best carp care kit

The Best Carp Care Kit - (Top Fish Care Kits for Carp Fishing in 2021)

We can all agree that we want to enjoy our passion, angling. But it is also vital that we look after, and care for, the very thing that allows us such enjoyment. We are of course talking about the Carp. 

By caring for the fish and ensuring that they are kept in the best possible health we protect our sport for the future and ensure that we can carry on enjoying the thrill of landing specimens. This article is going to look at the best carp care kit, how to use it and where you can get one.

best carp care kits

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The Best Sea Fishing Reels in 2021 are:

1. Better Sporting Fishing Antiseptic Fish Aid Spray

2. Carp fish Care Aid spray

3. Intensive Care

4. Prologic Fish Care Spray

What is a carp care kit?

A carp care kit is small bottle of serum or lotion that is designed to reduce infection in any area where a carp may become damaged. These can be areas such as hook point punctures, missing scales or even bites inflicted by predators. A carp care kit shouldn't just be part of a beginners carp fishing setup but indeed in every fisherman's kit regardless of ability. 

How to use a carp care kit?

The best carp care kit will be really easy to use. Most bottles will feature a viscous, antiseptic liquid that is just the right consistency. It is applied using either a cotton swab, the included applicator or, perhaps the easiest method, with a handy spray cap. You just give the carp a quick spritz in the relevant area and pop him back in the water.

Areas that you want to focus on are scales (especially on mirror carp) and the mouth area, where your hook will have undoubtedly left a small ‘prick mark’.

It is best to treat damaged areas on the carp no matter how small. It doesn’t take much for an infection to sneak in. At best this will be unpleasant for the carp, and at the very worse in certain cases infection can be fatal, so why take chances?

Want to know more about how to look after your catch? Checkout this video to show you how...

What to look for in the best carp care kit?

It will defeat the object of looking after the carp, if it is out of the water for an extended period of time, whilst you try to get your carp kit ready. The main feature that you will want to look for is quick and easy application. Obviously, you will want to use something that works and has antiseptic properties and wont just wash off as soon as the carp is back in the water.

All of our suggestions will make sure your carp go back into the water having been treated well, here’s what we suggest: -


Better Sporting Fishing Antiseptic Fish Aid Spray

This product literally says “fish first aid” on the bottle, and does exactly what it says. You get really good value as the bottles come in a twin pack meaning you have a spare in case one goes missing.

The one touch antiseptic spray nozzle means that you’ll be super quick in applying treatment to your fish, minimizing the time that the fish is out of the water and giving it the greatest chance to stay in great condition. For the money, this product is the best carp care kit.


Carp fish Care Aid spray

If you can’t justify buying two bottles Fish first aid spray is available in a single pack too. The Spray is specially formulated to prevent bugs and nasties from infecting any broken skin or areas on the carp. Just give a couple of pumps onto the affected area and you are good to go.


Intensive Care

Sometimes the carp aren’t just affected by cuts and grazes. Nature can sometimes have play a part too. This intensive care carp spray has antifungal ingredients, so if the carp has a bit of a rash you can play your part by treating the affected areas whilst it is out of the water.

The treatment is specially designed to reduce inflammation. Apply the formula using the pump to lifted scales, hook punctures, or any other area that you think needs it.


Prologic Fish Care Spray

This spray is suitable for all species. It forms a protective barrier around the affected area, both treating the abrasion and also protecting it against further infection. As with all of our suggestions, this product is easily administered with a simple press of the spray cap.


We all really want to take care of the fish we catch. But it isn’t just about our own enjoyment. As responsible anglers we have a duty to treat our catch with as much respect as we can, by using the best carp care kit you can definitely ensure that you are doing your part.

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