Best Pole Floats for pellet fishing

The 5 Best Pole Floats for Pellet Fishing - (How to use a pole float and ready float rigs reviewed)

If you’ve ever pole fished, you’ll know that presentation is everything. This is even more important when fishing with a static bait like a pellet as you haven't got the natural movement of say, a maggot, to compensate for any abnormalities.

Its not just about shipping your pole out and hoping for the best.

Its about placing your rig, just so, in a manner that presents the bait in the best possible way, and for that you will need a decent set of pole floats.

In this article we are going to look at a few ideas and concepts so that you can make an informed choice on the best pole floats for pellet fishing.

Best Pole Floats for Pellet Fishing

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How do I choose a pole float for pellet fishing?

Choosing pole floats is a balancing act. You want something light enough that doesn’t offer resistance to the fish and stop them from committing to taking your bait.

However, if you go too light you will find that the float will wander round your swim as its taken by even the lightest of currents. It doesn't matter whether you are fishing with a budget pole, a margin pole or a top of the range one, you need to to choose the right pole float for the conditions you are fishing.

Similar to their waggler float counterparts, pole floats come in range of shapes. You can get rugby ball pole floats, slim pole floats and diamond floats. The shape of pole float to choose varies dependant on water conditions, species and the baits you intend to use. As a general rule the bigger the bait, the bigger the float. 

If you require buoyancy, choose pole floats that have a greater volume (whilst bearing in mind volume doesn’t always mean a higher weight). For normal conditions we recommend a slim style pole float when fishing the pellet with it 'shotted' down quite low.

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What is the weight of a pole float?

Whereas coarse fishing floats normally give a suggested cocking weight in terms of split shot, you’ll find that pole floats will either have a weight given in grams, or, more conventionally you will find that they have a ‘style size’.

The higher the style size, the more weight you will need to correctly cock your float. With a little bit of experience, you’ll know which shot pattern you prefer for each and every one of your pole floats and as such will also get to know instinctively how to choose the best pole floats for pellet fishing.

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How do you attach a pole float?

Rigging pole floats isn’t quite a straightforward as it is when using a waggler. We could present you with a wall of text, but instead we are going to let an expert show you how its done, and done right. Check out this video…

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How do you shot a pole rig?

Well, what we will say is that it isn’t really you who will make the ultimate decision, it’s actually up to the fish. Depending on how they are taking the bait on the day will be the deciding factor.

If they are going for bait ‘on the drop’ you want it to flutter down enticingly, so you’ll want you shot up towards the float.

If you are being bothered by skimmers on your way down to the bigger species then you’ll want to get your bait down as quickly as possible.

Fish like F1 carp are quite stubborn in what depth they feed at. So if you are targeting this species then a shotting pattern that gets your bait down to the specific feeding depth quickly without the hindrance of other, smaller species, can pay dividends.

The technique that works for us is to start with a ‘shirt button’ setup, get the float cocked nicely and then work from there.

Shotting a pole rig is a science and a hot topic, but it can be quite simple, here’s an expert to tell you just how simple it can be.

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The Best Pole Floats For Pellet Fishing

pole floats for pellet fishing

Guru 4 x Pole Floats Mick Wilson Signature Range

The pro’s don’t put their name on  anything unless it’s good. These pole floats are available in uniform packs of 4, so once you’ve found your groove you can repeat your success.

Whether you want rugby ball pole floats or diamond pole floats, you’ll find them here in a range of ‘styles’. The entire tip is uniform in colour, giving you the ability to get it cocked for visibility or sensitivity.


FLADEN Fishing - 50 Bulk Pack of Assorted Pole Floats

Speaking of options, check this out. Sometimes it takes years to get a decent range going in your tackle box, however you can do it all in one go with this set.

You’ll get 50 floats with various shapes sizes and colours. The hardest part will be trying to decide which you are going to rig up first.

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The Best Pole Floats for Pellet Fishing

SRG Pole Floats SRG009 Pack of 6 x Pole Floats

This range of pencil pole floats are high quality and really great value. The high contrast body and monochrome tip will avoid you missing any bites.

With a range of sizes up to 0.4g you’ll be able to weather most conditions.


SRG Pole Floats 8 x Assorted Pole Floats

When you’re down at the swim there’s one thing you will need to make sure you catch… What you need is options, and lots of them.

Fortunately, this pack offers you just that. With a range of floats going from 0.2g to 0.5g you should be pretty covered. These pole floats are rugby ball shaped with a balsa body, making them lightweight and super buoyant.

The red tip will be easily visible, even if you’ve shipped out all of your sections

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10 x Pole float Ready Rigs for Carp

Some days you don’t want to go through the hassle of messing about tying on, looping, shotting and all of the other things that come with it.

Why not make life easy and go for something which is ready to fish straight out of the pack. Tie the rig on and go.

The floats are small enough to deal with the most delicate of tasks, and would be suited for pellet baits or maggots.

The rigs come in a range of hook sizes and line strengths so you’ll have something in your back pocket for any species.


Whether you want to build your own, or just go ready-made, our selection of pole floats should give you success. Pick a weight and size according to the fish and the conditions and you won’t go far wrong.

So there you have it, our top 5 choice for the best pole floats for pellet fishing. Be sure to check out our article on the best fishing pole elastics as this another important consideration when pole fishing.

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