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Tacklemart has just launched its next phase of resources to help the UK angler. Fishing Lakes in Kent is the first of many resource pages on places to fish in the UK. The aim of these pages is to help new and established anglers find the perfect location to enjoy the wonderful sport of fishing.

We hope that the ever growing list of blogs, the second hand fishing tackle page and the where to fish resources will all add value to the UK fisherman.

Latest Fishing Articles...

best feeder reels

The Best Feeder Reels

A number of factors go into the best feeder reels. In this article, we’ll look at a couple of really good options that should help to get a bend in your rod and plenty of fish on the bank.

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best carp fishing apps

The 7 Best Carp Fishing Apps

Whether you want to log your catch, check the weather, or create a detailed diagram of your swim, we have a few suggestions for the best Carp fishing apps that should supplement your angling nicely.

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what is the best fishing line uk

The Best Fishing Line For UK Fishing

Fishing line is clearly one of the fundamentals of fishing. This article will go into depth about what things you need to consider and how you can decide on the best fishing line for you.

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best fly fishing vests

Best Fly Fishing Vests

One of the most frustrating experiences in any type of fishing is to find that an essential piece of equipment is needed quickly and is not to hand. Fishing vests can help massively in solving this problem. This articles takes you through 7 of the best fly fishing vests on the market today.

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Best Carp Rod & Reel Combo

The Best Carp Rod And Reel Combo

Is there such a thing as the best Carp rod & reel combo? Surely one does one thing and the other does something else? This article aims to answer this question and details what to look for in the correct Carp rod & reel combo.

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How to Setup a Fishing Bite Alarm

How to Setup a Fishing Bite Alarm

In this article I advise on how to setup a fishing bite alarm and touch on some of the equipment that you’ll need.

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best bite alarms for carp fishing

5 Best Bite Alarms For Carp Fishing

Bite alarms allow anglers to relax, take in their surroundings, play on their phone, or work on their next rig without ever missing a bite. This article explains what goes into the best bite alarms for carp fishing in today’s market.

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best bite indicators for carp fishing

Best Carp Bite Indicators

As bite indication is key when hunting for large Carp, this article answers some common questions including what are the best Carp indicators on the market today.

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best carp fishing gifts

The Best Carp Fishing Gifts

This article provides you with some unique ideas on the best Carp fishing gifts for a fussy carp fisherman that literally has everything!

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Best Gifts For a fisherman

Best Gifts For A Fisherman

With fisherman generally being fussy creatures, you may need some help when picking a gift for a special occasion. This article is sure to help you in deciding on the best gifts for a fisherman who has everything.

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