Best bite alarms for carp fishing

The Best Bite Alarms for Carp Fishing - (Bite Alarm Sets & Budget Bite Alarms Reviewed)

Bite alarms have evolved a lot since the original 'Optonics' in the 1970s / 80s with many brands now available.

Alarms allow anglers to relax, take in their surroundings, play on their phone, or work on their next rig without ever missing a bite.

But what are the best bite alarms on the market? Does it actually matter what alarm you buy? After all they only beep at you when you have a bite!!

There are so many bite alarms on the market at the moment, with all sorts of bells & whistles, it's really hard to know what to go for, especially if you are just starting out in the sport or have a set budget.

Best bite alarms for carp fishing

In this article I will tell you what are the best bite alarms for Carp fishing based on certain circumstances and why they have been chosen.

Strapped For Time?

So if time is of the essence, I will cut to the chase. Having used and reviewed a number of alarms over the years the best ones are those that provide useful features, reliability and durability.

The best bite alarms for Carp fishing, by far, are the Delkim Txi-D Digital alarms.

Delkim have a reputation over many years for producing quality, reliable alarms and this latest version is the best yet.

There are many reasons for why these alarms are the best so read on to to see the full review or if you want to skip straight to it click here.

Now, despite being the best bite alarms for Carp fishing, the Delkims are at the higher end in terms of price point.

If you are just taking up the sport or indeed are on a budget, these alarms may not be an option for you. For this reason we also recommend a budget bite alarm that also exudes the right mix of features, reliability and durability.

So the Best bite alarms on a budget are the NGT Carp Fishing VX2 AlarmsAlthough no where as good as the Delkims, these alarms still offer a lot at a really competitive price.

Read on to find out more on what goes into choosing the best bite alarms or alternatively skip straight to the reviews. 

A bit about fishing bite alarms

Bite alarms are very popular in the Carp fishing community. They are especially popular with anglers that like to fish overnight sessions as the alarm will wake the angler when you get a 'run'. 

As many Carp anglers fish with multiple rods, they are also great for identifying which rod has the fish on and also provides anglers with a well-deserved break from constantly watching the tip of their rod for bites.

Ideally a bite alarm should be used in conjunction with a decent bobbin or swinger bite indicator for the most optimum setup.

How do Fishing Bite Alarms Work?

Bite alarms are available in many different shapes and sizes with a variety of specifications and features to choose from. Bite alarms operate via a magnetic roller wheel or a sensor that detects movement of the fishing line and triggers a sound to alert the angler.

Anglers simply attach the bite alarm to a rod holder and slot the fishing line through the sensors on the bite alarm. When a fish begins to take interest in the angler’s bait and the line is disturbed, the bite alarm will detect movement and emit an alarm.

Anglers are able to distinguish between a fish moving the hook bait and a hooked fish due to the continuous beeping as the fish takes the line, often referred to as a 'run'. You can checkout our guide on how to setup a fishing bite alarm here.

What to look for in the best bite alarms

Tone - Bite alarms often come with various tones and sounds to choose from. This is particularly helpful when fishing with multiple rods as it enables you to set different tones for each rod.

LED Lights - Many of the best bite alarms come with different colour LED light options. Light indicators are perfect for overnight fishing sessions as they allow anglers to differentiate between their rods in dark conditions.

Sensitivity - The sensitivity of bite alarms depends on what type of weather you are likely to be fishing in. If you’re fishing in windy weather, or on a water with a strong current, be sure to choose an alarm that allows you to adjust its sensitivity levels to ensure the alarm isn’t activated every time the wind blows.

Waterproofing - As Carp fishing is an all-year-round sport, anglers should expect to fish in wet weather, especially in the UK. Most bite alarm manufacturers will state that the alarm is 100% waterproof as a feature on the packaging or in the description. Be sure to keep an eye out for this as not all bite alarms are waterproof.

Snag Ears - Snag ears are a great tool for securing your rod in place in case of a big catch or a violent tug. It isn’t uncommon for rods to be pulled from the rod rest or pod in the likelihood of a side take, and in many cases, anglers have lost their rods.

Some bite alarm models come with retractable snag ears included but if not, they should certainly be considered if targeting big carp.

For information on bite alarms and how to set them up, check out our bite alarm set up guide.

The Best Bite Alarms for Carp fishing


Delkim Txi-D Digital alarms.

The Overall Best Bite Alarms For Carp Fishing

Delkim Txi-D

In the late 1970’s, Carp anglers DEL Romang and KIM Donaldson put their names together to form DELKIM. Today the Delkim brand is world famous within the Carp angling circuit particularly for producing some of the best bite alarms with the quality, second to none.

This focus on quality continued into the development of the Delkim Txi Ds. The research and production of these alarms took approximately a decade to complete and in a way I am not surprised as its predecessor was fantastic alarm and to improve it would have taken an age.

Improve it, they did however, and the new version is more sleek and compact with a few modern upgrades thrown in.

Like most decent alarms there are three main settings; Volume, Tone & sensitivity. Delkim has changed the sensitivity setting and called it 'response'.

Delkim have explained that the response label better reflects the new speed control setting. With this setting you can alter the alarms 'beep' speed without altering the sensitivity.

On testing we found this a great feature as when we set the alarm to high response but slow beep speed it enabled us to detect small movements from e.g. a line bite without thinking it was a full on run.

Also conversely you can fish a windy big pit with waves crashing in like the ocean and not have the alarms going off left, right & centre; but still have a long run of screeching beeps when it matters.  

A nice touch on the Txi-Ds is the LED brightness control and the ability to switch between nighttime and daytime mode. This doesn't sound much but when fishing the margins at night, it prevents a 'one beeper' turning your swim into the Blackpool illuminations and potentially spooking nearby fish.

The new Delkims also boast improved weatherproofing with many people reporting that there was no impact on performance with a heavy downpour or indeed by the odd full rod pod in the lake situation!

The RX-D receiver is built with as much quality as the alarm itself and is fully digital. The battery lasts an eternity and the range is by far better than any other alarms. The receiver also comes with a 'do not disturb' function which ignores minor indications and only sounds with a full-on take.

Another great feature of the receiver is the light up mode. The idea is that you turn this feature on at night and when your alarms have sounded for over 4 seconds, all the LEDs light up, affectively illuminating your surrounding area. This allows you to see your way to the rods safely without taking your bivvy and all its contents with you!

best carp bite alarms

The mute function is another nice touch that allows you to set your rods up without announcing it to the whole lake! There are also 64 different tone settings which should be ample to ensure you can differentiate your alarms from everyone else.

The TXi-D, ticks every box needed to cover every eventuality in modern day Carp fishing. These alarms are absolutely top notch and are a clear and worthy winner when judging the best bite alarms for Carp fishing.

Checkout this video to see these alarms in action:


NGT Carp Fishing VX2 Alarms

The Best Budget Carp Bite Alarms

If you are just starting out with Carp fishing or indeed are on a budget but still want some decent alarms, then look no further than the VX2s by Next Generation Tackle.

This great budget bite alarm offers quality and affordability alongside the usual features of some of the best bite alarms. Sensitivity, Tone and volume controls are all present on these alarms which is rare at this price point.

The VX2s have a solid look and feel about them and you can tell the design has been well thought out.

Overall, these alarms absolutely do the job they were intended for and as a budget alarm they offer great value to an established, casual angler or beginner learning the trade.

Other honourable mentions

In case you haven't noticed, we are Delkim Txi-D lovers however there are many decent Carp bite alarms out there that are made from reputable companies that are also very good.

As such we wanted to mention three more worthy contenders that were definitely in the running for our pick of the best bite alarms on the market today. So here they are...

Fox Micron MX Bite Alarm - 2 Rod Presentation Set

£195.40  in stock
4 new from £195.40
Free Delivery
as of 2 December 2021 21:44

Sonik Gizmo Bite Alarms - Including Bivvy Light

£231.75  in stock
8 new from £231.75
as of 2 December 2021 21:44

NGT Dynamic Bite Alarm Set with Snag Bars

£114.75  in stock
8 new from £114.75
Free Delivery
as of 2 December 2021 21:44

Final Thoughts

So in this article I have explained how bite alarms work and the features to look out for in a good alarm. In case you missed it, the best bite alarms for Carp fishing by far are the Delkim Txi-D Digital alarms.

However if these are out of your price range then our budget choice of the NGT VX2s are a worthwhile look or for more of a mid-range option, the Sonik Gizmos with its bivvy light gadget is a good option.

Whatever you choose I hope that your alarms see plenty of action and are sounding often.

Tight Lines!

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