The Best Fishing Chairs - (Complete UK Guide On The Best Seats For Fishing)

Best Fishing Chairs in the uk

Thinking about fishing? Picture the scene. So, you are standing there… No, wait. Our mistake, you are sat there…

Part of the joy of fishing is sitting in complete comfort watching the world go by (or catching your choice).

'Complete comfort' is the preferable term. To do that, you will need the best fishing chair you can perch your behind on.

What do they look like?

Well, read on because you are about to find out!

Strapped For Time?

If you haven't got the time to read the full article then here are some of our top picks we recommend.

Alternatively please read on to see more information on the best fishing chairs as well as more detail on what goes into our chosen products.

What To Look for In the Best Fishing Chairs?

Outside of your tackle, your fishing chair will be one of the items that you use the most. So, you want it to be right. What do you need to look for in the best fishing chairs?

Ideally, you'll want: -

Comfort – We've included this first for a reason. If a chair isn't comfortable, then why bother? Look for padded sections, extra cushioning and good ergonomics

Support – Ever spent the day sitting on a seat box with no support? How was your back afterwards? The best fishing chairs will support you while you fish and allow you to maintain a healthy posture. That said, take a look here if you are looking for comfortable seat boxes.

Functionality – Fishing chairs serve two purposes. Sure, they allow you to sit, but they should aid, or at the very least not impede, your ability to fish easily.

Ease of Setting Up – You don't want to be lugging an armchair down to your spot. So, you'll need something portable, easy to carry and set up.

Stability – You can have the best fishing chair in the world. Still, if it is resting wonky, cock-eyed, or otherwise unstable, you will have a bad day. Look for chairs that you can easily make stable, and adjust if they aren't.

What Are the Best Fishing Chairs?

Now that you know what general things to look for, we can start getting specific.

In the below list, you will find plenty of the best fishing chairs for a variety of situations and people. Regardless of your fishing discipline, there'll be one for you. Check them out and see for yourself.

Best Carp Fishing Chair

best fishing chairs

#1. Trakker Levelite Long Back Chair

Oh my, this looks like something you'd see in a fighter jet.

We reckon you could make a decent go of falling asleep in this without too much trouble.

Remember how we talked about ergonomics? This is the kind of thing we had in mind!

There's plenty of padding dotted throughout the mattress. This includes side torso supports and a comfortable lumbar section to keep you firmly ensconced while you await a bite.

It's actually pretty portable too and folds up flat for easy transport and storage.

One great feature is the legs. They are deployed at the push of a button and come with nice wide mud feet for rock-solid stability, regardless of the ground underneath.

best fishing chairs

#2. Nash Indulgence Daddy Long Legs Chair

Carp fishing is normally spent lazing the afternoon away with the occasional 'big' bite.

If you are sat down for a prolonged period, you are going to need to be comfy.

This chair is ideal.

The extended legs are higher than your average fishing chair. As a result, springing out when you get a bite is easy.

It's the little things that can make all the difference to your comfort. The back is fully adjustable, and you'll find utter luxurious comfort with the microfleece mattress that supports the entirety of your weight.

As an added flourish, you'll also find a memory foam pillow, so if the action is a little slow, you can tip your head back and relax.

To top it all off, the chair features wide and fully adjustable mud feet, great for uneven ground.

Best Feeder Fishing Chair

best fishing chairs

#3. Preston Innovations Inception Feeder Chair

When feeder fishing, you want everything around you.

If you've got it set up right, you should be able to sit pretty much frozen in position, with all of your bits placed to hand.

As usual, Preston has produced something special.

Don't consider this simply 'the best fishing chair'. Look at it as the central module for your fishing station.

With 30mm legs, you'll have ample room to clip, clamp and attach all of the things you need, from bait boxes to rod rests, nets and everything in between.

Given its size and scope, this chair is surprisingly lightweight. It weighs just over 7kg, making it ideal when you've got lots of gear to carry.

Because each leg is adjustable, you'll be able to get it perfectly level too!

Oh, and before we forget, the padded mattress is super comfy!

For more chairs that feature rod holders, check out our expert guide.

Best Lightweight Fishing Chair

best fishing chairs

#4. Avid Ascent Arm Chair

Let's face it, when we are off down to the swim, we normally have enough to carry.

While we are happy hauling a huge rod holdall and a bivvy, the last thing we want is even more weight added to the load.

The trick? Go lightweight with your chair.

This offering from Avid is perfect for those who want to lighten the load.

This chair is low profile and can easily be carried under the arm. It's perfect for those impromptu day sessions.

Things we like include, the adjustable feet, extra back support and durable material. 

Considering the price, it is pretty solid and performs really well.

Best River Fishing Chair

best fishing chairs

#5. Matrix Accessory Chair

When choosing the best chairs for river fishing it can be a little tricky.

Sure, you need portability and comfort, but you'll also need the ability to easily set up something more substantial if you find a good spot.

Enter the Matrix accessory chair.

This chair is rock solid when it comes to stability and is a sort of hybrid, featuring two forward 25mm aluminium legs for your accessories with a folding rear set of legs.

We would have liked to have seen a little more padding in the cushion, but that said, at 5kg in weight, this has obviously been reduced to increase portability.

The included carry strap will allow you to transport it down to the bank hands-free.

Check out this short video that showcases the Matrix Accessory Chair...

Best Portable Fishing Chair

best fishing chairs

#7. Shakespeare Folding Stool with Ruck Sack

Maybe you aren't the kind of angler who likes staying put.

But that doesn't have to mean that you'll be on your feet all day! This handy folding chair can serve several functions.

While it does fold out to make a great place to park your behind, you'll also be able to use the various compartments to store drinks, food, or even your bait!

At just under 3kg, it is a great choice for keeping mobile. It also includes a padded carry strap meaning you can be off your peg and up and about in seconds.

Shakespeare are masters at making custom solutions for fishing, so you can be sure that this chair has been designed with you, as an angler, in mind.

Best Foldable Fishing Chair

best fishing chairs

#8. Shakespeare Director's Chair

Rod, reel, action!

Fashioned on a directors chair, there's plenty to like here.

The standout features for us are the array of pockets that sit on either side of the main chair body. It will make it super easy to stay organised.

We have to be honest. We did talk about comfort, and we wouldn't recommend it for those with back issues.

We also wish the bottom section was a little more padded. But that said, you are getting a lot for such a simple chair (and for the money).

For a half-day session, this would be more than adequate. And it folds into itself for easy transport.

It can be a little shaky on rocky ground but would be the ideal choice if you are fishing on paved or slatted pegs.

The Best Heavy Duty Fishing Chair for A Heavy Person

Nash Indulgence Sub-Lo

#9. Nash Indulgence Sub-Lo Carp Fishing Chair

Wanting to take the weight off, quite literally?

If you are prone to a bit of gravity, you are going to want something that is strong, stable, and really robust.

This chair is it.

The mattress section comes as a single piece, meaning it is as strong as you will get.

Paired with four spring-loaded adjustable mud feet, you will get rock solid stability that won't sink into softer terrain.

The backrest is also solidly connected to the rear legs, meaning you can sit back fully in complete confidence.

It is functional but still comfortable and features a microfleece lining on the mattress. The chair comes with an integrated memory foam pillow in the head section for extra support.

We really love the shortened armrests. They work well for support but don't hinder your fishing.

The Best Reclining Fishing Chair

best fishing chair

#10. Fox FX Super Deluxe Recliner Chair

Fox describes this as 'more of a throne than a chair'.

We are inclined to agree.

Elevated, padded and supremely comfortable, you'll feel like a king when sat perched above your subjects (even if they are only ducks and geese). 

Pretty much everything about this chair is adjustable.

Cam locking spring legs and wide feet are only half the story. You can easily and quickly adjust the back, so if the action slows down, you can too.

The mattress is particularly noteworthy. It is ribbed for extra strength, with a high-density foam mattress and a microfleece lining.

Stop snoring, your majesty!

Check out this video on the Super Deluxe Recliner...

Best Fishing Bedchair

best fishing chair

#11. Fox Flatliner 6 Leg 

Part of the fun of fishing from a bivvy is when the evening draws to a close.

You don't need to sit up all night listening for a bite alarm.

Instead, you can get tucked up snug while you wait for the fish.

Bedchairs like this make it a possibility and offer a great night's sleep! You'll love this so much, you'll want to put it in your spare room for guests!

This bedchair features 6 fully adjustable legs, meaning that you can get it dead level.

The mattress is well worth a look too. Its deep, thick and benefits from underslung technology that will support you from head to toe.

There is a clever feature in how this is achieved. The elastic supporting the mattress runs through the hinges, ensuring an entirely flat surface without any of those uncomfortable tension points.

We talked about the ease of transport at the start.

While this is a little heavier than most chairs, it has an easy stowing mechanism and can even be folded up with the sleeping bag still attached.

And if you have decent barrow, it's even easier!

Best Fishing Chair for A Bad Back

Adobe Compact Fishing Chair

#12. Abode Carp Fishing Camping LO-Chair

Back pain can ruin almost any activity, and fishing is no exception.

If you've got a twinge or trapped nerve, you are going to need as much support as possible.

One look at this chair and you'll be able to see why we chose it. Padding and comfort all around, literally.

First off, sitting at an angle can put real stress on your lumbar region. With 360-degree self-levelling feet and adjustable legs, you can make sure you are perfectly positioned.

The seat itself is sculpted and ergonomically designed. It also includes integrated neoprene Dorsi supports to shore up any weak areas in the shoulder and neck area.

The foam running down the centre section is super thick, too, giving your spine a helping hand it needs and allowing you to enjoy your day without any of the usual aches and pains.

If you have got a bad back, you'll find plenty of bed chair options in our article here.

Best Fishing Chair for Kids

Regatta kids novelty

#13. Regatta Kids' Animal Chair

While kids are slightly more ambivalent when it comes to comfort, the last thing you want when you're having a "dad's day" down on the bank is someone with 'ants in their pants'.

The solution?

A folding chair that is comfy but also is a little less boring than "dad's chair".

This folding chair has locking legs (great for avoiding trapped fingers) and comes emblazoned with a fun and colourful design.

Top tip, don't take it if you are trying to stay camouflaged on the bank.

Best Fishing Backpack Chair

best fishing chair

#14. Shakespeare Folding Chair with Rucksack & Back Rest

For the truly mobile angler, we've found something just a little bit special.

This is a chair, backpack, and backrest all in one.

If you plan your trip carefully, we reckon you could turn up with a rod and reel, this bag and very little else. 

It is super lightweight, too, weighing less than 3 kg!

The chair section folds flush with the backpack. The backrest folds over the top of the lot, providing a comfortable and convenient fishing solution.

The bag is simple but substantial, and you should find room for a few bait boxes, rigs, floats and perhaps even some lunch too!

Best Budget Fishing Chair

Carp On Classic Fishing Chair

#15. Carp On - Classic Fishing Chair

There is a common misconception that you have to blow the budget to be an effective fisherman.

Well, let us tell you this.

There isn't a linear relationship between the pounds you spend and the pounds you catch!

If you are looking for the best budget fishing chair, you can stop right here.

This is nearly as good as some of the other premium offerings we have seen for the money.

While you won't be getting anything fancy, what you will see is easy to carry comfort. Four fully adjustable legs and pivoting mud feet will allow you to fish on various terrains.

And, as with some of the more expensive fishing chairs, you'll find a well-padded and durable mattress in a one-piece design.

As with any good fishing chair, this also folds flat. The frame is actually quite substantial considering that it is fairly lightweight too.

This would be a great choice for infrequent fishermen or those looking to spend their hard-earned on rods and reels.

Final Thoughts

While it might sound simple, the best fishing chairs could be one of your most important purchases. 

You will be using your chair a lot, so it is well worth investing in something of great quality.

Go for something comfortable, stable and easy to travel with, and you'll be ideally equipped for your next trip. 

If you have found that you are getting a bit heavy on the old gear front, why not consider investing in a fishing trolley to help lighten the load?

Tight Lines!

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