best fishing umbrellas

The 4 Best Fishing Umbrellas in 2021 - (Fishing Shelters Fully Reviewed)

If you are UK based then you’ll know that we can have all four seasons in one afternoon. It’s a brave man who fishes without an umbrella. But the question is which umbrella? The best fishing umbrella is the one that keeps you driest, it really is that simple.

This article will shine some light on what you should look for in the best fishing umbrella, and we’ll even throw in a few suggestions of our own for good measure.

best fishing umbrellas

Strapped For Time?

Not got the time to read the full article? The quick answer to the question is as follows...

The best fishing umbrella in 2021 is the KINGCARP - Fishing Umbrella 2.5m. With the additional side panels and a removable central pole it can be tailored exactly to the requirements of certain fishing situations.

What is a fishing umbrella?

A fishing umbrella is simply a system that is designed to keep you dry whilst fishing. They tend to be relatively light, easy to reposition and portable. The key feature is their size and shape. The ultimate aim with the best fishing umbrella is to be able to actually carry on fishing, whilst you are sat under it.

Best Brolly System or Best Fishing Umbrella?

Whilst the terms are used interchangeably, they are not quite the same. A brolly system is like a hybrid between an umbrella and a bivvy. A fishing umbrella is a much lighter solution. It is rare that you will find room under a fishing umbrella to stow a fishing bed chair or sleep system, nor would you want to.

Whilst the best fishing umbrella will occasionally have optional side walls, they are designed more to keep a temporary squall from interrupting your day than as a more permanent and fixed solution like a brolly system. The best fishing umbrella might borrow elements from a brolly system however.

What to look for in the best fishing umbrella

Ok first things first, think of the main reason you want to use an umbrella. We hope you said ‘to keep me dry’. Therefore, we want something that is waterproof, not weather ‘resistant’ or capable of withstanding only a shower or two, proper waterproof.

There are a whole host of materials used in the construction of the best fishing umbrella, but keep in mind that it may be being used under trees, or on overgrown ground. Lightweight material may rip or tear if it comes into contact with anything sharp, so pick something strong.

What Shape Should The Best Fishing Umbrella Be?

Shape is important too. You are looking for a shape that will allow water to run off the umbrella easily. The best fishing umbrellas will normally have some sort of system in place to ensure that any water does not fall down onto you whilst you are sat dreaming of sunny days.

What Colour Should The Best Fishing Umbrella Be?

Colour is important too. Green fishing umbrellas and black fishing umbrellas seem to be the popular choice. Anything other than that and you are risking two things. The first is being an eyesore on the bank, and the second (which is somewhat related) is that you might actually spook the fish. So leave your neon pink monstrosity at home and choose something drab.

How To Secure A Fishing Umbrella

While many fishing umbrellas have a central ‘spike’ the best fishing umbrella normally has a system that allows you to reposition the canopy once you have hammered it into the ground. Tilting umbrellas are the order of the day.

When it rains it can often get a bit windy too. You wouldn’t want to go out and splash the cash on the best fishing umbrella only to have it disappear over the horizon as soon as it gets a bit gusty. Look for features such as firm central spikes, bendable or anti break spokes, and guy lines, all designed to keep your umbrella where you left it.

Finally let’s talk a little about convenience. The best fishing umbrella should be light enough to carry easily wherever you intend to fish. It should be easy to put up, and indeed take down (it doesn’t rain all the time you know?)

If you can't decide whether you want the best fishing umbrella or to go more advanced with a fishing brolly system, have a look at this video below it may give you some more ideas...

Best Fishing Umbrella Budget Option

Bison 88" 2.2m Top Tilt Fishing Umbrella Brolly Shelter

If you are looking for something you can just stuff into your holdall and go, then this is a worthy choice. This umbrella isn’t too large, but if you need bigger it is available in a range of sizes. It is constructed from lightweight nylon, which is incredibly waterproof, but if you are going to areas where there is likely to be thorns or sharp foliage then you should perhaps consider one of our more substantial offerings.

The seams are stitched meaning failure is highly unlikely, even in strong winds. Our favourite feature is the adjustable tilt top, hammer in the spike, and then angle the top until you have got it sitting perfectly.

Best Lightweight Fishing Umbrella

LHT Fishing umbrella Carbon

Luckily this choice for the best fishing umbrella comes with a suitable spike to secure it, the reason being is that it is that light we are worried it will float away. At 1.2kg the entire structure of the umbrella is constructed from lightweight carbon. The spokes supporting the canopy are designed to bend and flex, so even though it is light, it should fare ok in the wind.

The canopy can be tilted at a point closer to the ground, allowing a greater degree of movement to get the position just right.

One clever little feature is that the umbrella has a cutaway section in one if its’ panes, giving just enough room to hold a rod up.

Best Value Fishing Umbrella

FLADEN Fishing - 2.5m Span Fishing Umbrella

Fladen’s niche is providing affordable and useful tackle, this fishing umbrella is yet another example. Whilst it isn’t bristling with new technology what it will do is keep you dry and the wind off. Detachable side walls will keep you safely ensconced even if the rain is going sideways! The umbrella has a tilting mechanism and comes with nylon guy ropes and pegs to complete the package.

Best All Round Fishing Umbrella

KINGCARP - Fishing umbrella 2.5m

What do you get if you cross a brolly system with an umbrella? Perhaps the best fishing umbrella system we have seen. The wind will no longer be a problem if you go down this route, with two super strong guylines and enough pegs to stop a horse get set up and sit down in comfort.

A really neat feature is the removable centre pole. Once you get set up, you can unscrew it and put it out of the way, giving more space and flexibility. The seams of the umbrella are taped, so absolutely no chance of leaks.


If you’ve ever seen someone struggle with an umbrella in bad weather you can probably see what you want to avoid in purchasing the best fishing umbrella you can afford. Imagine that feeling of being wet through with an upside down parachute trying its best to unseat you, and pray it doesn’t ever blow into your swim, you might as well call it a day there and then.

Provided you stick to our guidance however you should fare well. Choose the best fishing umbrella you can.... We’ll see you down on the bank, it won’t matter if its raining!

So there you have it, our top choices for the best fishing umbrellas.

If you need any fishing tackle please consider visiting one of our recommended online fishing tackle shops.

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