Best Fishing Seat Boxes

The 9 Best Fishing Seat Boxes - (Full Guide On Coarse, Match And Sea Fishing Seat Boxes)

As fishing tackle goes, your seat box is perhaps one piece of gear that you should be seriously looking to invest in. Your rod and reel are important, but is your rod and reel responsible for keeping comfortable and organised on the bank?

If these two things are lacking then regardless of how good your tackle is, your day will not be as enjoyable. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best fishing seat boxes on the market today.

Strapped For Time?

This article is approximately a 13 minute read so if you are in a rush, the answer to the question is as follows:

The best fishing seat boxes:

  1. Preston Innovations Absolute 36
  2. Daiwa D500 Seat Box
  3. Preston Innovations Inception 360 Seat Box
  4. Koala KS7 System 7 Drawer Seat Box
  5. Daiwa Sea Seat Box
  6. Shakespeare Classic Seat Box
  7. Zite Fishing Multifunctional Seat Box Backpack
  8. Michigan Fishing Tackle Seat Box
  9. Fishing Seat & Tackle Box by MDI

The seat boxes we have chosen are not necessarily the most expensive or those packed with the most features. We have selected the best fishing seat boxes to cover different angling situations and budgets so please read on to find out more.

Alternatively, you can skip straight to the products here.

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What are the different types of fishing seat boxes?

You may be asking yourself, what do you mean by different types of seat box? surely a seat box is just a box you sit on right? Well, to a degree, yes... however different types of seat boxes generally get used for different fishing circumstances.

General fishing seat boxes:

We are classing general fishing seat boxes as those traditional types that are literally boxes (mostly plastic) with a lid and sometimes a built-in cushion attached to it. These seat boxes are most suited to the casual, pleasure, coarse or sea angler.

They are very basic but ultimately do the job of carrying your gear in a convenient container that doubles up as a seat, saving space in the car and giving you fewer items to lug to your chosen swim.

Because of this type of seat boxes basic nature, they tend to be cheaper than a box with more features attached.

standard fishing seat box

An example of a basic fishing seat box.

Match fishing seat boxes:

Match fishing seat boxes are much more feature-rich than a standard seat box and this is largely reflected in the average price for one. The materials that a match fishing seat box is built with are generally superior to other types of seat boxes.

Match fishing seat boxes tend to come with all the bells and whistles including attachments to pretty much every piece of fishing gear you have in your arsenal. There are quite often drawers and different compartments that allow you to easily access important items such as ready-made rigs and pieces of terminal tackle.

The overall objective of a match fishing seat box is to provide you with efficiency and speed which is important in a match situation if you are to do well. If your setup is correct, you will literally not have to move from your seat box for the entire duration of a match except for maybe any call of nature!

best match fishing seatbox

An example of a match fishing seat box.

Lightweight Roaming seat boxes:

These type of seat boxes like the name suggests are lightweight, small and designed for active anglers who like to move around a lot. If you enjoy stalking for fish and trying different spots then this type of seat box could be for you.

Some of the more popular boxes of this type, often double up as more of a seat rucksack for a more efficient, hands-free option.

seat rucksack

An example of a lightweight roaming seat box.

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What features to look for in the best fishing seat boxes?

Modern seat boxes aren’t just a cube you sit on. They are systems. In order to fish, and fish well, there are some things featured in the best fishing seat boxes that transform them into a truly revolutionary bit of kit.

The following features are what should be considered when finding that perfect seat box for your specific circumstances:

A comfortable fishing seat box

First thing’s first. If you are having a proper session then you want to be comfortable. We can think of nothing worse than being consigned to spending the day sitting on a hard piece of plastic or metal. That isn’t fun, it’s a punishment, especially if you are not catching!

In order to make sure that you are comfortable, ideally, you want a good layer of padding between you and the top of your fishing seat box. The padding needs to be covered with a layer that is waterproof and prevents it from getting permanently dirty.

An easy to set up fishing seat box

Depending on your chosen venue, the bank can be uneven. If you spend the day sitting on a jaunty angle or trying to stop your seat box from tipping over you aren’t going to enjoy it quite as much.

At the very worst by sitting at an angle all day, you can exacerbate or even cause a really bad back. The best fishing seat boxes will tend to have adjustable legs or mud feet in order to prevent this. Some of the best even come with a spirit level built so can ensure you are at the perfect angle at all times!

As a prerequisite to the setup process, the seat box needs to get to your chosen swim, ideally in one piece. A seat box that is easy to carry and/or fits easily onto a fishing trolley is clearly a consideration.

If you want to know the best way to set up your seat box, why not see how an expert does it?

A fishing seat box that is easily organised

We’ve said it before. The key to successful angling is being in the zone and organised. Everything you need should be easily reachable, or at the very least you should be able to quickly find it. By using a fishing seat box that is easy to organise you can make sure that all of these things are accomplished.

An easy to carry seat box

You may not be the kind of angler who likes to sit still for too long, but hey, it’s still nice to take the weight off occasionally. Some seat boxes allow you to do both. If you can carry the seat box easily, be a little bit mobile, but still, sit comfortably then that counts as a real win in our book.

Even if you intend to be rooted to the spot for a day, ease of transport, or even reduced trips to the car mean you are far more likely to enjoy your day. Look for things like padded shoulder straps or the ability to even attach wheels to the seat box to make transporting it easy.

The price of a seat box

Ok, we know that not everybody has the ability to spend a king's ransom on an all singing and dancing system, but here’s a top tip… the fish don’t care what you are sitting on.

That said we would strongly advise going for the very best fishing seat box that you can afford. The amount of time you will be sitting on it should dictate to you how important it is.

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Fishing seat box attachments

A few of our suggestions for the best fishing seat boxes are all in one solutions. They are designed to allow you to customise your fishing experience.

A lot of these solutions becoming extremely handy in a match situation as speed and efficiency is very much of the essence. The following list details some of the attachments that often come with the best match fishing type seat box:

  • Large diameter extendable legs
  • Telescopic inserts
  • Backplate
  • Footplate
  • Padded Seat
  • Spirit level
  • Different depth drawer units
  • Side trays
  • Rod supports
  • Ripple bar attachments
  • Adjustable clips
  • Poller roller attachment
  • Pole sock attachment
  • Feeder arm
  • Umbrella attachment
  • Pole seat
  • Keepnet attachment
  • Butt rest arm
  • Bait trays
  • Wheels
seatboxes for match fishing

An example of a match fishing seat box with attachments.

The best seat box also needs to have a degree of flexibility to adapt to what style of fishing is required for the session. Having a seat box that can easily cater for you changing from using a margin pole to a long-distance pole to a float rod and then a feeder rod, all in quick succession will benefit you no end. 

Fishing in the UK brings with it the joys of some 'iffy' weather at times. For this reason, ideally, you also want a seat box that can attach your fishing brolly as no doubt it would be needed more often than not!

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What is the best match fishing seat box?

As stated previously in this article, match fishing seat boxes are designed for you to be able to fish quickly and efficiently by having everything you need to hand. This means a multitude of features and attachments need to be present and of sufficient quality for it to serve its purpose.

The following match fishing seat boxes boast all the mod cons and attachments in a well thought out way as well as providing sufficient comfort for a whole session on your box...

Our choice for the best overall fishing seat box.

best match fishing seat box

Preston Innovations Absolute 36

This fantastic seat box is our number one choice today. Preston has introduced a seat box that is not only unique but also oozes quality from every angle.

The seat box itself is packed with features. A comfortable padded seat is an absolute must and from there it only gets better.

You can alter absolutely everything about this seat box to make it your own. Never mind this being one of the best seat boxes on the market today, we’ll still be saying this in 2040!

The height of the seat, the footrest, even what you attach to it, can be made inch-perfect for your body shape.

Detachable wheels make it portable and using Preston’s revolutionary 360 mounting system you will be able to attach nets, bars and poles to your heart's content.

Check this video showcasing some of the features of the Absolute 36 seat box:

In summary, this seat box is the best on the market with the only downside being a fairly hefty price tag. We should point out however there are some seat boxes on the market that are nearly double the price of this one but still do not perform as well.

In our opinion a must buy if it's within your budget.

best march fishing seat boxes

Daiwa D500 Seat Box

Daiwa has produced a really solid seat box in the D500 which exudes the same quality that Daiwa produces in its rods & reels.

The D500 is strong and durable, with components that come in an aluminium-steel construction. The box features telescopic legs that easily lock into place, as well as a retractable footplate.

The seat box features a stack system, which means it can be customized to fit your needs as well as two shallow drawers with dividers that can be adjusted.

Other options that come complete with this box is a 20mm shallow winder tray and a 20mm base unit with rubber feet.

The box comes complete with a shoulder strap and a pole seat which finishes off this good looking, feature-packed seat box, nicely.

inception 360

Preston Innovations Inception 360 Seatbox

The Inception 360 seat box is the perfect mix of form and function. With a 360-degree seat unit for ultimate comfort, a deep side drawer unit for storing all your goods, and a 100mm base unit this box is one of the best on the market. 

The Inception 360 comes with 2 x 30 cm seat box legs that range from 45 cm to 50 cm in length, 2 x 30 cm telescopic legs that range from 45 cm to 50 cm in length, and 2 x 30mm standard legs that range from 45 cm to 50 cm in length. 

All these legs make the seat box extremely solid yet very versatile and suitable for all types of terrain. The features on this great seat box continue with a cassette bar and footplate with the deluxe padded shoulder strap a standard yet important addition.

The 360 swivel chair on this box makes it ideal for fishing the margins without having to move and realign everything.

Finally, this fantastic seat box comes complete with the revolutionary MAG-LOK® clips. These basically ensure that the box is held securely together but can be opened in a second, giving access to the base compartment.

All in all this great seat box by Preston is packed full of features and with it being at a very competitive price point, it's one well worth considering.


Koala KS7 System 7 Drawer Seat Box

The KS7 system 7 drawer seat box is the latest angling seat box from the Koala systems range of fishing tackle storage. 

Manufactured from a robust polymer the KS7 incorporates a range of handy features including height adjustable compartments, a new magnetic catch system and a u-shaped lid design for ease of access.

Koala are fairly new on the angling scene and as such, the price of this decent seat box is highly competitive for the features you get. If you need a good match fishing seat box but can't justify the price of the three previous suggestions then this seat box could be just the ticket.

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What is the best pleasure fishing seat box for coarse and sea angling?

Now you may have noticed that the seat boxes designed for match fishing are at the higher range of price points in the seat box market. If you are not on the match fishing scene and indeed prefer are more relaxed pleasure fishing style then all the bells and whistles just won't be necessary.

For general coarse and sea fishing, a standard plastic seat box will suffice to offer both storage and a space-saving solution as well as somewhere to sit. But what are the best 'standard' seat boxes on the market today?

The following seat boxes are two great offerings that will do everything you need them to and are equally built to last:

best sea fishing seat box

Daiwa Sea Seat Box

Designed for both the shore and boat angler, this deep base, classic box from Daiwa also features a top tier tackle box for easy access to small bits of kit.

Although marketed predominantly towards sea anglers there is absolutely a use for it if you are coarse fishing also. 

With plenty of space and a solid build, this seat box would be a great purchase for any modern-day pleasure angler.


Shakespeare Classic Seat Box

This classic seat box has been kicking around for a number of years now and yet it is still as popular as when it was first launched. It has recently been revamped with a new look design and is still supplied with a tough, easy fit, colour matched external side tray.

This superb seat box is a great all-rounder for coarse and sea fishing alike. Despite being around for a number of years, this classic still sits proudly in our top best fishing seat boxes on the market today.

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What is the lightest fishing seat box?

Fishing light and practising a roaming approach to catching fish can be very exciting and rewarding. But, it goes without saying, that your gear needs to have the attributes to be able to roam with you. In terms of a seat box, the main attribute is the weight with the goal of the lighter the better.

The following seat box is one of the lightest on the market today and is perfect for anglers who like to move a lot and stalk fish:


Best Lightweight Fishing Seat Box

Zite Fishing Multifunctional Seat Box Backpack

For the more mobile-minded amongst you, we’d like to present this seat box with a twist. It has twin shoulder straps, designed so that you carry the seat box on your back.

It is festooned all over with numerous pockets, suitable for rigs, floats, weights and the occasional bait box or two. The best bit is that when you are done walking you can pop it down, and perch on top of it.

What is the best budget fishing seat box?

Let's face it, the wonderful world of fishing is a very rewarding one but can equally be a very expensive one. Certainly, some of the top seat boxes we have mentioned in this article may give the purse strings more of a tug than you would like.

As such we have picked out two more seat boxes that may not have the features of some of the previously mentioned boxes but can still do a job for you and won't fall apart after one session.


Best Fishing Seat Box on a Budget

Michigan Fishing Tackle Seat Box

We haven’t forgotten those of you who may be on a budget. Judging by the outside you would be forgiven for thinking that this box is pretty basic.

However, it offers a few nice touches that will easily serve to keep you fishing. Made from reinforced plastic the box is super lightweight. 

If you lift the lid you will be greeted with a host of handy little draws that tuck away to leave a whole 18 litres of storage space for your tackle. It’s also pretty portable with a padded shoulder strap to keep it easy to carry.


Fishing Seat & Tackle Box by MDI

We tried this seat box out just before writing this article and we were suitably impressed with it. 

Okay so it's not going to revolutionise your comfort and efficiency on the bank but it is relatively light at just 2kg in weight and has some nice features to boot.

More importantly, the price is great and for a budget seat box, you are getting good value.

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Final Thoughts

Our suggestions for the best fishing seat boxes have been tailored to suit you, regardless of your budget or angling style. As we said, out of all of your tackle, a seat box is something that you will use the most and probably keep for a long time, so it makes sense to choose wisely.

If after reading this article you decide that a seat box isn't for you, you may want to check out our article on fishing chairs with a rod holder, which details more traditional chairs with similar accessories to a seat box.

Equally, if it is just a chair you after, we have a dedicated article to the best fishing chair right here.

Whatever you go for though, we hope to see you on the bank, sat down, sometime soon.

If you need any fishing tackle please consider visiting one of our recommended online fishing tackle shops or visit our coarse fishing tackle deals page for some bargains.

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