Best Pellet Waggler Floats (2024 Updated Review)

Best Pellet Waggler Floats

The pellet waggler method is a really exciting way to fish. You can catch lots of carp in a short period of time as you create a feeding frenzy in your swim.

Because of the competitive nature that the tactic looks to exploit, bites can be quite ferocious. As a result, you will need to make sure your rod is suitable for pellet waggler fishing and is balanced with a decent reel that is loaded with a strong enough line.

But there is another piece of equipment that you also need to get absolutely right if you are going to be successful with this method and that’s the float. If you don’t own a decent pellet waggler float, then you will not fulfil the potential that this tactic brings.

This article reviews 5 of the best pellet waggler floats, explains what makes them good and also details what features to look for in a great float for pellet waggler fishing.

If you are in a rush and want to skip straight to the floats you can do so below.

The Features Of A Good Pellet Waggler Float

The following features are all important considerations to ensure you use the correct pellet waggler float for the conditions you are fishing.

The Right Size

Choosing the right size pellet waggler is key for the tactic to work. The feeding frenzy you create with this method means that carp will be in the upper water column and probably just below the surface.

If the float you pick is long and bulky, then any fish that may be loitering just below the surface may be spooked and therefore your chances of a bite are then diminished. Picking the smallest pellet waggler that allows you still cast with precision and at the required distance is important.

Having said all this, there are times when a larger pellet waggler float can be useful. Situations such as windy conditions that are causing choppy water will be more suited for a larger float to help aid bite detection.

Different Sizes Of Pellet Wagglers
Pellet wagglers come in different sizes


The material of the pellet waggler float you choose is another important consideration. For similar reasons to that of the size of the float, to prevent spooking fish, you need the float to not dive too deep into the water on the cast. If it dives deep then you will be spooking fish.

The best pellet waggler floats are made from light, buoyant material that does not dive too far below the surface when hitting the water.


In any type of angling discipline, you are only going to catch fish if you are actually fishing where the fish are.

Sometimes fish can be found further out than you would like to comfortably fish. In this circumstance, to be able to cast to feeding fish, you will need to use a heavier float.

The most common pellet wagglers weigh between 4 and 8 grams however you can get extra large floats that go up to 14g. Sometimes pellet wagglers are classified by shot requirement rather than weight and this is usually in the SSG-sized shot. So for a 3SSG pellet waggler float, you will need this amount of shot for it to cock and sit right in the water.

Some of the best pellet waggler floats on the market allow you to adjust the weight of the float to suit the conditions you are fishing in.

Different Weights On Pellet Wagglers
Interchangeable weights on a pellet waggler float

Casting Accuracy

To achieve the best possible success with the pellet waggler float method, you will have to cast accurately. By this, I mean you will have to be hitting pretty much the same spot on every cast.

The competition in feeding fish created by constantly providing loose feed on the same spot is the key to success. But it’s not just a decent catapult you need, being able to cast to the spot you are feeding, consistency is equally as important. Now a decent waggler rod with a decent reel will help with this, but a good float designed for pellet waggler fishing is equally as important.

The pellet waggler you choose will assist in the accuracy you need. A lot of the good pellet wagglers on the market come with a flighted cap that helps keep the float on course throughout the cast. Couple this feature with the correct size and weight of float for the conditions being fished, you are much more likely to be consistently accurate on the cast.

Dart Style Flights On Pellet Wagglers
Dart-style flights help with casting accuracy

Guru Foam Pellet Waggler Float

Best pellet wagglers

This foam float has been designed for when the angling situation dictates that you must fish shallow. Whether the lake is shallow or the fish are up in the water, this float is perfect for the job

Although this is a chunky float, it is made from foam, so it is nice and light. It is also really buoyant, so there is hardly a splash when casting. This means that it’s excellent for fishing near the surface and targeting fish. The surface cameo finish means that nearby fish won’t spot this float either, no matter how close you cast it to them. 

The flighted top of this float has also been designed with targeting fish in mind. It is flighted, so the float casts very accurately, ensuring that you’ll get your bait exactly where you want it. Plus, with the various weights available, you can cast this float to almost any distance you like. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for fishing shallow 
  •  Available in various weights and sizes 
  •  Very accurate when casting 
  •  Designed for use with Guru’s Waggler Converters

Matrix Finesse Pellet Waggler Floats

best floats for pellet waggler fishing

This fantastic pellet waggler by Matrix has been designed for easy and precise casting. They are perfectly balanced right out of the box, so there’s no need for any additional shot, saving you set-up time on the bank. 

This range of floats (there are three sizes to choose from) are nice and strong, thanks to the plastic bodies. They are also highly sensitive, unlike other pellet wagglers. This means that any bite will be seen, so you’ll never miss a chance to strike at carp or F1s

Matrix has designed this waggler system to be used in high-pressure, match fishing situations. The brass weight and mini swivel design make them very quick to set up and very precise to fish with. So, no matter the fishing scenario, these floats can help you bank more wary fish than ever before. 

Check out this video that shows the Matrix Finesse pellet waggler float in action…

Key Features

  • Highly visible flighted cap 
  •  No additional shot needed 
  •  Three sizes available
  •  Cameo colouring for a low profile 

Middy Soft-Land Pellet Stubbee 

great pellet waggler floats

Float fishing a venue that is highly pressured can sometimes mean that fish are easily spooked by the sound of a float hitting the surface, especially if they are up in the water.

Well, this range of pellet floats is Middy’s solution to this problem. They are made from balsa wood, so they are nice and light. They are also short, so you can use these floats in shallow fishing situations, and they will barely make a sound when entering the water. 

I used these floats with a longer, 12-foot waggler rod alongside a light line to achieve the required casting distance. I was extremely impressed how the float settled so quickly and softly, making very little disturbance when entering the water.

The three available sizes also ensure that you can reach the fish wherever they are in the water. And with the super-soft landing, the bigger carp and F1s won’t know what hit them. 

Key Features

  • Cast further and more precisely
  •  Line and float settle quickly 
  •  Little to no disturbance on the water 

Preston Insert Dura Pellet Waggler Float 

wagglers floats for the pellet waggler method

Preston has been innovating the angling world for many years and has a wide range of match fishing products that can help you land more fish. These pellet wagglers are another in the long list of amazing fishing products that Preston has created to help you convert bites into fish on the bank. 

The floats in this range are pre-weighted, so the set-up is nice and quick. You’ll also notice the arrow-like fletching on the body. This ensures that 10mm float flies through the air perfectly and lands in the same spot every time. So, you can bait a small area and hit it each and every time with these floats. 

Something that Preston has done with these pellet wagglers that I feel really separates them from the pack is the classic float tip. I have used wagglers throughout my fishing life, and these look exactly the same in the water. There is no need to adjust to a new way of fishing if you are more of a traditionalist and prefer the classic float tip.

Finally, these wagglers have a plastic disc at the base of the float, right near the weight. This is designed to stop the float from diving on the cast. So, you’ll be in a fishing situation a lot quicker with these floats. The disc is removable, though, if you want to add more subtlety to the setup.

Key Features

  • Customisable for different fishing situations 
  •  The sleek black design makes them almost invisible 
  •  Classic float tip for precision bite indication 

Drennan XL Pellet Waggler

Floats for pellet waggler fishing

Drennan is putting the control of your fishing situation in your hands with these wagglers. These are available to buy as single floats, but having the whole set can really open up your pellet waggler fishing technique as this will allow you to customise each float with different weights and sink depths for any situation you may face while on the bank. 

All of the weight is at the bottom of the float. So, you don’t need to add shot to your line. This makes these floats ideal for fishing shallow, but also means the float always lands straight in the water. The fletchings on the highly visible top cap greatly help this too. 

Where this float really comes into its own, though, is the customisation options for different fishing situations. You can add weight and take it away, depending on how low-profile you need the float to be. You can also add and remove plastic discs, which stop the float diving on the cast, yet offer very precise bite indication too. This is a very impressive float system from Drennan and a must for any pellet waggler enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • Ability to change weights and floats quickly 
  •  Very visible tips (three colour options)
  •  Removable plastic disc to prevent diving on the cast

Final Thoughts

To enjoy and make the most out of this exhilarating tactic, you must have suitable equipment. The float is a key piece of tackle that you must get right to achieve success.

The best pellet wagglers are well balanced, made from a suitable material and are of the correct weight and size to suit the conditions you are fishing.

I hope my guide has helped you in deciding what type of pellet waggler float to buy before your next trip.

Thanks for reading.

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