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The Best Fishing Pole Brands In The UK (Guide On Top Quality, Reliable Fishing Poles)

It is no secret that fishing poles are very popular with a lot of anglers, and, as such, the choice of which pole to buy can be quite difficult.

When you are looking at different brands of fishing poles, how do you know which one is best? and how do you know what brand of fishing pole to purchase?

This article details 7 of the best fishing pole brands that manufacture some of the top fishing poles on the market today.

We also go into what makes a top-quality fishing pole as well as advising on some of the best poles made by the best brands.

Strapped For Time?

If you haven't got the time to read the full article. This is what this section is for. So the answer to the question is as follows...

The best fishing pole brands are those that have a reputation for producing quality fishing poles, consistently, that suit all the angler's needs.

The best fishing pole brands are:

  1. Daiwa
  2. Matrix
  3. Preston Innovations
  4. Maver
  5. Browning
  6. Garbolino
  7. MAP

Read on to see more information on the best fishing pole brands as well as some top-quality fishing poles made by them...

Why buy a branded fishing pole?

As stated in the introduction, with the best brands comes the best quality. With a fishing pole, quality means the best materials in the right dimensions that makes fishing with it an easy and pleasurable experience.

When a brand is established, it knows what the consumer wants. An established brand also has served thousands upon thousands of customers and has a multitude of reviews and feedback to draw upon.

The best brands are often those that act on feedback to improve and ultimately end up with a product that has a reputation of quality with many good reviews and lots of positive feedback.

So with a branded fishing pole, you know you will get a product that has gone through a rigorous process to ensure its quality is top-notch.

Finally, the best fishing pole brands will produce a variety of products to cater to all angler's needs.

For example, the best brands will not only make the best ultimate fishing pole but they will also have a great product if you needed a budget pole or needed a pole for a beginner or even for a specific circumstance such as a pole for fishing in the margins.

What makes a top-quality fishing pole?

There are 3 important considerations when deciding what makes the best quality fishing poles. These are:

  • Weight
  • Strength
  • Ease of Use


One of the main reasons that anglers use a pole over a fishing rod is the fact that you can present very fine rigs a long distance out.

Poles usually go up to 16 metres in length which can be very handy if you are fishing to a feature up to this range.

To have 16 metres of pole in your hand for a prolonged period of time could become very uncomfortable if the pole was particularly heavy.

For this reason, the poles from the best brands are made from high-grade carbon to make them super lightweight.

the best UK fishing pole brands

Quality fishing poles are light and easy to use


You would be forgiven for thinking that a pole that is extremely lightweight would mean it's flimsy and weak. With the best poles though, this isn't the case.

In fact, the materials used in the quality poles are not just light, they are super strong as well.

This is obviously an important factor for investing in a pole in the first place as they are not the cheapest item of tackle on the market. If they were to break easily, it would ultimately lead to a lot of wasted cash.

Secondly, you need the strength to be able to play fish effectively and steer them away from dangerous snags and vegetation. A good, strong pole will definitely lead to more fish landed safely.

best UK fishing pole brands stength

Quality fishing poles are strong to land big fish

Ease of Use

The main aspect in the enjoyment of fishing is the battle between man and fish. At no point has anyone mentioned that they particularly enjoyed the battle between man and pole!

When fishing you really need equipment that can be used efficiently and easily without any mishaps.

A quality pole will always be easy to use and be made in a way to tick this important box. For example, shipping the pole back and taking off sections as well as adding them on is made easier when the joints are made well.

Also, the outer coat of a quality fishing pole is often one that is comfortable to grip and hold, yet easy to slide between your hands when shipping.

Before purchasing a pole we recommend you spend time handling and testing these important requirements.

The best fishing pole brands

So now we have established the benefits of buying a pole from a reputable brand and the importance of purchasing a pole of sufficient quality, let's now take a look at, what we consider, the best brands for fishing poles:

1. Daiwa

Daiwa started off in the 1950s as a company that just made fishing reels. Today Daiwa is a global fishing tackle brand that makes all different types of tackle and has a real reputation for quality.

Daiwa is a very innovative company that often develops new, cutting-edge designs way before other brands follow.

Daiwa has a presence in Japan, the UK, the Far East, and, more recently in Scandinavia. The reputation for quality that resonates with its customers, means that Daiwa is the go-to brand for general tackle, rods, reels, and fishing poles for many anglers around the world.

Daiwa's Top Fishing Pole

Daiwas Top fishing pole

Daiwa Air Z Pro Pole

The Daiwa Air Z Pro Pole is quite simply the best pole I have ever used.  It is a super lightweight, responsive pole that sets a new benchmark for competition and leisure fishing.

With a high power-to-weight ratio, and a light, yet very strong, carbon construction this pole is a real joy to hold let alone fish with. 

The addition of ergonomic features such as the bias carbon V-Joint makes the Daiwa Pro Air Z Pole at home on any water or in any situation.  You can choose from package options with either more power or more match fishing traits.

There are many kits that come with this fantastic pole package all of which are cut and fitted with PTFE bushes.

In summary, if money was no object, this is absolutely the pole that myself (and many others) would purchase as it exudes quality throughout.

2. Matrix

So in the fishing world, you may have heard of the brand Fox or in more recent times Fox International. You will be forgiven in thinking that Fox has nothing to do with poles or indeed any form of match fishing type tackle.

Well, you would be wrong as the brand Matrix is a subsidiary to the whole Fox International brand.

Fox International is a well-known, reputable, brand in the angling world and the Matrix products continue the reputation of quality that Fox has achieved.

Having been founded in 1967, Fox rapidly outgrew its start out premises in Essex. Fast forward to today and Fox International manufactures over 3000 fishing tackle products and operates globally.

The Matrix part of the business has recently become very popular and rightly so as the products have been well thought out and suit all the needs required from an angler looking for a quality fishing pole.

Matrix's Top Fishing Pole

top matrix fishing poles

Matrix MTX 1 Power 13m Pole

The MTX range of poles are some of the most advanced poles on the market today.

Built on the same mandrel as the original Nemesis poles, they feature MST (Multi-Strand Technology) for superb performance and unparalleled strength. 

The exclusive Glide anti-friction taped sections reduce friction to ensure a smooth action and the section alignment decal system guarantees precise setting up.

This pole (alongside others in the MTX range) comes with a generous kit package that includes a tube or holdall, rigid side puller, side puller adapter, revolve side puller, extra segments, bushings, and Allen keys. 

The 13 metre version we have featured here is tried and tested and we can 100% say that this model (as well as others in the MTX range) are amazing poles that perform exceptionally well.

3. Preston Innovations

Preston Innovations was founded by David Preston and originates from Telford in the UK. Specialising in the match and leisure side of fishing, the Preston brand has been continuously growing since its presence in the European fishing tackle market.

In recent times, Preston Innovations has been sold to Zebco brands in the US but continues to operate in Europe as it did before.

Preston's presence on the match fishing scene continues to grow which isn't a surprise as they have built up a real reputation for producing quality fishing tackle particularly when it comes to seat boxes and poles.

Preston Innovations Top Fishing Pole

Best Pole Brands

Preston Response X30 16m Pole

The Preston Superium X30 is a multipurpose pole that offers so much more than a bog-standard fishing pole.

Constructed from the finest materials including Torayca high-performance Japanese carbon fiber, this top-of-the-range pole features a host of innovative features. 

These features include:

  • Genuine Internal PTFE Bushes
  • Fitted Roller Pulla Bushes
  • Supplied with 8 Super Power Top Kits – measured up to the optimum 2.4m
  • Top Kits that offer increased stiffness and durability
  • All sections feature alignment arrows
  • Sections and spare kits supplied in protective tubes
  • Housed away in a Deluxe Holdall

Preston have made a few different models in the X range, all of which are top-notch, well-thought-out products with quality provided throughout.

4. Maver

Maver was founded in 1911 and ever since it was established have stated that its primary goal is to produce the best fishing tackle available to both UK and European anglers alike.

Again, Maver specialises in the match and pleasure angling scene and has many consultants on board that provide key feedback to make Mavers products some of the best on the market today. 

Maver's Top Fishing Pole

best Uk fishing pole brands - Maver

Maver Superlithium 16m Fishing Pole

The Maver Superlithium comes with everything you need to catch fish in any circumstances.

The Powerlite Kit inside the pole will give you that extra power for fighting larger fish, while the 4 x Power Carp Kits provide a range of different hook lengths for targeting carp in all sizes of water.

You’ll also have five Powerlite Kits to help you catch more fish - just in case! This pole is perfect for beginners or avid anglers who want a powerful tool to help them land more fish.

Check out this video, showcasing the Superlithium...

5. Browning

Browning-Fishing is a company that really specialises in fishing poles. As such, they have a team of people that are solely dedicated to making their poles the best they can possibly be.

This focus really does show in the quality of products that they have in the market.

Browning-Fishing are based in Europe and are another company that has been acquired by the US leisure firm Zebco.

Browning's Top Fishing Pole

uk fishing pole brands browning

Browning Xitan Z9-3

The Xitan Z9-3 is a fantastic addition to Browning’s flagship, high-performance series of fishing poles.

The Z9-3 is designed for anglers who require a strong, durable, and completely reliable, top-end pole that balances weight, strength, and rigidity perfectly. 

This amazing pole has been carefully designed for the optimal balance between weight, strength and rigidity with the lightest possible top section making it perfect for both carp and silverfish.

The Z9-3 is supplied with Browning’s unique “elbow friendly” Square Pole Protectors (SQPP) which is a really useful addition.

This well-thought-out pole also boasts carbon over-wrapped male & female joints on all sections to strengthen and minimise wear as well as carbon-reinforced grip areas on lower sections at the most common breakage area.

All in all, this is a fantastic pole from a reputable brand that is well worth the investment.

6. Garbolino

Garbolino is a brand that was established by Henri Garbolino in 1945. Garbolino originates in France and, again, specialises in the match and pleasure fishing sector.

Garbolino now operates all across Europe and has a real reputation for producing quality fishing poles as well as feeder rods. 

Garbolino's Top Fishing Pole

uk pole fishing brands

Garbolino UK2 Match Pro

The UK2 Match Pro is a super lightweight pole with rigidity and strength in every section. 

This pole offers superb balance and its natural rigidity makes it easy to fish in all required circumstances. 

The finish on this fantastic pole is beautifully smooth and allows for easy shipping. Its sleek nature also looks fantastic on the bank!   

All kits associated with this pole type are pre-bushed with quality PTFE bushes and are ready to use from the off.

The puller kits all come with PTFE slots to make playing fish a dream. A deluxe holdall comes complete with this pole package making it a worthwhile option for anglers looking for a quality pole suitable for all fishing circumstances.

7. MAP

MAP (short for Match Angling Products) is a UK-based brand that specialises in match fishing products. 

With a pole being a key component of a match fisherman's kit, MAP spends a lot of time designing and testing their products so they are the best they can possibly be.

MAP state that they design every product in-house and pride themselves on innovation and quality. From what we have seen of MAPs fishing poles, we can echo those sentiments exactly.

MAPS' Top Fishing Pole

Quality fishing pole brands in the UK

MAP TKS 1001 16m

Since their launch, MAPs TKS poles have received plenty of good press for their simplicity and versatility.

The fact that anglers can use top kits on any pole within the range, is a testament to MAP's forward-thinking on their product range. 

The lightweight, high-strength aluminium blank on the TKS pole is built from a tough, yet super-light carbon material for added durability.

The pole is built what MAP is calling a section alignment system which offers unique depth markers on all of the kits.

Side pullers and PTFE bushes are fitted on all of the kits with this pole package and the joints are strong and reinforced for extra durability and strength. 

With a good-looking, anti-friction finish and an elastic rating of 20, this pole really does tick all of the boxes for a quality and versatile pole which will cater to all your fishing needs.  

Final Thoughts

In summary, the best fishing pole brands are those that offer quality, versatility and diversity in their product range. Alongside this, the best brands ensure that feedback from their consultants and their customers are all taken into consideration every time they produce a new pole.

Hopefully this article has provided some guidance on what the best fishing pole brands are currently operating in the market today. We also hope we have given you some thoughts on what pole to purchase if you are looking for one.

Many thanks for reading.

All of the fishing tackle featured in this article can be found at one of the following online shops...

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