Best Readymade Sea Fishing Rigs

The 6 Best Readymade Sea Fishing Rigs - (Pulley, Flapper, Feather & Float Rigs Reviewed) 

We are all looking for it. That ‘silver bullet’. The one rig that catches the most fish. We’ll be upfront with you right now, it doesn’t exist, at least not in that way. Tides vary, the bait varies, and the fish… Well, who knows what they are thinking on some days?

However, by selecting the best readymade sea fishing rig to match the conditions, you at least give yourself the best possible chance of catching something.

In this article we are going to run through a range of the best readymade sea fishing rigs to ensure that you can avoid those ‘blank’ days.

Best Readymade Sea Fishing Rigs

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What is the Best Readymade Sea Fishing Rig?

As we have said, the answer to the question varies dependant on what you want to achieve. And ‘catching loads of fish’, isn’t the best answer to the question. You wouldn’t go into a barber’s shop and say “I want the best haircut” and expect them to give it to you without specifying the details, would you?

The same principles apply to your rig. What we’ll do now is run through a sort of checklist where you fill in the blanks...

Think about what you want to catch.

One of the things that makes fishing exciting is figuring out a technique that targets a specific species and then seeing it pay off. The key to choosing the best readymade sea fishing rigs is to aim to present your bait in the right way at the right place.

Let’s go through a specific example of what we are talking about…

Let’s say you are fishing for mackerel. They are fish that are highly mobile and tend to go for smaller baits. They don’t feed on the bottom, but are generally found in mid to top level water.

What kind of rig would you use? Well ledgering a huge dead bait on the bottom isn’t going to give you the result you seek. You will want a rig that presents a smaller bait in the area that they are likely to feed. In this instance the best sea fishing rigs to use would be either a float fished offering or perhaps mackerel feathers.

And another example…

Catch a Bass...

Everyone’s ‘prize’… The Bass. What are the best sea fishing rigs for Bass? You probably won’t catch a bass on feathers (well we have, once, and it was tiny). Bass feed throughout the water, but you are going want a rig that is capable of holding a large bait or a sea lure that attracts this prized fish.

This large bait is going to be subject to the pull of the tide, so you’ll need a big weight to make it stay put, which may mean trouble casting. The solution would be to use a Pulley rig, that way you can ensure that you have the safety of a shock leader and the hook size to accommodate a bait built only for a big mouth.

Do you see what we mean?

It isn’t just about catching the fish, it’s choosing something that ‘fits’ for a given scenario.

Think about where you are fishing…

If you’ve fished at more than one mark, you’ll know that they can vary by a vast degree. Are you going to be fishing on clean ground? Are there rocks around? What about weeds? Each one of these scenarios (and there are many more) all require different styles of what could be termed the best readymade sea fishing rigs.

Depending on where you are fishing and at what distance will dictate what sea rod and sea reel you use. Getting the right balance of rod and reel is important in order to get your chosen rig to the right spot fully intact.  

Think about how you want to present your bait…

Ok so we know that some fish aren’t that picky, so the best readymade sea fishing rigs for Cod won’t need too much finesse in the way that they are presented. However, if you are going for something that requires the bait to be just so then you will have to change your ideas.

The best readymade sea fishing rigs for Dover sole feature a means to keep the bait hard on the bottom and also include things that will pique their interest, such as fluttering blades and beads or bright sleeves.

Think about durability…

Anything that is in sea water for a long period of time is going to be damaged, that’s a simple fact. The best readymade sea fishing rigs should have technology to negate this. It’s no secret that knots are a common failure point, so look for rigs that have beads above the knots to cushion the constant wearing of the sea. Fluorocarbon has anti abrasive properties too, so if your rig uses this in its construction, all the better.

We aren’t going to evade the question entirely however so in answer to the question…

Just what is the best sea fishing rig…?

Let us put forward a suggestion. We would suggest that one of the best readymade sea fishing rigs is a two-hook flapper. You get the best of everything. A bait on the bottom, a bait off the bottom and a proven fish catcher that should attract most species.

To learn the benefits of this all year round fish catcher, check out this video...

Of course, the ability to fish your way is one of the things that we love. So, if you really want the best sea fishing rigs it might be worth doing the following….

Make your own sea fishing rig.

If you have the ability to tweak the bits you like, or even completely remove the bits that you don’t, you should find that your catch rate increases. As we’ve said, the best sea fishing rigs are the ones that fit the conditions, species and location.

We quite often make rigs on the beach whilst waiting for bites. There are even some tripod accessories that help store any readymade rigs so they are close to hand when needed.

What better way to ensure this than constructing something that is custom built for the day? If you want to know a bit more about building the best sea fishing rigs, take a look at these videos…

The Best Readymade Sea Fishing Rigs: -


SEASWEST Sea Fishing Mixed Rigs

Indecisive? Or don’t have time to be tying a rig for all seasons? This pack is the answer. You’ll find a mixture of the best sea fishing rigs all in one package.

Featured rigs include pulley rigs, hi-attract rigs for flatfish, and flapper rigs for a range of species. The rigs all include link swivels for easy attachment of weights and your main line, and beads at key points to avoid line fatigue.


FLADEN Fishing - 12 shore feather rig set

Two words. Simple and effective. For mackerel fishing these are simply the best sea fishing rigs around. They are really easy to use and ideal for beginners.

Attach one end to your main line, the other end to a 1oz weight and cast away! Some will argue that colour makes a difference, but this set will have you covered as there are plenty to choose from, including coloured feathers, sabiki setups, and flashing pearlescent feathers.

The rigs are constructed from 20lb line so you won’t need a shock leader and the hooks range from 2/0 to 3/0.



We love pulley rigs. They offer lots of features and these are a great example.

A Gemini link allows you to attach your weight and clip your hook bait to the bottom. This aids casting distance and bait presentation.

Each of these 5 rigs feature two hooks, that are available in different sizes. This ensures the ultimate security of your bait, makes sure it is presented in exactly the right way and, perhaps most importantly, guarantees a hook up with whatever decides to gobble your bait.

The rig is finished with strong polyester beads so those knots stay nice and protected.


Tronixpro 4 x Sea Fishing Float Kits 

If you are wanting to get away from the bottom, or target a species that resides in the upper levels of the water then the best sea fishing rigs to achieve this are normally floats. If you only take one you might lose it, and then you are out of options.

Fortunately, with this kit you’ve got a few spares. They are a one stop shop to get you fishing. Aside from a highly visible foam float, you’ll also get a line stop, beads and even the hook.

The weight included with the rig is perfect to ensure the float cocks in exactly the right way.


Rodeel 4 PCS flapper rigs

As we have said, we consider this to be one of the best sea fishing rigs available. They can be a little bit time consuming to make yourself, so if you just want to get out with any of the hassle, these might be a worthy investment.

The rig is made up of 25lb snood line so you will be able to cast up to about 3oz leads with little difficulty.

Various hook sizes are available, so regardless of species, you’ll find something to fit. The hooks are also chemically sharpened, ensuring complete confidence with bites.

The hooks are shrouded in a luminous Day-Glo tube, designed to tickle the curiosity of anything swimming by. To top it all off the swivels and joints are all constructed using tough and high-quality stainless steel.


SHADDOCK 140 Piece Fishing Accessories Set

Perhaps none of our suggestions are exactly what you are looking for. Well if that the case, take matters into your own hands and do it yourself!

You’ll be able to with this kit. A heavy-duty plastic box holds 140 pieces of rig constructing options. There are; beads, two-way swivels, three-way swivels, connectors, links and much more.

Even if you don’t want to make a fresh rig from scratch, these kits can be really handy to perform a running repair on an existing rig, saving you time and money.


We have covered you for a number of different options there. Whether your style on the day is fishing hard on the bottom, targeting a mid-water species, using a float to keep you off the weeds or just blasting out feathers to catch a bucketful of mackerel, you should find you’ll be easily able to put your hand on one of the best sea fishing rigs for the task.

So there you have it, our top choices for the best readymade sea fishing rigs.

Thanks for reading.

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