The Best Polarised Sunglasses Fishing - (Complete Guide On Top Fishing Glasses)

Best fishing sunglasses

There are more to polarised glasses than just making you look 'cool'. They are a vital tool that can give you the edge when fishing.

Imagine having x-ray vision allowing you to see under the water. Essentially that's what polarised sunglasses do!

What are the best polarised sunglasses for fishing? Well, read on to find out!

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The following sunglasses have been tested by ourselves and tick all the required criteria to make them some of the best polarised sunglasses for fishing on the market today.

ImageProductTop-LineQuick Link
Best Overall
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#2. FOX Black/Orange Fishing Sun Glasses #2. FOX Black/Orange Fishing Sun Glasses
More Info
#3. Savage Gear Savage2 Polarised Floating Sunglasses #3. Savage Gear Savage2 Polarised Floating Sunglasses
More Info
#4. Savage Gear Slim Shades Floating Polarised Sunglasses #4. Savage Gear Slim Shades Floating Polarised Sunglasses
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Best For Fly Fishing
#5. Vision Nymphmaniac Polarised Sunglasses
#5. Vision Nymphmaniac Polarised Sunglasses
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Best For Carp Fishing
#6. Fortis Am / Pm Amber Wraps
#6. Fortis Am / Pm Amber Wraps
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Best Budget Option
#7. Verdster Camo Polarised Fishing Sunglasses
#7. Verdster Camo Polarised Fishing Sunglasses
More Info

How Do Polarised Sunglasses Work?

Polarised sunglasses work by filtering out certain wavelengths of light. These wavelengths cause 'glare'.

Polarised glasses remove the glare by removing these 'horizontal' wavelengths, making it easier to see. This is particularly useful for fishing.

Want to see this in action? It's actually pretty cool. Here's a quick video showing you the effect and the science behind polarised sunglasses.

What Colour Polarised Lens Is Best for Fishing?

When choosing lens colours or tints, there is a surprising amount of difference. Generally, Brown or yellow are the preferred choice for most anglers.

These colours work well in all lighting conditions and give excellent contrast.

Here's a quick at a glance guide showing you the different polarised lens colours available and where they are ideally suited: -

Different Polarised Sunglasses Lens Colours

Lens Colour Works Well for… Overall
Brown All light conditions.Excellent choice for fishing An excellent all-rounder. Especially good on overcast days as they increase contrast.
Yellow All light conditions.Again, a solid choice for fishing Again, an excellent all-around choice. They may not be sufficient in bright conditions (such as snow)
Blue Increased colour perception, ideal on brighter summer days. Excellent in poor visibility A good choice if you fish during the early morning or evening.
Pink Very bright conditions. Good for reducing squint headaches. Good for extremely bright conditions, but not the best performers in low light conditions.
Grey As with blue, grey lenses offer excellent colour perception. Not the most protective in very bright conditions. Again, good for low light conditions. If you fish in brighter conditions, another colour may be more suitable.
Green Another solid choice for fishing, perhaps offering the best eye comfort. A good all-around choice. If yellow or brown still leave you squinting, green is good for fishing.

Do Polarised Sunglasses Help See Fish?

Polarised sunglasses help to see fish. They also help you see underwater features, meaning if there are no fish present, you can still pinpoint areas where they might be.

You'll be amazed at the difference they make. Often you'll be able to spot fish right under your feet!

While we can explain the difference, the effect is even more startling when you see it. Here's exactly the kind of effects you can expect in a quick 1-minute video.

With all of the above in mind, let's show you some of the best polarised sunglasses for fishing on the market.

The Best Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses don't need to be designer or cost a fortune. They just have to work. Here are some great options.

Best Overall
best polarised sunglasses for fishing

#1. Preston Innovations X-LT Polarised Sunglasses

Lightweight, comfortable and cool.

Preston innovations have been making excellent (and affordable) fishing gear for years now, and these polarised fishing glasses are no exception.

Things to like about them?

They look extremely comfortable. With soft padded nose support and frameless style, they are the kind of thing you should be looking for if you intend to wear them all day.

The grey polarised lenses will be ideal for those overcast days that seem to invoke a constant headache if you squint all day.

Any downsides?

Not really.

While they are wraparound, a little light might still sneak in via the sides. It's a bit of a trade-off. They could have created thicker arms, but then the glasses wouldn't have been as comfortable.

Overall, these will perform well in most light conditions, and they aren't too expensive either.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Frameless design allows for a really comfortable fit.
  • The grey lenses allow for use in a wide range of light conditions.
  • Soft touch nose support adds additional comfort.
  • The price is great value for money.

Any Drawbacks?

  • Some light can sneak through the edges, but very minor.
best polarised sunglasses for fishing

#2. Fox Black/Orange Fishing Sun Glasses

Due to the slightly thicker frame, these look pretty swish and would be pretty durable (which they need to be when fishing).

TAC impact-resistant lenses only magnify this effect further.

The lenses aren't the darkest around, so sun protection is a little limited.

Still, the polarisation and tint is spot on for fishing, giving you the ability to see deep into the water.

These polarised fishing glasses are pretty well 'wrapped', meaning that you don't need to worry too much about getting reflections, especially if the sun happens to be behind you.

Are they perfect? Not quite. While not really visible, the fox logo is permanent, which some may find a touch irritating. The legs are just a little thick too, so might get a little uncomfortable with a hat on.

However, all that said, considering how hard-wearing they are, for the money, they would be pretty good for fishing.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Really strong and robust pair of glasses.
  • Great UV protection properties.
  • Nice and tight wrap around fit yet still offers real comfort.
  • Really good price point.

Any Drawbacks?

  • The lenses aren't as dark as some, but still sufficient to do the job
  • The legs are thick and durable but can be a little uncomfortable with head gear.
best polarised sunglasses for fishing

#3. Savage Gear Polarised Floating Sunglasses

We're just going to come right out and say it. You'll either love or hate the tortoiseshell finish.

Provided you can deal with the fact that you're going fishing, not to a fashion show, these would be pretty great.

The pale yellow lenses give excellent colour and depth perception, and the thick arms will provide a wall against the light coming in from the side.

Are they as lightweight as others on our list of the best polarised sunglasses for fishing? No, not quite. Are they really effective?

You bet.

A great feature to note is that these glasses will float. So if you lean forward and hear a splash, they are easy to recover (ask us how we know).

The rubber padding keeps the frames nice and comfy, even if they are a bit sizeable. We particularly like the chunky protective case… They even come with a free cleaning cloth.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Rubber padding allows for a comfortable fit.
  • The fact that these sunglasses float is a real plus.
  • Comes with a a solid protective case.

Any Drawbacks?

  • If you like a thin frame, these glasses won't be for you.
best polarised sunglasses for fishing

#4. Savage Gear Slim Shades Floating Polarised Sunglasses

Listen, we get it.

Only your grandad wears tortoiseshell glasses.

If you found the above a little chunky and you didn't like the finish, these polarised fishing glasses might be the ideal solution.

The frames are a little lighter and lower profile. The amber lenses will be the ideal choice if you are looking for a versatile pair of fishing glasses you can use in any lighting conditions.

Oh, and they look a little more modern too.

The translucent frames are reinforced yet still manage to be lightweight. And, as with the above suggestion from Savage Gear, these too will float.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Re-enforced frames allow for longevity.
  • The glasses float in water.
  • Really light and comfortable pair of glasses..
  • Great value for money.

Any Drawbacks?

  • The frame is quite thick but this does add to the glasses robustness.
Best For Fly Fishing
best polarised sunglasses for fishing

#5. Vision Nymphmaniac Polarised Sunglasses

After we guffawed at the name, we promptly fell in love with these glasses.

These polarised glasses are the best we found for fly fishing without having to re-mortgage your house!

This is because they are really effective when viewing moving water such as rivers and streams.

Looking like some amber-eyed mosquito after we donned them, we were amazed. The hue of the yellow polarised lenses is simply perfect.

Not too dark, nor too light, meaning you should get both eye protection and excellent subsurface visibility.

Oh, and we need to mention that they are supremely lightweight. It is almost like we are wearing nothing.

Fly fishing glasses don't just reduce glare. They are actually safety equipment.


A bead head nymph making contact with your peepers is something that only needs to happen once. You need a pair of glasses that will protect your eyes. The strong plastic lenses are ideal in this regard.

Into fly fishing? We've got some great vests here, not to mention some really neat rod and reel combos.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Super lightweight.
  • 100% protection from UVA, UVB and UVC light.
  • Finished with a hard coat scratch-resistant surface.
  • A great pair of polarised fishing glasses for all-round use.

Any Drawbacks?

  • Slightly more expensive than other options.
Best For Carp Fishing
best polarised sunglasses for fishing

#6. Fortis Am / Pm Amber Wraps

If you are carp fishing, you may be sat for the day in bright conditions, so you are going to want glasses that are comfortable to wear and offer complete sun protection.

It doesn't get much better than this.

These wrap around fishing shades have a couple of unique features.

We particularly like the little side window on each arm. This lets light in, but it is filtered, stopping unwanted reflections.

They also afford a degree of peripheral vision, so if you've got more than one rod on the go or are keeping an eye on the margins, they are ideal.

Brown lenses would be the ideal choice for an all-day session. They work really well in both low light conditions and midday sun brightness.

We also really like the integral vent system, a feature borrowed from premium skiing goggles. This ensures that the glasses, while forming an impenetrable barrier against light, don't get all fogged up in the process or when you are sweating pulling in your PB carp.

Polarised glasses are great for carp fishing. They are particularly good for surface fishing or float fishing just below the surface.  You can learn more about both here.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Side light is filtered by a window.
  • Additional ventilation properties, helps prevent additional sweating.
  • Nice comfortable fit with a sleek look.
  • Great price point that is real value for money.

Any Drawbacks?

  • Not as strong and robust as other options.
Best Budget Option
Verdster Polarise Sunglasses

#7. Verdster Camo Polarised Fishing Sunglasses

Do you need to spend a king's ransom on a pair of shades?

No, not really. We've lost count of the number of glasses we've sat on, dropped, scratched, snapped and lost.

If you go cheap, this isn't so much an issue.

And here's the thing… They still work perfectly well!

The camo design will have you looking the part, and the tint and hue of the lenses are also pretty great.

As with some more expensive fishing sunglasses, these feature a padded nose section, lightweight and comfortable frames and come with an included carry case.

Are they for everyone?

Not quite. The fit is snug, so if you have a larger head, you might find them just a little uncomfortable, but they will be great value to most.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Amazing value for money.
  • Padded nose section for comfort.
  • Carry case included.

Any Drawbacks?

  • Lacks the quality and feel of other options but for the price is well worth it.

Final Thoughts

While you might not think shades are that important, they can drastically improve your fishing. Both in catch rate and in comfort. The best polarised sunglasses for fishing will increase both in equal measure. 

Pick something within your budget, look for nice extra features and choose a lens colour that works when you intend to fish.

Like fishing in all weathers? You will want to be kitted out.

Why not check out the best carp fishing clothing while you are here if you are in the market for some.

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