Best Pike Fishing Line (6 Top Mono & Braid Predator Lines)

Best line for pike fishing

Let’s face it, in the angling world pike are hardcore! Their predatory, hard-fighting nature makes them a sought-after species by many anglers. But to catch them, your gear needs to be up to scratch and this very much includes the line you use.

In this article, I will talk you through the best pike fishing line that many top pike anglers are using to catch those fiery predators.

I’ll also answer some of the common questions we get on the subject including the ongoing debate of monofilament vs braid for pike fishing.

But first, let’s get straight into the best pike fishing line that I, and many experienced pike anglers recommend…

Best Pike Fishing Line – Quickly answered…

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What To Look For When Choosing A Pike Fishing Line

There are certain attributes that a pike fishing line must contain to make it a suitable option when fishing for predators. These attributes are what we have used to test, compare and score the lines to decide which are considered the best. These key attributes are as follows:

Strength & Abrasion Resistance

This attribute is one of the most important when predator fishing. Pike are hard-fighting fish and like to frequent areas of cover such as weed and snags so they can ambush their prey. They are also exceptionally good at finding these safe havens when hooked so a strong and abrasion-resistant line is paramount to the fish being landed safely.


Just because strength and abrasion resistance are important factors when picking a line for pike fishing, doesn’t mean you have to be fishing with, what seems like, rope. Subtlety is also an important feature of a decent line as it not only allows you to feel and appreciate the playing of the fish more but also allows you to tempt a bite in the first place.

This is because a thinner more subtle line will be less visible to the fish and make your bait look more natural.


Visibility is a similar attribute to subtlety in the way that it aims to make your bait both natural and tempting to the fish. In simple terms, if the fish can see your line, it won’t take your bait. We have assessed this criteria by comparing the colour of the line against the substrate that it is designed to imitate. For example, we have compared a weedy colour line against its visibility in weedy waters.

Knot Strength

Some lines are a dream to tie knots with and some are an absolute nightmare. But it’s very important that the knot is tied correctly to maximise its strength and eliminate the risk of unnecessary crack-offs. In our testing, we have tied many different knots and applied equal amounts of pressure on them to ascertain how effective the line is at tying knots.

Casting ability

The casting ability of a fishing line is often affected by its diameter as well as its ‘memory’. The memory of a line basically means how much it coils. The more coils in a line when it is cast, the more resistance there is and, as such, distance and accuracy will be compromised. When scoring casting ability, accuracy and distance have both been tested.

The Best Lines For Pike Fishing Reviewed

The following 6 predator lines scored highly when tested and are considered good quality by many expert pike anglers. I explain why they are considered the best and rated them against the key attributes mentioned above:

#1. Power Pro Braid

Power Pro Braid - Best Pike fishing line

Overall rating

Strength & Abrasion Resistance9.8
Knot Strength9.9
Casting Ability9.8

PowerPro has created one of the best braids on the market here. It is an almost perfectly smooth braid, so it doesn’t tangle easily and casts exceptionally well. It has very little stretch too. So, whether you want to use a heavy lure, cast a long distance, or fight really big fish, you can do it all with this braid and more.

Why is this line one of the best?

Unlike some other braids, the PowerPro braid is really easy to tie and holds knots really well. This makes a huge difference, as not only is it easier and quicker to get fishing, the breaking strain of the braid goes unchanged during knotted sections, so you’ll still have all the power you need to land a fish. The casting characteristics of this braid are also unmatched by the majority of pike braids. It casts effortlessly to distance and is as precise as most mono lines.

Who’s it ideal for?

If you are after really big pike, this braid is a great choice. It is available in loads of breaking strains up to 88lbs and down to 6.5lbs, allowing you to customise which line you use for all situations. Whether you want to cast long distances with precision or you are facing a water with loads of abrasive obstacles, this is the braid to use.

Benefits and Drawbacks of The Line


  • Smooth, slick, and doesn’t get caught up on guides.
  • Ties quickly and easily
  • Maintains excellent performance over time.


  • Cannot be used on some fisheries in the UK (this is true for all braids, though)

Did you know…

#2. Daiwa J-Braid X4

Daiwa J-Braid X4 Dark Green - on eof the best pike fishing braids

Overall rating

Strength & Abrasion Resistance9.8
Knot Strength9.1
Casting Ability9.6

The J-Braid range has already created waves in the fishing line world, and with the arrival of the X4, everyone is covered for all of their braid needs. This has a four-strand construction, so it is a bit lighter than the X8 range, but this offers more options for those looking for a lighter line.

Why is this line one of the best?

J-braid is available from 0.07mm right up to 0.33mm and from 5.5lb to 41lbs. It is perfectly smooth and round and doesn’t coil around the spool. As such, casting and presentation are near perfect with this braid. For spinners and lures, it is ideal, and the extreme robustness means you can tackle any fish in any water and land them.

Who’s it ideal for?

This braid is ideal for just about every pike angler. Thanks to the various breaking strains and diameters available, if you’d like a lighter line to feel the fight, you have that option. Or if you prefer a heavier line to ensure you land a really hard-fighting pike, you have that option too. Plus, this line is available in loads of spool sizes. It is really inexpensive for the quality, so you can buy a few spools and ensure you’re covered for every fishing scenario.

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Line


  • Available in all sizes and breaking strains a pike angler may need
  • High quality and inexpensive
  • Easy to cast precisely


  • Can be tricky to knot, but you will get used to it.

Did you know…

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#3. Berkley Connect CM90 Mono

Best Pike fishing mono line - Berkley Connect CM90 Mono

Overall rating

Strength & Abrasion Resistance9.1
Knot Strength9.1
Casting Ability9.2

Berkley makes this Connect CM90 Mono in the USA. And if there is one type of fishing that the Americans strive to perfect over any other, it would be lure fishing. As a result, this line has been perfectly designed to fish a lure for wild, big and untamed fish.

Why is this line one of the best?

This monofilament is highly abrasion resistant and has a much higher sink rate than other lines. Combine this with its dark, green colour, you have a perfect line for murky or weedy waters. There are also various diameters and breaking strains available to dial in your tackle to suit the fishing situation you’re faced with.

Who’s it ideal for?

Thanks to the super-strong casting properties of this line, it is ideal for fishing with lures at distance. The line will all but disappear in weedy situations, and the high tensile strength ensures that even the wildest of pike won’t be able to break off before you land them.

Pros & Cons of The Line


  • Extremely strong yet low profile
  • Ideal for casting longer distances and to precise areas
  • Available in 1200m spools, so you’ll have plenty for a few fishing seasons.


  • The weedy green can be noticeable in certain lakes and rivers, but other colours are available.

Did you know…

#4. Berkley Whiplash 8 Braid

Berkley Whiplash 8 Braid

Overall rating

Strength & Abrasion Resistance9.9
Knot Strength9.4
Casting Ability9.1

Berkley is back on the list of best pike lines with 300 metres of some of the best braid in the business. This braid is perfectly round and smooth, so casting with it is just as easy as it is with the Berkley monofilament.

Why is this line one of the best?

This line is extremely durable and available in some massive breaking strains, right up to 87lbs. So, if you’re going after big Pike, this is the fishing line to depend on.

Thanks to the excellent construction and technology, though, even the heaviest line is only 0.25mm in diameter. As such, the casting attributes of this line are really impressive. You can precisely reach any area you want to fish and get ready for a predatory take.

Who’s it ideal for?

Due to the high breaking strains available in this braid, we recommend this braid to anyone who is fishing for larger predators or fishing close to snags.

Pros & Cons of The Line


  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Smooth, quiet and designed for long and fast casting
  • Can be used in fresh and salt water.


  • Only available in big breaking strains (24lbs is the smallest available).

#5. Sufix Advance G2 Clear Monofilament Line

Suffix Advance predator fishing monofilament line

Overall rating

Strength & Abrasion Resistance9.1
Knot Strength8.6
Casting Ability8.6

The Sufix Advance G2 monofilament line is supple and sensitive. This means you can identify bites much more clearly with this line than others. This characteristic also aids in very subtle and precise presentations, so it is perfect for stalking situations or where accuracy makes the difference between hooking a fish or not.

Why is this line one of the best?

This line is ideal for pike fishing for various reasons, but its amazing abrasion resistance makes this a great choice. The monofilament is coated using a magnetic extrusion process. This highly durable coating ensures you get all the great benefits of monofilament but a much more durable line to help combat break-offs from powerful fish.

Who’s it ideal for?

We think this fishing line is ideal for any angler who needs stealth and precision. The clear colour completely disappears in water, and the coating ensures that a rough river or lake bed won’t compromise the line while you’re waiting for that elusive bite.

Pros & Cons of The Line


  • Available in lots of breaking stains and diameters
  • Can be used on most fishing venues in the UK
  • 50% less stretch than normal monofilament ensures perfect lure control


  • The smaller breaking strains may be a bit too sensitive for waters with smaller predators.

#6. Savage Gear Soft Fluorocarbon

best pike fishing fluorocarbon line

Overall rating

Strength & Abrasion Resistance8.9
Knot Strength9.1
Casting Ability8.3

For those pike anglers looking for a completely invisible line to catch pike off guard, this fluorocarbon line is ideal. It has an amazingly high knot strength and is nice and soft. The softness of this line ensures that your bait or lure is presented perfectly and there is zero resistance from the line during the bite. So, the pike won’t suspect a thing until you strike.

Why is this line one of the best?

This is one of the best leader lines on the market because it is UV and chemical-resistant, so it will last a really long time. It is non-absorbent, so the properties of the line won’t change during the fishing session or if you reuse it. And the super soft formula is tough enough to withstand the fight but offers excellent bait and lure presentation as well.

Who’s it ideal for?

This is an excellent leader line in situations where stealth is crucial. It is also excellent for very wary fish. As this line disappears in the water and it is super soft, the pike won’t realise there is a line until it’s too late. So, if you fish in heavily fished venues, this line may make all the difference.

Pros & Cons of The Line


  • Virtually invisible
  • Smooth, soft and tough
  • Available in 21lb and 33.5lb


  • Only available in two sizes


Here are the answers to some of the most common questions received on fishing lines for predators:

What Pound Test Line Should I Use For Pike?

Pike are torpedo-shaped and full of muscle which means they swim fast and fight hard. For this reason, the line you use should have a high pound test rating to it.

The absolute minimum breaking strain you should use for pike is 12lb and even then this should be in snag-free waters. The ideal pound test would be between 15 and 20lb for mono and around 30lb breaking strain with braid.

Is Braid or Mono Better For Pike Fishing?

The vast majority of pike anglers now use braid for pike fishing dues to its low stretch, responsive nature and abrasion-resistant properties. There are some fishing situations however where mono is the better option. As a general rule, mono is the better choice for fishing with live baits and trolling whereas braid better suits a static dead bait and spinning.

Final Verdict & Conclusions

The best pike fishing lines are those that are strong and abrasion resistant, yet subtle. The line should have limited visibility in the water and sufficient knot strength to cater for hard and fast lunges from the fish. They should also allow you to cast accurately and at the required distance.

The 6 pike lines featured in this article, are all excellent choices that are tried and tested and contain all the required attributes to make them great options for your predator fishing.

Here is a summary of the lines tested and a comparison of their final ratings:

Rank Line Overall Rating
1 Power Pro Braid 9.5 Latest Price
2 Daiwa J-Braid X4 9.3 Latest Price
3 Berkley Connect CM90 Mono 9.1 Latest Price
4 Berkley Whiplash 8 Braid 9.1 Latest Price
5 Suffix Advance G2 Clear Mono 9.0 Latest Price
6 Savage Gear Soft Fluorocarbon 8.9 Latest Price

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