The Best Fishing Chairs With A Rod Holder (Full Guide on coarse fishing feeder chairs with accessories) 

the best fishing chairs with rod rest

Whether you’re an avid carp or coarse angler, you will understand the importance of comfort for those long days on the bank.

With the unpredictability of fishing, waiting for your rods to spring into action can be a tiresome task, especially if you are not properly supported.

Fishing chairs with a rod holder offer the best of both worlds; with the practicality of a seat box and the comfort levels of a lounge chair, it is widely known that a fishing chair can make your day on the bank much more comfortable.

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The best fishing chairs with a rod holder:

1. Middy MX-100 Feeder Recliner Fishing Chair

2. Korum X23 Accessory Chair

3. Steel Fishing Accessories Chair

4. Maver MV-R Feeder Chair

Read on to see more information for fishing chairs with a rod holder and other accessories.

As angling is a waiting game as much as it is a skilled sport, you could be the best angler in the world and still spend your day waiting for a bite. Fishing chairs prevail when the fish are not biting. They allow you to relax, work on your rigs or simply enjoy your beautiful surroundings in utmost comfort.

When choosing a fishing chair, there are a number of considerations to take into account depending on your style of fishing. If you’re more mobile in your tactics and like to follow the fish from swim to swim, you will need a small, lightweight chair that won’t weigh you down.

If mobility isn’t an issue and you want to focus on one swim, then carping chairs are popular choices. With thicker padding and larger armrests, carping chairs provide great back support, stability and high levels of comfort for those long fishing sessions.

As fishing chairs have become the norm for carp fishing, we are beginning to see many brands take on the coarse and commercial fishing market. To compete with the extremely popular seat box, fishing chairs have evolved into fully customisable platforms that offer practicality and high levels of comfort.

Much like a seat box, many fishing chairs have extended legs, which allows the angler to fit a plethora of accessories to their chair, such as side trays, rod rests, ground bait trays and pole holders.

This is hugely beneficial for anglers who find seat boxes uncomfortable as it means that they have the support of a chair and their gear is accessible and within arms reach when the fish begin to bite.

Some of these chairs also now have the ability to adjust the angle of the rod holder in relation to where you are sitting. This option makes for an ideal, versatile chair suitable for float fishing rods, feeder rods and poles.

The following is a selection of our favourite fishing chairs with a rod holder that transform into first-rate fishing stations when combined with the right accessories:

The best fishing chairs with a rod holder & accessories


Middy MX-100 Feeder Recliner Fishing Chair

Middy MX-100

The Middy MX-100 is an extremely versatile fishing chair. It offers anglers incredible levels of comfort and is the first-ever chair designed for both pole and feeder fishing.

With a high-padded back, fully padded lumbar support and adjustable legs, the chair ensures anglers are completely supported on all kinds of surfaces and can fish long sessions comfortably.

The Middy MX-100 is a coarse angler’s dream chair. It is supplied with a side-bar, front rest, up & over rest, backrest, 3 thread sticks, an intermediate side tray and a one-way arm, with a further thread stick to use as a complete keep net fitting.

Even with all these accessories, the chair is super compact and lightweight, weighing just 9kg. This chair is a perfect fit if you are looking at fishing with a pole in the margins.


Korum X23 Accessory Chair

Best Fishing Chair With Rod Holder

The Korum X23 accessory chair is related to the very popular Korum X25 fishing chair and has been redesigned to make it more luxurious than ever before. Made from Korum’s custom 600D fabric, the X23 chair is extremely durable and has a deeply padded mattress with additional lumbar support.

Featuring four fully adjustable 25mm legs that offer height and stability, the X23 is designed to emulate seat box fishing, but with superior levels of comfort.

With an endless range of accessories able to attach to the frame of the chair, such as side trays, feeder arms and rod rests, the X23 accessory chair combines flexibility and convenience to create a well-balanced chair that will suit almost any angler.


Steel Fishing Accessories Chair

Steel Accessory Chair

This solid steel chair offers both strength and comfort with a couple of accessories that can be bolted on to make your time at the bank easier and more pleasurable.

The chair comes equipped with a mounting system for an accessories table with adjustable height and a rod holder that can be set at various angles and heights also. 

The chair boasts rubber-coated armrests and an adjustable backrest that can be set to a lying position. Each leg can be individually adjusted which makes the chair suitable for use on uneven or slanting terrain.

All in all this is a strong, versatile chair that comes highly recommended.


Maver MV-R Feeder Fishing Chair

best feeder fishing chair

The Maver Feeder Chair combines the convenience and accessibility of seat box fishing with the comfort levels of carp fishing. With robust 30mm round legs, the chair is compatible with all Off Box products and accessories making it the perfect platform and fishing station for commercial and coarse fisheries.

The Maver Feeder Chair boasts high levels of comfort with a durable padded mattress and lumbar support, ensuring anglers are comfortable and relaxed throughout their entire fishing session.

If you are looking for decent fishing chairs with a rod holder then this could be it. With a folding backrest and legs, the chair is extremely versatile and compact, perfect for transportation, as it weighs just 7.2kg. 

With no armrests, the Maver Feeder Chair is ready for action, allowing anglers to strike at a second’s notice.

Check out this video that shows the features on the Maver feeder chair.

The Best Accessories For Fishing Chairs

Fishing chairs with a rod holder can also provide additional accessories that are great alternatives to seat boxes.

As many match anglers will know, when the fish aren’t biting, a seat box can quickly become very uncomfortable. Fishing chairs offer anglers the best of both worlds. They offer high levels of comfort and the convenience of having your entire terminal tackle within arm’s reach.

With a wide range of accessories to choose, here is a selection of our favourite accessories that will turn your fishing chair into the ultimate fishing station:

Side Trays

A side tray is a must-have accessory when fishing on a commercial fishery. It is simply a tray that attaches to your chair that allows anglers to place their bait and tackle on. Whether you fish with a seat box or a chair, side trays ensure that your bait and tackle is accessible and easy to reach.

Whilst waiting for a bite, the side-tray allows you to easily prepare your bait and work on your next rig with ease. It also eliminates the chance of aches, pains, and strains as anglers will no longer have to keep bending over to reach their bait, rigs, and tackle.

We recommend the Koala Super Tough Side Tray

Koala Side Bait Tray

Feeder Arms

Feeder arms are a great way of supporting your rod when feeder fishing. As fishing rods need to be kept steady in order to register bites, feeder arms hold your rod over the water with precision and accuracy, allowing you to prepare your bait or sit back and relax whilst eagerly watching the tip of your rod. After all, nobody wants to hold their rod all day.

We recommend the MAP QRS Feeder Arm

MAP QRS Feeder Arm

Groundbait Bowl 

Attaching a ground bait bowl to your chair leg is the perfect way of having your ground bait mix to hand at all times. As any avid match angler will know, feeding your ground bait mix little and often is considered to be one of the best tactics for attracting fish into your swim.

Whether you’re packing ground bait into your feeder or catapulting balls of ground bait into your swim, having a ground bait bowl by your side will make your fishing session much more comfortable.

We recommend the Koala Universal Ground Bait Bowl

Koala Groundbait Bowl

Butt Rest

A Butt Rest is as important as a front rest to keep your fishing rod at the right height. This is important in order to prevent excess line in the water that could cause your rig to drift or hinder any bites to register and strikes to hit home. 

We recommend the Korum Butt Rest Here

Korum Butt Rest

Keepnet Arm

If you are match fishing and prefer a chair over a seat box or if you are simply pleasure fishing and wish to keep a log of your catch, a keepnet could be useful.

If you wish to use a keepnet and indeed if the water you're fishing on allows them, then a keepnet arm will be a useful addition as a fishing chair accessory.

We recommend the Koala Keepnet Arm

Koala Keepnet Arm

Brolly Attachment

Every fisherman has had to endure the unpredictable weather this outside sport can bring. At times a fishing brolly is a much needed item to keep you dry and comfortable in adverse conditions.

An attachment that your fishing brolly can fit into that also fixes onto your fishing chair, is a very handy item for ease and efficiency.

We recommend the Koala Universal Brolly Attachment

Koala Umbrella Arm

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a comfortable alternative to a seat box, then fishing chairs with a rod holder and any associated accessories are the way forward.

Whether you’re a carp, coarse, or a match angler, there are a plethora of chair accessories available that will transform your fishing sessions and will ensure that you catch more fish.

Thanks for reading.

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