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Having started as a marketplace that sold new, used and second hand fishing tackle, Tacklemart is now a platform that houses many fishing related articles that aims to help all types of anglers from across the UK.

Not forgetting our roots, however, we have moved our used fishing tackle operation onto our social media platforms. With over 13,000 followers, check out (and hopefully join) our second hand fishing tackle facebook group.

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Latest Fishing Articles...

15 top feeder fishing tips

Feeder Fishing Tips

The 15 top feeder fishing tips in this article will help gain an advantage not only over other anglers but also the fish themselves.

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Top 10 tips for cold weather fishing

Winter Carp Fishing Tips

This article takes you through 10 top winter carp fishing tips to provoke that elusive take and make the pain of sitting in wintery conditions all worthwhile.

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best online fishing tackle shops in the UK

Best UK Online Fishing Tackle Shops

This article details everything you need to know when looking for fishing tackle online and advises on 5 reputable stores that are considered some of the best UK online fishing tackle shops.

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best fishing pole brands in the UK

What Are The Best Fishing Pole Brands?

This article details 7 of the best fishing pole brands that manufacture some of the top fishing poles on the market today.

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what is coarse fishing UK

What Is Coarse Fishing

This article answers the question of what is coarse fishing as well other common questions on the sport and how to get started.

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When do carp spawn uk

When Do Carp Spawn?

This article answers some of the common questions around carp spawning, including when do carp spawn? and can you fish for carp that are spawning?

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Latest News....

We have recently secured a voucher code deal with one of our favourite fishing tackle shops (Fishing Tackle & Bait). If you are looking for some fishing tackle at a great price then checkout their latest voucher code here...  fishing tackle deals page

We also have three new articles recently published to our coarse fishing category this month. All three are comprehensive guides and details everything you need to know about the subject. These articles are titled as follows:

We hope that the ever growing list of blogs, tips and fishing tackle deals add value to you and all UK anglers.