The Best Spod Rods

 Complete Guide On Carp Fishing Spodding & Spomb Rods

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Spod rods are a specialist piece of equipment and are a little different from your everyday carp rod. 


Well, you are about to find out! In this article, we are going to take a detailed tour of the best spod rods on the market. We'll also answer a few common questions that we get on them.

Let's wind up and cast out!

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If you haven't got the time to read the full article, here are our some of our top picks...

Alternatively, please read on to see more information on what to look for in a decent spod rod as well as detail on our chosen products.

What Makes a Good Spod Rod?

There are a few attributes that come together to make a good spod rod. These are as follows:

Test Curve

In short, a good spod rod needs to have a really strong test curve. The reason for this is that a fully laden spod can weigh a significant amount, and a really flexible rod just isn't going to cut it.

A significant amount? What are we talking about? Easily over 5oz! and more than often more. These weights are traditionally what you will see when sea fishing, not carp fishing!

Spod rigs contain the weight of the spod, plus they are absolutely crammed full of bait. This isn't a game for the faint-hearted!

Look for a test curve of at least 4lbs, preferably 4.5lbs and increase this to 5lbs if you intend to 'go big' with either your rig weight or your casting distance.


When talking length, we'd say 12-13 feet is the goldilocks zone although there is a new trend within the carp angling circle that prefer a shorter, 10 foot model. With modern day rods using top technology, a 10 foot model nowadays is a viable option compared to 15 years ago when it just wouldn't have been considered.

For greater distance though a 12 or 13 foot rod is the recommended choice as this will give you enough leverage to really push that spod out but isn't so big as to be too unwieldy. 

Take a look at the following video that shows a good spod rod in action as well as some useful tips...

Ring Diameter

Ideally, for your spod rod, it's best to have 50mm rings, particularly as the initial butt ring. 50mm rings outperform the 40mm variants in several ways; they generally offer the line more room to move, reducing friction, and enabling greater casting distances. Plus, they're less susceptible to line frap.


High-grade spod rods will usually feature a consistent action throughout their entire length. This characteristic enables the rod to efficiently distribute maximum power during the casting process, propelling the spod to greater distances while reducing resistance and inefficiency.

Duel-Use With A Marker Rod

If you're in the market for a spod fishing rod that can also function as a marker rod, you might find rods with depth indicators on the blank beneficial. Such rods can accurately measure water depth and provide a feel for the contours of a water-bed. This sort of feature finding can significantly enhance your carp fishing experience.

These kinds of rods typically have a slightly more flexible tip, enhancing feature detection by transmitting any lead movement up the rod blank. However, you may lose the stiffness required to fire very heavy spods a great distance.

Can You Use Any Carp Rod To Spod?

You could try it, but it wouldn't be a good idea. Your usual 2.75 -3.25lbs test curve simply can't straighten quick enough to generate enough force to cast the weight.

The end result?

You'll get next to no distance. And it gets worse. Try spodding using a normal rod, and there is a decent chance that you will end up breaking your rod at some point.

Having said that if you are only using a very small spod or spomb of say up to 4 ounces when fully loaded, then a 3 or 3.25lb test curve could be used. 

Do I Need a Spod Rod?

If you want to catch the biggest carp, you are going to have to outsmart them. So we would say yes, go for it!

Spodding allows you to get a decent amount of bait to areas where carp aren't used to seeing it. As a result, they are more likely to feed comfortably, increasing the chances of a take.

Also, spodding allows you to create a drive-through diner of baits that carp love, increasing your chances of stopping carp in their tracks and then hopefully catching something huge.

The above two benefits can't be realised with any other rod, so if you are looking to get into spodding, you are best choosing custom-built technology designed exactly for that purpose. 

What Is the Best Test Curve for A Spod Rod?

You might get away with a 3.5lb test curve if you only use a small spod and cast fairly short distances. However, for complete peace of mind, we'd suggest 4 -4.5lbs as an absolute minimum.

For heavier applications, 5lb is ample. This is essentially a shorter version of a sea fishing rod, but that should cover you all the way up to casting 10oz beasts!

The 7 Best Spod Rods

The following 7 rods are all great options for spodding and spombing. We have covered a variety of rods that can be catered for different spod weights, different fishing circumstances, and budgets...

So let's now get into our list of some of the top spod rods on the market today:

Best Overall Spod Rod

best overall spod rod

#1. Daiwa Basia X45 TT Spod Rod

For spodding perfection, this is about as good as it gets.

Daiwa has been around for eons, producing really high-quality fishing gear.

This rod is no exception.

Looking at the big picture, it is exactly in the ballpark in terms of test curve and length. 

Zooming in to the more advanced features, you'll find a strong blank yet lower in profile given the test.

The shrink handle tube is pleasing to the eye and even more easy on the arm. It is super lightweight!

We love the low glare finish. This prevents you from flashing away (stop laughing) on the bank and scaring the very carp you are trying to catch.

We also like the minima 4 guides. These are spacious and lined, allowing the line to slip through friction-free, increasing your casting distance.

To top the lot off, you'll find it visually stunning. The red butt cap, whippings, and red collars all combine to make this the Ferrari of spod rods.

best spod rod for distance

#2. Shimano Tribal TX A Spod Rod

Strong and long, the Shimano tribal range has long been the gold standard for those looking for the best premium spod rod.

Built using Japanese rod blank technology, the performance of this rod easily matches its substantial price tag. 

It has often been referred to as 'the best spod rod' ever built, and after giving it a few casts, we can see why.

The power in this rod is absolutely phenomenal. It takes but a gentle lob to load up the blank, which is responsive and really quick to recover.

The end result is explosive distance and phenomenal accuracy, which we have not achieved with any other rod.

The rod has all of those nice features that we like to see. A shrink-wrapped Fuji handle along with substantial line guides means it is every inch a professional setup.

Pair this beauty up with a decent spod reel and you could cast to the moon and back!

Best Budget Spod Rod

best budget spod rod

#3. Wychwood Dispatch S1 Spod Rod

Let's tone down the spending a bit from one end to the other and offer you one of the most affordable spod rods on the market.

Wychwood is well known for producing good quality yet budget carp fishing equipment.

This rod would be ideal for pairing up with Wychwood's equally impressive spodding reel.

At 12 ft, it is slightly more manageable than the other 'big guns' we have suggested.
The rod is strong, durable, and you can really put your back into the cast as it has a test curve of 4.25lbs.

Even though it is budget, it has plenty of eye-catching features. The handle is shrink-wrapped and slightly shorter than standard.

Combined with a swish gunmetal reel seat, nobody on the bank will know how little you've paid for it either.

This rod casts well and is super smooth in recovery. Overall we'd say it is worth every penny!

Best Spod And Marker Rod

best spod and marker rod

#4. Fox Horizon X4 Spod & Marker

Crisp, firm and accurate. Those were our thoughts when we first put this rod through its paces.

The high modulus blank, made of multidirectional carbon, ensures constant acceleration with the rod loading and then releasing in a very predictable fashion.

At 12 feet long, it is manageable, and you'll still get plenty of distance without it becoming too whippy and unwieldy. 

One great feature here is the anti-tangle guides. Getting a loop of line wrapped around a ring mid-cast can result in a crack off at best and a broken ring at worst.

You'll notice the Fuji reel seat along with a high gloss finish making this rod eye-catching as well as a solid performer.

Other Recommended Spod Rods

Best spod rods

#5. Avid Carp Exodus Pro Spod & Marker

Avid aren't that well known for producing rods, but that's a good thing.

It's one of carp fishing's best-kept secrets. This is just as good as some premium spod rods.

With its 12ft blank, it will hold its own against the top spod rods on the market.

It has a low profile slim reel inlay, complete with nice-looking features, including the ever-popular Fuji reel seat and handle, along with a laser engraved butt cap.

With 6 guides, you'll get all the support you need, whether casting out or reeling in. What is even more remarkable is that the guides are lined. This prevents braid friction which can actually cut guides over time. 

Ever used braid on a spod rod? Check out our dedicated article to the best spod braid right here.

best carp spod rod

#6. Greys GT Spod Rod

Those who also like to chuck feathers and fly fish will already know who Greys are.

They are famous for producing mid-priced, excellent-quality fishing rods. At 12 feet and 4lb test, this is the lightest you'll want to go.

Greys know a bit about rod technology, and it shows. 

This is one of the most accurate casters on our list. The action is fast, but that doesn't mean that it is whippy.

It only behaves like this when correctly loaded. A 6oz spod was just about optimum.
We love the raw carbon look.

When combined with the Fuji reel seat, shrink-wrapped handle, and anodised collars, it looks every inch the ideal spodding rod.

best spodding and spombing rod for carp fishing

#7. Daiwa Cross Cast Spod Rod XT 12ft

If you liked the Basia but hated the price tag, then this is a worthy choice.

Again this sits perfectly in the ballpark for the best spod rods.

The 1k woven blank feels pretty solid. In fact, it is slightly stiffer than some of the other rods that we tried. 

As with the Basia, you'll still get the eye-catching red guides and reel seat. The shrink handle with a flared butt keeps it comfortable when holding the rod, and the shrink wrap handle does what it can to keep the weight down.

The minima guides are low-profile and spacious, allowing you to cast completely unhindered. Pair this up with a decent big pit reel, and you'll have a mid-priced setup that feels premium.

Overall this rod shares many features with the Daiwa Basia. In fact, aside from a slightly nicer blank on the more expensive rod, we struggled to tell the difference. 

Final Thoughts

The best spod rods need to have a good blank, powerful enough to handle heavy weights. This is your foundation. From there, look for features built around the blank that make the rod a joy to use.

We are talking shrink-wrapped handles, detailing, and Fuji reel seats. You'll find all of these and more in the above. 

If you are in the market for a new rod, why not take a peek at some in our guide on the best carp rods.

All of the spod rods featured in this article can be found at most good tackle shops.

Thanks for reading and tight lines!

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