The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods - (Travel Rods in 2024 Reviewed)

Updated 22/2/2024 - James Bevan

In this article i'll explore some of the best telescopic fishing rods in the UK today and what you should look out for when considering a purchase.

The recommended telescopic rods featured in this article are as follows:

1. Fox EOS Pro Tele

2. Daiwa Megaforce Telescopic All round Fishing Rod

3. X5 MAX Travel Fishing Rod

4. Shakespeare Cypry Carp Telescopic Rod

5. Smuggler 6 Travel Fishing Rod & Case

Are telescopic fishing rods any good?

It depends what you are looking for? Being completely honest, a telescopic fishing rod is never going to outperform a nice three-piece or two-piece rod for a given task. However, what you lose in performance you gain in portability.

A telescopic fishing rod will fit just about anywhere. The boot of the car, a suitcase, or even on your back whilst you go for a walk.

Depending on what your discipline is you’ll see that there is a rod for every occasion. In fact, one of my suggestions today is one rod for all occasions. Try finding that with a two-piece rod!

If you go for something that is of high quality then you should find that there isn’t too much difference in performance.

In fact, some telescopic rods nowadays are actually really very good. I wouldn’t advise you turning up to a match with one, but for something that allows you to get out and have a fish they are a really brilliant solution.

Considerations on the best telescopic fishing rods in the UK?

You’ll want a rod that is lightweight. It is no use ensuring portability if you arm is ready to drop off from using it. This includes being light enough to transport when you are on the go too.

As far as rod action and length goes, you are going to be slightly limited on both fronts. Joints are weak points even on the best fishing rod. Telescopic rods have more joints therefore they are inherently not quite so strong. The longer the rod, the more joints. Go figure.

The best rod will also be determined by what you are intending to use it for. If you are intending to go carp fishing and spodding, i'm afraid with telescopic rods you might be out of luck.

However if you are considering some light float fishing on a small Stillwater, or are looking for a compact stalking rod for the margins or perhaps casting a few mackerel feathers is your thing then there are lots of portable solutions.

If you have 10 minutes free you can see a classic rod compared to a telescopic rod in the video below

Here are my suggestions for the best telescopic fishing rods in the UK...


Fox EOS Pro Tele

Fox EOS Pro Tele Image

This telescopic fishing rod is a real gem as it offers fantastic value for money but yet has a real solid build to it.

The makeup of the rod allows it to be very versatile making it perfect as a general all-round coarse fishing telescopic rod.

I actually used this rod for feeder fishing on a recent trip to a holiday park lake and it was absolutely superb.

The rod stands out for its lightweight low resin carbon construction, ensuring ease of use and durability.

It features SLIK Air guides for smoother casting, an anti-frap tip to prevent line tangling, and a high-quality 18mm reel seat for secure reel attachment.

The rod's design is both sleek and functional, with understated cosmetics and a matt black finish, complemented by a full shrink wrap handle for a comfortable grip in all conditions.

This combination of features makes it an excellent choice for anglers seeking a blend of performance and convenience.


  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • SLIK air guides designed to reduce friction
  • Suitable for most types of fishing
  • A great option for kids
  • A comfortable, full shrink handle
  • Amazing value for money


  • Not as good looking as some other rods but it makes up for this with its solid build and versatility


Daiwa Megaforce Telescopic Fishing Rod

Daiwa Megaforce Telescopic Fishing Rod

Daiwa have surpassed expectations and have made something which is, quite frankly, an absolute beast of a rod.

Depending on which model you choose you will be able to cast anything up to 300g! that’s not that off half a kilo.

Fighting a fish with that blank regardless of its size will be no problem at all. Due to the rating of the rod you will be able to use it for whatever type of fishing takes your fancy. T

he 70-150g rod will cover you for a variety of situations.


  • Made with Premium lightweight titanium oxide
  • Can cast quite far
  • Great All-round rod
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • Could do with one or two more rod guides on the 7 foot version


X5 MAX Travel Fishing Rod

X5 MAX Travel Fishing Rod

Although this rod isn't technically a telescopic rod, it serves the same purpose in being very compact and lightweight.

The brand 'Rigged and ready' seem to be good at making multipurpose setups. Here is another one which has actually exceeded my expectations.

The rod is lightweight and pretty strong. And the carry case is practically bombproof. 

If I told you you can use this rod for just about anything would you believe us? Well you should, because its true, spinning, float, and even fly fishing. The reel seat is moveable to ensure you can get it set up just right.

You’ll be able to cast all the way up to 50g with this little setup, again achieved by providing interchangeable end sections.

It is small enough to fit in airline carry on baggage too so if you are off to the sunshine it makes the ideal travelling companion.


  • Extremely compact
  • Comes in a good quality travel case
  • Different length combinations in one kit
  • Moveable reel seat is a great, convenient feature.


  • Not telescopic so lots of pieces to maintain.


Shakespeare Cypry Carp Telescopic Rod

Shakespeare Cypry Carp Telescopic Rod

Ok so I might have been wrong about casting big weights a long way. The reason I say this is that this 12ft telescopic rod has a 3lb test curve which is more than adequate to get quite a substantial bait out there.

This is definitely one of the best telescopic fishing rods in the UK today.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from Shakespeare. This would make an ideal rod for carp fishing or at a push you could even use it next time you head down to the seaside, just don’t try throwing a 5oz lead with it.


  • Very strong rod
  • A good length for a telescopic rod
  • Ideal for specimen or sea fishing
  • Through action blanks adds subtlety to its power.


  • Not really balanced for general 'light tackle' fishing


Smuggler 6 Travel Fishing Rod & Case

best telescopic fishing rods in the uk

If you aren’t quite sure where you want to use your telescopic rod, but want flexibility and options then this is an ideal solution.

This rod packs into a small tune that’s only just over a foot long. It is strong and pretty much unbreakable.

The beauty of this rod is that it has two different casting weights depending on what you want to do with it.

This is achieved by using two different detachable tips. Go for the 20g tip and you have a nice lightweight rod for some float fishing or delicate spinning.

Attach the 40g tip and you’ll have a light ledgering rod for carp or sea fishing. The British designed quality components in this telescopic rod shouldn’t let you down.


  • Two different attachable tips for versatility
  • Comes with a good solid case.
  • A good all-round fishing rod
  • Nice sleek finish


  • Not telescopic so lots of pieces to maintain.


Even I was surprised by what these rods offer. My advice would be pick a model based on what you will use it for not what you might.

My list of the best telescopic fishing rods in the UK will all perform more than adequately, provided they aren’t deployed in a role that doesn’t suit them.

In that sense they are certainly no different than any other conventional rod.

If you need any fishing tackle please consider visiting one of my recommended online fishing tackle shops.

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