Best Luncheon Meat Cutters For Fishing

5 Best Meat Cutters For Fishing (Top luncheon Meat Slicers Revealed)

The best meat cutters for fishing are those that can cut a whole slab of luncheon meat quickly and efficiently at equal sizes.

You may be on the fence and asking yourself the question of whether or not you actually need a designated meat cutter or whether are decent fishing knife would suffice?

Well, the answer to this question is simple…

If you are looking at using luncheon meat in fishing situations where you are coarse fishing and loose feeding constantly then, yes you should invest in a decent meat cutter.

This is because when catapulting out luncheon meat, you will achieve consistency and accuracy when all the pieces of meat are the same size.

If you are fishing with a big lump of meat as a carp bait with a few freebies around it, then, no you won’t need one.

So with that said, this article will suggest 5 of the best meat cutters for fishing based on my personal experiences with them alongside other anglers who have provided positive reviews.

Best Meat Cutters For Fishing

The following 5 meat cutters have been tried and tested to cut or slice a slab of luncheon meat with ease. The suggestions offer different designs and budgets so there should be an option for everyone.

#1. MAP Meat Cutter

MAP meat cutter

The MAP meat cutter is probably the best-known cutter on the market today amongst anglers.

The reason for this is it’s simply a well-thought-out and well-designed product that makes cutting meat at equal sizes efficient, quick and easy.

The meat cutter has options to cut pieces at 4, 6, 8, and 10mm pieces and the blades are interchangeable.

This is a real advantage as some meat cutters only offer the option to cut at one particular size.

The blades are stainless steel and are dishwasher friendly so can be washed with ease.

They are also available to purchase separately if you need a replacement.

Best Meat Cutters For Fishing
MAP Meat Cutter Spare Blades

There is a handy collection tray which is a really nice touch on this cutter as it really helps to keep things neat and tidy when getting the luncheon meat out of the cutter and into your bait box.

To really show off the fact that this product is one of the best meat cutters for fishing, MAP has even produced a carry case that allows you to keep the cutter and all the spare blades neatly together.

Best Meat Cutters For Fishing
A really handy case for the MAP meat cutter

In summary, this meat cutter has been specially designed for fishing and the design and quality of the product shows as such.

If you use luncheon meat a lot in your fishing, then this will be a real asset to your artillery.

Check out the MAP meat cutter in action in the following video:

Features & Specifications
  • Unique Design
  • Dish Washer Safe
  • Made from Super Strong ABS plastic
  • Stainless Steel inter-changeable blades
  • One Set of Cutting Blades
  • End Cap

#2. Tilley Meat Cutter

Best fishing meat cutters

The Tilley meat cutter is another popular option amongst anglers that can do just as good a job as the MAP meat cutter.

The main advantage of the Tilley meat cutter compared to other meat cutters is the materials used in creating the product.

It’s actually made of aluminium and is powder-coated which is a great material for longevity and robustness.

The main advantage of this is that there will be less need for replacement blades after the initial purchase.

Having said that, when I was testing the meat cutter out, I did have a need to replace one of the blades.

Luckily, the cutter comes with a spare and I was able to change it quickly and efficiently.

The spare blades are available to purchase separately and are cheaper to buy individually compared to the whole set required for the MAP meat cutter.

If I was to have some criticism of the Tilley meat cutter it would be that it isn’t as mobile as the MAP cutter.

I found that it is better to leave it at home and prepare luncheon meat for the session in advance rather than on the bank.

This is fine it’s just sometimes when fishing I may need to react to a specific situation and having an unopened tin of luncheon meat and a meat cutter is less wasteful than preparing some in advance that I may not use.

The creator of the Tilley meat cutter really believes in their product and offers a 3-year guarantee for anyone that purchases it.

As of yet, I have had no need to utilise this guarantee which is a testament to the quality of the product.

In summary, the Tilley meat cutter is definitely one of the best meat cutters for fishing on the market and at a similar price to the MAP meat cutter, it is well worth your consideration.

Features & Specifications

  • Made from powder-coated aluminium
  • Comes with replacement blades
  • Replacement blades are cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a 3-year guarantee

#3. MAD Baitbox Meat Cutter

Best Meat Cutter For Fishing

This next fishing meat cutter is a much simpler offering than the previous two on the list.

It is a simple, yet effective design that does the job you need it to do albeit with a bit more effort from the anglers part.

When I say effort, I don’t mean it’s going to make you feel like you have done a day’s work just by cutting up a bit of luncheon meat. It does however involve you physically pushing the cutter through the meat by force.

You simply lay the cutter over your bait box and push the meat through the cutter.

The MAD meat cutter in action
The MAD meat cutter in action

This meat cutter is very much a budget option and does have the advantage over its competitors that it doesn’t take up as much room in your tackle box and can simply lie on your seat box tray until you need it.

The cutter is available in 6mm and 9mm versions and is really easy to clean.

All in all, a neat little meat cutter that won’t break the bank, yet still will cut your meat quicker than if you were just to use a knife.

Features & Specifications

  • Easy to clean simple meat cutter
  • Slice meat into approximately 6mm slices,
  • push through cutter into the bait box see photos
  • Doesn’t take up much room in your bag,
  • Easy to clean and is not expensive
  • Also available in 9mm

#4. Luncheon Meat Slicer

Best fishing luncheon meat slicer

Now, the more astute anglers out there may be thinking that they used a contraction like this to slice their hard-boiled eggs the other day!

Well, you would be right as this can be used as an egg slicer.

However, it is equally as effective as a meat slicer as well.

The slicer being used on luncheon meat
The slicer being used on luncheon meat

It is very simple to use and does slice the luncheon meat with relative ease.

The disadvantage to this slicer is that you would have to turn the meat 90 degrees after the first cut and slice it again to get the meat into cubes.

This may mean that you don’t always get the cubes at exactly the same size. You are also restricted by the size of cubes you create which is dictated by the width of the blades.

The slicer is also not as hardwearing as the more premium MAP meat cutter.

It does however offer the advantage of taking up next to no room and is a lot cheaper than the premium models.

Features & Specifications

  • Safe & Sturdy
  • Anti-slip board
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe

#5. Meat Punch

Meat punch

Okay, so technically this isn’t a meat cutter. However, it does cut meat into the same sized pieces that many anglers need for fishing hence why I have included it as an option.

With a meat punch, you can quickly create a bait box full of the same-sized morsels that are suitable as freebies or hook baits.

Here’s an example of how to do this…

This simple version by Fladen fishing is easy to use, hardwearing, and comes in 3 different sizes (4, 7, and 9mm).

The handle on this punch set is comfortable to use even when wet.

They are also easy to clean and are a lot cheaper than the premium meat cutters on this list. It isn’t however as quick or as easy to use as the MAP or Tilley meat cutter.

Features & Specifications

  • Makes Hook Bait Sized Pellets from Luncheon Meat & Paste
  • Quick & Simple to Use
  • 3 Different Sizes 4 – 7 – 9 mm
  • Comfortable handle

Final Thoughts

The best meat cutters for fishing are those that can cut meat quickly, precisely, and efficiently.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all those featured in this article.

If you are looking for a quality meat cutter that has been specifically designed for this purpose and with the angler in mind then id recommend either the MAP or the Tilley meat cutter.

If you are looking for a budget option that doesn’t take up much space then the simple MAD meat cutter may suit you better.

Whatever your preference, I hope that this article has provided some clarity on what the best fishing meat cutter is for you.

Thanks for reading

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