The 6 Best Fishing Poles for Beginners - Complete Buyers Guide 

best fishing pole for beginners

Pole fishing is one of the most popular methods of fishing for anglers that fish on ponds, canals and commercial fisheries.

Loved by match and coarse anglers for its simplicity and precision, its ability to accurately present a bait and strike at a second's notice is unmatched compared to conventional rod and reel tactics.

The simplicity of pole fishing makes it perfect for beginners entering into the sport.

This article seeks to provide some clarity on the basics of a fishing pole and the different types available. 

It will also confirm what we consider the 6 Best Fishing Poles for Beginners today.

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Not got the time to read the full article? If so for ease we have listed our top picks here...

#1. Preston Edge Monster 10 Metres

#2. Daiwa Power Carp X Pole 7.5 Metres

#3. Middy White Knuckle Thriller 8 Metres

#4. Preston Superium 13 Metres

#5. MAP TKS 201 13 Metres

#6. Middy Baggin Machine 5.5 Metre Whip

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Before purchasing a pole, it is important that you know your tackle.

The Pole

Fishing poles are perfect for targeting coarse fish such as Carp, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Tench. 

They are hugely popular within both match and coarse fishing as a pole provides incredible accuracy at distances that would not be achievable for anglers that want to use light and sensitive rigs with a rod and reel.

A pole is the simplest form of fishing available for beginners as it is it does not require a reel or any moving parts.

Anglers can simply attach a ready-made rig to the end of the pole and they are ready to fish. The pole is simply slid backwards and forwards along the angler’s legs, referred to as ‘shipping’, and sections can be added or removed when playing a fish.

Poles come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 to 18 metres, however, a pole length between 4 to 8 metres will suit most anglers, whether they’re a novice or an experienced angler.

The Rig

A pole rig is a length of fishing line with a float, shots, and a hook that attaches to the elastic at the end of your pole.

They can be bought ready-made and are a great starter option, however, as rigs are very personal, you may soon move on to building your own rigs to ensure your bait is presented exactly the way you want - also saving you money in the long run.

Pole Rig

When purchasing a pole rig from your local tackle shop, it is easy for a novice angler to be bewildered at the sheer amount of choices to choose from.

You will be faced with a selection of different line diameters, line length, pole float and hook sizes.

Depending on the type of fish you’re targeting or the type of water you’re fishing, having a selection of rigs will allow you to easily change your fishing tactics and target different sizes of fish.

Pole Elastic

Pole elastic is essentially a cushion that absorbs the energy of a battling fish.

Most poles are fitted with special elastic through the top sections to act as a shock absorber which prevents the line from breaking when you catch a fish.

Pole Elastic

Elastic comes in a wide range of strength, colours and sizes. The stronger the elastic, the larger the fish you can handle, however, choosing the right elastic to match your style of fishing is essential; too heavy and you are at risk of line breaks and bumping the fish off, too light and you risk snapping your elastic.

Elastic is rated from 0-20+. Elastic rating 0-10 is perfect for general fishing and small to medium size fish.

If you want to target larger fish such as carp and strong fighters like F1s, elastic rating 12-16 will ensure you can pull the fish away from obstacles and you land them with ease.

If you’re fishing in a very snaggy swim or you’re hunting the monsters in the margins, elastic rating 16-20 gives you the ability and confidence to land your personal best.

Types of poles

Fishing poles are the bread and butter of coarse and match anglers. With a diverse range to choose from, poles vary in size, strength, weight and can be tailored to your style of fishing which is important when seeking the best fishing poles for beginners.

Whether you’re a pleasure angler or want to take it a step further and compete against other anglers in competitions, there is a wide range of poles on the market for beginners that are inexpensive and will demonstrate why pole fishing is such a popular pastime.

Margin Poles

Margin poles are designed for anglers that like to fish in the margins. They provide anglers with the exciting and invigorating ability to catch the hard-fighting fish that lurk close to the bank.

Compared to their longer counterparts, margin poles are shorter, more robust, and are super-strong, allowing anglers to quickly control the fight and reduce the risk of damaging their more expensive full-length pole.

Margin poles vary in size from 4 to 10 metres and are built to handle the hard-fighting fish and to pull them away from snags and obstacles. Combined with a strong elastic, margin poles allow anglers of all abilities to catch large carp no matter the angler’s budget. 

Carp Poles

As the name suggests, carp poles are purpose-built to tackle hard-fighting carp on commercial fisheries.

They are designed to be longer than margin poles and can vary between 10 to 16 metres in length, however, due to their strength and resilience, sections can be removed to allow anglers to comfortably fish in the margins.

Carp poles tend to be more expensive than margin poles due to their versatility; they are strong enough to catch carp in the margins and also light enough for anglers to comfortably fish at full length in open water.

When answering the question of what is are the best fishing poles for beginners, catching Carp has to be considered.

Match Poles

Match poles allow anglers to fish with greater finesse compared to carp and margin poles. They are lightweight, responsive and perfect for fishing in competitions where the aim is to catch as many fish as possible at the highest total weight.

Match poles tend to be much stiffer which helps with greater precision when targeting smaller and more delicate species.

However, because they are lightweight, robust and easily fished at 16 metres for an entire session, they tend to be much more expensive compared to carp and margin poles with many match poles costing thousands.

You can however nowadays get a decent pole for under £500. It won't be the best on the market but it will certainly do a good job. Check out our article suggesting some of these poles.


Whips are a great choice for inexperienced anglers who want to improve their skills.

Popular among junior anglers as they are lightweight and very easy to control on the bank, whips are shorter than regular poles and are often telescopic with lengths ranging from 3 to 6 metres.

Ideal for fishing on canals and small ponds, whips are perfect for anglers who are new to fishing, or just want to target small fish such as Dace, Rudd, Roach, Perch, and Bream, usually up to 3lb and can easily be swung into your hand. 

A whip is also the easiest to pole to maintain and clean due to its compact size.

Before we take you through our choice for the best fishing poles for beginners, you may want to checkout this quick video by Des Shipp that provides a few tips:

The Best 6 Fishing Poles For Beginners:


Preston Edge Monster 10m

best fishing poles for beginners

Supplied at full 8.5m with its mini extension, the Edge Monster Margin Pole is manufactured using a quality carbon fibre composite making it Super strong and ultra-rigid, ideal for extracting large carp from margins or fishing at its full length for species such as f1’s and silver fish.

With key features such as our easy ship finish, section alignment arrows and 20+ elastic rating this pole is a true performer within its price bracket.

The Pole comes supplied with one spare Power top 2 kit and one power kit in the pole.

Both these Top kits feature our revolutionary Roller Pulla system and come fitted with a PTFE bush, all are supplied in PVC tubes and a dedicated pole holdall for safe transit.

All in all, this pole is an easy to use yet quality piece of kit and as such is thoroughly recommended as a great fishing pole to start with as a beginner.


Daiwa Power Carp X Pole 7.5 Metres

Best fishing pole for beginners

The Daiwa Power Carp X is a great pole for beginners who are looking for a durable, super-strong and long-lasting carp pole. With Diawa’s reputation for creating market-leading fishing gear, the Power X pole is great value for money and delivers outstanding performance.

Also available in 9.5m and 11.5m variants, the Power X range has anglers covered for all eventualities. Whether its margin fishing or fishing tight to the far bank, the lightweight, robust pole will give new anglers the confidence to take on all the commercial fisheries around the UK.


Middy White Knuckle Thriller V3 8m Carp Margin Pole

white knuckle pole

The Middy White Knuckle V3 is an absolute workhorse of a margin pole. The 8.5-metre power-packed carbon pole is a great value considering it weighs just 799g.

Designed for bagging carp on commercial lakes, the pole is light and responsive and has an impressive elastic rating of 24.


Preston - Superium X10 13M Pole


The Preston Superium X10 is not just a pole; it's a commitment to enhancing your fishing experience.

It's the ideal upgrade for anglers moving from a shorter margin pole, offering a seamless transition to longer distances without compromising on comfort or performance. 

Popular among anglers of all levels on commercial fisheries, the Omni boasts exceptional strength with its reinforced joints, allowing anglers to land large carp with ease.

Its lightweight carbon construction ensures anglers are comfortable when fishing the pole at full length.


MAP TKS 201 13M Pole

MAP - TKS 201 3G 13M POLE

As with all MAP products, quality is guaranteed, and the TKS 201 is no exception.

What sets the MAP TKS 201 3G apart for beginners is not just its physical attributes but also its innovative features that cater to learning and improvement.

The unique depth marker prints on each top kit are a standout feature, offering a quick visual guide to adjusting and understanding fishing depths—an essential skill in fishing that beginners can master more swiftly with this tool.

The package's comprehensive inclusion of pre-bushed DM Match and Power Kits, along with a rigid cupping kit and a reinforced mini extension, means that new anglers have everything they need in one set.


Middy Power Carp Baggin’ Machine

Middy Baggin Machine

The super-strong Middy Power Baggin’ Machine is a ready-to-fish whip and is a perfect entry point for new anglers who want to tackle the larger fish in the margins.

The 5-metre telescopic whip is a part of Middy’s beginner range and comes with a free 0.5m take-apart extension, allowing anglers to fish it at a total of 5.5 metres.

Incorporating Middy’s Synaptic carbon, the powerful whip can accommodate elastics rated up to 24, ensuring maximum enjoyment by allowing beginners to fight with the larger fish.


The sport of angling is practiced by millions of people all over the globe but everyone has to start somewhere. In the coarse and match fishing world, starting off with a pole is a great way too get into the sport and catch lots of fish of many species.

Hopefully this article has guided you in the right direction in choosing the best fishing pole for beginners and has encouraged you to get started in the wonderful world of fishing.

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Total fishing tackle

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