst your tackle.

It is capable of adequately holding (and measuring) weights of up to 40kg.

If you want all the data on your catch, you are in the right place. The LCD screen is also backlit.

Best Small Fishing Scales

Carousel Fishing Scales

Carousel Meter Fish Weighing Scale

This handy little scale is super. It features a blend of concepts that make it well worth a look.

The scale works like a hybrid between regular fishing scales and saves space by the scale itself becoming the ‘T-Bar’. The readings are accurate up to 2 decimal points ensuring precision.

 The display is a little small, but that’s what you have to sacrifice for a scale that is so compact. You’ll save space too, as it also contains an integral torch.

Best Heavy Duty Fishing Scales

Digital Fish Scale by Meilen Life

Now we are getting a little more serious. For heavy duty work you will want something that is easy to lift.

The substantial rubber handle fitted to this scale makes it ideal, and is comfortable to lift, even one handed. It comes with its own waterproof bag, handy for those rainy days.

It’s packed with some clever technology, it turns off automatically after 60 seconds, so you won’t run out of batteries when you need it the most.

Best Digital Fishing Scales


NGT have once again produced the goods producing function and form! This T-Bar fishing scale is the best digital fishing scale we have encountered.

Aside from the T grip it also features a handy hook, so it can be suspended as you see fit. The rubberised handles ensure a firm grip and no risk of dropping and the display is huge and easy to read.

It isn’t as small as some of our other offerings, but it makes up for this with the promise of pinpoint accuracy. Although it is a bit bigger the hook and loop fold away into the handle.

Weigh Slings and Unhooking Mats?

Alongside the best fishing scales, it makes sense to mention 2 other very important accompaniments to go with the weighing scales. A good weigh sling and unhooking mat is vital to ensure we look after the fish we seek and adore.

Although this article isn't about slings or mats, we feel it may be beneficial to you to see the latest 'best sellers' on Amazon below.


So, with any luck, you have now seen the best ‘weigh’ to go. At the end of the day all you are looking for is ease of stowage, ease of handling, and accuracy. If you can find a scale with these things you’ve got it sussed.

So there you have it, our top choices for the best fishing scales on the market today.

Thanks for reading.

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