What is the Best Weather for Carp Fishing? The ideal weather for Carp Fishing Revealed

I remember one day when it was raining so hard, the water was literally coming back up from the ground. I guess I learned where the term bouncing down comes from?

Thinking this couldn’t possibly be the best weather for carp fishing, I started to wind in ready to pack up… and the old man turns and says…

“Why are you packing up? The fish aren’t bothered about getting wet”

That’s my Dad for you, always right too… But it got me thinking, just what is the best weather for carp fishing? Well in this article we are going to talk about it.

The Best Weather for Carp Fishing

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What is the best weather for carp fishing?

The best weather for carp fishing is a summers day, at a pleasant temperature (but not too hot, 21 - 23 degrees celcius is ideal). There should ideally be some cloud cover and a slight southerly breeze.


You can catch carp in all weathers. If you are an experienced angler you’ll know that carp will take your ‘rule book’ and tear it to pieces on a regular basis. So, we aren’t going to generalise. Obviously, summer is generally a lot more productive than fishing in winter, but that’s got more to do with water temperature than anything…

What we will say is that you can catch carp in all weathers… BUT...

To be successful you will need to alter your technique depending on the conditions. Sun, air pressure, rain, and even the wind has a bearing on our success. And don’t forget the factors that make up the best weather for carp fishing aren’t mutually exclusive. You can get a mix.

Let’s ask a few questions and see if we can find the answers…

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Is high pressure good for carp fishing?

You don’t need a barometer to judge air pressure. We are going to give you two simple rules that will help you judge it. High pressure can give you some of the best weather for carp fishing… And your ‘anglers tan’.

Ever seen those clear summer days where there isn’t a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind? That’s a high pressure day. They normally last for a number of days before giving way to a storm.

High pressure days are good for carp fishing. The sunshine warms the water, releasing food from the fauna in the water. Due to the lack of wind you can use lighter floats and setups, giving you a bit of an edge. High pressure days are perfect for stalking.

Sunshine also causes spawning behaviour in carp, more typically in May and June time. Carp will be out and about and really active for a period of time prior to spawning. Take advantage of this activity before they actually spawn as when this happens you have no hope of catching!

Here’s a rule to store away. High pressure means fish higher in the water, so use floats or surface baits to get the best chance of success.

There is a caveat to warm weather and high pressure however. If the high pressure is prolonged, then oxygen levels within the water can become depleted. This will mean the fish will become very lethargic and as such are unlikely to feed as much.

Here’s a video to give you some tips when it’s particularly hot

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Is carp fishing good in the rain?

The answer is yes. When you agitate water, with say, millions of raindrops, it becomes oxygenated. Fish tend to feed better in oxygenated water. Further to this food is washed into the swim. You may have noticed immediately after a rain storm, the fish suddenly ‘turn on’ to feeding, it’s for precisely this reason. So don’t let the rain put you off, just get a brolly system.

As a disclaimer, if it has been raining for a few days, the water temperature will drop. This will drive carp to deeper areas. So, if it’s been stormy, your best bet is deep weighted rigs and bottom fishing.

Rain is commonly a feature of low-pressure days. So, add this rule to the one we gave above. Low pressure means the fish go lower down in the water.

Want some tips for fishing in the rain? We’ve got you covered…

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Is hot weather good for carp fishing?

It all depends. Sustained hot weather leads to the oxygen leeching out of the water. In particular it causes algae which really turns the fish off. 

The fish will become tired and sluggish. In these circumstances, the best bet is to put a bigger carp bait on that will give a tired fish an opportunity that is too good to miss out on.

Another point to note is that hot weather tends to bring carp to the surface. With a decent pair of polarised glasses, you can locate fish a lot easier and maybe lay some traps for the session ahead.

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Is cold weather good for carp fishing?

Remember that fish are cold blooded. That means they rely on the temperature of the water to regulate their body temperature. Would you want to be out and about when it’s cold with no coat? You’d need something to really motivate you right? It’s the same for the carp. You can use the scarcity of natural food when its cold to your advantage, but don’t over do it. Carp are looking to expend as little energy as possible when its cold, and don’t need much to run on. So don’t overfeed your swim.

If you want to know how to fish in cold weather, check this out…

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There’s no such thing as the best weather for carp fishing, as you can do it all year round. You might just have to alter your tactics (and maybe expectations) slightly to ensure success.

Granted we prefer lying on our bed chair catching some sunshine, but that said there’s also a certain joy in sitting in a bivvy with a brew too. Let how you fish be governed by the conditions and you won’t go far wrong.

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