Best Line For Waggler Fishing

Best Line For Waggler Fishing

The best line for waggler fishing is one that is subtle, thin yet strong, and sinks quickly.

This sounds simple, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to find the fishing line with the correct attributes for waggler fishing.

This is simply because there are so many coarse fishing lines on the market nowadays that it can be a minefield if you don’t know what you are looking for.

In this article, I will take you through what features to look for in the best line for waggler fishing and put forward some suggestions of some tried and tested lines.

The Best Line For Waggler Fishing

The following 5 fishing lines have been tried and tested by myself over many years of coarse fishing and, in my opinion, are the best lines for waggler fishing on the market today.

I have also taken into account feedback and reviews of many other anglers who also view these lines as some of the best.

#1. Preston Innovations Reflo Float Max Line

best line for waggler fishing

The float max line from Preston Innovations is a relatively new waggler fishing line onto the market and is one I have recently been using for many fishing situations.

The line is neutrally buoyant and because of this, it is perfect for waggler fishing on rivers. On a recent trip, I was fishing for Barbel on the river Trent and the line performed like an absolute dream throughout the whole session.

I always felt in total control of the waggler thanks to the neutral buoyancy of the line.

This isn’t to say though that the line cannot be used on still waters and canals. In fact, the line performs equally as well on these waters.

The silky smooth finish on the line makes it easy to change shotting patterns on your float rig by sliding the shot up and down as required. At no point when doing this was the line affected in any way.

The line is available in varying breaking strains and diameters from 3lb to 10lb which will cater to the majority of your waggler fishing requirements.

Check out the following video showing the float max line in use:

Features & Specifications:

  • Neutrally buoyant reel line
  • Low diameter
  • High knot strength
  • Abrasion-resistant

#2. Guru Pulse Line

best line for waggler fishing

Guru Pulse fishing line is a popular line amongst coarse anglers not only for waggler fishing but equally for feeder fishing.

I have recommended this line as one of the best method feeder lines you can get but it is equally as adept when used as a general waggler fishing line or for use with the pellet waggler method.

One of the real pros to this line is its sinking properties. Having a line that sinks easily when float fishing can be a real advantage.

The sinking properties on the Guru Pulse line can prevent drift and keep you in touch with your rig which ultimately allows for a better strike and hook hold.

I find this line also has fantastic abrasion resistance properties. When used in the margins or by features such as reeds or lily pads, you can really trust the fact that the line will hold its own if the fish find its way into these hazardous areas.

The line comes in 300m spools with a marker at 150m. This is enough line to spool up 2 shallow spool float fishing reels straight through if required.

Available in breaking strains varying from 3lb to 10lb, the Guru pulse is worthy of its place as one of the best lines for waggler fishing.

Features & Specifications:

  • A low stretch feeder line
  • High abrasion resistance mono
  • Great casting and sinking properties
  • 300m spool
  • Marker at 150m for accurate re-spooling

#3. Maxima Chameleon

best line for waggler fishing

The Maxima Chameleon is a very versatile line that features within many UK guides on fishing lines.

With its versatility, it is a perfect line for waggler fishing in many situations.

One of the unique features of this fishing line comes with the name. The ‘chameleon’ part of this line basically means it changes colour to match the surrounding water and light conditions.

It does this through its unique formulation involving specific chemical compositions and manufacturing processes.

This key feature is a real advantage over its competitors and makes it a perfect all-round waggler fishing line.

I find the knot strength on the Maxima Chameleon line to be stronger than most and it always seems to be very abrasion resistant when fishing near features.

I have used this fishing line for many years and it has never let me down. With its fantastic value for money, this line is one definitely worth considering for your float fishing.

Features & Specifications:

  • Super tough, ultra-reliable line with high tensile strength characteristics
  • Optimum blend of strength & elasticity
  • The special surface coating prevents water absorption for consistent strength – wet or dry
  • A hardened surface provides superb abrasion resistance & extra high knot strength
  • Virtually invisible underwater
  • Spool Size: 100m

#4. Shimano Aero Float Line

best line for waggler fishing

The Shimano Float Aero Mono is specially designed for the match and float angler.

I’ve used this line in many different conditions over the years and have found that the line will stay just underneath the surface thanks to its semi-buoyant composition.

This neutral buoyancy is a key advantage to this line when waggler fishing as you’ll find the float will be less affected in windy conditions.

I have also found that another real benefit to using the Shimano Aero Mono when waggler fishing is its low memory.

This simply means that the line lays better on your float reel and because there are no kinks you’ll find the line will travel with less friction on the cast through your float rod guides.

Not only will you find that this line reduces the chance of wind knots occurring, but you’ll also be able to physically see the benefits from casting further and more accurately.

One final benefit I have noticed with this float fishing line is I always seem to be more in touch with the float compared to other, more inferior, lines on the market.

I believe this is down to the lines’ low elongation which basically means you are in more control of your float. You’ll find that this also helps on the strike with a better hook setting.

In summary, this is a fantastic waggler fishing line and is definitely one of the best on the market today.

Features & Sepcifications:

  • 150m Spool
  • Semi-buoyant
  • Low Elongation
  • Very soft monofilament

#5. Matrix Horizon X Sinking Monofilament 4lb

Best line for waggler fishing

When considering the best line for waggler fishing, you have to take a look at the Matrix Horizon X.

Matrix is a big player in the coarse fishing world and I have always found Matrix products to be of excellent quality.

The Matrix X line is extremely soft and supple with low memory making it a lovely fishing line to work with.

I find the extremely fast sinking properties of the line perfect for when I need to get my bait down the water column as fast as possible.

This also helps to keep your float in place when there is a large amount of surface drag on the water.

The knot strength on the Matrix X is very strong as is the abrasion resistance. Both of which you’ll always find in a top-quality fishing monofilament.

I also really like the 150m marker on the 300m spool as it allows for equal spooling if you are spooling up more than one reel.

All in all, this is a quality waggler fishing line that comes highly recommended by many coarse fishermen.

Check out the following video that visually shows the key features of this fishing line:

Features & Specifications:
  • Ultra-fast sinking monofilament
  • Available in 5 popular sizes
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Super high tensile knot strength
  • Extremely durable and supple
  • Supplied on 300m spools with 150m marker sticker

What To Look For In The Best Waggler Fishing Lines

The best line for waggler fishing isn’t necessarily going to be the most expensive line on the market.

Before you choose, you need to know the specific fishing circumstances that you may be faced with.

Once you have an idea of this, the following considerations need to be decided before you go to the tackle shop:

  • Colour
  • Diameter
  • Sinking properties
  • Breaking strain


The colour of your waggler fishing line should ideally match the conditions you are fishing in.

For example, if you are fishing in clear water, then use a clear fishing line. If you are fishing near weed or lily pads then a green line may be better.

For general use, I often use a brown or a gunmetal grey line as this colour suits the majority of water types I fish.

I have recently had success though with a colour changing line such as the Maxima Chameleon as this can blend in with its surroundings due to its unique composition.

Whatever line colour you choose, the main goal is to make your float fishing line as discreet as possible.


On the subject of making your float fishing line as discreet as possible, considering the diameter of the line can pay dividends.

Waggler fishing often involves fishing with fairly light hook baits with small hooks.

If you are fishing with light components then the last thing you need is a thick, chunky line to unbalance your presentation.

When waggler fishing I always choose the smallest diameter line without compromising on the breaking strain and strength I need to safely land the sized fish I am fishing for.

Sinking Properties

The sinking properties of your float fishing line can really make a difference to the efficiency of your fishing.

If I am fishing in a situation whereby I want to avoid nuisance fish that are near the surface of the water and get my bait down to the bottom as fast as possible, I would choose a fast sinking line such as the Matrix X.

Conversely, if I am fishing a river and I want to be in control of the waggler as it trots with the current, I would choose a semi or neutrally buoyant line such as the Float Max line from Preston Innovations.

Knowing the sinking properties of your waggler fishing line before you start fishing is important if you want to be effective and successful.

Breaking Strain

Choosing the right breaking strain line for your waggler fishing isn’t just important to get the right balance but it is also very important for fish safety and welfare.

If you are fishing near to features or snags such as reed beds or lily pads then you should choose a stronger breaking strain than if you are fishing in open water.

Equally the size of the fish you are fishing for needs to be considered.

If I know that there are large carp present in a particular water or a species that fight hard such as Tench or Barbel, then I would ensure that my breaking strain is higher than if I am just fishing a water that is dominated by silverfish.

As a general rule of thumb, I would use a 3-4lb breaking strain line for the majority of my waggler fishing but may stretch to a 6-8lb breaking strain line if I was fishing near snags or for more specimen sized fish.


If you still have some questions about waggler fishing lines, then you may find the answers to these frequently asked questions on the subject useful:

What lb Line Is Best For Float Fishing?

For general float fishing in snag-free or open water the best lb line breaking strain is between 3 and 4lb.

If fishing in snaggy swims or if there are specimen sized fish you are targeting then a 6-8lb breaking strain line should be considered.

How Do You Sink The Line When Waggler Fishing?

The best way to sink the line after casting a waggler float is to quickly bury your rod tip underwater, reel in a few turns, and then flick your rod tip back out of the water again.

The following video shows this method in action:

Is Braid Good For Float Fishing?

Braid is generally not a good line to use when float fishing.

The advantages of braid tend to be its zero stretch, strength, and long casting ability all of which are not particularly needed when waggler fishing.

You can tend to see braid more in water compared to monofilament or fluorocarbon. Because the line passes straight through the water column when waggler fishing, braid isn’t the best line to use.

Is Fluorocarbon Good For Float Fishing?

Fluorocarbon does have some advantages when waggler fishing particularly if you are fishing in clear waters.

This is because fluorocarbon has greater light refracting properties compared to monofilament and is harder for the fish to see.

The disadvantage to fluorocarbon, when compared to mono, is that it is less subtle.

When waggler fishing, anglers quite often use light hooks and light baits. Using a subtle monofilament, therefore, balances much better than a more stiff fluorocarbon line.

Final Thoughts

The best line for waggler fishing is one that has low memory, is soft and subtle, and has the sinking properties that suit your style of fishing.

Hopefully, this article has provided some clarity on some of the considerations to look out for when choosing a waggler fishing line.

If I had to choose I would pick the Maxima Chameleon for fishing on still waters and the Float Max by Preston for fishing rivers and canals.

Thanks for reading.

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