The Best Bivvy Lights (Top Lamps For Carp Fishing)

The best carp fishing bivvy lights

Are you tired of blinding yourself in the middle of the night because you’re using an unsuitable light in your bivvy?

Or maybe you’ve been struggling with a head torch to tie rigs at midnight for way longer than you wanted? If so then this article is perfect for you.

We’ve searched high and low for the best bivvy lights that will help you out whenever you need to shed some light on a fishing situation.

This article will provide recommendations on 7 of the best bivvy lights that are all great options to make your night carp fishing sessions easy and efficient.

We’ll take you through the key features and the pros and cons of each light so that you can make an informed decision before any purchases.

For speed, you can skip straight to our choices of bivvy lights below.

Just before we get into the detail of our chosen products, though, let’s take you through what key features you should look out for in the best bivvy lights.

What To Look For In The Best Bivvy Lights?

There are loads of bivvy lights on the market right now, and there are many other lights that some anglers use as alternatives in their bivvies.

When choosing a bivvy light, you should look for one that will cater to all your needs. For example, having a bivvy light with adjustable light settings means you aren’t blinded when you wake up suddenly and need to burst out of your sleeping bag quickly.

Equally, though you may need a more powerful light when carrying tasks such as tying rigs or making a brew.

A bivvy light should be lightweight so that you aren’t adding much more weight to your kit. It should also have plenty of mounting options, so it’s always to hand.

Easy-to-use controls are also a must so that you aren’t fumbling around in the dark to switch on the light when you need it the most.

When looking for a bivvy light, ideally, you need it to be/have:

  • Adjustable
  • Powerful
  • Different brightness settings
  • Different lighting colour options
  • Lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Robust fittings
  • Reliability
  • Good waterproofing qualities

The Best Bivvy Lights

We’ve found the best bivvy lights in the UK right now and have plenty of options below so you can find the perfect light for your next fishing trip.

Best overall bivvy light

#1. Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR

Key Features:

  • 180 hours of light from a single charge
  • Easy to use remote
  • 3 Different brightness settings
  • White, red and green lighting options
  • Magnetic Base
  • Totally Waterproof
  • Bankstick mounting option

Ridgemonkey is really paving the way in lighting tech for fishing, and this bivvy light is one of the very best that they make.

Firstly, it has a magnetic base that can securely attach to your bivvy table or indeed any ferrous metal and provides various mounting options.

The different lighting options are also a fantastic touch. If you want to keep the light level on the bank low, you can switch to a red or green light, tie some rigs and not be worried about scaring off any fish.

It is the battery life of this bivvy light that really impressed us, though. On a single charge, this bivvy light will last over 180 hours. So for a week’s long fishing trip, you won’t need to charge it.

Ridgemonkey has been perfecting their fishing lights for years, and this is the best example to date.

Check out the following video that shows the Ridgemonkey Lite Elite IR in action…

Here is what we like and dislike about the bivvy light based on our own experiences...


  • Battery life indicator
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Different brightness and colour settings are useful


  • Cases are sold separately
Alternative Ridgemonkey Bivvy Light :
Best bivvy lights

#2. Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Plus

Key Features:

  • Red, green and white lighting options
  • Two brightness levels
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Robust and lovely design
  • Adjustable Bankstick Adaptor included
  • Micro USB charging port

Ridgemonkey is back on our list already with another fishing light that is sure to set your bivvy ablaze with all the light you could possibly need. This light has a 180-hour battery life, so it will easily last a weekend fishing trip or three.

Once again, this bivvy light also has three colour options, so you can stay as low profile while fishing as possible. Red, green, and white lights mean that you can be stealthy but still find everything in your bivvy.

We love that this bivvy light can be hung just about anywhere. It contains magnetic fittings and a backing plate, that enables it to attach to any ferrous metal materials.

To finish it off nicely, it also comes in a gun-metal grey colour to complete the compact and sleek design.

Here is what we like and dislike about the bivvy light...


  • Compact and lightweight
  • 3 different colour options
  • 180 hours of lighting


  • No remote
Best Fishing Bivvy Lights

#3. Fox Halo Bivvy Light

Key Features:

  • 7-hour run time on the highest setting
  • Four brightness settings
  • Ultra-compact design
  • 2 Colour options (white or red)
  • Supplied with hanging loop and magnetic base plate
  • Dimension: 70mm x 60mm x 46mm
  • Weight 60g (excluding battery)

Fox has redesigned their bivvy light, and it certainly has disappointed most Fox fans. Anyone who loved Fox’s old bivvy light has fallen in love all over again with this new design.

It is super light and compact, so it takes up no space in your gear bag. It also runs on good old fashion AA batteries, so you’ll never run out of juice on the bank.

There are four brightness levels on this bivvy light. 200 lumens to see your whole peg, 100 lumens for lighting up the whole of your bivvy, 50 lumens for a stealthy way of tying PVA bags and rigs, and 15 lumens for ultra stealth. There are also red lighting options as well.

Despite the small size, Fox has really packed a lot into this bivvy light, and most anglers are in love with it. There are plenty of hanging options, and even on the brightest settings, this light will run for 7 hours. Fox really got it right with this one.

The following video shows the Fox Halo bivvy light in action…

Here is what we like and dislike about the bivvy light based on our own experiences...


  • Plenty of light with options for dimming the brightness
  • Solidly made
  • Simple controls that are easy to find in the dark


  • A bit smaller than expected
Alternative Fox Bivvy Light :
Best carp fishing bivvy lights

#4. Ridgemonkey Multi-Lite Plus

Key Features:

  • Simple controls
  • Variable brightness
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Triple colour Red White Green
  • Removable spotlight diffuser
  • High capacity 2000mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Simple push button control

Headlamps are a brilliant thing when fishing, but every angler knows how frustrating it can be trying to wet line, tie rigs, and even have a brew with a torch on your head.

This is where bivvy lights like the Ridgemonkey Multi-Lite Plus come in. This is a very compact, very versatile bivvy light. It offers you a spotlight feature with a removable diffuser and a floodlight option too.

If you want to focus on a task, you can use the spotlight. If you want to find your socks in the morning, you can use the floodlight feature to hunt under your bed for them.

This bivvy light also has very simple controls, so there is no fumbling around in the dark trying to switch it on. Just press the button, and you’re laughing.

The hanging options for this light almost seem endless as well. You can use a tripod/bank stick, a hanging ring, or the magnetic base. It is designed to go anywhere in your bivvy and beyond and offers the perfect lighting option for any fishing situation.

 Check out Ridgemonkeys video that showcases the features of the Multi-Lite…

Here is what we like and dislike about this bivvy light...


  • 360-degree floodlight and narrow spotlight options
  • Loads of hanging options
  • Removal diffusers


  • Smaller than we thought, but gets the job done
Alternative Ridgemonkey Product :
in stock
as of 23 June 2024 16:15
Last updated on 23 June 2024 16:15
Best Carp Fishing Bivvy Light

#5. ND Tackle Bivvy Light

Key Features:

  • Four lighting modes
  • Use as a power bank
  • Smart bite indicator system
  • IP-65 Waterproof
  • Comes with smart-light bag

If you have a bite alarm from ND tackle, this bivvy light is a brilliant option for you. This bivvy light works alongside the S9 and K9s bite alarms. Meaning when your bite alarm goes off, the light comes on.

The additional gooseneck connector for a bank stick is really handy too. This doesn’t just work with a bank stick, either. Any accessories you have with a male bank stick connection on it will fit this handy tool.

The light can then be put in any position you want. You can connect it to your bivvy table for more light while tying rigs or over your bed while you read.

ND Tackle has really thought through the uses for this bivvy light. It can be a bedside light, a light-up indicator to use with your bite alarm, a table light, and so much more.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of this bivvy light and what it will do. It is incredibly impressively, robust, and expertly designed for anglers.

Check out the following video that showcases some of the great features of the ND tackle bivvy light…

Here is what we like and dislike about this bivvy light...


  • Impressive features
  • Gooseneck for bank stick supplied
  • Comes with case


  • Relatively short battery life (9-10 hours) compared to other bivvy lights
Alternative New Direction Lighting Product :
Last updated on 23 June 2024 16:15
Best budget bivvy light

#6. NGT Flood Light and Power Bank

Key Features:

  • Aluminium alloy body
  • 21 Super bright white LED'S
  • 500 lumens output
  • Dimmer switch
  • Powerfull 10400mAh battery
  • Can be fixed to the NGT Tripod system

At 500 Lumens, this great bivvy light from NGT is powerful enough to light up the whole lake and indeed the neighbouring housing estate! We’re joking, of course, but this bivvy light is, by far, the brightest on our list.

Because of how bright this bivvy light is, NGT decided to throw on a dimmer switch to make it easy to control, and what a brilliant idea that was. The dimmer switch is so easy to use.

The days of pressing a button 20 times to get to the setting you want, only to press it 21 times and have to start all over again are over. Just turn the light on, dim it to suit the situation, and you’re done.

The dimmer switch also stays where you put it, so when you turn the light back on, you won’t be blinded by 500 lumens of light coming at your eyes at midnight.

Overall, this bivvy light is extremely well made (with the body being made from aerospace aluminium). It is also lightweight and powerful.

Plus, this power can also charge anything with a USB cable too. It’s a very well-thought-out and useful bivvy light.

Here is what we like and dislike about this bivvy light...


  • Extremely bright
  • Charges a smartphone in just five hours
  • Easy to use dimmer switch


  • The hanging hook is plastic
Alternative NGT Lighting Product :
in stock
3 new from £18.12
as of 23 June 2024 16:15
Last updated on 23 June 2024 16:15
Best Bivvy Lights

#7. Saber Litesaber Bivvy Light

Key Features:

  • 400 lumens output
  • Can be used as a power bank
  • Two white light levels and an emergency flashing red mode
  • Concealed hanging hook / magnetic and cord sling hanging options
  • Featherweight ABS & aluminium construction for durability
  • Super bright LED with no glare lens

While many of the bivvy lights on this list have been designed to be portable so you can bring the light to whatever you’re doing, Saber decided to make a powerful enough light that you’ll always have plenty of light without needing to move it. This 400-lumen bivvy light has a ton of power.

If you want a bivvy light that you can simply switch on and off when you need it, this is it. There are no complicated buttons or remotes, just light when you need it. Plus, it acts as a power bank as well, which is super handy.

The only downside to this bivvy light is that it can only be used for about 6 hours on full power. So, if you looking at long sessions, maybe one of the other lights is better suited to your needs. However, for shorter trips, this bivvy light is perfect, and the price ain’t half bad either!

The following video shows the key features of the Litesaber bivvy light…

Here is what we like and dislike about this bivvy light...


  • Nice and bright
  • Charges phones while giving out plenty of light
  • Lightweight and robust


  • Only offers 6 hours of light (on the most powerful setting)
Alternative Bivvy Light :
in stock
3 new from £29.99
as of 23 June 2024 16:15
Last updated on 23 June 2024 16:15

FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions On Bivvy Lights

Still got some burning questions on bivvy lights? If so check out the most common questions we get asked below:

What Is A Bivvy Light?

A bivvy light attaches or hangs in your bivvy and provides you with a powerful light source to carry out required tasks as darkness falls.

Most bivvy lights can be hung or have tripod mounts or magnetic mounts so that you can put them wherever you want them. Some even have the same mount as a bank stick for even more versatility.

Do Bivvy Lights Attract Bugs?

Yes, bivvy lights do attract bugs, especially in the summer. A decent mosquito net is the best way to keep these bugs at bay if prolonged use of a bivvy light is required.

Tips On How To Stop Bivvy Lights From Attracting Bugs

Some of the bivvy lights above have different colour options. These allow you to have a lower profile while on the bank but can also prevent bugs from being attracted to the light. However, any light source will attract some bugs into your bivvy to some degree.

You can keep your bivvy door shut and ensure you use the mosquito net if your bivvy comes with one as this can help somewhat but you will find some bugs will still be able to get through.

One of the better ways to stop bugs entering your bivvy is to use both a mosquito net and a good insect repellent combined.

Do Bivvy Lights Scare Fish?

Bivvy lights won’t light up your bivvy like that one neighbour’s house over Christmas. Most bivvy lights are designed to light up the average-sized bivvy enough so that you can see what you’re doing, but not enough so that the angler across the lake can see what you’re doing.

They don’t produce enough light to scare away fish, especially when fishing at range. The exception to this rule is if you are fishing in the margins and you shine your bivvy light onto the water. This can then spook any fish in this particular vicinity.

If this is a concern, though, get a bivvy light that is adjustable. This way, you can keep the light levels low whenever you are using it but still have enough light to tie rigs and make a cup of tea.

Final Thoughts

Bivvy lights are not for everyone and some anglers are fine with just a decent head torch. We personally use both and actually think that a good bivvy light, (alongside a decent bivvy heater) is an essential part of your night fishing gear. 

Being able to see easily whilst fishing at night, is vital when trying to stay organised and efficient, and by providing this, ultimately it will lead to more Carp on the bank.

The best bivvy light we have used is the Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR but hopefully, our list has provided you with some alternative options that will suit your own personal fishing circumstances.

Thanks for reading.

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