The 4 Best Cameras for Fishing Self Takes – (Full Guide of Cameras to Take Fishing)

Selfies, regardless of your age you can’t fail to be aware of what they are. Today’s society is obsessed with social media and technology, and as the saying goes, if you cant beat them, join them. If you are a bit of technophobe, don’t worry we are going to take a look at all of the good things that go into making the best cameras for fishing self takes and then give a few choice suggestions to help you decide.

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The best camera for fishing self takes is the Sony DSC-WX500 Digital Compact High Zoom Travel Camera. The ability to flip the viewfinder through 180 degrees and activate the shutter wirelessly will allow you to get the perfect shot quickly and easily.

Why not continue reading our article for some key features of some other worthy contenders for the prize of best camera for fishing…

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What makes a good fishing camera?

Cameras have been around in one form or another for centuries. But a wooden box with a curtain probably isn’t going to be the best camera for fishing. You’ll need something that makes it perfectly suited, let’s explore some of those areas. Ideally you are looking for the following all in one package.

A portable fishing camera…

The best camera for fishing should be small enough that you can carry it with you wherever you go. If it is too much of a pain to lug around, you’ll end up leaving it behind. With tacklebox space at a premium you want something that will fit into a bag or stuff sack. We are going to consider one or two bigger options such as DSLR’s, but because of their quality they can be quite technical, and due to their inner workings take up a lot more space.

A weatherproof fishing camera…

Regardless of what the elements may throw at you, it is probably a good idea to ensure that the best camera for fishing has some degree of weather resistance. Some of the best fishing cameras can be fully submerged in water and still work. Whereas others may offer only light protection. You want to worry about showing your best side, not wondering if water is going to get inside the sensor.

An easy to use fishing camera…

Let’s face it, the main reason you are by the bank is to catch fish. Therefore it figures that you don’t want to be spending the vast majority of your time fiddling with various settings or struggling to get the perfect selfie. Aside from it being a waste of valuable fishing time, it could be considered rather unethical to keep the fish out of the water for an extended period of time.

The best camera for fishing should enable you to get a really good fishing picture at the touch of a button, quickly, and with the minimum of fuss.

A high resolution fishing camera…

It’s literally all in the finer details. With memory and storage being extremely affordable the best fishing camera should be capable of taking high quality pictures. Why is resolution important? If you catch an absolute unit of a fish you may very well want to have your pictures enlarged.

Whilst lower resolution images may look ok on a small scale, when they are enlarged the quality can suffer greatly.

Without going all technical, resolution is digitally measured in megapixels (or MP for short). The general aim is to get as high a megapixel count as you can. Anything that is around 10MP is pretty good. 20MP and above and you will have crisp clear images that you can blow up to the size of a house.

A handsfree fishing camera…

Ok we know that we said ‘selfie’… But we don’t mean that in the ‘traditional’ way, i.e. your right arm leading diagonally into the corner of the image whilst you balance a carp precariously in the crook of your left, (and definitely no ‘duck face’).

We are talking more about self takes where you can assume a comfortable position with your fish within the frame, and by some means activate the shutter.

What you want to look for therefore, is either a timer mode, where you can make your way to the front of the camera in time for the shutter closing. Or, even better, activate the shutter wirelessly from any other position than holding the camera.

So now we have talked about some features that go into the best camera for fishing let’s take a look at some real life examples. There is a range of styles here, from snap-and-go types, to some that practically require a masters in photography.

It can be hard to take a decent picture, why not check out the video below for a few tips?

Here are our suggestions for the best fishing camera…

Best Camera For Fishing – Budget Option

ApeMan Action Camera

When we saw this beauty, we couldn’t believe how many features you get for the price. It satisfies practically all of our criteria for the best camera for fishing. It is entirely waterproof, meaning that you can ‘vogue’ regardless of whatever storm you happen to be insane enough to fish in. It also has an image stabilization feature.

Weighing just 0.56kg and being smaller than a pack of cigarettes it can be easily stored in a bag, box or even your pocket. The best bit? The shutter can be operated wirelessly, via a writ worn remote control, leaving your hands free to concentrate on what matters. Fishing.

Best Camera For Fishing Combo Deal

LPX-24 ‘EXTREME’ Tough Package

Action camera seem to be the way to go when pursuing any outdoor sports, but there’s a good reason for this. This 5-in-1 package is probably the best value you will get out there. The camera itself offers an attractive 24-megapixel resolution. The wide-angle lens is digitally adjustable so if you are fishing on a particularly beautiful spot you can include this in your image. The camera is digitally controlled and you can transfer pictures from the camera onto any device wirelessly.

Aside from the camera it comes fully loaded with plenty of goodies. There’s a waterproof protective case, so you don’t need to worry about dropping it, and numerous mounts (including a selfie stick and small tripod). Now all you have to do is catch a fish to take your picture with.

Best Camera For Fishing Premium Option

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Digital Camera

Canon are a big name brand, and whilst it is the photographer that takes the pictures, having a reliable camera certainly helps. The resolution offered is just a fraction over 20-megapixels, giving razor sharpness to your images. One feature that we really like about this camera is that you can activate the shutter and review the images via your mobile device.

The zoom on this camera will compete with anything that an SLR can do. With 25x magnification you can even set it up on the opposite bank to get a full panoramic scene. The camera is not waterproof however it is possible to buy cases and covers, so take good care of it and store it carefully.

Best Fishing Camera For Self Takes

Sony DSC-WX500 Digital Compact High Zoom Travel Camera

When something is called a ‘travel camera’ you just know its going to be packed with easy to use features and will also be portable. The resolution isn’t quite as high as our other suggestions, but at 18-megapixels you will still get really nice image quality.

A really cool feature about this fishing camera is that it has a screen that can be flipped through 180 degrees. Effectively turning the front of the camera into a view finder as well. Due to the size of the screen you’ll be easily able to find the perfect position for your carp ‘shoot’.

As Selfies go this may very well be our pick for the best camera for fishing

Camera Tripods

As mentioned previously. A tripod is a great addition to your photography toolbox in order to ensure your camera is well supported and indeed at the right height for your photo. Although this article is directed at the actual camera, we feel it prudent to list some Camera Tripods for you to consider.

The following tripods are the current best sellers on Amazon:

Last updated on 2022-01-09 /  Images from Amazon Product API


Taking a nice picture is making a memory, so why not make your memories as nice as possible. Further to this you can firmly secure bragging rights if you have a nice clear image of you holding your latest rod bender. On a side note to this always ensure you have adequate protection to the fish in the form of a suitable unhooking mat or fishing cradle.

The best camera for fishing self will vary based on individual requirements. Hopefully you’ll be able to make a ‘snap decision’ and get to use it regularly…

So there you have it, our ideas on the best cameras for fishing self takes.

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