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Tacklemart.co.uk is a business that is passionate about angling. We all seek to impart knowledge and experiences of numerous fishing trips over the years as well as the tackle used during these trips. Our aim is to provide you with informed choices via our articles to enjoy the sport as much as we do.

About Us

Founder & Writer

James Bevan

Thanks for visiting my website, Tacklemart.co.uk.

I have personally been fishing now for 30 years and my enthusiasm is the same today as when I was child.

I have a BSc hons degree in aquaculture and fishery management, and these days, I enjoy teaching and writing about the wonderful world of fishing as much as practicing it.

I have 4 young children that keep me exceptionally busy, but when I can you'll see me on a bank, in a boat or on the shore somewhere!

I hope you enjoy my site.

About Us


Scott Benson

Hi, my name is Scott and I started writing for tacklemart.co.uk, in 2021.

My profession as a pilot means I get a lot of downtime in locations all over the world. In this time I do a lot of my writing.

I love all types of fishing and am fortunate to have experienced it in many different countries, catching over 200 different varieties of fish in my lifetime.

My biggest fish to date is a Giant freshwater stingray from Thailand weighing 175kg (385lb).

Joseph Newton


Joseph Newton

Hi, My name is Joseph and I have been fishing now for 35 years.

I am particularly fond of Carp fishing but am equally passionate about general coarse fishing as well as fishing for Pike & Predators.

I have fished all across the UK as well as in France, Spain, and Croatia.

I enjoy researching and writing about waters and fisheries of all types and love using this site to impart my knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years.

About Us 2

Editor & Publisher

Harriet Porter

Hi, my name is Harriet and I Edit and publish articles on Tacklemart.co.uk.

I fell in love with fishing as a child when my father used to take me on trips away.

Some of my fondest memories were on the bank of the River Shannon enjoying some wonderful coarse fishing that ultimately got me hooked.

When I am not fishing I follow my other passion, photography, with which I am fortunate enough to have gained a BA(hons) degree in.

Alongside writing articles, we also have a good social following and our second hand fishing tackle feed and facebook page in recent times has proven very popular to those seeking to practice this fantastic sport at a more affordable price.

I hope you find my website useful and will always welcome any feedback via the contact form so I can continuously improve this facility for all anglers alike.

Many thanks for your interest in us.