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Best Carp Fishing Lines

The Best Carp Fishing Lines – (Full Guide On Carp Fishing Monos, Braid & Fluorocarbon) So, does it really matter what fishing line you choose? After all you’re going to be using a rig as part of your end tackle right? Well of course it does and the fact that you are reading an article on

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best carp rods

11 Best Carp Rods

Carp fishing rods are not created equal, and some shine in one specific area. In this article we will take a look at the best carp rods to suit every eventuality.

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best float fishing reels

The Best Float Fishing Reels

The best float fishing reels will allow you to cast a light float with pinpoint precision and reap the benefits when you are reeling in. This article will look at what goes into the best float fishing reels and details some great choices.

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best feeder reels

The Best Feeder Reels

A number of factors go into the best feeder reels. In this article, we’ll look at a couple of really good options that should help to get a bend in your rod and plenty of fish on the bank.

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best carp fishing apps

The 7 Best Carp Fishing Apps

Whether you want to log your catch, check the weather, or create a detailed diagram of your swim, we have a few suggestions for the best Carp fishing apps that should supplement your angling nicely.

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what is the best fishing line uk

The Best Fishing Line For UK Fishing

Fishing line is clearly one of the fundamentals of fishing. This article will go into depth about what things you need to consider and how you can decide on the best fishing line for you.

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Tacklemart has just launched its next phase of resources to help the UK angler. Fishing Lakes in Kent is the first of many resource pages on places to fish in the UK. The aim of these pages is to help new and established anglers find the perfect location to enjoy the wonderful sport of fishing.

Our latest article is a 5000 word beast giving an in-depth insight into the best carp rods on the market in 2021.

We hope that the ever growing list of blogs, the fishing tackle deals pages and the where to fish resources will all add value to you and all UK anglers.