Best Carp Fishing Bedchairs

Best Carp Fishing Bed chairs

Are you struggling with what carp fishing bedchair is best for you?

I’m not surprised as there are so many different shapes, sizes, materials, gadgets and features on fishing bedchairs these days, choosing can be a bit of a minefield.

This is why I wrote this full guide on the best carp fishing bedchairs on the market today.

There will be a bedchair option for everyone as I have picked out the most comfortable, the best compact bedchair, bedchair for lower budgets and even the best bedchair if you suffer from a bad back.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

The Best Carp Fishing Bedchairs

The following 9 bedchairs are made from reputable brands and have been chosen based on my own personal experiences with them alongside other anglers’ reviews and opinions. They are all worthy contenders for the best carp fishing bedchair on the market today.

The Most Comfortable Carp Fishing Bedchair

#1. Trakker Levelite Oval Bed System V2

Most Comfortable Carp Fishing Bedchair

Listen. I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Square beds? Forget it. At least when there are oval beds like this to be had.

Want an example of what utter fishing comfort looks like?

Here it is. There’s plenty to love. It goes something like this…

Good sleep is all about being comfortable. The shape of this bed chair for fishing will allow you to spread out a little. With lumbar supports (fully adjustable), you can customize your bed to get the perfect night’s sleep. This feature is also perfect for those looking for a suitable bedchair for bad backs.

Most comfortable bedchair for carp fishing
Good solid support underneath, ideal for bad backs

But you aren’t just after a bed. It has to be functional too, right?

Crash zips to the rescue. With this bed, you can sleep tucked in, as snug as a bug in a rug… Until your bite alarm goes off, you can spring out and have the rod in your hand in seconds.

I also really liked how easy this bed chair was to set up. Unfold it, and press the buttons on the legs.

Yep, that’s pretty much it.

The rotating mud feet ensure perfect levelling regardless of the terrain underneath, so you won’t be waking up in the morning with a headache, discovering your feet are elevated.

Check out the following video that shows all the features of the Trakker Levelite Oval V2.


Why You’ll Want It

  • 3 seasons, so perfect for most conditions
  • Easy to clean
  • Very compact when folded up
  • Super roomy

Key Features

  • Revolutionary oval shape for optimum use of space
  • Save more space inside a fishing shelter compared to a traditional bed
  • Totally flat profile for a perfect night’s sleep
  • Adjustable lumbar support for a firmer mattress
  • Double-hinged technology for compact pack-down with no parts sticking out
  • Super-quick to use; simply unclip and unfold
  • Unique patented leg mechanism – push the button and it drops to position
  • Rotating mud feet


  • Material: Aluminium/steel frame
  • Weight (without bag) 12kg
  • Weight (with bag) 15.4kg
  • Dimensions: L 210cm x W 90cm (open); L 71cm x W 90cm (closed)
  • Bed height: 33cm
  • Bed height extended: 42cm

#2. Nash MF60 Indulgence 5 Season SS4 MKII Sleep System

Best carping bedchair

Nash is a popular brand, and they tend not to do things by halves. While this bed chair is a little basic on the face of it, it excels in most areas.

Here’s why.

The finish and finer details probably make this one of the best carp fishing bedchairs out there.

The microfleece-covered mattress is something that I’d certainly consider ‘luxury’, it’s soft to the touch, and the memory foam underneath is just the right level of firmness.

If you are looking for a good all-year-rounder, it’s a worthy contender. While the basic model comes as a three-season bag, you can upgrade it quite easily to a 5 season.

best carp bedchair
The mud feet on the Nash MF60

You will probably be sleeping clothed when you are out carp fishing. Nash has thought of everything. The smooth nylon underside is easy to wipe clean and ensures that you aren’t going to get snagged up in the bedding, either when you are getting in or out.

The raised pillow section also ensures premium comfort. It won’t suit everyone, but for most, it prevents that horrible feeling you’ll undoubtedly be used to when camping where it feels like you are lying on the ground.

Anywhere it could be better?

I’ll be honest, the only thing I could find fault with is that I felt it could have done with an extra pair of legs down towards the bottom, but that’s me being super picky.

Check out the following video of the Nash MF60 Indulgence.

Considering It? Here’s Why You Should

  • Very reasonably priced. Performs as well as many more expensive carp bed chairs
  • Adjustable legs, perfect for ‘wobbly’ terrain.
  • Elastic loops to secure pillows and mattress
  • Adjustable back support

Key Features

  • Microfleece-covered MF60 memory foam mattress
  • Lumbar support
  • Zipped twin layer 3/5 season duvet


  • Approx�mattress size 212cm x 87cm x 38cm
  • Leg adjustment 38-51cm

Best 8-Leg Bedchair

#3. Fox Flatliner 8 Leg

Best 8 leg carp fishing bedchair

8 Legs, you say? Alright then, here it is.

Like Nash, Fox is an established brand, and to put it in basic terms…

They make some of the best carp fishing gear out there. This includes bedchairs.

The mattress isn’t memory foam, but it comes darn close. This is a good thing as you get all the performance without the price tag.

As with some of the other best bedchairs on our list, setting this bad boy up couldn’t be easier. The one-touch spring mechanism is patented, and if they don’t want it copied, that means it’s good.

Now listen. You are off fishing, not doing household chores like making the bed.

The good thing about this bedchair is that the folding mechanism allows you to stow it with the sleeping bag attached. Make your bed at home, open it at the venue, job done.

What’s not to love? The only thing I didn’t like, when I tried it, is that it is rectangular. Sure it looks neat, but with bivvies increasingly opting for curved walls, one could say there is a bit of a waste of space… Which is what the Mrs will say to you when you get back after disappearing for 3 nights sleeping on this thing.

Check out the following video of this bedchair in action.

Reasons Why This Could Be the Best Bedchair for Carp Fishing

  • There’s no denying its great value
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Adjustable mattress
  • Really heavy-duty construction, firm as you like

Key Features

  • Completely flat frame for maximum comfort
  • Full Lumbar support
  • New one-touch Spring Loc leg mechanism (patent pending)
  • 50mm deep mattress
  • Features 8 legs
  • Double hinges allow the bed to be packed away with the sleeping bag
  • The side tension strap design allows the bed to be folded more compact
  • Velcro strips on the central underside of the mattress


  • Material: Aluminium/steel frame
  • Weight (without bag) 12kg
  • Weight (with bag) 15.4kg
  • Dimensions: L 210cm x W 90cm (open); L 71cm x W 90cm (closed)
  • Bed height: 33cm
  • Bed height extended: 42cm

#4. Fox R1 Series Camo Bedchair

Best fishing bedchairs for carping

The truth is, when I first laid eyes on this, I couldn’t really see much difference between it and the Fox Flatliner.

But let me tell you…

They are two very different bedchairs.

What you’ll get from this 6-legged bedchair is a change in your pocket, along with something that sits firmly in the middle of the road when it comes to comfort.

What you won’t get is loads of extras. It’s pretty basic.

It doesn’t come with a sleeping bag or too many features. But you might not want them or have them already. So why pay for something you don’t need?

When would I use it? Most likely for a single-day trip or an evening only. To be honest, this probably isn’t going to be the best for multi-day trips, so real enthusiasts may want to look elsewhere. But, for a hard-wearing and great-quality summer fishing chair, why not?

Best Fishing Bedchairs
Good, solid straps on the Fox R1 Series Bedchair

What I did like was the raised and padded head section. As with the more expensive Fox Flatliner above, you will be able to fold it up with a sleeping bag inside too!

This is relatively low weight, making for a great travel chair if you have to venture further afield.

The following video demonstrates the Fox R Series Bedchairs in use.

Reasons to Buy

  • For the money, its pretty well made
  • It’s easy to carry and store, great if you’ve got an excessive amount of gear (let’s face it, who doesn’t?)
  • Nice looking camo detail
  • Easy to set up


  • Cam-free design for maximum usable width
  • Full lumbar support to ensure a firm mattress with no sagging
  • Fleece-lined, padded mattress
  • Extra padding at the head end
  • Double hinges allow for a sleeping bag to be folded inside
  • Unique side straps for ensuring the bed is compact when packed away
  • Large swivelling mud feet
  • 6 adjustable legs


  • Size: L205 x W85 x H30cm
  • Max height: 40cm
  • Folded Size: 85 x 85 x 30cm Weight: 11.6kg

Best Lightweight Carp Fishing Bedchair

#5. Trakker RLX Flat-6 Superlight Bed

best lightweight fishing bedchair

To describe this simply, I’d have to say this is one of the best budget carp fishing bedchairs out there.

A bold claim? Well, check the price and then listen to this…

Considering how cheap it is, I’d say it isn’t far off the comfort level of the more ‘premium’ carp fishing bedchairs. You aren’t going to get any ‘frills’, but what you will get is a sturdy (yet lightweight) aluminium frame with adjustable lumbar support and rugged durability.

Have you ever set your bedchair up, and had it fall mattress side into the muck?

Yep, how did you sleep afterwards?

The great thing that stood out to me with this particular bedchair is that it is free-standing, even when folded up.

Twinned with quick setup capability, this makes it pretty handy, especially if you are in a rush to get out and get fishing with minimal delay.

Oh, and one last thing.

Read the name again and then take a look at it. It is super light. Weighing in at a paltry 7kg, this is great for those with a long walk to the swim… You can even have a lie down when you get there.


The following video shows all the features on this great bedchair.

This bedchair’s standout features

  • Supremely portable
  • Pretty comfy considering how light it is
  • Sturdy frame and strong feet
  • It is adjustable to a point

Key Features

  • Super-lightweight flat bed
  • Roped mid-section offering additional lumbar support
  • Oval-gauge aluminium alloy construction
  • Super-quick to usesimply unclip and unfold
  • Will fold comfortably with a winter bag in place
  • Free-standing in closed position
  • Six-leg design with adjustable legs for maximum stability


  • Material: Aluminium / stainless steel frame
  • Weight: Approx. 7kg
  • Dimensions Open: L 214cm x W 78cm
  • Dimensions Closed: L 76cm x W 78cm

#6. Sonik NEW SK-TEK 5 Season Sleep System

best carp fishing bedchairs

When I first laid eyes on this, I assumed someone had dropped some military hardware by my front door by mistake.

Alright, I didn’t, but it this carp fishing bedchair looks the business, doesn’t it?

Sonik has been pretty smart here.

With some pretty sophisticated man-made fibres, they’ve managed to make a bag and bedchair combined in one that is both lightweight and super warm. So much so that it is rated for 5 seasons, meaning it’s one of the best all-around carp fishing bedchairs, make no mistake.

Do you know what I love about a good carp fishing bedchair? The little things.

In this case, I’m talking about the bits that you can just tell were designed by anglers for anglers.

Such as?

Take, for instance, the soft fleece-lined duvet.

It has a smoother section in the neck area to stop stubble catching. Not to mention a drawstring towards the feet to keep your toes nice and warm. It even comes with internal hand warmers.


And the goodies don’t end there. You’ll also find little bits that make this more than a bedchair. Internal pockets for bits, crash zips and wider than usual pillow are just the start.

This isn’t a bedchair, it’s a sleep system, and it shows.

Buy it. You won’t regret it.

Why I Loved It

  • There are plenty of add-ons, meaning that, although it’s a little pricey, it is well worth it.
  • One of the most comfortable carp fishing beds out there
  • Supremely warm
  • Pretty light and compact considering how much you get

Key Features

  • Xpanda attachment system for extra warmth
  • Full 5-season thickness topside and underside insulation
  • Fleece lined duvet with smooth stubble guard neck lining
  • Smooth polyester lined base for easy movement
  • Foot drawstring to eliminate cold spots
  • Internal hand warmer pockets/neck baffles
  • Oversized No. 10 coil crash zips
  • 190T ripstop outer material
  • Completely flat profile with wrap around lumbar support in both centre sections
  • Fleece lined centre section for extra warmth
  • Robust 6-leg steel and aluminium frame 100% flat profile
  • Two convenient side storage pouches


  • Dimensions: 84 W x 212 L x 45-60 H
  • Transport Size: 84 W x 87 D x 32 H
  • Weight: 13.6kg

Best Carp Fishing Bedchair For Bad Backs

#7. Trakker Levelite Lumbar Bed

Best fishing bedchair for bad backs

Those that suffer from bad backs know that the thought of doing a session using a bedchair that lacks support is enough to make you give up completely.

Fear not though…

This great offering from Trakker offers fantastic lumbar support which is the most important feature if you are looking for a bedchair when suffering with a back pain.

The matress is made from high density foam with a fleece inner and a hardwearing outer. The bedchair has a flat profile with full lumbar support throughout which really does make you feel well supported when lying on it.

Best lighweight carp fishing bedchair
The underneath support on the Trakker Levelite

The strong aluminium steel frame is supported with 6 rotating mud feet that allows for a flat and level base to rest on. The legs drop into position through the touch of a button which is a nice touch as it eliminates the need for bending and twisting when setting up.

If I had a small gripe it would be that it is slightly on the heavy side at over 11kg, but that is nothing that a decent carp barrow couldn’t help with.

In summary, this is a great bedchair that offers plenty of support and well though out features that allow for a pain free, restful sleep.

Check out this video that shows off this shows this bedchair from a users perspective.

What I like about this bedchair

  • Quick release button that prevents bending and twisting
  • Full adjustable legs and mud feet that can create a solid, flat base
  • Solid, lumbar support features that help support your back.

Key Features

  • Totally flat profile
  • Full length lumbar support for supreme comfort
  • High-density foam mattress
  • Fleece inner and hardwearing outer
  • Double-hinged technology
  • Super-quick to usesimply unclip and unfold
  • Engineered hinge design will house a 5 season sleeping bag when folded
  • Ultra-compact pack-down size
  • Push the button and the leg drops into position
  • Rotating mud feet
  • Strong aluminium and steel frame
  • Free-standing in closed position


  • Material: Aluminium / Steel frame
  • Weight: 11.5kg
  • Dimensions Open: L 215cm x W 87cm
  • Dimensions Folded: L 75cm x W 88cm
  • Leg Height: 30cm closed, 40cm extended

Best Budget Carp Fishing Bedchair

#8. Daiwa Black Widow 6 Leg Bedchair

Best budget Carp Fishing Bedchair

If you’ve been carp fishing for more than a minute, you’ll already know that Daiwa is strong in the game. From rods to reels and everything in between, they’ve been the go-to choice for anglers for the best part of the last century.

Is their offering of a bed chair up to their usual standards?

Based on how little you’ll have to fork out for something that’s pretty comfy, I’d say, yes, it is.

Here’s why.

It may look a bit functional and basic. Still, when you consider that all the little add-ons amount to hundreds of pounds, you can see why Daiwa has managed to make you a significant saving while also offering sturdy build quality.

The truth of it is that, should you be successful in your aims, you want to be out of bed as often as possible and pulling in carp hand over fist. Spending hundreds, if not thousands, on ‘the best carp fishing bedchairs’ might not be the way to go.

At 9.2kg, it is pretty easy to carry and it folds down pretty flat. With a wipe-clean vinyl finish, it’s an easy cleaner as well.

Best budget fishing bedchair
The Daiwa Black Widow Bedchair Folded

For affordable functionality that might offer you the opportunity for the odd snooze, it is not too shabby.

The Standout Features

  • Rugged and basic construction
  • Comfy padded head section
  • Hard-wearing steel frame
  • High backrest, offering support as a chair as well as a bed

Key Features & Specifications

  • Weight 9.2kg
  • Back rest height 51.5cm
  • Dimensions 210cm x 80cm
  • Min Height 30cm
  • Max Height 40cm
  • Folded dimensions 81cm x 83cm x 23cm

#9. Solar Tackle UnderCover Bedchair

Best carp fishing bedchairs

Have you ever been nodding off down by the swim and inadvertently rolled off the bedchair?

Yep, we’ve all been there.

With this budget end carp fishing bedchair, there is no danger of that. It looks more like a cot than a chair. With a concave shape and a lip going around the entirety of the frame, you’ll stay in place for the night.

Is the camo finish overkill? We are all for looking the part. Solar Tackle has done a pretty good job of making this blend into the background, so you won’t spook the fish, even in the brightest daylight.

The 600D mattress was surprisingly comfortable, both for sitting and lying. Is it as comfy as some of the other bedchairs? No, not quite. But pound for pound, it certainly comes bloody close!

As with the more expensive bedchairs from more famous brands, you’ll also be able to fold it with a sleeping bag attached. This is great for when you set off and even better when you’ve got the Mrs on the phone demanding you come home from fishing right now!

Here’s Why Its Great

  • Super stable frame
  • I found the shape fitted perfectly with the curved wall of my bivvy
  • The DPM finish is a nice touch
  • The PVC backing won’t soak up liquids, making it very easy to keep in tip-top condition.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Padded mattress with 600D, PVC backed, camouflage fabric
  • Twin-pivot hinges to allow the bedchair to fold flat, even with a sleeping bag attached
  • Retension strap to hold legs in place and bed closed when packed away
  • Solar Mud Feet
  • Dimensions (cm): 206 x 77 x 34

Final Thoughts

The best carp fishing bedchairs need to be strong, yet lightweight. They also need to be able to fold fairly flat for easy transportation and, obviously, be comfortable to lie on.

All of the bedchairs featured in my list can be considered one of the best fishing bedchairs on the market today and which one is actually the best for you will depend on your specific circumstances.

I hope you have found this guide useful and that you have a clearer picture of what bedchair should be in on your shopping list.

Thanks for reading.

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