11 Best Fishing Boots (Complete UK Guide On Top Angling Boots)

Best Fishing Boots UK

Fishing with cold or wet feet can really spoil your day. Sitting with two blocks of ice is no fun at all.

The good news is that with a little planning and a read of our guide, your toes are going to be as snug as a bug in a rug.

In this article, we will show you the best fishing boots for a variety of fishing situations and explain one or two of the things that make our selections so great.

Let's lace up and head down to the water…

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What To Look for In The Best Fishing Boots?

While it isn't hard to choose a decent pair of fishing boots, you do need to carefully think about what is going to be best for your chosen venue and style of fishing.

Sure, a thick pair of fur-lined wellies might be perfect for carp fishing in winter. Would they be as much use for a roving fly fisherman in the summer?

Probably not.

Several things go into the best fishing boots. You need to consider the following: -

  • Support – Where are you going to do the majority of your fishing? Nice sandy beaches? Rocky terrain? The thick mud of a well-trodden riverbank? The answer to the above will dictate the kind of boots you need.
  • Grip –  If your boots don't give you purchase on the ground underneath, what's the point? Be sure to choose a pair that offers a really great grip on a variety of surfaces.
  • Breathability – Sweaty feet can lead to all sorts of problems. Ideally, a good pair of fishing boots will still allow your feet to breathe.
  • Waterproofing – This, along with good insulation, is a biggie. There isn't a pair of boots on earth that will keep your feet warm if they are soaked through with water.
  • Weight – Are you going to be walking a long way or need to be mobile? Heavy, clumpy boots can make your trip down to the swim harder than it needs to be. Pick something suitable for the walk.
  • General comfort – There is only one thing we hate more than cold and wet feet.  Cold, wet and sore feet. You've never known pain until you've rubbed your feet raw on the way down to the swim, with the constant thought all day of having to walk back. Do yourself a favour, pick a pair of boots that are comfortable.

What Are the Different Types of Fishing Boots?

Fishing boots is a little bit of a catch-all term. In fact, there are as many kinds of fishing boots as there are kinds of fishing.

Here are some examples of the types of fishing boots you are likely to see: -

  • Fly fishing boots
  • Carp fishing boots
  • Boat fishing boots
  • Wading boots
  • Rock fishing boots
  • Beach fishing boots
  • Waterproof boots
  • Saltwater boots
  • Kayak fishing boots

What Are the Best Fishing Boots?

Let's be honest.

There isn't going to be one pair of fishing boots that will be perfect for every type of fishing. However, what you can do is see the best individual pair for each fishing discipline.

Here are some wonderful examples of the best fishing boots, depending on where you are going and what you are doing.

The Best Carp Fishing Boots

Best Fishing Boots UK

#1. Korda Kore Kombat Boots

Korda is a huge name in carp fishing, so you can be sure that these are custom built for their job.

Carp fishing involves long walks with lots of gear over questionable terrain, so you will want something as close to a pair of walking boots as you can get.

These have loads of features that will make them great for carp fishing.

Such as…

Easy donning for when you need to spring up out of your carp fishing sleeping bag in the night.

Oh, and they are also waterproof, making them great for a long day session regardless of the weather. And by 'waterproof' we mean that you can stand in the water too!

The tread on the sole offers a superb grip, meaning you can keep your footing when battling your new PB.

We've got a great guide here on other types of carp fishing clothing, check it out.

If you aren't interested in fishing in all weathers, this article might give you some ideas for the next time you go carp fishing.

The Best Fly Fishing Boots

Best Fishing Boots In The UK

#2. Wychwood SDS Gorge Wading Boots

Trust us when we say this.

You want your wading boots to be lightweight with excellent drainage. Lugging half of the river along gets tiring, fast!

When wading, you need a lot of support and grip as it is all too easy to slip and turn your ankle. Fortunately, these boots offer both.

There are loads of little extra features that make these wading boots great.

The locking D-rings prevent laces from coming undone at the wrong moment. We particularly like the looped pull cord, making donning a breeze.

Oh, and before we forget, they've got toe protection too!

Best Fishing Boots In The UK

#3. Vision Atom Felt Wading Boot

For slippery bottoms (behave), you'll find felt soles offer much better purchase than studded or rubber soles.

They are also exceptionally lightweight too!

With hook fastening ankle loops, you'll be guaranteed lots of support too, just what you need when navigating unseen underwater terrain.

We would have liked to have seen just a little more drainage holes; however, we can overlook it for the money. These are excellent boots for fly fishing.

If you are feeling a little encumbered when fly fishing, why not go hands-free? Here are some great examples of fly fishing vests.

The Best Sea Fishing Boots

Best Fishing Boots UK

#4. IMAX Boots

As with most of your sea fishing tackle, sea fishing boots need to be a little more heavy-duty.

These are somewhat of a cross between walking boots, wellies and wading boots, giving you footwear that is master of all-terrain.

It can get cold out on your mark. 

These boots feature a heavily padded Thinsulate insulation keeping your toes nice and toasty.

Saltwater is super corrosive. The laces and lace eyes are coated in a saltwater resistant layer to keep your boots looking their best.

The standout feature of these boots is how light they are. It can be a long walk down to your favourite sea fishing mark. There's no need to make it any harder.

Our advice? Pair these up with a great pair of sea fishing waterproofs, and you'll be covered all year round.

The Best Boots for Rock Fishing

Best UK Fishing Boots

#5. Snowbee Rockhopper Wading Boots

If you're the type that likes to be walking along, in and out of rock pools and perched precariously above crashing seas, we've got something special for you.

Snowbee have come up with something that is part rock climbing shoe, part rock fishing boot, and the results are impressive.

The feature that will stand out as soon as you see them is the substantial rubber spikes.

These are augmented by a series of steel spikes too.

This ensures a firm and rock-solid grip on practically any terrain. Yes, that does include weed, rocks, and pretty much anything you stand on.

The neoprene of the upper is also lightweight and quick-drying, which you will need as these boots are designed to get wet!

The Best Winter Fishing Boots

Best Fishing Boots UK

#6. Savage Gear Polar Boots

Winter fishing isn't for everyone, but it is time to get properly kitted out if you are a hardcore enthusiast.

These boots could make an ideal part of your ensemble.

While they may look a bit chunky, they are surprisingly lightweight. 

These boots are lined with luxurious fur and come complete with ankle drawstrings ensuring a nice tight fit.

The warmth doesn't end there, though. The soles are actually hollow. This means that there is a cushion of air between your delicate soles and the cold ground, keeping your feet warm.

They also give a decent bounce when walking, preventing foot fatigue.

Think of these boots a little like a pillow and duvet for your feet and ankles. They are actually pretty luxurious.

The Best Waterproof Fishing Boots

Gurger Fishing Boot

#7. GURGER Men's Wellington Boots

Hate wet feet?

Yeah, us too!

Here's the answer.

These boots aren't your bog-standard wellies. Far from it. The half ankle design gives you greater freedom of movement and comfort.

They are perfect for slipping on quickly too, so if you are doing a spot of night fishing, you don't miss bites while tying your laces.

Let's face it. The 100% outer rubber casing isn't going to offer much in the way of breathability. Still, to stop moisture from outside getting in, there is no better choice.

The Best Wading Boots

Best Fishing Boots UK

#8. Leeda Profil

If you've fished for more than about a minute, you can't be unaware of the name Leeda.

They are one of the biggest in fishing.

As a result, you can expect to find a custom made solution in this great wading boot.

The rubber wading sole is designed for most underwater terrain, both rocks and mud and is backed up with a substantial multi-directional grip pattern (yep, falling backwards does hurt as much as falling forwards).

When you are all geared up and kitted out, tying those laces can be a pain, not so here. They are super simple.

It should be noted that they don't have a hook and loop system, however.

You'll also have the option of screwing in studs, so if you need a little extra grip, you are covered.

Best Fishing Boots In The UK

#9. Vision Atom Wading Boot

Part of the fun of fly fishing is roving and travelling about, and for that, you'll need lightweight comfort.

These boots have it in abundance.

The felt soles keep the weight down and also offer excellent grip on particular slippery surfaces. 

We particularly like how wide this boot opens, allowing you to fit a big old foot, complete with wading sock in without any effort at all. This also helps when you have additional layers on you for the boot to fit over such as a fishing bib and brace.

Another standout feature is the neoprene upper and cushioning.

Aside from a super soft step, you'll also find that they dry out really quickly, making your walk home (with a bag full of trout) just a little easier.

If you aren't a fan of felt soles, you get the best of both worlds as there are ports where you can screw in a few studs if you need to.

The Best Lightweight Fishing Boots

Best Fishing Boots UK

#10. Prologic Bank Bound Camo Trex Boot

Like to get out and about when you are fishing, these boots are a great all-rounder in several situations.

While they are supremely lightweight, they have a hidden feature.

They are also water-resistant.

This makes them a great choice during the warmer months with inclement weather.

You'll almost certainly look the part. The disruptive pattern material will certainly make you look like the expert angler.

The grip on the sole is pretty aggressive. This is just what you want if you will be navigating different terrain on your fishing travels. 

You can be a little flexible in your approach if you want a touch more mobility. These boots are available in medium and high cut editions.

The Best Fishing Boots on A Budget

Blackrock Chukka Work Boots

Blackrock Leather Chukka Boots

Don't want to break the bank, or don't go fishing enough to warrant blowing your cash on premium fishing boots?

Don't worry, here's we've got you (and your feet) covered.

These super cheap boots for fishing will still be a great investment for protecting your feet.

The anti-slip sole should make them a good choice over tricky terrain, and the steel toe caps will stop you from jarring your digits on rocks.

While they aren't luxurious regarding insulation, there isn't much that a thick pair of fishing socks isn't going to fix!

One awesome feature is that these boots are waterproof. They essentially tick all of the requirements for fishing boots, but without the designer price tag!

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options when it comes to great fishing footwear.

The best fishing boots will be comfortable, keep your feet warm, and provide a degree of protection. Both from underwater hazards and the elements.

Provided you can find a boot that fits these criteria, your feet will be in good shape. Our list of boots in this article, should give you plenty to go at.

If you are considering actually getting in the water at some point then you may be interested in our detailed article on the best fishing waders right here.

Thanks for reading.

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