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The Best Head Torch for Fishing – (9 Top LED Fishing Head Torches Reviewed)

I know that gripping a torch between your teeth whilst you set up a new rig in the dark is challenging.

Probably just as challenging as having to dry yourself off at 1.00 am after falling into a lake in a sleepy daze trying to gain your bearings following the elusive sound of your bite alarms.

Believe me, I’ve been there!

If you invest in a decent head torch for fishing, you aren’t going to face these problems.

In this article, we are going to try and shine some light on what things to look for in the best head torch for fishing (pun totally intended).

fishing head torches

Strapped For Time?

Not got the time to read the full article? The quick answer to the question is as follows…

The best head torches for fishing allow for comfort, ease of use (sometimes one-handed) and just enough light to be able to see in the dark.

A good head torch should also have an option such as a red or green light feature to prevent spooking fish both on and off the bank.

The following list of head torches features all these requirements and are considered some of the best on the market today. 

Best head torches for fishing:

  1. Ridge Monkey VRH150
  2. Fenix Shadow Master
  3. OUTERDO Head Torch
  4. Petzl TACTIKKA+
  5. OMERIL USB Rechargeable Head Torch
  6. LED Head Torch, USB Headlamp
  7. ESP Flood Light Headtorch
  8. Everbeam H6 Pro LED Head Torch
  9. Energizer Vision HD Focus

Please read on to find out what goes into classifying the best head torch for fishing as well as more detail on our chosen products.

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What to look for in the best head torches for fishing?

Head torches used to be the sole preserve of miners and perhaps the occasional cyclist. But they have come a long way. A good head torch for fishing really is a must if you are planning on sessions that involve a dusk-til-dawn time of the day.

When searching for a fishing head torch, the following factors should be considered:

How the head torch fits your head

Ideally, you will be looking for something that is really comfortable, as you are potentially going to be wearing it for an extended period of time. Elasticated straps that are easy to adjust are two key areas to watch for.

To prevent unwanted movement in a head torch you may want to consider one that has straps that secure all around your head as opposed to just the forehead. There are pros and cons to both so the choice here is down to personal preference.

As a general rule of thumb, however, the more straps the torch has the more secure and sturdy it will be.

best fishing head torch straps

A single strap around the head

straps for fishing head torch

Double strap at the back of the head

fishing head torches straps

Strap around & on top of the head

The best weight of a fishing head torch

Going hand in hand with comfort is weight. If you are carrying around a couple of kilo’s on your bonce it is going to make you wonder if you have made the right choice. The best head torch for fishing should be as light as possible.

That said you don’t want to be chasing your torch 100 yards down the bank due to a slight breeze causing it to take off!

The best weight for a fishing head torch is anything between the 60g to 350g mark depending on size and power. Having said this, for comfort, you will need a few extra straps for torches of the latter weight.

Brightness Levels in a head torch

Obviously, the best head torch for fishing should be able to illuminate a decent area. If you still can’t see with the torch on then something isn’t right. Torch brightness is given in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the torch is.

One of the key tactics in certain types of fishing is about being as discreet as possible. For example, a carp fisherman will have every piece of tackle and his or her self all camouflaged up to prevent spooking fish. What you then DON’T want to do is light up the lake like Blackpool illuminations by turning your head torch on to find your bivvy slippers!

On the flip side of this, when beach fishing, this is less important and having a significant, bright light may make things a lot easier for you.

The best head torches for fishing will ultimately allow you to adjust brightness levels depending on the fishing circumstances you are faced with.

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Battery or rechargeable head torches?

Ideally, we would go for a torch that is USB rechargeable. That way you don’t ever have to mess around with batteries in the dark!

Rechargeable head torches don’t necessarily need mains power to charge them. A power pack or a power bank can also be used and if plugged in during the day you will ensure you avoid running out of juice when you need it the most.

Some head torches have the function to be both standard battery and USB rechargeable with some also having a handy battery indicator on them to save yourself being caught out.

What brand of fishing head torch to choose?

One last point to mention is brand. A lot of the well know fishing brands will offer a head torch within their range. The problem is they will charge three times more for the privilege of having their logo splattered on the side of it.

Obviously quality is important which is why our top choices for the best head torches for fishing have a great balance of quality and cost.

Petzl is the leading brand in the head torch market with a great reputation for quality. Petzl has a number of different head torches in their range which will suit different circumstances and come with different features and price points.

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Why does my fishing head torch have a red light?

Ah, this is interesting. Red light has a short wavelength. It is less bright and doesn’t shine as far.

That’s partly the reason it is used in the military. In fishing though, the shorter wavelength of the red light will startle fish less. This fact is important whether the fish is on the bank or not.

The other reason is that red light protects your night vision. White and blue lights literally reset your vision to factory settings. If you can find a torch with a red light, it will be perfect for night fishing.

why does my fishing head torch have a red light

White light vs red light on a head torch

How many lumens do I need for a fishing head torch?

Many people are unaware of the importance of lumens when it comes to choosing a fishing headlamp. If you’re not sure what the difference is, then let me explain: Lumens can be described as being like wattage on a light bulb. The more lumens, the brighter your light will be.

Ideally, you will want a head torch to produce a light of at least 150 lumens at its maximum setting. Some head torches and indeed in some circumstances, you may need this a lot higher.

One of our recommended head torches for example actually powers up to 18000 lumens of light due to having multiple LEDs! This can be quite extreme in some cases but handy in others so having a setting to change brightness is a handy feature on fishing head torches.

Does a head torch scare the fish away?

The answer to this question is quite obvious really. It really does depend on what you are doing with the headlamp. If you are practising star jumps on the bankside as part of your pre-bed routine, illuminating the entire lake with some weird strobe effect; then yes this will scare the fish!

If coarse or game fishing, you need to be as discreet as possible and this means using your head torch only when needed. Even then it’s good practice not to point the light at the lake. (unless you are playing a fish!) When turning your head torch on, use the lowest possible light for you to effectively see and if feasible use the red or green light setting.

If you are fortunate enough to land a fish in darkness, then it is important for you to use the red light function on your head torch wherever possible. The lower frequency and indeed intensity of this red light will prevent distressing the fish further.

If sea fishing, there is an ongoing debate on whether light actually spooks fish or not. There is evidence for and against this debate on numerous publications in the sea angling world. The general consensus is to keep head torch usage to a minimum when sea fishing but don’t get too het up about it if you need to use one.

What are the best fishing head torches?

It’s quite simple. The best head torch for fishing is one that is lightweight and comfortable both to wear when needed and when you are tucked up in your bivvy, brolly system or sleeping bag.

The head torch needs to shine brightly and be easy to recharge. If it has a few extra features then even better. You’ll find some really cool extras in some of our suggestions. Red & green light filters and motion sensors can really take your experience to the next level.

Check out the following 9 head torches that we consider the best on the market today.

#1best carp fishing head torch

Ridge Monkey VRH150

The Ridge Monkey VRH150 is our favourite head torch on the market today.

With five different beam options, you can be sure to find a setting that will suit your needs.

The head on this torch is fully rotatable which means you can create the perfect angle that works best for you.

The on/off button is on both sides of this torch which, again, is a well thought out feature that could come in handy if you only have one hand available to you if, for example, playing a fish.

The VRH150 is USB rechargeable offering plenty of power capacity when fully charged to last out a decent session. The unit also comes with a handy battery level indicator that illuminates when turning the unit on.

The five beam options allow for 3 different brightness levels on the white light and 2 on the unique, green light setting.

Finally, to complete the package, the torch is IP64 water & dust resistant and comes with an optional Gorilla-Box Tech Case so it’s always protected from bumps and falls.

Check out this brief video, showcasing the features talked about on the Ridge monkey VRH150…

In summary, Ridge monkey have produced a fantastic head torch with VRH150 & 300 models. The 150 version is more than adequate for any fishing circumstance and for the price point offers great value for the features it offers.

#1best head torch for fishing

Fenix Shadow Master

The Fenix Shadow Master is one of the best fishing head torches on the market today.

It features a high-performance CREE XM-L2 U3 LED and offers 1200 lumens of white light, 150 lumens of red light, and a maximum beam distance of up to 400 meters.

This powerful headlamp has three different lighting modes (high, low, strobe) with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly switch between each setting.

The torch also includes a built-in battery indicator so you know how much power is left before it runs out.

This great head torch is made from durable aircraft-grade aluminium alloy and has an IP68 rating for water resistance.

The torch carries an impact-resistant rating of up to 2 metres making this one tough product! Check out this video showcasing some of the features of the Fenix Shadow Master.

Overall this is an excellent head torch with some really useful features. The only criticism is that you could argue that it’s too powerful for some fishing situations and even with some syndicate waters, there may be a stipulation that head torches are not this bright!

The price point does reflect the premium nature of the product but if it’s within your budget it’s a very worthwhile purchase.


OUTERDO Head Torch, 8 LED 18000 Lumen

Well with this offering you might as well be fishing in daylight. It is really bright and powerful. 8 LED lights will flood the area with 18000 lumens. It is also rotatable and fully adjustable.

Some may argue that this headlamp is too powerful on the top setting if you are fishing, for example, a small carp fishing lake with wary fish present. For sea fishing, however, this may be just the ticket.

The Outerdo head torch is IP4 water-resistant and comes with 2 lithium-ion, rechargeable batteries.

As another useful feature, you can dim the LEDs right down and use the two red LED lights to protect your night vision and indeed prevent spooking fish.

Overall this a really powerful, feature-rich, head torch with a decent price point.

#4best head lamp for fishing


The TACTIKKA+ headlamp is the perfect companion for any fisherman! With 350-Lumen brightness and a mixed beam, this light will ensure you can see in proximity or distance with ease.

Red lighting means that night vision won’t be disrupted while ensuring stealth at all times.

The Tactikka+ boasts a hybrid concept design which basically means you can power it with 3 standard batteries or the CORE rechargeable battery.

At only 85g this head torch is extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

Finally, you know what you are getting with a Petzl product and with their known quality, this is a fantastic fishing headlamp that we thoroughly recommend.


LED Head Torch -OMERIL USB Rechargeable Head Torch

We like this head torch as it has a clever feature. You can rotate the light through 90 degrees allowing you to position it perfectly regardless of the direction you are looking in.


The LED on this torch is relatively bright at 2000 lumen and is USB chargeable. If you are dealing with a specific task just twist the bezel on the lamp and you can provide yourself with a super-strong narrow beam.

The central ‘over the top’ headband keeps the lamp really secure.

#6best head torch for fishing

LED Head Torch, USB Headlamp Rechargeable

At first glance, you might be forgiven for thinking this is s super basic model, but you’d be wrong. Ok, it isn’t the brightest in our line up, but what it does have is a motion-activated sensor.

By moving something in front of the head torch it turns on and will turn off again when you are sat still, a perfect headtorch for fishing.

It also features a red filter and weighing just 80g is a great little torch.

#7carp fishing head lamp

ESP Flood Light Headtorch 

This great head torch from ESP is light-weight, comfortable and comes with all the features you will need with a decent fishing head torch.

The headlamp has been designed with an elasticated headband that is both comfortable and secure – meaning no more worrying about whether it will stay put when you need it most!

The LEDs on this head torch come in red and white and offer a soft illumination for rig tying, cooking or even additional lighting for night time catch shots.

There is also a powerful white main beam with two settings more suited for landing fish and casting.

Another neat feature of the ESP Flood Light is that it comes with a built-in memory function so it will return to the last previously selected light function.

The torch also has a built-in time delay so after 10 seconds on any mode, a single press of the button will turn the torch off.

At only 89g (including batteries), this product weighs next to nothing ensuring maximum comfort.


Everbeam H6 Pro LED Head Torch

This is another in our list that is a little on the paler side. But it is still a really good head torch for fishing.

Why do we say that? Well, it comes in its own protective carry case. Not that it needs it as it is shockproof and 100% waterproof.

If you go entirely ‘red mode’ you’ll get 30 hours out of a single charge too. It also has a motion sensor so you can go hands-free.


Energizer Vision HD Focus 315 Lumens

Are you looking for a headlamp that is lightweight and comfortable? Well, the Energizer Vision HD is it…

This great headlamp has a powerful beam reaching 315 lumens that reaches up to 85 meters. There are 5 light modes, including high, low, full spot, full flood and night vision (red).

The head torch is extremely durable, resisting damage from drops up to 1 metre high. Its IPX4 water-resistant construction also withstands any splashing entailed from e.g. returning a fish.

The head torch requires 3 AAA batteries to operate and can run up to 6 hours on ‘high mode’

Although this head torch is considered a ‘budget version’ it’s great value for money that will absolutely do the job it’s intended for when fishing.

What is the best head torch for night fishing?

When you go night fishing, it’s important to have a quality head torch. The last thing you want is to be stuck out on the water in the dark not being able to see where anything is or what you are doing.

If you are night fishing on a lake or river, it’s important you are conscious of spooking the fish, especially if you want a successful trip. For this reason, it’s best to pick a head torch that either is or has, an option for a discreet beam of light.

This discreet beam can either be in the form of a low-level white light or a red or green (low frequency) light.

The two best head torches for night fishing that tick all of the above boxes are the Ridge Monkey VRH150 or the Fenix shadow master (set on the lowest setting).

What is the best head torch for beach fishing?

When sea fishing, it is an ongoing debate as to whether light will be a factor in your success due to spooking the fish. From my personal experience and indeed the general consensus is that it makes no difference if a bright head torch is used when sea fishing. Some evidence even points to the fact it can actually benefit!

For this reason, we prefer a head torch that can light up an extensive area but also have the option to tone down if needed.

Based on the preference above, the best head torch for beach fishing is the OUTERDO 8 LED 18000 Lumen head torch. The ability to light up the general area like a set of floodlights on a football pitch but also tone down to a more discreet beam if required makes this head torch a winner when sea fishing at night.

Final Thoughts

Head torches are not the most complex of subjects it’s true, but it is one of those things that you will only be without once. Simply put, if you can’t see then you can’t fish. By making sure you have the best head torch for fishing you will be able to catch, regardless of the time of day… Or night.

So there you have it, our top 9 choices for the best head torches for fishing.

If you need any fishing tackle please consider visiting one of our recommended online fishing tackle shops or our fishing tackle deals pages.

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