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The Best UK Online Fishing Tackle Shops - (Best Fishing Stores On The Internet)

Let's face it, fishing can be an expensive hobby, especially if you are starting up and need to be fully kitted out.

Your local fishing tackle shop is a good place to start if you need some fishing gear but depending on the size of the shop, they may not stock exactly what you need.

Also, competition with fishing stores in one particular area can be limited and this usually leads to one thing... increased prices.

So enter the world of online fishing tackle shops. With a full selection of tackle at your fingertips, in the comfort of your own home, surely this is the way to go, isn't it?

This article details everything you need to know when looking for fishing tackle online and advises on 5 reputable stores that are considered some of the best UK online fishing tackle shops.

Strapped For Time?

If you haven't got the time to read the full article. This is what this section is for. So the answer to the question is as follows...

The 5 best online fishing tackle shops in the UK are:

  1. Total Fishing Tackle
  2. Amazon UK
  3. eBay UK
  4. Fishing Tackle & Bait
  5. Angling Direct

Read on to see more information on why these 5 online shops are considered the best as well as some tips for purchasing fishing tackle online.

Alternatively, click to skip to our recommended online fishing stores.

Benefits of using an online fishing tackle shop

With the ever-increasing popularity of the internet comes with it more opportunities for businesses. This is even more so for businesses that can trade and sell products online.

By having an online presence, increases your customer base, and that can only be positive when it comes to increasing your trade.

Many businesses have capitalised on this opportunity and this includes fishing tackle shops.

There are many fishing tackle stores trading online today, in fact when I last typed in 'Online Fishing Tackle Shops' into Google, it produced 13.9 million results!

Now that doesn't mean that there are 13.9 million fishing tackle shops trading online! But what it does show is that there are tons of pages on the internet related to fishing tackle, whether it be informational or eCommerce.

Come to think of it, this article is one of those 13.9 million results on a Google search!

So why is this a benefit?...

1. Cheaper fishing tackle online

Well as a simple rule of business, the more competition there is, the lower prices are. Think about it for a second, anyone can see everyone's prices online by just simply clicking on a shop and searching for a product.

So with savvy online customers on the increase, checking a multitude of different stores prices and then opting for the cheapest is naturally the behaviour people will exude. 

Good online fishing tackle shops know this, and, as such will be looking at offering the cheapest prices they possibly can online.

2. Fishing tackle promotional offers and discounts 

A popular tactic, the best UK online fishing tackle shops will deploy, is offering promotional offers or discount coupons in an attempt to beat the competition to your custom.

These offers can often grab you a bargain that you wouldn't have the option of if you popped down your local fishing tackle shop. This really can save a considerable amount of well-earned money.

3. A wide range of fishing tackle online

Another advantage of an online fishing tackle shop is choice. Most local fishing shops are quite often restricted for space, and, as such have a limited range of gear they can stock.

An online fishing tackle shop doesn't have the same space restrictions as the online platform can be as small or large as it needs to be.

With a wide range of products to choose from, you can often get everything you need from one online visit that is delivered as one package rather than having to spend time shopping and traveling around.

So, in summary, the benefits of the best online fishing tackle shops are a saving of time and money in the majority of circumstances.

Disadvantages of using an online fishing tackle shop

So with some real advantages to using an online fishing tackle shop why not click on a new tab and start shopping to your heart's content?

Well you can, but we feel it prudent to focus on some potential disadvantages to purchasing your fishing tackle online first.

1. Not seeing the product first

Let's face it when shopping for something important, you would normally want to see, touch, feel, and try it out before purchasing.

This is definitely the case with some fishing items such as  a good sea fishing rod, a big-pit reel, or your first match pole to name but a few. 

These items can be very expensive so you will probably want to try these out first. When shopping online you simply can't do this and are therefore restricted to testing elsewhere or taking a punt on a particular choice.

2. Not a personable service

One of the real advantages of a local fishing tackle shop is that you can often go in and ask for advice on certain things.

When shopping online you simply don't get as much of a personable service as if you were engaging with someone face to face.

Yes, you can phone and email but sometimes you may simply need some help in demonstrating the best way of using a certain product. Not being there in person can make this very difficult at times.

3. Delivery Costs

We mentioned earlier that one of the benefits of using an online fishing tackle shop is that you can often find products cheaper due to the increased competition.

This is usually the case, however, one of the downsides to ordering online is the fact that there may be some delivery costs that are not always transparent when viewing the actual product online.

The larger and heavier the item is, the more the delivery charge could be. Having said that, a lot of the best online fishing tackle shops offer free delivery over a certain amount.

4. Refunds & Returns

Ordering fishing gear from the comfort of your own home can be a real plus as it saves valuable time.

However, if you receive the product and it's either faulty or not what you expected you can't just pop back out to the shop you purchased from and get an exchange or refund.

Instead, you have to re-package and post it back to the supplier. The time saved from ordering online is then negated by the time taken to send the item back and wait for the exchange or refund.

5. Local fishing tackle shops being part of the community

This disadvantage is more of an ethical issue. Local fishing tackle shops have been around for years and have served us anglers way before the internet was a thing.

By moving your custom to an online fishing tackle shop, is, in a way, depriving some of the heritage of our sport.

That said, a lot of local fishing tackle shops are now diversifying and expanding to have a bricks-and-mortar presence as well as an online option.

What is the best fishing tackle shop near me?

The beauty of using an online fishing tackle shop is that as long as you can get access to the internet, you have access to a fishing tackle shop no matter where you are.

There are however times where you need fishing tackle or bait faster than an online shop can deliver to you.

For example, if you are looking at an impromptu visit to a local lake tomorrow, then you may want to go and buy some maggots, in readiness, today.

The best way to find a local fishing tackle shop is to use Google maps. Just type in 'fishing tackle shops' in the search box, and Google will do the work for you and show all the tackle shops near to your location to a defined radius.

Tips for buying fishing tackle online?

Nowadays, buying fishing tackle from a good online shop is a quick and easy process. However, if you are still on the fence, we have put together some tips on some things to look out for when choosing an online fishing tackle store to purchase from...

  • Check out the products from a number of online stores to get the best price.
  • If you would like to know more about the tackle shop, check out the 'about us' page.
  • Check out the terms and conditions and privacy policy page (usually found at the bottom of the site)
  • Look out for a returns policy on the site including how many days after purchase you have to return an item and any costs that you may incur. 
  • Check out delivery costs. (many online shops offer free delivery over a certain amount)
  • Check out delivery timescales. (the best online fishing shops aim for 2 - 3 days)
  • Look out for reviews from other customers. A Google review or a Trustpilot score are 2 good indicators of how good an online store is.

The best UK online fishing tackle shops

The following online fishing tackle shops have been tried and tested and offer a great mix of value and quality customer service...


best online fishing tackle shops - Total Fishing Tackle

Total Fishing Tackle (TFT) is a reputable fishing tackle shop with a good online reputation based in Essex.

Free delivery from TFT is available for any orders over £30 from their website direct.

They do, however, have an eBay shop that also lists the majority of their items and we have found that delivery is free from this platform with the prices being the same as those on their own website.

TFT has a 30-day returns policy and has some different finance options available if needed.

Ourselves (and many others) have always found the service from TFT to be exemplary, and, as such, we highly recommend Total Fishing Tackle as one of the best online fishing tackle shops in the UK.


Now Amazon may be a surprise entry to some, but being the largest online marketplace on the planet they are clearly not to be ignored.

Being a marketplace allows multiple retailers to showcase their products in one place. This means the same product can appear more than once when searching.

This is great for the consumer as you simply pick the cheapest offering.

Amazon is also a great place to search for fishing tackle from the lesser know brands that perhaps you wouldn't normally see in a traditional fishing tackle shop.

If you are not too precious about a brand or are maybe just starting up fishing then Amazon would be a great place to start.

Amazon do still however sell fishing tackle from reputable brands with a lot of retailers choosing this platform to sell clearance or discontinued stock from. You can quite often grab yourself a bargain on Amazon.

In terms of customer service, Amazon has a fantastic reputation for really delivering in this area. With Amazon Prime membership you will often get next-day delivery or even the same day in some circumstances.

Also, when it comes to refunds and exchanges, Amazon has a process that is quick, easy to understand, and efficient.

Overall Amazon is a reputable, online, global business that has every detail of internet shopping down to a tee. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.


best uk online fishing tackle store - ebay

Similar to Amazon, eBay is a well-known global marketplace that sells millions of products.

One of the real attractions to eBay is its simplicity to both buy and sell products on this platform. This includes second-hand items, and you can quite often get fishing gear that is as good as new at bargain prices.

The feedback system on eBay is a great way to ensure you get good service from a reputable seller. If there are problems, however, eBay has a good robust system to protect both buyers and sellers.

Another real positive about eBay is that there are many fishing tackle shops actually using this platform as an online option.

Two of our favourite fishing tackle shops, Total Fishing Tackle and Bobco Tackle, do a lot of their online trade via eBay and are always competitive on price.

Similar to Amazon, you also get multiple of the same product being sold both new and second-hand so it's a great platform to get what you need at a decent price.


fishing tackle and bait best uk fishing tackle online shop

Fishing Tackle & Bait is one of the largest independently owned fishing tackle retailers that deliver to the UK as well as globally.

The retailer boasts over 60,000 products stocked in its tackle shop and on its online platform.

Fishing tackle & bait are always competitive on price and I have found, more often than not, they offer promotional offers and discounts on their products as well as money off coupons.

The return policy is a huge 60 days which is the best we have ever found with an online fishing tackle retailer. You also get free delivery for any total purchases over £20.

One of the real pros to using fishing tackle and bait is its superb customer service. The team there are friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. This is backed up by a very impressive 4.8 Trustpilot score which is rated the top mark of 'Excellent'.

This online fishing tackle shop is by far our favourite and one we have used time and time again. Every time we use them we have been super impressed with the whole package and have never been disappointed.


best online fishing tackle shops in the UK

Angling Direct (AD) is the largest fishing tackle retailer in the UK. Their head office is based in Norwich, Norfolk and they boast an online presence spanning across 4 countries.

Angling Direct has recently undergone an expansion program to expand their portfolio of tackle shops, acquiring many local fishing tackle stores around the UK.

AD offer many fishing tackle products from leading brands on its website and provides free delivery on all orders over £16.

Products are normally delivered within 3 - 5 working days and they offer a 30-day return/refund policy.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to deciding on the best UK online fishing tackle shops, there are a few factors to consider. These include:

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Delivery times
  • Delivery cost
  • Returns policy
  • Customer service

All of the fishing tackle shop options in this article tick all of these boxes and you can be rest assured your experiences with these retailers/platforms will be top-notch.

Thanks for reading...

Tight Lines!

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