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The 7 Best Fishing Trolleys - (Match and Coarse Fishing Trolleys Reviewed)

We anglers are well known for maybe having ‘too much’ gear. Whilst this may seem a little comical as first, we have all been the position where our day would have been just perfect… If only we’d remembered to bring… You get the idea.

There are a couple of solutions to this problem.

The first is to make your way down to the swim puffing and panting with a real sweat on.

The second is to stow all of your gear on a trolley, and wheel it down to the swim in relative comfort to arrive relaxed, with everything you need, and be ready to get down to a serious days fishing.

In this article we are going to look at what makes the best fishing trolleys and give you some ideas as to what we think are worthy contenders.

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Mankind invented the wheel for a reason. It made life much easier. But all wheels are not created equal. If you are looking to take some of the pressure off, it is important that you make the right choice and pick the best fishing trolley to suit your needs.

Let’s look at some common questions and see if we can give you the answer.

Do I need a two or four wheel fishing trolley?

The number of wheels you need for your fishing trolley depends on a number of things. The most obvious is the amount of gear you are intending to carry.

Four wheel spreads the weight of your gear over a larger area and therefore is easier to pull as they are less likely to sink in. The downside to a four wheeled fishing trolley is that they tend to fare better on flatter, more even, ground.

A two wheeled trolley is a little more dynamic. The best two wheeled fishing trolley will be able to traverse almost any type of ground (within reason).

They are generally a little smaller and more compact. The downside to this is that you might not be able to fit quite as much tackle on your trolley.

If the amount of tackle you need to transport is quite a lot and you are concerned about the effort required in getting to your chosen swim, you could always consider purchasing an electric fishing trolley.

Or, if you you are quite handy at DIY, you could attach a motor to a normal fishing trolley and charge it on the bank via one of these compact power supplies

What are the best fishing trolley wheels?

There are generally two types of wheels available. Solid moulded wheels and pneumatic wheels. Moulded wheels are generally maintenance free, but they tend to be heavier and offer less suspension.

Pneumatic wheels spread the weight of your tackle much more effectively, but they are generally bigger and can present the risk of punctures. That said spare wheels are available and you can beef up any fishing trolley with replacement wheels.

Can I use my seatbox with a fishing trolley?

The general answer is yes. As long as your seatbox is of a relatively uniform size, some of the best fishing trolleys on the market feature a means to make it an all in one solution. Just wheel your trolley into position, deploy the feet and you are good to go.

What are the best fishing trolleys?

Whilst we’ve given some suggestions below, the best fishing trolleys are those that allow you to transport your gear easily. It must be easy to move and have ample room to fit your seat box and indeed all of your tackle with ease.

You will want to think about what you are going to do with the trolley after you have got your gear to the swim and again when it gets to home time. Ideally the best fishing trolleys will take up as little space as possible when it is not being used.

If your fishing trolley satisfies all of these things then you will be using it effectively. With this in mind here are some of our suggestions for the best fishing trolleys:

The Best Fishing Trolleys:

Frenzee HGV Trolley


The Frenzee HGV Trolley stands out as a highly functional and thoughtfully designed solution for transporting fishing gear.

Its unique two-tier design optimises space, allowing for efficient organisation and easy access to different types of equipment.

The adjustable length load area is a key feature, accommodating various gear sizes, while multiple luggage strap fixing points ensure everything stays secure during transit.

The trolley's adjustable orientation handles enhance ergonomic comfort, making it easy to manoeuvre regardless of load weight.

What truly sets this trolley apart are the small yet significant details tailored for the avid angler.

The large detachable bag at the rear is perfect for additional storage, and the protective pads on all exposed metalwork areas safeguard your valuable gear against damage.

These features, combined with the trolley's stability and durability, make the Frenzee HGV Trolley an excellent investment for anglers who prioritise convenience, gear protection, and ease of use.

coarse fishing trolley


Preston are major players in the match fishing tackle world today having produced some real quality tackle in recent years.

This fishing trolley is absolutely no exception to this 'quality' tag. You'll find transporting 10 tonne of fishing gear to your swim almost pleasurable with the four wheeled shuttle!

If you possess an Onbox or space station (Preston's main seatbox products) then this trolley's support bar is a very handy feature. This is because the adjustable option of this support bar will make these seat boxes fit like a glove.

The support bar however can also be turned around, making this trolley adaptable to suit most other seat boxes on the market.

With the four wheels supporting the trolley's entire weight you'll find you may not even have to lift the back up saving on the strains that some trolley's can exert on you.

The problem of punctures is eliminated by the solid tyres which can be adjusted to give more ground clearance.

Overall this trolley is a clever, well thought out product and is without doubt one of the best fishing trolleys on the market today.

Matrix 4 Wheel Transporter


The Matrix 4 Wheel Transporter is designed with both functionality and convenience in mind.

It features an extending frame that can be adjusted from 75cm to 100cm, allowing you to tailor the amount of tackle you wish to transport.

This flexibility is really useful for anglers who vary their gear based on the fishing trip.

What sets the Matrix 4 Wheel Transporter apart is its unique seatbox locking system, compatible with all Matrix seatboxes and most market leaders, ensuring that your gear remains secure and immobile during transit. 

The height-adjustable handles (from 88cm to 100cm) with ergonomic rubber grips provide comfort and ease of use, regardless of the terrain.

Additionally, the transporter includes a rear waterproof storage bag with a zipped lid and drainage base, ideal for storing wet or additional items.

The solid tyres are a significant advantage, eliminating the worry of punctures and ensuring a smooth journey across various terrains.



This great little trolley by Daiwa is designed to cater to the needs of anglers who require reliability and flexibility in their gear transportation.

One of the standout features of this trolley is its adjustable framework, which can securely accommodate various seat boxes, including Daiwa's own TDSB1 and TDSB2, as well as other modular seat boxes.

The extendable side arms, with a width range of 36cm to 55cm and a height range of 20cm to 40cm, provide adaptability to different sizes of gear.

Additionally, the front holders can extend from 40cm to 60cm, with wheels that can also reach a 60cm span, offering a substantial 60cm x 60cm base area for stable and secure gear placement.

The Daiwa Team Daiwa Tackle Trolley is not just about carrying capacity; it's also designed for convenience.

It can be easily dismantled and collapsed for compact storage, making it ideal for anglers who have limited space. The trolley features solid, foam tyres that are detachable, ensuring smooth transportation across various terrains without the worry of punctures.

Bison Heavy duty fishing trolley

Bison Heavy Duty Two Wheel Fishing Barrow Trolley with Barrow Bag

We like this, a lot. If Sherman tanks made fishing trolleys, this would be a good example. We’ll start with the wheels...

You get two pneumatic wheels that are puncture proof. The diameter of the wheels means the trolley will make light work of most terrain. 

The folding V bar at the front of the trolley gives you flexibility to allow an overhand or keep your tackle secure within the confines of the frame.

From a storage point of view this trolley is really smart. The legs and frame all fold up minimising the ‘footprint’ of the trolley when not in use.

To complete the setup, the trolley comes with a deep and sturdy ‘barrow bag ’allowing you to keep a whole manner of trinkets and tackle stowed and secure during transport.

Best Fishing Trolleys

NGT Dynamic Fishing Trolley

This extremely well made fishing trolley from the up and coming NGT brand is one of our favourites due to its versatility, robustness and general feel of quality.

The side bars on the base plate aids in stability, the additional top handle bar adds efficiency to the trolley and the solid wheels allow for ease of movement even in the most 'bumpiest' of terrains.

The trolley folds flat for ease of storage without having to take the thing apart which is a bonus!

Finally there is an option to purchase with the NGT carryall that fits perfectly onto this trolley and compliments it beautifully.

All in all, this is a very well made fishing trolley that suits all types of fishing and is definitely worth your consideration.



This trolley is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, making it an excellent choice for anglers who prefer a no-fuss approach to their gear transportation.

One of the key features of the Shakespeare SKP Seatbox Trolley is its ease of loading and pulling.

This straightforward design eliminates the complexity often found in more elaborate trolleys, allowing you to quickly and efficiently set up and move your gear. 

The wide tyres on the trolley ensure stability and smooth movement across various terrains, whether you're navigating through rough paths or sandy banks.

Additionally, the soft handle grip provides comfort during transport, reducing hand fatigue and making your journey to the fishing spot more enjoyable.

Bungee Elastic?

When using a fishing trolley, another additional piece of equipment you may need is a simple bungee elastic to keep your gear secure whilst transporting. If needed you may want to checkout the following 'best sellers' on Amazon:

Best Selling Bungee Straps:

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best fishing trolley depends primarily on how much tackle you have and where you have got to take it to.

By knowing these two things you’ll have a really good starting point, and you’ll be able to make your way down to the swim without breaking a sweat. 

Thanks for reading.

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