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The Best Feeder Rods in 2021 (Complete Guide)

There’s no real magic to choosing the best feeder rod. Provided you are the sort of angler who is fairly analytical and have a reasonable expectation of what you are trying to achieve you will be able to find the perfect rod for feeder fishing.

A feeder rod is not a one size fits all kind of deal however, and choose incorrectly and it’s going to make your life more difficult instead of easier.

In this article we are going to have a run through some essential features found in the best feeder rod and then discuss some benefits that should help you up your catch rate significantly.

best feeder rod

We’ll even give you a few ideas of routes you may want to go down with some product suggestions for you to consider.

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The best feeder rod in 2021 is the Air AGS Feeder Rod. It has the power to cast out fairly big weights, but with an interchangeable tip section that can also be used for lighter work. Other choices to consider are as follows:

1. Air AGS Feeder Rod

2. Dual Distance Feeder Rod

3. Sigma Supra Feeder Rod

4. John Wilson 12ft Feeder Fishing Rod and Reel combo

5. Hunter Pro 11ft Feeder Rod with Twin Tips & Cloth Bag

Read on to find out what constitutes the best feeder rod alongside more information on our chosen feeder rods.

What is a feeder rod?

A feeder rod is used primarily for ledgering. But not just any old weight. The best feeder rod will be specifically designed to throw out a weight that serves a dual purpose.

Aside from keeping your rig in place on the bottom, a feeder contains an integral method of depositing bait on or around your hook length, increasing the chance of a fish locating your bait.

They come in a variety of sizes. The size of the rod all depends on two things. What you intend to cast, and what you intend to catch.

Let’s look at two different scenarios in which we might use a feeder rod. First, we’ll look at skimmer fishing with a feeder rod. As no doubt you already know, skimmers are small bream who amass in hoards to pick an area clean of small ground bait.

If you were looking to target them you probably wouldn’t need a feeder rod capable of hefting out a 150 gram method feeder. So you would want a lightweight feeder rod with a fast action that can quickly and easily whip out a light cage feeder.

Let’s now look at carp fishing and using a method feeder with a feeder rod. A method feeder is basically a lead weight whose structure is specifically designed to hold ground-bait until it hits the water where it will disperse an attractive cloud in your swim.

In some cases, with the correct method feeder mix, the ground-bait may stay intact whilst the feeder hits the bottom. The aim of this is to get rampant fish knocking the feeder, releasing the contents which includes your hook bait.  The feeders tend to be very heavy.

The best feeder rod for this type of fishing will be something with a strong enough blank to throw this to a great distance, and also to pull in the bigger fish that you would be expecting to catch.

A feeder rod has another attribute that sets it apart from other rods. We need to talk about bite detection. The means by which bite detection is achieved on a feeder rod is by use of a whippy tip section, also known as a ‘quiver tip’ or ‘feeder tip’.

In the coming sections you’ll see lots of examples of quiver tips as we look at what we consider to be a good choice for the best feeder rod.

How do you use a feeder rod?

If you have ledgered before then you will already know how to use a feeder rod and you will hopefully know that it is completely different to fishing with a float rod. You attach your weight and rig to your main line, and cast to an area where you hope to find the fish. You then put the rod down in its rest and wind in ever so slightly once you have deployed your rig to tighten any slack.

We like to wind until there is the slightest of bends in our quiver tip. This means you are in complete contact with your rig. Bites are indicated in a number of ways. You may find that your quiver tip moves hard over, no problems detecting a bite there.

The rub comes when bites are more subtle. It is far more common, dependant on species, for the tip to move and twitch slightly. The best feeder rod will make this easy to spot however. Other signs to look for are the feeder tip moving in the other direction of going slack. This also indicates that you need to strike.

What to look for when buying a feeder rod

Decide on what length of feeder rod you need: -

As we have said this depends on how far you need to cast, how heavy you need to cast and what you are hoping to reel in. If you are only fishing light then a shorter rod will be the order of the day, likewise for big fish, weights or distances use a big rod

Choosing the right tip for your feeder rod: -

Again, this depends, but be aware that the best feeder rod will allow you to mix and match quiver tips. Most will have the option to attach any tip that you choose. It is worth noting at the point that the best feeder rod will be one with a screw in tip section, push in rod tips are nothing but trouble generally.

Choosing the best action in a feeder rod: -

The action isn’t only dependent on length. It is possible to have a range of actions regardless of rod size. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the fish, the less tip action you will require. With big fish bite sensitivity is not so critical as they tend to be more obvious, and you will need the extra power provided by a mid-action rod to hold the fish away from any trouble.

For a few extra tips check out this video...

What is the best feeder rod?

We are simply going to say that the best feeder rod is the one that allows you to cast your rig setup easily, gives the optimum bite detection for the size and type of species that you are aiming to catch and gives you the ability to wind that species in without too much difficulty. Obviously budget may be a factor which is why our choices include premium as well as budget options and also some feeder rods suited towards beginners.

Best Feeder Rods Summary List:

Editors Pick - Best Overall Feeder Rod

Best Mid Range Feeder Rods

Best Feeder Rod Combo For Beginners

Last updated on 21 January 2021 16:59

Best Budget Feeder Rod

Last updated on 21 January 2021 16:59


As with most fishing equipment, when choosing the best feeder rod, you need to decide exactly what it is going to be used for before you buy. For general purpose work, go for something that gives you the option to push the boundary slightly each way. Good luck.  

So there you have it, our top choices for the best feeder rods in 2021. 

If you need any fishing tackle please consider visiting one of our recommended online fishing tackle shops.

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