best casting rods for carp fishing

The Best Casting Rods for Carp Fishing (Distance Rods for Carp in 2023 Reviewed)

There is no nicer feeling than getting a decent bend in your rod. This is true both for when you are reeling in, and sometimes when you’re throwing out a bait a fair way.

When you are distance casting you are using your rod to its maximum potential.

It’s like taking a high performance sports car to it’s maximum speed. Well we’ve looked at some sportscars all right…

They are called the best casting rods for carp fishing, and we are going to share our findings with you in this article.

best casting rods for carp fishing

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Strapped For Time?

Not got the time to read the full guide? Then you can always skip straight to our recommended long distance casting rods below.

Alternatively, please read on for more in depth detail on what features to look out for in the best casting rods for carp fishing. 

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What is the best fishing rod for casting?

Let’s dive down into a little bit of physics… Don’t worry we aren’t exactly Einstein but it is super simple. We are going to look at momentum, please don’t nod off, we promise its relevant to the best casting rods for carp fishing.

Basically, the greater the momentum you can generate, the further you will cast. Momentum relies on two things. Weight and speed. If you increase either of those two things, the momentum goes up. That’s it! See we told you it was simple.

But how does this relate to the best casting rods for carp fishing?

Well, both the speed of what you are casting and the weight you are able to cast are dictated solely by the blank that the rod is made of.  A stronger rod means you can cast a heavier weight. So therefore, the best casting rods for carp fishing will be stronger.

However, if that was the case, we would just use a broom handle. Strong isn’t the only criteria. We also require a little bit of flex to catapult our rig into the distance. One way to achieve that with a stronger, heavier rod is to make it longer. So, to add to our ‘law of casting’…

The best casting rod for carp fishing will be strong enough to take the weight of the cast, and long enough to give some flex and speed to our cast.

If you want to see one in action and get some tips, have a watch of this

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What is the best test curve for carp rods?

Now if you have been paying attention you’ll have noticed that we want a heavier duty rod. Unfortunately for distance casting, test curves of less than around 3lb are not going to cut it.

The best casting rod for carp fishing will ideally have a test curve of around 3.5 to 3.75lbs. That tells you that the blank is pretty stiff with a through action.

How do I choose a casting rod?

Choose a carp rod based on what you need it for. If you fish in a venue where the carp are known for holding in hard to reach, far flung areas then choose a rod that will be capable of getting out to them. You’ll probably want a real distance caster with a very high test curve.

As part of your choice, it's important to consider the reel your rod will be partnered with. Getting the right balance is absolutely key especially if distance is your goal. The best Carp rod & reel combo can add a number of yards to your casting potential.

Choose a rod that matches your reel to. If you’ve got a big pit reel or a baitrunner, go for something a bit bigger. If you are upgrading with a 3000 sized reel then the best casting rod for carp fishing may need to be scaled back just a touch otherwise you are going to have a real imbalance.

We have a full guide on the best carp reels that include some options for long range fishing, here.

On a side note, if you are torn between what reel type to use, we do have a dedicated article titled Big Pit Reel vs Baitrunners for you to checkout.

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The best casting rods for carp fishing


Best Overall Distance Rod

best distance rod for carp fishing

Daiwa Basia AGS

This is without shadow of a doubt one of the best distance casting rods on the market. A super strong blank will allow you to really put your back into getting ever last inch off of your spool.

The lower two thirds of the rod give progressive power release ensuring that your weight and rig will be accelerated from the very start to the very end of the cast.

Everything about this rod oozes absolute quality. One of the many premium features on this rod is the ultra light AGS (Air Guide System) that gives the rod it's name.

The specialist guides offer reduced weight and better tip recovery on long casts. The carbon core is of real quality high grade and is armoured with X45 for extra strength and durability.

The Rod is beautifully finished with a matt black, low glare covering and a Fuji DPS reel seat. This model is available in 12' and 13' lengths with test curves up to 3.75lb.

The price isn't cheap so it maybe one for the professionals. but if you find yourself in a position to be able to purchase, we absolutely, thoroughly recommend that you do.

Checkout this brief video showcasing the Daiwa Basia AGS:

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best casting rod for carp fishing

Greys Air Curve Rod - 3.5lbTC

These lightweight yet super performing rods from Greys are the real deal. The high quality TOREON nano composite blanks provide a stronger and lighter material but in no way restricts the action that can be achieved.

This rod was designed as a performance fishing rod, the action has been developed to provide the perfect balance between fish playing capability combined with exceptional casting performance.

There are four models in the range with 12' and 13' versions available with differing test curves to cover any Carp fishing situation you're ever likely to encounter.

We recommend the 3.5lb test curve version which will give you an amazing rod more than capable of casting well over 100 yards when needed.

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Daiwa Infinity DF X45

Daiwa Infinity X45

Danny Fairbrass has been in the carp fishing game for many years now and he has used all this experience and expertise to assist Daiwa in producing an amazing rod in the Infinity X45.

The team have managed to manipulate the patterns and placement of X45 bias carbons, combined with the latest MT magnum taper profile to bring a rod with astonishing power conversion plus straight line compression and release.

The rod has a custom built feel throughout and has many versions differing with either the 12' or 13' lengths and test curves up to 3.75lb.

Again, the price tag is fairly steep, but you will know where the money has gone once you hold one of these beauties.

The superior, premium feel to this rod is worth every penny and if you need to cast over 120 yards, partnered with the right reel, you can do so if you are lucky enough to be able to invest in them.

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Best Distance Spod & Marker Rod

Greys Xlerate Hybrid Rod

I know this is a hybrid rod designed for spodding but I couldn't resist to include it as one of the best distance casters out there.

The rod utilises the supplest grade of 1k carbon fibre has been combined with Greys’s own 'resin recipes' to produce a real beast of a rod. 

What marks out this rod as different from most is its stiff tip. This spod Rod from the Xlerate range is geared towards stiffness for distance and sensitivity and as such packs an almighty punch.

If you fish large waters and want to get a carpet of bait 'out there' then this rod comes highly recommended by us and many others.

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Sonik Vader X

A 4.5lb test curve and 12ft foot of sleek muscle? Sounds great to us. The 17mm reel seat is custom designed to accommodate a big pit reel, that should give you a clue about the manufacturers intentions for this rod.

A progressive action means the rod will flex well both in the cast, and hopefully when you are reeling in s specimen that thought he was safe.

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Best Budget Distance Rod

best distance rod for carp fishing

Avid Exodus Pro Rod

This rod is solid. With a 3.5lb test curve you are going to get plenty of power through the cast.

There a number of lengths available in the Avid Exodus range, however we recommend the 12 foot version for maximum distance.

The high-performance quality carbon blank and a crisp casting action, you’ll still get all of the acceleration that you need. 

All Exodus Pro rods are finished with high-quality fittings, understated graphics, line clips, laser etched butt caps & high-grade carbon.

You'll be challenged to find a rod with the features of the Avid Pro at this price point.

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Best Distance Rod for Beginners

Hunter Pro 2 X 12ft Carbon Fibre Carp Rod

We said that you are looking for a long rod with a strong test curve. Well this looks good to us. At 12ft you’ll be able to generate plenty of speed and with the test curve coming in just shy of 3lb you’ll be able to lob a big weight a long way.

The dual ergonomic grip is perfectly placed to ensure you get the right technique going straight from the start.... And you get two of them!


So, you’ve got a fair bit of variety there, and you should find the best casting rod for carp fishing to suit your budget. A decent distance rod really should be part of any serious carp fisherman's artillery, especially if bait boats are not a consideration for your venue or you just hate using them. 

Remember it’s not just about getting the bait out there, but bringing the fish in too. Fortunately, all of our suggestions perform well in both directions. Let us know how far you get…

So there you have it, our tips for the best casting rods for carp fishing.

Thanks for reading.

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