Best Multiplier Reel for Boat Fishing - (What to look for in a Multiplier Reel in 2024)

best multiplier reel for boat fishing

Everyone on the boat will be green… with envy. With a reel that is both eye catching and functional you’ll be able to haul the fish in at a rapid rate, and look good whilst you are doing it.

All that said, the best multiplier reel for boat fishing doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to do the job.

In this article we are going to look at a few ideas to make sure you choose the best multiplier reel for boat fishing that suits your circumstances perfectly. Read on to literally get ‘the reel deal’…

best multiplier reels for boat fishing

Strapped For Time?

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The Best Multiplier Reel for Boat Fishing:

1. Daiwa Sealine 'SLOSH' Multiplier

2. Leeda - ICON Multiplier

3. Penn 525 Mag3 Multiplier

4. FLADEN Fishing - WARBIRD 4000

5. SHIMANO Tekota Multiplier 

Read on to find out what considerations you should take when choosing the best multiplier reel for boat fishing or alternatively you can skip to our selected products.

What is a Multiplier Reel?

We could let you read, but why not watch instead? Here’s a video explaining everything…

Ok  so that’s reliability issues out of the way, what else are we looking for in the best multiplier reel for boat fishing?

Let’s speak plainly. Before we go into any great detail about level winds, spool capacity or gear ratios we are going to make one thing abundantly clear. The best multiplier reel for boat fishing needs to be reliable. This is a must. Without this you are adrift. The reel also needs to balance well with your chosen sea rod.

Why do we say this?

“We always want reliability in our tackle” we hear you say. True. But if you are sat on the shore, and something goes wrong, there’s normally a means to fix it. Whether that is taking something apart and having a tinker, or even driving 5 mins to the tackle shop. Failure on a boat is terminal. And if you think your mates (or the tide) will allow you to waste valuable fishing time motoring back to dry land so you can sort out your now useless collection of cogs, you’ll be walking the plank in no time.

Strength and Power

You’ll be working it hard. It will drop the line down to the bottom, then be expected to pull that line clear of the water. Whether that’s with a strapping conger on the end, or laden with weed that’s just come off the wreck you’ve managed to hook. Any flex, give, bend or twist is not a good thing. You want power and you want it at the turn of a handle.

Gear Ratio

Speaking of turning the handle, the quicker you can get that line up and in, the sooner you will have a fish on the boat and be ready to bait up and go again. The faster the gear ratio, the quicker this is achieved. . Power handles and multi speed systems are great.

Line capacity

We need line capacity, and lots of it. Let’s say you are doing some deep-sea fishing and the bottom of the mark is 200m deep. Taking into account the pull of the tide you’re going to need 220m. If you can’t fit the line on your spool, you’re out of luck and might as well not bother. By ensuring you always have enough line to meet the fish, you have a better chance at success.  To get the most out of you reel, you’ll need to load the line correctly. This video will show you how…

Keeping the wind level

Finally, we like our line to be uniform on the spool. Whilst not absolutely essential, you will find that the best multiplier reel for boat fishing will have a level wind. You can use your thumb, but if you are fishing hard it can become tedious constantly working your thumb backwards and forwards on the spool in order to ensure that you don’t end up with a bird’s nest every time you take the clutch off.

The Best Multiplier Reel for Boat Fishing...

Daiwa Sealine 'SLOSH' Multiplier

Daiwa Sealine 'SLOSH' Multiplier 

As the best multiplier reel for boat fishing goes, this is our number one choice. No nonsense and world famous. A multi-washer drag system ensures that whether you are paying line out or bringing it in, the action of the reel is silky smooth.

The handle has a counterbalance, is easily adjustable and gives you all the cranking power you need, regardless of the scenario. The reel is assembled ensuring maximum contact points around the frame meaning it is an absolute powerhouse of a reel.

The price of this reel is very reasonable and for maximum strength and reliability, you can’t make a better choice.

Leeda - ICON Multiplier

Leeda - ICON Multiplier

Three words. Rock. Solid. Performance. For the money, this is a great choice. Leeda offer quality. This thing just sings ‘power’. A chunky handle, adjustable, gives a firm grip. At 5000 size you will have all the line capacity you will ever need.

Disengage the easy to find clutch, drop your bait into the deep, get a take and start cranking. The level wind literally runs like clockwork, so regardless of what line you are using it will ensure you line lay is absolutely uniform, even braid!    

Penn Mag4

Penn Mag 4 Multiplier

You’re going to be holding the rod all day, so you want something easy on the hand. This reel is constructed from lightweight graphite and aluminium.

Aside from being light it means that corrosion (a common problem in salt water) isn’t something you will need to think about. A mag braking system means you’ll never get an overrun or tangle, even if dropping an 8oz lead into the deep.

The star drag system gives you the control you need to play something big and get super fine tuned pulling power.

There’s no level wind on this reel, but with the high gear ratio a few flicks of the thumb and you’ll line will be in before you know it.

FLADEN Fishing - WARBIRD 4000

FLADEN Fishing - WARBIRD 4000

If you are just heading out and aren’t sure about your sea legs, maybe you don’t want to spend a fortune on a reel. Well this is the answer. As a budget option for beginners this is perhaps the best multiplier reel for boat fishing.

It features lots of technology found on more advanced models at a fraction of the cost. A graphite body and spool keep the weight down and you’ll fit just shy of half a kilometre of line onto one spool. The retrieve ration is admirable considering the price point too!

SHIMANO Tekota Multiplier

SHIMANO Tekota Multiplier

If the gears are good enough for cyclists, they are certainly good enough for us. Engineering precision in cogs and gears is something you want in the best multiplier reel for boat fishing. A chunky and comfortable handle attached to a well built frame gives a solid feel in the hand.

With an upgraded drag system and quality build you’ll have all the power you need to pull against a monster from the deep. The anti-tangle level wind makes sure you’ll get every inch of line on the 540 metre spool.

Multiplier Reel Fishing Line

Despite this article being focused on the best multiplier reel for boat fishing, we feel it prudent to touch on the multiplier line you may use on these reels. The use of a shock leader is generally recommended when sea fishing but a good monofilament is equally as important alongside choosing a suitable sea rig. The following sea fishing monofilament lines are currently the best sellers on Amazon:


The best multiplier reel for boat fishing has to be reliable, hold enough line and give you enough pulling power to deal with any situation. Things that make it easier to use such as level winds and star drags are an added bonus. If you can find something lightweight, even better! With a range to suit any budget, have a look at our offerings and see for yourself, they tick all the boxes.

So there you have it, our top 5 choice for the best multiplier reel for boat fishing in 2022. 

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